Skullcandy Crusher Evo – The Bass Will Shake Your Head…. Literally!

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

Yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're going to take a look at the skull candy crusher evo now you can pick these up from amazon i'll throw the link up in the description the price on these 200 bucks now they come in two different colors you got black and gray alright so let's check these out skull candy fill the base tuned to you now these are sensory based headphones with personal sound now let me say this just like all the other skull candy

Crusher headphones these use sensory bass so if you're an audiophile you're not going to like these it's not that deep clean rich bass that you're going to find on bose headphones it's sensory bass heptic feedback so the easiest way to explain that is these headphones are going to actually vibrate on your head so think about it like this you're playing the playstation and you got your controller in your hand and you feel it vibrating same thing these headphones are going to vibrate on

Your head now if you're a bass lover you're going to love these and you're going to need these all right personal sound by audio do adjustable sensory bass up to 40 hours battery and you got the tile app to find your headphones let's see anything else now you got an app that's available for android and ios adjustable sensory bass personal sound by audio do up to 40 hours battery with rapid charge now in a side note rapid charge means 10 minutes of charge

Will give you four hours worth of play time and on the side note that's not a gimmick i'm speaking from experience all of the skull candy crusher headphones that have that feature it actually works so if you got to catch a flight in the morning and your headphones are completely dead charge them up for 10 minutes and you can rock out for four hours all right you got the built-in tile app so you can find your headphones you got your swipe controls for call track and volume

You can also activate your voice assistant and you got google fast pair all right so all of that for 200 bucks let's see what it is now at the end of this video i'm gonna answer two questions number one are these worth 200 bucks and i'm pretty sure they are but we're going to put them to the test and number two how do these rank versus my favorite uh skull candy headphones the crusher 360s now i love these these have the best build quality out of all of the crushes

Because you got the metal build and my all-time favorites the crusher ancs now this is important if you go to skullcandy the crusher ancs are the same price as the crusher evos so we're going to see which ones are better personally i think the ancs are going to be better because you still got that sensory base and you got active noise cancellation but you never know let's find out now i was just about to say white shoes got the day off

But ladies and gentlemen late but still great white shoes is back in the building calm down all right technically you're not really late all right so i'm gonna give you credit on that one no call in the cat union all right here we go got the incredible hulk all right shoes watch those whiskers rock here we go skull candy crusher evo now if y'all watch my videos you know i'm not a fan of skull candy earbuds i really don't like any of them but when

It comes to the crushes i'm the number one fan i love these and let me say it again if you're a bass lover you need a pair of skull candy crushers in your headphones collections now which ones to get we're going to put that to the test all right so inside the box let's see fill the base tune just for you okay you got your skullcandy logo okay let's see you got your quick start instructions you don't need those you got your little uh cue qr code

Scan that and get the app all right shoes fall back let's see what's in here my little skull candy box i love that little skull candy logo the actual skull okay so you got a 3.5 cable i for your wired connection gold tips real nice and this is going to be your okay usual books and plug them follow them to the side and this is going to be a usb type c charging cable i said usb a to usb type c with the skull candy logos all right i

Like that let's see okay some more books and save that okay now for the crusher evos it does come with a little carrying case let me do the smell test on these smells like base all right he's got the strong odor of base love that logo right there here we go okay you got a little little clip on the top i like that inside here we go okay let's see anything else in here nope inside the bag now real quick what's that velvet nice velvet pattern

On the inside and you got a little little pot a little pouch right here so you can drop your usb type-c charging cable drop your 3.5 in here okay bag is not waterproof okay not waterproof keep that in mind all right shoe scoop here we go skull candy crusher evo now these have a nice soft matte feel to them all right so minimum fingerprints let's see on one side this is going to be your sensory base

Control now y'all know me i'm leaving it on max okay you got a power button let's see you got volume up and down all right shoes i'm about to fire you to the side you got the volume up and down and this is your multifunctional button 3.5 input usb type-c charging slot i shoes want to hear some bass shoes how they sound all right shoes i'm gonna turn them on in a minute let's see now as far as the stretch test okay now if you got a maximum size dome

