SkullCandy Crusher 360 – REVIEW – SO MUCH BASSSS

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

Hey everyone Jimmy with Jim's review room welcome back to another one of my videos I just let you guys know I did remove that light nose on top of that speaker some of you guys my fans out there we're saying it's kind of blinding you so hopefully that fixes that issue

So I've been anticipating this for quite some time here this is the Skullcandy crusher 360 these are heavy and I mean bass heavy headphones you guys know I use my binder or microphones during the audio test this would be a very cool

Experience for you guys back at home now the other reason why I wanted to test these here if they're promoting this thing where you can feel this unique vibration since you can feel the vibration on your heads on your ear

Around your head or so that's gonna be pretty cool but anyways being transparent here Skullcandy didn't send this over for review I'll go over both pros and cons I have full editorial control over this I'll let you guys know

What's good and what's not also I'll leave my links down in that video description below so you guys can check for the most updated prices click on those and they'll let you know if there's any deals that are going on any

Sales that are going on and you guys can get pricing in real time I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review

now going over the physical features first the crusher 360 is one classy looking tank bet is it's built like a beast matte black practically everywhere very sexy the metal is diamond-cut so

The edges on here feels a little sharp it's not a bad thing though but it's something I haven't felt on any other pair of headphones that I have reviewed and last again it's just beefy feeling in the hands now the headband on top is

Slightly thinner than what I would have anticipated but it was so often smooth though what really was interesting during testing if it weren't for this little Ridge or indentation right here I would surely feel pressure at the crown

Of the head instead I gently feel two pressure points pretty much evenly distributing the weight here now one thing that I did appreciate there's minimal gaps on the headband itself while the headphones simply don't stick

Out like crazy as you guys can see very minimal gap now getting into comfort there is some weight on these things but I personally didn't feel weighed down that would give me some kind of neck or general head fatigue the ear pads are

Plush with minimal clamping force at the jawline and over time wearing this in the office I've never had ear sweats but they do warm up in warmer environments taking a closer look the buds are on the right side here pretty much straight

Forward now while holding down balm upward um does skip and goes back on songs the middle button is for pairing pause and play and answering phone calls now oddly holding this button down does not activate Siri or Google assistant I

Confirmed you have to activate those voice assistants on your phone and then you can still use the headset microphone to ask the question then now if you're listening to music and a call comes in the speakerphone or headset

Functionality was very clear but the receiver on the other end like most other headsets here they do pick up some background noise but getting back on to the headphones the left ear cup this is where it gets really interesting there's

Some bright LEDs to indicate how much battery power you have left and also how much base you have introduced into your listening experience but regarding battery life slow Kenny is coming up to 29 hours of use with my testing let ins

Play from a hundred percent battery to dead with face control at about 50% here to try to get that middle-of-the-road result I was able to achieve one entire day plus 13 hours and six minutes to precise all

Together it's about 37 hours which is insane now keep in mind the Crushers also have fast charging just ten minutes gives you three hours of playback back basically if you leave the headphones off or say the battery dies and then

Confirm with my testing here you can still use the headphones with the physical three and a half millimeter cable that it's provided you just won't have bass control features on the side here and of course you can't go wireless

But what if you read half millimeter chord you can use this with your pc playstation or xbox we're going the Xbox you do have to have the stereo headset adapter but speaking of base control here it's a physical touch similar to

The Sony 1000 actually Sennheiser PXE 550 s a gentle light swipe is all you need to adjust how much bass you want to experience I'll definitely give you a sample of that pretty soon so hold down there now last but at least the crushers

Have bluetooth 4.1 how did it even go with at least four point two four slightly better range or maybe power efficiency but testing this and this is proof this is evidence Y specs doesn't mean everything I was able to achieve a

Ridiculous a hundred and thirteen linear feet that's roughly the entire hallway over here plus my studio space in here with a signal going through one of these walls and their range never broke it is impeccable compared to the competitors

Most competitors good competitors are getting about eighty linear feet and some of them with even Bluetooth 5.0 now as we're playing this with Netflix and YouTube I personally had no singing issues with the wireless connection with

My phone both Apple and Android now it slowly getting into audio there is minimal sound leaking but starting at 60 to 70% in volume in quiet areas those sitting right next to you will probably start hearing a little bit of what

You're listening to but if you're on public transportation and walking around in public of course that won't be an issue whatsoever now as for passive noise isolation just having them on right now the crush is

Surprisingly barely blocks out anything I can hear a lot of stuff that's going around me but once music is going even at just 50% which is somewhat low most of your environment will dissipate be blocked

And go unheard alright folks please put on your own headphones or earphones as I'll be using binaural microphones to give you the best listening experience and give you a taste of what this base control is all about also please go into

The embittered description and follow me on social media and leave those fire emojis in the comment section alright folks please support my work and enjoy this test alright folks make sure you have your headphones or earphones on

What I'm going to do is on camera I'm going to point down meaning that that's gonna be low or basically zero bass 50% and when I do this it means I'm gonna turn this up to basically maximum alright here we go folks let me turn it

Back down Oh

So there you have it folks keep it mind this pair of headphones are that for everyone and it's clear they're targeting bass heads but hear me out here the one thing I could not demo were the feelings that you get now emotional

This didn't bring tears to my eyes or anything like that but you can literally feel the bass vibrant nearly identical to the vibrations that you feel in your chest at a concert through the droning bass

From the back of a car with a huge subwoofer system now you feel that deep droning bass on the bottom of your ears around here and behind your earlobe and I'm not exaggerating here but it shakes so much that you would think people

Around you would see these headphones vibrating like this and again bouncing all over your head it is so real and I'm not again exaggerating here it is intense and again an experience you're not going to get out of any other pair

Of headphones someone loved it some will know who I should say it is just too much but if you're into deep rumbling chunks of over kind of bass honestly Skullcandy nailed it no questions asked now as for the audio

With the bass boost turned down here to get a more level playing field the quality is good the mid-range is clean and clear neutral but enough detail to be enjoyed there is some dimension here in the vocal work with hearing music in

The background with vocals slightly being interpreted in the foreground the high notes are not ticking whatsoever and there was just enough for me without being underwhelming very much enjoyable on the top end that once I do turn up

The bass again these are bass heavy headphones to be fair there is some droning though but the mid-range and high frequencies are still very much at the defile and doesn't sound recessed encased or suppressed now once it go

Maximum bass like turn this all the way up here then yes you surely do here bass taking over the vocals don't necessarily get muddy but they sound a little too warm and then from the sub bass area that droning does overshadow the vocal

Work but again you can control how much you want with that swipe as for movies the amount of bass is objective with most movies with dialogue like most headphones or earphones they sound

Really good with scenes with a lot of action explosions I did tend to lower the base of bits but over a moderate amount of bass added to the experience because moderate bass was more tolerable I wouldn't be able to experience the

Strong vibration feedback as it would then diminish or technically overshadow again those actors voices and the finer details in movies again its objective and adjustable but when tweaked it is surely enjoyable now overall this pair

Of headphones is not for everyone but I recommend at least giving it a try at say your local Best Buy or so in turning it's you moderate bass first before making judgments before you turn it all the way up to maximum overall I

Recommend them if you're debating on getting them again check out my links down in that video description below for updated prices and my social media handles hopefully this video helped you guys some way take care talk to you guys


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