Skip Barber eRace Series Round 6

published on July 2, 2020



























































has Johnny gandi streak at the top truly

ended after three difficult races for

him it's time to hit the reset button as

we return to Europe hello and welcome to

the sixth round of the Skip Barber Irae

series the legendary circuit nicknamed

the temple of speed hosts our races this

afternoon Autodromo nazi and our leader

Monza in northern Italy a track locked

in the history of motorsport sins are

opened back in 1922 potentially one of

the hardest races to win this season

courtesy of the slipstream no one will

be able to breathe until the checkered

flag is flown at the end of each of our

15-minute races as always myself

whispered made alongside me any at

Bishop hello hey Luis I'm really excited

about about this this race here

specifically because Monza is the first

actually the first track that I signed

up for myself to be able to drive in the

Skip Barber Series so I'm actually

interested to see what timing we end up

having out of the out of these drivers

because my their race pace is ultimately

gonna be a little bit different than

their qualifying pace especially with

the slipstream on this track which is a

huge feature there are a lot of passing

opportunities on the track in the

infield but many of the passes over that

will ultimately see I think will be so

similar to the last round where they

will happen on the straightaway and into

the braking zones because slipstream is

such a massive benefit here

especially considering these cars all

have the exact same setup and they have

the exact same motor and all of the

features are ultimately the same the

only did differentiating factor is the

driver inside of the cockpit so for this

race we would definitely see where you

know a lot of the drivers are making up

their time in the different corners and

their braking zones but I am predicting

that many of the passes will definitely

happen instance

yes sir it's a tricky circuit for sure

I've had my fair share of racing and

here we have a look at Johnny G Indy

there earlier in the session of course

noting with him last time out really

really struggled had two races back at

Road Atlanta didn't win really really

struggled with the sixth dream of the

early point in the race whether he's

learnt very much from that heading into

this round

Monza you can see we've got a bit of a

slipstream train here and the one at the

front of that field is Johnny kindy now

the important note from that is how

important slitscan will be here in

qualifying you can see there you've got

some people pick up the slipstream

already there should be huge games red

but you kind of want to give yourself

enough room you don't catch them into

one of the braking zones they run down

to the Reta filio for the first time

definitely the main overtaking

opportunity on the circuit but in cars

with low downforce like this Elliott

you're gonna see moves into here in

Fidel Arroyo chicane I mean you're gonna

see them even into the ledge most

sampled of that was Johnny Indy he

pulled off wasn't happy with the sixth

inning it was dish him out to Ed

Kerstetter yeah and I think you know

especially considering the fact early in

qualifying currently we have a I believe

this should have been a 10 minute

qualifying session if I remember right

and then we go into two 15-minute race

sessions but for Johnny G Indy you know

he doesn't want to hand over the benefit

to Ted Kerstetter towards any drivers

behind because if he's the guy that's

leading the Train he will have the the

slowest speed on the straightaway V's

be benefiting from that toe it is the

draft behind him so Johnny gandi may be

potentially teasing them quite a little

bit by going out in the out lap and then

then ultimately just closing the door

and returning back to the pits but yeah

Johnny gandi maybe just letting them go

by so he's the benefactor of that

slipstream so that that is a bit of an

interesting strategy as we are now

seeing Johnny you kind of by himself

so the cars behind are really ultimately

gonna be able to benefit from that

slipstream I'm a little bit confused

maybe him stopping out of 1 & 2 was

potentially a little bit of a

disconnection just in the spectator

psychics it does definitely seem say

we're looking at Johnny gandi now and he

is ahead of and Kerstetter one thing

worth mentioning on the track line that

Johnny candy runs that he runs really

close to the pit row here out of the I

believe it's nine intended

parabolic in corner which is a bit

interesting with this car so he he does

carry and save quite a bit of speed by

exiting really tight and not running out

to be curb which is a bit odd but it

could just be a quirk with this track

design maybe he's finding a bit of grip

on the inside line heading in towards

the it straight so we I think we did

that you see Kim he does set the time

the driver that pulled off was actually

Nathan sax and we didn't pick him up on

the previous laps that's where that

confusion came to joining kids actually

much further down the road and because

his line will get a tower up for you in

a moment and find out what's going on I

thought very quickly whilst we're here

we'll update you on what's happening in

the championship because of course we've