These are gonna fit the ear cups do rotate not 360 degrees i choose the hiccups do rotate and they do fold up okay again maximum stretches on these real nice alright so let me pause the video i'll grab a phone we'll pair these up and we'll start our usual testing and i'll find white shoes to the side talk amongst yourselves all right real quick before i forget now the top of these have like a fabric material

Kind of feels like nubuck or swedish i like that the ear cups very leatherish nice and soft and then inside the headband some nice comfortable padding these look like they're going to be real comfortable nice and lightweight now as far as the crusher 360s yeah the crusher 360s are way more heavier now if you like that heavy design then these are the ones you want again got that metal build to them and as far as the ancs about the same

Weight all right so the evos and the ancs pretty much the same weight but again the ancs active noise cancellation i can't see these being better but i'm going into this with an open mind let me grab a phone all right josh so we back in now the first thing you want to do is download the skullcandy app now once you open this up and pair up your headphones you have full access to all of the features so you got your eq right so you got

Music movie and podcast got your headphones right there if you take it over to settings you can register your headphones got your user's guide video user's guide and you got to find your headphones using the tile app and you also have personal sound so now we're going to create our own personal sound profile all right now in order to set up your own personal profile you got to be in a quiet environment and all you got to do is follow the instructions so let me go ahead and do

That all right so the personal sound test took about two minutes to set up basically it was like having a hearing test so just kept asking me did i hear sounds in the left ear and the right ear i just had to click yes or no so now i can turn this off or have optimized sound all right so now let's talk about the build quality plastic build very lightweight maximum stretchage ear cups do rotate and you got the soft leatherish pattern nice cushion on the top now let me drop

These on again nice and lightweight you can easily wear these all day long and you got a little bit of noise isolation all right so now for the most important test the sound test now we're going to start off at max volume i got the sensory bass turned off and my personal sound turned off now i got a classic nipsy hustle blue laces 2. if you know anything about this song you know it got maximum bass all right so here we go one tap of

Playing pause birdman hands rubbing together all right here we go okay okay hold up now y'all hear it okay now look let's hit pause now just like i expected with the sensory bass turned all the way off these are nothing special right not the loudest in the world not a big deal but here's where things get exciting all right now i'm turning the sensory base all the way up all right so we got max volume maximum sensory bass

And i'm still going to leave my personal sound turned off okay run it back from the top here we go okay birdman hands rubbing together with my seatbelt that okay here it goes oh my god yeah ah now look i know a lot of y'all at home right now like oh floss being a hypebeast no i'm actually not if you've seen any of my videos you know

I keep it a buck with y'all if i'm genuinely impressed i'm genuinely impressed skull candy crusher headphones if you're a bass lover again if you're a bass lover that loves sensory bass all right not that not the audiophile bass like a sony headphones or sennheisers you know that's deep rich and clean some people might say this is muddy this is basically like going to a party and standing right next to the speaker and you feel that base pounding your

Head bro okay now okay all right now hold up now i want to do one thing all right now i'm gonna um let's go to settings all right so now i'm gonna go to personal sound i'm gonna put it on optimize i optimize for me we're gonna run this back from the top whoa i wasn't expecting that then again i was expecting it but damn okay here we go all right all right whoo all right calm down bro calm down calm down

Flossy calm down all right here we go let's hit play now this is optimized sound sensory bass on max max volume all right here it goes oh my god yo hold up oh my god hold up hold up now i don't know let me see if let me see if i can see this maybe i can see it watch this watch this oh see the the camera's not going to do it justice holy hold up hold up oh i

Started sweating just now all right let me calm down usa ladies and gentlemen all right all jokes aside whether you whether you whether you think i'm being a hypebeast or not all right if you like bass buy these i buy these if you like bass and you buy these and you're not impressed i'll give you your money back all right i'll bottom off you alright trust me oh my god i cannot stress enough how fun these are now look if y'all watch my videos right

