Slikhaar Calendar 1st of December – What do you want for christmas – Twins Vs Iphone X face hack

published on July 3, 2020

the names honestly care TV this is Lake

here Christmas calendar and we are live

today and it's 1st of December and the

Christmas spirit right here at sleek

hair office yeah I mean it's it's it's

coming into three days it's call me

things coming in nicely Nancy we already

enjoy decorating the Christmas tree here

in November so Christmas landed earlier

this year limited edition I'm the tree

this year

yeah it's a really sparkling so that's

definitely used for it where you were

used improvised so we almost doesn't

know anything about stream about five

minutes but you can also write some

questions if you have one and we'll

answer maybe one to three questions all

of you guys to come in the comment

section down below and let us know what

your biggest wish for Christmases this

year and once your things which no it

was from X or 10 you might say so I have

it right here but it has a fault because

email I can actually go and over my

phone okay okay we have to prove it it's


and then now it's unlocked

now it's unlocked again and now let's

see I even wear my glasses it's hanging

into my stuff and so don't leave your

phone out if you have a twin problem we

would also like you guys to give us

ideas for what we should do in this

Christmas calendar will not promise to

upload every day but will do as much as

possible and these live streams they are

very fun so also I think it would be

nice if we could share she has some

Christmas of love so maybe we could

share some images from you guys if you

take your phone and find a good angle

and and your dog face okay and then you

and you show us what their hairstyle

likes to rock this Christmas then you

should share it with us the way you do

that is that you go on Instagram and use

the hashtag just like your TV Christmas

and you can name just like here TV


good image you can't even get pictures

on the slicker exactly Instagram will

show them as you're the images on the

episodes to come here during Christmas

so we'll import to see a lot of hashtags

and also a little bit of a commercial we

have a commercial commercial spot my

field break would like to offer form of

the minis fall of you who purchase your

Christmas gifts on sticker shop and you

can find the link in the description

down below when the livestream is based

we have a few leftovers from like Friday

and it's the free styling spray it's the

sea salt foam and it's very limited we

don't even know if we are continuing the

production but it's an awesome product

we have the sidekick limits in position

with the new tropical scent it's the

good old cyclic as you know it's a

must-have free styling spray

I've used it every day for three and a

half year as long as this bad boy has

been on earth it has been in my hair and

also the free limited editions they're

selling out with a creek so we have to

hurry up you can also find the link in

the description so it's been such a

pleasure chatting with you guys just six

years yeah it's called it's called look

look it's a Danish traditional Christmas

trick it's actually hot red wine with

raisins and almonds and Roberts is what

we called muesli

it's very nice it's it's it's kind of

nice but we only have it in the silver

month tradition yeah and this is we need

to have some questions yeah there's a

question of how do you style clothes

they care it's definitely something

about always get a good Cowboys with

conditioning then you blow-dry it it's a

position with some freestylin and of

course we can recommend the psychic

spray but just a priest I'm spreading

jinyo and then you'll use some hair wax

to shave it into position and make

details so that's the best advice for

cosy here

one more question is two more okay one

more question is when can they expect to

get the organic hair products Friday but

as always when you want to create not

even not great products but the best

hair products in the world

you have to takes a lot of time to make

take it a little bit further when it

comes to the percentage of organic yeah

and then we chose to debate on the

quality rather than pushing the deadline

yeah we could push the deadline so

better so we hope to answer your

question that we launched organic

products in February to be realistic it

would be a free styling spray and

wax based on beeswax and has free

styling spray that is almost equal to

cyclic an organic way and the priests

tanning spray and the wax it's free of

any parabens perfumes and it's gross 200

percent organic it's it's above the hour

it's you see on the market so yeah can

they expect any discounts for Christmas

more discounts for free when your do I

need to wash my hair with shampoo to get

rid of any wax it will just bring some

lift back in the hair so in order to get

the perfect result in the styling you

need to apply shampoo just once normally

but if you want to be 100% sure you let

a mini sized those important enough

shampoo and put it into your hair then

you just wash it out and then you will

apply one more tiny bit of shampoo and

get it all out so two times chamber to

be 100% sure that you have all or as

and ready for styling yeah a little bit

of advice you should always if you rinse

your hair with two times everyone should

add a conditioner or you rinse a lot of

the natural oils out of the hair

meaning that you leaves the hair straws

totally open and that's not easy to

apply wax when the hair is not covered

with some sort of conditioner one of the

minutes is actually detox detox shampoo

the new one and it also leaves your hair

very soft and silky because it has nice

but otherwise again we like you to write

in the comment section down below

some ideas for us to take up for the

common yeah the next episodes through

the summer month will not be every day

but hopefully a couple of times a week

we will do this live stream presents I

have to warn you don't leave you our new

iPhone X programs if it's so nice to

chatting with you so nice telling the

news you guys

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