got prizes to play for and now we're at

around six of eight we are really

heading into the big numbers in the

championship still say if I point to a

race win of course and all of the races

this season but it is important to note

the difference in the championship

joining Indies leaving it on three

hundred and twenty seven points sounds


not that far behind and having closing

quite a bit after a race victory back in

Road Atlanta Nathan Saxon is now the man

that's the second of the championship or

291 points so 36

behind its victory though clear on

points is Johnny kindy with six races

remaining the season but the fight for

second in a championship is very very

tight Nathan Saxon Thomas cat border and

spender briefly separated by only six

points aired Kerstetter 41 points off

second place so a decent margin but you

know if the end of the season goes well

for me you never really know what

happens and of course what everyone is

playing for the championship prizes

there are some big prizes to play for

this season first place in the

championship the one that's currently

held by John Eagan D is a full season in

the 2020s Skip Barber formula race

series along with five-day competition

licensed race school and some Skip

Barber coaching as well with it then for

second place you get the same five-day

competition license racing school well

then you get the same coaching as well

but you also get the prize of half the

season in the 2020 Skip Barber formula

race series and third place the same

same top two prizes and then only one

race in the 2020 Skip Barber a series

now the important note from that is six

points separates doing par for season

doing one round and doing none of that

it is pretty tight there for second

place yeah absolutely and with that with

their points with the the amount of

points between first the second place

only being I believe

we play our three points based on the

finishing order it will be interesting

to see if Johnny Guinea at any point

from now until they ended the season if

he has a DNF in any of these races where

you know if the car crashes or if he

ends up having a massive off where he

has to reset to pit we could see Nathan

sacks and actually step up in the points

to take the championship lead this is

nowhere near over I mean like you said

with real world racing on the line here

these guys are racing in the in the

virtual version of what is on the line

for them if they if they can win the

championship here they will be in the

physical car in the physical world what

you're seeing on screen it the exact

same car and be instructed by Skip

Barber instructors for race in a

physical series so there's a lot on the

line here for someone like spend a

phrase or Johnny G Indy or Nathan Sachs

and any of these guys in this lineup who

maybe you know have touched a little bit

into the real world of Motorsports into

the physical cars but maybe don't have

the financial backing to be able to run

an entire season so this is a huge huge

huge opportunity for these guys that

maybe spend a bit more time in the sim

side of things or might not have had

that opportunity in the real world you

know to cross over much further than

something like go-karting so this is a

massive opportunity for these guys there

is a lot of a lot on the line but as we

you know as we're sitting here looking

at a guy like Sven to freeze it doesn't

prevent them from working with other

drivers late like saks and Sven DeFries

has worked with them in the past few

races that actually led to his first

race when just holding Johnny kidney

back so these guys know what's on the

line but they're still willing to work

together to be able to achieve

to achieve those goals so it'll be

interesting to see whether or not spend

a phrase and Nathan sex and are willing

or able to work together here to be able

to keep up with the likes of Johnny


yeah the tower on the left-hand side of

your screen is not fully update as I

believe we actually do have Johnny kindy

on pole position I believe he's at fifty

five point nine earlier in the session

we've got more than three drivers who

have set time have issues with that

terrible season they will find out what

happens at the end of the session we're

looking at cadwalter who finished

runner-up four times this season was on

the podium twice back in Road Atlanta in

the third place he sat on 286 points

coming into the end of the session we

can see there in the bottom screen is

County sat in fifth place don't worry

too much about qualifying positions at

the moment though because slipstream

will play such a big factor here it will

be so important that if say for example

you do get hit off on the first lap or

you make a mistake on the first lap and

you drop out of that slipstream battle

it's gonna be very very hard to you to

catch up the to that slipstream because

you don't have any of the deal you've

got a longer a long hill to climb

just one other driver that said we

really should slow into the mix who took

a victory at last time out a bit further

down the championship courtesy of only

doing two rounds thus far at this season

shall Garcia who was victorious in the

the last race of the season a back at

Road Atlanta was on the podium as well

in the race before it definitely an

