Smile Dog (Creepypasta) – EXPLAINED

by birtanpublished on September 16, 2020

If you spend enough time on the internet it's just a fact of life that you'll see something you really wish you hadn't maybe it's perennial shock sight classics like two girls one cup or some of the truly horrific photos and footage of real life

Death and murder floating around on the web but what if we told you there was something even worse out there an image that just by looking at it you might be driven to pain

Madness or even death that's exactly what we're here to discuss today the terrifying internet legend of smile dog the photo with the power to kill smile dog is the colloquial name for a

Seemingly innocent image file called smile.jpg that's been floating around the internet since as early as 1992. according to most sources because of the images place in internet folklore

There are thousands of copycats out there none that have the sinister and deadly power of the original from the scattered reports of the image's victims we do have a vague description

It's a scan of a polaroid photo featuring a dog that appears to be a siberian husky against a dark background the dog has a wide almost human grin with teeth that look like

They simply don't belong in the creature's face worse yet in the darkened corner to the left of the dog is a red hand i would stretch toward the viewer many of the people who've actually seen the

Image have described the hand as beckoning as though it's calling them into the darkness of the photo some viewers have even speculated that this is the hand of the devil himself calling them down to the depths of hell

Naturally as an intellectually curious viewer of the infographic show you'll want to search for the cursed image and don't worry we're going to show it to you that's right the real original

But before we subject you to that you have to understand what you're getting yourself into here after all if the legends are true it might just change your life while the stories about smile.jpg have

Circulated the internet since the internet was a publicly available commodity the first true solid and widely available account of a person's experience with smile.jpg and

Smile dog appeared on 4chan's paranormal board in 2008. the paranormal board is the birthplace of a number of terrifying internet urban legends and creepypastas such as the malicious

Shape-shifting goat man the deadly daruma-san bath ritual and an infamous porcelain doll with living wriggling innards a frightening tale like that of smile dog would be right at home on this hub

Of the strange and paranormal but the story's haunting details still stick with everyone unlucky enough to read them it began with someone who was just curious not unlike you

They were a young aspiring writer in college searching for interesting stories that might inspire some exciting new fiction but they stumbled on a horror that was all too real they put out the call for

People with interesting stories on the internet and got plenty of duds you know all the stories about that time someone's weird uncle caught a big one while out fishing or a kid could swear they saw something

Moving under their bed the young writer identified only as mr l in the account was ready to throw in the towel and give up when he received a strange correspondence from a man named

Terence e in the summer of 2007 according to terence if mr l was looking for scary stories his wife mary had one that would beat out all the rest something genuinely terrifying genuinely

Paranormal according to terence mary had experienced a real encounter with the original smile.jpg image and nothing has been the same ever since it just so happened that terence had

Contacted exactly the right person as mr l had been fascinated with the concept of smile dog ever since he was in the 10th grade back in 2005 he could feel the mystery of the thing drawing him in

The desire to discover what nobody else had discovered before terence consulted mary and she agreed to an informal interview with mr l around a month later the couple were based in chicago and mr l just happened

To be in the area on unrelated business everything seemed to be falling into place until mr l actually arrived at the home when he got there eager to conduct his interview

And potentially discover the truth behind all this hearsay mary had barricaded herself in her bathroom she appeared to be having some kind of psychotic break screaming and sobbing uncontrollably

Like she was afraid for her very life in particular mary was screaming about some strange nightmare she was experiencing but it was largely too incoherent to even tell what she was saying terence

Tried his best to console her for mr l's interview but it didn't do any good from hours of sitting outside the bathroom and taking notes he only managed to glean the following story mary was a system operator for a small

Chicago-based bulletin board system back in 1992 when the internet was still in its relative infancy one day a seemingly innocent hyperlink was posted on the board system

And she was one of around 400 to actually click the mysterious link and was immediately transported to smile.jpg the other people who were exposed on that day remained anonymous and their

Fates are unknown but if mary's accounts and the legends are anything to go by their stories are unlikely to have had happy endings as mr l pressed for further

Details mary just sobbed and cried harder the woman was inconsolable and mr l realized he'd probably gotten as much as he was going to get from her terence apologized for his wife's strange behavior and mr l thanked him

And left this may have seemed like the end of things for most people but for mr l this was just the start the hunt was on and mary's brief account had given him the scent

He began gathering all the information he could on the mysterious file its effects on its victims and the people it hurt but as the famous quote from german philosopher frederick nietzsche goes

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster and if you gaze long enough into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you mr l found that information on smile.jpg