If y'all watch my videos you remember i did these razer headphones the other day i forgot the name of them the razer headphones that vibrate on your ears when you're playing your video games there's nothing like haptic hectic bass when you're playing the video game that's why your playstation controller is so fun when you're playing a fighting game and you get caught up in the corner and somebody piecing you up and you feel those vibrations with every hit or you're playing an action game and you

You get killed and the whole controller starts vibrating that sensory base brings your your experience to like the fourth dimension same thing now imagine that with your music imagine your favorite song that has a lot of bass but when that bass kicks these rumbles so much knocking channel a true story with my skull candy uh ancs i was coming back on a flight from vegas and i i was looking mad fresh my outfit was dipped yeah i was looking mad good so i had the song

Bad and bushy by my amigos on repeat you know because i was feeling myself so i'm walking through the airport like i'm in a music video you know what i'm saying by the time i got to my flight and i sat down i heard the song about maybe 30 times i started getting a headache now i was kind i was kind of a little hungover and a little bit tired but um i started getting a headache from the base pounding my head so if you're a bass lover that loves head pounding bass

Oh my god you're gonna love these now i want to try before i do my comparison because you already know all these worth 200 bucks the answer is yes even if i would have spent 250 on these right now i would not be mad but i want to compare them to the ancs and the crusher 360s but before i do that i want to hear one more song all right now i'm almost scared to press play but fellas all right if you want to catch a vibe go on youtube and search this song it's called porno star

By french montana and max b alright this is a hood classic right here but the baseline is ridiculous when i rock this in my whip almost blow my windows off here we go whoa yo it starts off immediately my base this is what i'm talking about there's a kid behind you oh this is tough yo she wanna be my porno star she wanna ride that in the back of my whip try to stop us but she won't go far that's my

Show me group it up hold up yo yo yo all right hold up all right i can't wait to listen to my favorite songs with these headphones bro like i said if you don't trust me on nothing trust me on these right now look y'all know i'm not a fan boy i always bash skull candy ear buds i bashed about four of them already i'm not a fan but when it comes to the skull candy crushes bro i am the number one fan of america i highly recommend these

All right let me be quiet now and catch my breath let me do a little sound comparison with the crushers the ancs and the 360s all right so now let's check the button controls tap the middle button for play and pause that'll also answer and phone calls okay i just paused it started playing again no problems volume up okay that works volume down okay that works long press skip to the next track okay that works long press on the bottom button reverse

Okay no problems double tap the middle button for your voice assistant okay we'll do uh google let's try that again what's the weather for today all right so all the button controls work all right so now let's check the code quality crush the evos call it amaya yeah new phone alert what up baby i'm in the middle of doing a video of course i had to call you in find out how do i sound

You know you're my official tester sound great i'm annoying come on bro come on bro yo i got i got nah chill that's what i'm saying i call from different numbers to keep you on your toes yep you know what i'm saying why why you answering you'd be mad shook when you asked if well you'd be like hello you scared yo you know you got to be answering the phone you got to be like yo who it is yeah stop playing on my phone who it is i'm

Saying all right okay babe all right so i'm gonna call you when i finish this because we got to chop it up about sunday i saw i told you a few okay call quality i just ended core quality on this sounded great i heard her fine she heard me fine and you can hear the person out of both ears so that's a win in my book all right now i just did the bluetooth test walked all the way to 50 feet no drop connection at all now let's check the lag

Got a youtube video queued up let's see if there's any delay from the person's lips to what you hear okay no lag at all when you're watching your youtube videos alright so now i'm gonna do a side by side comparison and see which crusher wireless headphones are the best all right so we'll start off with the 360s okay now all of these are set to the same exact settings all galaxy phones or max volume or back sensory bass here we go we're going to start off with