impressive driver coming up through the

ranks and that one will be looking out

for here could basically play into the

top end of the championship by taking

points off of the likes of Johnny G Indy

and may even work out in the favor of

the likes of Nathan sacks and Thomas

Cadwallader and spend of race by taking

points off of each of those we've got

fifteen seconds left in the qualifying

session you can see Johnny Ginn be the

one on pole position you saw how much he

took the the curb on the exit of Ascari

there on the run down towards Parabolica

I think that's particularly the ideal

lines we got someone off and the exit

was Gary that's not particularly great

either indio sat on a 55 nine one two

and that's without slipstream as well so

he's a he's picked his way around this

circuit at the moment Elliott and it

seems to be yet another flawless sesh

from Johnny gandi yeah and something

that I'm noticing if the tree is is

correct is that potentially some of

these drivers as Johnny kidneys able to

put in the his final lap time this track

is very having driven it this track is

very tedious as far as what is allowed

within the track limits so there are

times that you end up driving a little

bit further off than you did the last

lap on the exit of a corner and then all

of a sudden the the lap is disallowed so

what's interesting and something that we

should definitely note is the fact that

between the sixth or the five rounds

that we've seen we're on the six now

Johnny kindy typically comes out and

sets one single qualifying lap he drives

out after maybe a few minutes into the

session what's a single lap out and he's

that's a if he's completed and he see

typically sitting on the whole position

almost a hundred percent of the time so

with Johnny Jin D we saw him basically

driving the entire qualifying session

which is a bit of a first so maybe a bit

of a different strategy being rolled out

by him but as we're gonna see saxons

gonna be coming across the line in third

position that was uh who I was putting a

bit of a my bets on him and spend a

phrase to be able to bring some pace to

Johnny Jin D but you know as Kerstetter

is gonna be finishing the last his last

block Scotty do you see Krista


the tree might not be correct here no

the tree is not style panic everyone

yeah it's just it is still definitely

interesting to see spend or johny kindy

out for an entire qualifying session I

think you can attribute to the fact that

we see Johnny Ginn D when he's sitting

in the pits and then all of a sudden he

throws in one lap time and he retires

the cart and that's kind of how he's

he's dominated this series but uh yeah I

think definitely having spent a freeze

Garcia and now Saxon all with race wins

we will see as we continue into the

sessions how that tends to continue to

show vulnerabilities in Johnny kidneys

dominating performance in this series

you can see there Johnny Ginn D then on

pole position so not feeling vulnerable

today ahead of Ed Kerstetter and Thomas

care boards and Nathan Saxon and spend a

freeze behind a very tight margin

between that lot half a second only

separating that larger Blonsky as well

behind very impressive drive when it

comes to the racing the season we'll see

what he can do when it comes to the

first race we'll see you after this






the temple of speed awaits a 15 minute

race ahead this is gonna be a very very

tight indeed at the top end let's move

laid alongside the Elliott Bishop for

the first of two races this afternoon

Johnny kindy on hole position and yet

again we'll see if he can translate that

into a victory it's gonna be a very hard

run down towards the first chicane of

the Reta filio and then of course

through care of a grand day into the

dela Roger hold your breath everyone

everything is going to get very very

tight as the lights will come on we'll

see who can slipstream past who ed

Kerstetter along side of him and

everyone behind vying for a victory the

season indy hasn't won in three races

away he goes it's a pretty decent launch

from him but I believe from the second

row of the grid it's a much better

launch from the orange winged car of a

cadwalter who's gone up into second

position on the run down towards the

Reta filio for the first time it's a

decent launched from gimpy who's going

to lead the way but everyone slipped

through in the background cup holder up

to second curse that delete Saxon who's

got by DeVries Jablonski not able to

make anything up on the race start and

look at the lead that Ginn DS already

got trying to plate break the slipstream

I'm sure cadwalter and Kerstetter will

try and work together here to try and

catch Indy because he has absolutely

bolted and doing everything that he

needs to do tires shouldn't be too much

of a concern of the early for this race

because that going side by side the

background sweep Dellacroce spend a

breeze going into de la Rosa brother

Nathan Saxon as well into Polonsky

debris sleeves that one into the chicane

coming out of it the number two car

Baker stet has got a great launch up

towards the less mode for the first time

he's gonna be on the inside and should

be able to take that one the number two

car back up into second position gap

Walter now gonna come under intense

pressure from the pseudo Dutchman have

