SMART Cash (SMART) – PRIVACY, MASTERNODES, POS, CARD, FAST, inclusive Gov & Adaptive Blocks!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

so what's going on people we're gonna
look at another coin today before we
start that don't you pause the video and
look at the disclaimer this is not
financial advice today we're gonna get
smart cash for what is smart cash smart
cash is a community government's
corporation and go focus blockchain
based currency and decentralize the
economy so we got the market cap of one
hundred forty six mil circulating supply
of 792 mm we got total supply 1.3
billion Mac supply five billion so those
pretty good numbers right here we got
the exchanges on down here so it's all
about like six exchanges in total I
think this is a very undervalued project
right now we're going some of the
details are not spending what I think
it's undervalued at this moment but
before we have a look we'll look at the
block explore I like to look at this
when I'm looking at corns that are
already in the market to see what
percentages but people have them and
this is a very smart thing to do because
you don't want one person who owning
like a village ility of all the coins
you want it spread out pretty really
evenly so these are here for the
development of the project grading is a
good sign it's not going to specific
people so the person with the largest
amount has 1.5%
and it goes down from a year all these
down it's like point three four so it
looks like a very good sign you know
that this thing is not gonna be huge
so we'll go through their website here
just very quickly and we already stated
what it was
so for smart hi we strive to allow the
community to control the fate of the
coin that governance the budget usage
and encourage community development the
smart rewards are price stabilization
mechanism and a way to encourage
long-term holding in order to provide a
quality merchants experience having
instant transactions as a must therefore
say hello to instapage so this is like a
cool section right here traditional
crypto currencies like Bitcoin world oil
miners while neglecting other actors
that play an active role in maintaining
developing and promoting the project
smart cash is a community center
cryptocurrency where community and
development comes first 70% of the block
reward has been allocated to fund smart
high community puzzles as well as smart
hot teams 30 percent of the remaining
block rewards have been allocated to
mining which hits 5% smart Awards which
gets 15% and smart nose which gets 10
so that's pretty much what drove my
interest in this coin 70 percent of the
block rewards are pointing to the
community and development of this
project and he got 30% going to the
miners you got a smart award and smart
node doesn't really really attract the
features for me this is another concept
that I like over here the smart cash
mining concept smart cash mining
prevents mining centralization and
stimulates network growth every computer
can be used as a mining device while
still allowing that computer to be used
for various other tasks
Asics have yet to be creative for key
sec mining algorithm n is probably safe
to assume that no assets will be
creative for quite some time so what the
creators are saying about this too is
that every smart cash flows as the
person is able to vote on projects that
the community does
unlike – where people who have master
notes only get a voice so this is like a
really good concept but the difference –
well pissin – is that like so depending
on the amount of coins you have ways
your votes right so the people with more
coins get a stronger role in different
topics so what sets smart cash Park it's
it's privacy centric so it's a privacy
coin it's inclusive and these are these
are their social media channels so you
got a forum they also have a telegram
which is not kind of small right now
they also have a reddit which is active
so you can see people post four hours
ago they also have a Twitter which is
around 10,000 people they got a
statement which is both thousand
subscribers and they're posted on there
every day they'll show a discord which
is very active all their happens on
there you can contact them for anything
that you need and this is the smart cash
world map for of 2018 they're gonna be
having visible addresses the privacy
feature native mobile wallet multi
crypto currency trading ability so using
the smart cash wallet will grant you the
ability to trade other cryptocurrencies
inside the wallet pay with smart card
it's a physical card that safely
encrypts and stores your private key
there's no third party payment processor
to censor or reverse the transaction
instapage go into the pay is going to be
a key feature that allows instant point
of sale in stores and online purchases
people should be able to use
cryptocurrency as a means to pay for
their daily needs electron wallet you
smart cash with a desktop wallet without
waiting for the blockchain to download
voting and smart notes starting will be
added on future releases that's pretty
cool you can they're gonna make it even
the wallet that's that's dope that's
awesome 24 hours support for upgrades
for faster syncing you got smart notes
starting from web wallet upgraded the
Explorer adaptive blocks blocks will