The crusher 360s alright they got rowdy rich feed the streets 2 maximum base all right here we go i just make sure i'm on max volume okay here we go all right let's go i get racks okay i put the city on the map all right okay now i'm really paying attention okay let's hit play that's it pause actually okay now those sound incredible let's take it over to the evos same exact song

Now right away i can tell you personally i like the lightweight build a little bit better here we go now right off the gate two the highs are a lot higher on this one all right so these definitely sounding better so far just on the mids and the highs you wait for that bass line i get racks okay all right yeah okay check this out let me hit pause all right now one thing i noticed between the 360s and the evos the evo sound cleaner all right they got better highs and mids

They actually sound a little bit more loud but way more clean now these the 360s it's bass overkill i with maximum sensory bass it gets a little bit muddy and the volume level is not there but the base is still going to rattle your brain but the evos definitely sound cleaner and definitely sound better and i like the build quality the lightweight feel easy to wear let's take it over to my favorites the ancs and here we go hit play now i got noise cancellation turned on

Yeah these got nice highs and mids too you could definitely hear the uh noise cancellation seems a lot more quiet i get rex whoa i put the city on the map okay hold up okay hold up let's hit it hold up where are we at i'm do i all right hold up all right now i got to do that again i got to do that again between i got to do between the let's hit pause i got to do between the evos and the ancs let's do that one more time

All right let me throw on the evos let's hit play i'ma switch them quick this time okay and this time i'm not gonna sing either i promise okay here we go oh my god all right the vibration on these is crazy let's take it right over to the ancs immediately okay yeah it seems like the evils might be the loudest ones in terms of volume okay here we go

Yep okay okay ladies and gentlemen i got a new favorite all right the evos now they don't have noise cancellation y'all see i'm back here sweating too going crazy they don't have noise cancellation but these have the cleanest sound all right so the most highs in the mids the base is off the charts but it's not od like it doesn't have that muddy feel to it like the 360s where it like seems like it's overpowering the balance on these is perfect

So i would say the evils are my new favorites then after that i'm going to ancs now here's the thing you got to think about if you're just going for maximum base of maximum fun go with the evos but if you're going to be traveling you got to get the ancs all right the anc on this is not a gimmick it actually works i always travel with these headphones i usually bring a set of quality ancs and i bring these for the base because like i said earlier you can't listen to these for six hours straight

On maximum bass it's not happening so i usually pound my head out for a couple of hours and then when i'm ready to go to sleep i switch over and put on the sony's or the bose for that maximum uh noise cancellation but the noise cancellation on these it actually works but these are my new favorites the crusher evos alright so overall on a scale of one to ten i'm giving the skull candy crusher evos a major major major major go and if you're new to my channel

That's a quad major that's the highest ranking you could get i literally love these all right if you love bass and you love sensory bass you need these all right this is a must buy now let me answer those two questions artie's worth 200 bucks the answer is hell yeah these are worth every penny and the second question how do i rank these versus my other skull candies these are my new favorites then after that the ancs then after that

The 360s these are the top dogs if you love sensory base i can't stress this enough you need these you want these you must own these okay you must buy these if you like head pounding bass especially edm hardcore hip-hop music rock music whatever music you like that has head pounding bass trust me when i tell you you need these all right these gonna change your music

Listening experience it's gonna blow your mind all right you're gonna have a headache after a few hours but it's gonna be worth it anyway skull candy crusher evos i highly recommend these i'm giving y'all a personal guarantee white shoes approved hit me up in the comments let me know what y'all think about these shout outs to everybody rocking with me on facebook foursquare twitter google plus shout out to all the google gangsters i see y'all holding down that

Facebook page shout out to everybody hitting me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram i know that's where i'm at full time 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on sundays y'all already know extreme gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys allowed oh yeah special shout out to everybody

Following me on snapchat glossy underscore carter that's where i'm at and a special shout out to the notification squad i see all in the comments section early salute oh yeah one more thing i almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y'all haters all your trolls close your eyes and picture me rolling it's your boy floss i'm out dude energize

good you

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