spend of reefs or decent lawn Stowe from

Johnny kindy two seconds clear he has

gone earlier

yeah kindiy this is exactly what he he

ultimately wants to achieve at the first

lap is is this massive gap because what

we've seen when he has dominated in this

series is that within the first few

corners she's able to leave the cars

behind and then he ultimately is at his

best so what I'm looking for right now

is whether or not Kerstetter and


and potentially Sachs and into fries are

willing to work together because as you

can see on screen spent our Johnny Jin D

is now running away he it looks like

there's room for about five or six cars

in between him and Kerstetter with that

two point five second lead and because

he is the fastest guy on this track it

should be qualifying it and the hot lap

sessions Johnny kindy now all he has to

do is find clean air and just run away

with it but as you've mentioned in the

last session

this track is heavily reliant on

slipstream so potentially first that are

in cat walder if they are able to work

together and able to learn a thing or

two from each other or maybe even look

beyond to Johnny G Indy to see what sort

of lines he's running they might

ultimately be able to close the gap and

as we're coming into

Retta figlio it looks like Jablonski I

think that's

Jablonski was looking to the inside of

spend a freeze if I if I suppress a

meows it's pretty source on the inside

so Globes key to down the outside oh you

went around the outside so this is not

necessarily a what Jablonski should be a

look or not necessarily Jablonski but

Saxon and de freeze if they are

continuing to battle back here Johnny

candy will run away if first that are in

cadwalter there's going to be a bit of a

gap between you know the first second


third in the rest of the feel oh as

things are gonna go brace just got lit

of race just got pinched off there from

Jablonski is there was a bit of side by

side between Jablonski and Sachs and

going through dela Rosa

Jablonski has shown a little bit of race

craft here but whose bare body has got

up in sixth place great Drive from him

taking advantage of that issue that

spend a breeze had being dumped off into

the gravel trap on the exit of the dela

Rosa there was a great display between

the briefs and sacks and heading through

Ascari for the first time you can see

behind this you've got it's Katina and

Olson also goes side by side a Sukkah

teeny on the inside as they hit Ascari

and he should be the one on the favored

line but I think he might have to do a

little bit of work to keep that one

that's indeed up to eighth position goes

to Katti me nice work from him the

breeze though a lot of work that he has

to do Saxons dropped off the back of

cadwalter and Kerstetter Ginn DS run

away by the tune of three seconds at the

top of the field six tenths between

Kerstetter and Cadwallader to those two

sitting pretty at the moment Saxon

Jablonski at body who's having a great

Drive at the moment and spend of Rishi

got some side-by-side there as Garcia

gets by Rodriguez Mehra who's really not

done particularly well in the races this

season qualifies and the pre qualifiers

rather very very well within the race

not so much a 56 one there from Indy

that is a mightily impressive time he is

absolutely fired off into the distance

as I believed a briefs got by a body

again we look at Garcia trying to get by

Rodriguez Mehra they're going to go side

by side towards Del Arroyo towards Brett

Opilio Robert

Garcia they holds position on the

Rodriguez Mara and doesn't get by the

phrase throw up into sick yeah into

retro figlio it's probably one of the

tightest right hand and left hand

corners on any racetrack there isn't a

lot of space there as you're coming into

it as fast as possible looking for that

a 100 brake marker trying to get on the

brakes as hard as possible and then turn

in it's interesting to me because these

guys are able to run at 1:58 around 158

159 on race pace which is what I was

running in qualifying so that that

speaks a little bit all ultimately to

their talent but also to to the the

slipstream here is a lot of these

drivers regardless of being side by side

are able to make up a bit of pace by

filing in behind it looks like shorts

gonna find a position on Garcia up until

11 one thing I found with these car

specifically on this track was that the

brake bias is really important here but

I intended to shift it a little bit

forward because if you have it a little

too far back you have many of these

corners where you want to get hard on

the brakes but have a second bit of

braking just a little bit of a touch and

maybe that's a little bit of an error

myself but if your brake bias is a

little bit further ahead it's a it

attributes' that some of these chicanes

on this track and and maintaining your

speed but it looks like now as we're

getting into you know the

five minutes into the race everyone's

gonna be filing in and I think curse

that are in cadwalter

they haven't really been battling each

other here is it looks like shorts gonna

go to the inside here of Rodriguez he's

gonna pick up another position so looked

like looks like he's gonna be able to

pick up a spot and then Garcia go see

inside of Rodriguez as well so it looks

like they're able to make a pass on