Wasn't available anywhere on major internet information sources like wikipedia in fact he found that if anyone did attempt to add a reference to the cursed file

On a wikipedia page it would quickly be struck down by editors who was trying to keep this thing buried and why he also managed to discover a great deal more about the supposed effects of viewing

The file the most common effects included on the mild in severe anxiety and persistent night terrors and on the more severe end hallucinations and temporal lobe

Epilepsy with seizures most commonly occurring at night naturally as with anything on the internet that can cause harm it was weaponized by trolls and bad actors the image was often circulated on forums

In the early use net days and was allegedly once used to flood the forbes of humor and satire website something awful back in 2002. the result was a number of users developing severe anxiety nightmares and

Epilepsy back in the mid to late 90s the image circulated as all spooky things on the internet did back then by chain email the email would disguise itself as one of the

Number of feel-good chain emails that did the rounds back then with the innocuous subject line smiled god loves you but by the time you've opened the email and it's attachment it's already too

Late plenty of people on the internet claim to have had experiences with smile dog but the veracity of these claims are in dispute during his investigations mr l did

Notice some other legends with eerie commonalities to the smile.jpg tale he was investigating the most prominent was a story known as the grinning man about a person who received an email

From a recently deceased friend with an image of you guessed it a grinning man however after witnessing the image and an accompanying key phrase the man's life spiraled out of control

With the only way to lift the apparent curse being to pass it on from the smiling to the horrific nightmares to the inevitable tragic end could the two things be connected

There was no conclusive evidence on the matter but mr l was sure to make a note of it for further study mr l continued compiling research for an entire year always haunted by the cries of mary

Coming through the bathroom door and the thought of that smiling hound he discovered that many of the people who'd originally claimed to see the thing had fallen off the map and that some had tried to use medication to

Prevent the nightmares and the epileptic fits that seemed to naturally accompany an incident with the image all it took was one look just one little look to change your life it felt like a somehow more eerily

Plausible version of the tape from the ring at times mr l wondered if the whole thing was just some elaborate hoax an online inside joke and it was all on him

Truth be told he felt almost ready to give up when he finally got a massive break in the case an email from mary herself explaining the whole situation mr l eagerly opened the correspondents

Excited for his next lead but what he saw shook him to the core mary explained that the image of the smile dog had been haunting her in her sleep for years repeatedly saying one thing

Spread the word spread the word she experienced symptoms akin to sleep paralysis being frozen to the bed and unable to do anything but listen to the words of the demonic dog sitting in front of her

Spread the word spread the word she told mr l that a week after initially seeing smile.jpeg a floppy disc containing the image was mysteriously mailed to her home finally she understood much like the

Grinning man that mr l had been investigating the smile dog wanted her to pass the image on and use it to inflict the curse upon others that would be the only way to stop suffering from the symptoms herself

The nightly seizures and visions she was experiencing were so horrific that she was tempted to pass it on to others and even contemplated potential options a co-worker a stranger or even her

Husband terence mary decided against it and instead hid the floppy disk away for years until she finally found a person she could potentially pass the curse on to mr l himself however as she was plotting

To pass on the curse to him and ruin his life she decided against it at the last minute hence her breakdown in the bathroom upon his visit realizing it's already too late for her

And racked with guilt over what she almost did mary signed off the email with a harrowing final message for mr l stop while you are still whole later that month mr l received another email from terence telling him that mary had

Taken her own life shortly after sending that last email to him she just couldn't take the suffering anymore terence also informed mr l that he'd found and destroyed the floppy disk by

Setting it on fire adding that the plastic gave a snake-like hiss as it burnt and shriveled destroying yet another copy of the cursed image once and for all

Mr l was ready to hang up his hat and close the investigation into smile.jpg people had suffered and even died and just as mary had advised him to he was going to quit while he was ahead it was a couple months later when he'd

Almost forced the whole nasty affair out of his mind that he saw a new email appear in his inbox with the subject line smile without even thinking he clicked on it and by that point

It was already too late the text in the body of the email littered with spelling and grammatical errors said i found your email address through a mailing list to your profile said you're interested in smile dog

I have saw it it is not as bad as everyone says i have sent it to you here just spreading the word and the rest is spooky internet history now you've heard the story and you know all the horrors this strange little

Photo is said to be able to unleash maybe it's all just an urban legend a hoax or a mass hysteria after all how much damage can one picture do but hey if you want to be safe you can always send this video to a

Couple friends and spread the word check out how a meme slender man became real and russian sleep experiment explained for more chilling internet oddities

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