increase in size based on the average
block size in order to enable maximum
transaction per second that's awesome –
I like how there's a clear plan and with
this this is really good in the end then
they got their contact permission on
there again and also have their website
in all these languages this is very very
impressive with all these languages
that's awesome so we're gonna go into
more detail and look at this a little
bit just to explain what smart nodes are
this is how it works to run a smart node
you have to have 10,000 coins so right
now the price of a coin is around 20
cents cos two thousand those have a
smart node and they'll tell you what
they'll pay you monthly if you have a
smart node every day you'll be paid five
dollars and seventy seven cents so per
month you get one hundred sixty three
dollars so let's just say it got up to
two dollars all right so your initial
per month that you're making is one
thousand six hundred thirty one dollars
if this thing went up to two dollars you
just have to just hold in your wallet
this is uh insane the these are pews
gross and there's only gonna in one
smart node you can take advantage of the
price right now and say that like – I
mean everything's doubled right whoo
this is this is very attractive to a lot
of people so I like this because you
know how the market is really bad right
now so people who have these smart notes
are still getting these payouts and this
is really cool feature I like about this
so another cool feature about this is a
smart Wars where you have to have 1000
coins in your wallet and they'll take a
picture of it and the 25th of hurt each
month when they take the snapshot you'll
receive a small amount of smart coins
just for holding this is a really cool
feature because it encourages everybody
to just hold on to their coins and not
dump it especially in a bear market and
don't forget the more you hold the
larger percentage okay so these are
changed that's on right now hit BTC
crypto bridge monkey coin crypto wolf
Bitcoin p2p
coin exchange Stock Exchange local
Bitcoin cash or crypto change and and
bit Tronics this partner the website is
talking about their governance feature
so as you can see on year people have
put up proposals and members who own the
coins are able to
vote on it so they have a proposal here
at smartcash California Yahveh all these
people voting and yet you have these
people downloading it and I'll show you
the amount of time left for the vote to
close so that's pretty cool you can see
on here it's all transparent there's no
like back rooms or where people are
talking and arguing about stuff it's
pretty pretty much controlled by the
people who will hold the coins that
right there is really awesome where the
holes of the coin can actually vote on
what's going on the coin with the
development and have a same everything
that's going on as you can see down here
there's more proposals that people are
putting up so next this is their little
form that they got off their website
pretty much their announcements of
people putting up proposals and pre
proposals that where people are
discussing these topics so you can come
through here check it out and check out
what people are saying and even know
where the direction of the coin is
headed so we're gonna look at their get
up here I want to make sure that the
community is actually doing work on the
cryptocurrency so as you can see this
was updated 22 hours ago 13 days ago so
right here is the most recent update
right here and you got these different
languages in it so the github has been
active and their community is really
really active they have a lot of posts
and all their social media sites if you
can look on YouTube for this – there's a
lot there's tons of videos about smart
cash so we're gonna analyze price quick
the price is sitting at 18 cents right
now look at the historical chart right
here it got as high as two dollars and
80 cents that's huge and it went all the
way down there was a big clump see I'm
still gonna wait a little bit to wait
for the price to drop some more I'm
hoping that it reaches the 15 to 10
cents that's when I'm gonna be jumping
in to get a whole bunch of them I want
to run a couple master notes because in
this bear market I want to take
advantage of the prices that we're
getting right now I don't think these
prices will come back for a long time so
this is one of the coins that I think
will stick around just because the
features weights one the community
engagement all there's always so much
promotion about the videos and stuff –
and it will take a really good coin
everything's transparent you can see it
whereas old Explorer and salt how many
people have the coins and they're like
it's it just seems like a legit solid
project so go on the website and reach
the stuff
guys if you're interested in the coin go
check it out I'm not telling you to buy
this through your own researches it's
not financial advice but this is one of
my solid projects that I'm definitely
gonna be picking up so if you like the
content hit that subscribe button and if
you like this video then smash that like
button we've got more videos to come
this week it got more reviews more
points so stay tuned and we out

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