Parabolica is they're gonna be coming in

onto the front straightaway here and I

think the short and Garcia Garcia's on

the inside here looking into Retta

figlio onto the brakes and it looks like

it's gonna go three wide here into the

first corner this is gonna be a huge

race into the braking zone but this

corner is very tight short looks like he

lost out here as he's gonna drop behind

both of them but he couldn't set up

where they cross over and it looks like

he's gonna be going for it it's his exit

speed gonna speak to that as the good

nine car it's gonna be the slowest here

out of the exit Garcia now going to be

dropping down a spot but short still on

the back wing of him putting in fresher

as they're gonna be coming up to roguia

I think it's a if I could pronounce that

Orochi a so it looks like Rodriguez and

short are looking to the inside now as

Garcia might be dropping back but it

looks like Garcia's holding a defensive

line that is a very slippery slope to be

standing on and now the nine cards

making himself as wide as possible to

going into the lesbo corners so now

short looking to the inside lots of

space for him the driver on the outside

now setting up for the second

right-hander this is an important corner

as it as you have to carry as much short

picked up a little too much grass there

Louis that's that's an easy mistake to

make once you've dipped two wheels on

the grass ever so slightly it's very

easy to pitch the car rotate around and

short has fallen foul of a mistake which

has caught many a driver out there in in

smaller formula and even in Formula One

Lewis has oh that was Gus who was that

back there buddy yep being spun there

out of Elvis car II believe that my butt

on the front of Cedeno scooty knee but

either way after such a good Drive in

the opening stages all the way down now

in 15th place oh just like across the

road could be good took the car away

from Macker

I wasn't gonna be a very pretty incident

the reefs now straight on the back of

Jablonski he's got three seconds clear

of Scotty knee behind what a display

that was between the likes of Garcia and

with Regas and then of course short as

well fantastic racing that's showing how

it really really can't be done around

here when we see the battle rages on

between Rodriguez Mehra and Garcia bear

as well also trying to get involved in

this Rodriguez Mario's gonna defend down

the inside in towards Retta Philly oh

and should be able to make this one

stick but Garcia dela Rosa and he's

gonna try it again gonna give it the

inside a treta Philly oh what a move

nicely stucked around the outside but

now he's gonna be all the way through

curve a grand age of having to defend on

the inside which is gonna be the long

run around the outside for Rodriguez

Mehra should be able to get back into

the slipstream whilst these two are

punching a massive hole in the air for

Baer ahead there to rather catch up to

the back of this spend of Reis sixth

place considering his position a

championship that really isn't good

enough he's battled with Jablonski a few

times this season remember all the way

back to Laguna Seca where they were

battling the second place on the road a

fantastic drive from that a lot end up

going the way overall third place end up

going the way of sin debrief that one a

mistake from Jablonski in the dying

moment they just remember that the

numbers they have by by their names

that's the position they've qualified

into this round so the number 10 of

Jablonski he always does this he always

prequalify is really really low and then

the race is very very impressive I think

it's a tactic as we see Rodriguez mirror

trying to get by with Garcia as Garcia's

gonna hold the inside into Ascari you

can do side by side through scary it's

just really really not ideal and bear is

very much part of this battle now yeah

and like you said Ascari the right in

left hander which is going

seven and eight what we're seeing now is

what I would consider to be the BART of

the back straightaway but if you go side

by side you're gonna set yourself up

with a reduced exit speed so onto that

straightaway if your car gets into the

slipstream you're putting yourself at

risk of getting past as we've seen many

times in this race where three cars are

battling and then one of the other cars

in the back are able to just grab the

draft and drive a line that's a little

bit cleaner and without battling so yeah

it's a it's definitely gonna be a bit of

a challenge here as I believe this is

gonna be Garcia going to the inside into

Brent's ofili oh he's gonna be racing

down the front straightaway

battling for braking zone in if Garcia's

smart gear he's just gonna look for the

crossover as it looks like or sorry

Rodriguez it looks like Garcia cooked

his wheel just a little bit getting on

the brakes a little too hard Rodriguez

is gonna file in behind now in 10th

position as they're gonna be going

through a curve a grande but it looks

like Rodriguez has the slipstream here

and this is another braking zone coming

up into Rokia so we're gonna hop back up

into the perspective of catapulter who's

going to be with the likes of Sachs in

on his back bumper he was able to win in

the in

race believe two races ago in round five

so Saxons now on the back wheel of

Cadwallader the curse that are just

ahead so the battle for second and third

position is on here Jonny G Indy with a

dominating five-second lead you just see

him go across the screen there as he's

going to be filing his way into Ascari

he's completely gone here and I think

one thing that you are mentioning here

Louis was that

with with I believe it was the 10 car of

Jablonski he tends to all that was

getting very closer I think he actually

had to touch the brakes just a little

bit as he was catching way too quickly

into on that draft it looks like he dove

back behind but he might Abbott I

big pad Waldo was slowing down

intentionally that's why he caught so

quickly off the XF muscari because I

think CAD baller doesn't to be leaving

its Nathan Saxon space roaming he caught

a 15 second gap up to the back of the

podium of course just to remind you at

home this battle between Saxon and

Cadwallader is for their position in the

championship there should be a couple of

points swing either way dependent on the

the result of it they're gonna go side

by side into Retta filio it's Saxon on

the inside Cadwallader on the outside

it's going to go the way of sacks in the

moment I don't think a border is going

to be panicking too much two laps to go

in the race I don't know about you but

that lifting out from Cadwallader trying

to allow Saxon through and then those

two go in side by side it's allowed

Kerstetter to run away the second place

so maybe a short sighted move as the

breach is gonna pick the outside three

curve a grande it's gonna give them the

inside into Delhi Raja and it should be

a fairly simple move we have seen the

likes of Garcia throw it around the

outside Jablonski doesn't really fight

that one very hard in the top five goes

the way I'll spend a breeze yeah and I

think that there's a few critical

right-hand corners at and you know from

three four and five which we're seeing

now this is four and then coming into

five where if for Jablonski agents it's

almost better for him just the wait wait

till he gets the slipstream because if

you drop wheels off right there where

you just saw if you drop your wheels off

you're gonna end up spinning out which

we saw a bit earlier if I remember it

was Garcia

correctly that just caught a little bit

too much of the grass and for him it

might just be better to wait for one of

these straight bits and look to the

inside and just babble for the breaking


it looks like the door is gonna be

slammed there are actually Cadwallader

did go through oh it looks like he's met

yeah that's accents I'm gonna drop drop

down from I believe he was in third

position so thought yeah Cadwallader is

able to find a position there and in and

hop up but going back to your point

about Jablonski qualifying in tenth

position the one thing that we have to

remember with these tracks is that

they're built specifically for this

series and they track limits are are

dependent on just the design so for a

guy like Johnny Guinea not only is he

fast but he's finding the exact limits

of what's possible and what's fast on

these tracks we we try to get it as

close as possible so the real world is

spend a phrase he's gonna be filing just

in build behind

Jablonski but he's gonna go to the

outside here so Jablonski can hold his

speed he's gonna have the position to be

able to get late and braking but as you

see spend it freezes gonna be stepping

inside just to create a bit of a an

issue for Jablonski where he he

basically doesn't have the late-breaking

opportunity or otherwise he's keep it

crashing the back of spend a phrase but

when we get into the qualifying into hot

lap sessions where all of these drivers

are completely blind to the speed and

the pace and the line the other drivers

are taking and that's something that I

was I was able to find out myself as I

was driving as it looks like we're gonna

be going into either the last lap or the

second last lap here I'll make this

quick but you're completely blind so for

Jablonski maybe you know he's able to

just qualify in the top twenty and then

he's learning a lot in the qualifying in

the first race here regarding the line

in the in the pace that other drivers

are taking also another thing to keep in

mind is that we also release the fastest

lap as a video so those guys are going

to be able to study the racing line and

potentially take that to

to their own pace maybe that's a

strategy the blonsky's the point its

qualifying in the top 20 and then he's

looking at how Johnny kindy is able to

cut off a few seconds off at this time

well this is the final lap of the race

and I will say that move from Saxon is

massive for the championship that is

absolutely huge because he is currently

sits second in the championship

the Rees has got by Jablonski and has

gained that position now one point two

seconds clear of Jablonski so he's going

to gain points had Walder who went into

this third of the championship goes into

this race third in the race has now

gained massively for that second place

of championship this could be a big

turning point for that bow for second

place at the top though it is restored

Johnny kindy leaves the final corner and

takes victory again in the Skip Barber

Irae series his three race streak over

being beaten has come to an end as kindy

climbs to the top again Kerstetter the

number 2 car goes to second as he's

trying to latch onto the back of the

battle for second place had Walder

DeVries Jablonski behind Scotty knee and

then what happened – Nathan Saxon the

number three car dropped to seventh I'm

assuming there was an incident of some

description between the likes of

Kerstetter and cab Wahlberg in be happy

to be victorious again not really sure

what happened like I said with with

Sachs and that could be massive though

because there is a huge swing in points

going to go all the way down to the

bottom end of the field likes over 35

points to go to the way of abyss man

these are very very strong in this in

this championship started out the season

by taking seven consecutive victories to

come a little bit longer to get the

eighth one than expected but from the

from the start of the race just

absolutely ran away with things Kara

Shima just behind Bowers at the the

final position on the road I believe

although most juniors gonna be the last

one as he's going towards the a parabola

the number seven Carver's they had a lot

of issues for him all the way down in

16th place and unfortunately for him I I

feel the race has been a bit of a

struggle this race is fine when you're

battling for position and when you're

running up towards a top lot but when

you're when you drop down to round by

yourself it can be a bit of a boring

boring sir can you can sees pulling off

straightaway to escape that there wraps

up the first race of course we've got a

second one to follow in a second race

that will be very very interesting it

follows the the grid order that we've

got from the first one which of course

Johnny kindy will start once again from

the the front row in pole position a lot

to a lot to decide though any for the

air for that race decent drive from

giving yeah there's there's a lot to

take in and it but I think you nailed it

on the head with Saxon and Garcia being

nowhere near the starting row to be able

to challenge indy going into corner

number one because what we've seen with

Johnny gandi whether or not it was a

technical issue at Road Atlanta is that

as soon as he is pulled back into what I

keep calling the crab pot which is the

majority of the drivers fighting for


you know from anywhere between two and

ten and in the standings as soon as skin

begin D gets pulled back into that in

the first few corners of these races

it's very challenging because people

want to bring it to Ginn D so they're

throwing it in inside on every single

corner every opportunity and as I've

mentioned before they're battling for

every single inch of this track and

every single inch of every track in this

series these drivers are battling for

position we've seen it you know the

likes of spend a freeze in sacks and

working together but this is very

important because the race number two is

four points what we're about to go into

right up to the quick break but what's

important is that the likes of Gomez


and spend a freeze in Saxon they're not

they're not there to make that pass on

the first corner into trap guineas so it

Kerstetter and cadwalter have to do that

if they want to be able to win their

first race here so we will definitely

see that coming into the next race race

number two here at Monza after this

quick break




Johnny Jin D in a world of his own five

seconds of lead in the last race is this

gonna be the moment for cadwalter or

Kerstetter to throw to the inside of the

first corner here it is the only chance

and the only opportunity that they're

gonna be able to see gimme the closest

that they're ever gonna be to him is

right now Johnny Ginny's starting on the

first line the first row can he hold

them off going into red to figlio here

as the lights are gonna be coming on

Johnny Guinea with a huge start the last

race can he do it again it looks like

he's gonna get a little bit of a late

start but he's gonna drive to the inside

defense of lime here what's it very

important here is that he has the inside

for the first corner he was a bit

further away from them last time but are

these guys gonna try to late break the

best in the game which is Johnny Ginn

Dee looking to the outside the car with

the blue wing I believe it was the 15

car the 10 car potentially John

Jablonski getting picking up a few

positions there he's gonna be up into

fourth position but Johnny kindy with

Cadwallader off of his back bumper all

cadwalter is looking to do here is learn

a thing or two from Johnny Ginn Dee and

hold the draft as we've mentioned many

times in this series and at this track

the draft is the most important thing in

the biggest differentiator if you want

to be anywhere near the car ahead so now

cadwalter looking for a tow from Johnny

Jin Dee but as we're gonna be coming

into the two lesbo right-hand corners it

is very complicated to stay in behind a

car ahead especially as you're gonna

catch that draft and drive yourself out

to the outside corner not having as much

downforce so maybe if Johnny Jin Dee

that he's in a great position here to

run away from Cadwallader as it looks

like I believe Jablonski is gonna pick

up a little bit of grass and maybe

Jeffries is gonna have a bit more pace

he might find himself a position here

but Johnny art Garcia also finding a

position is it looks like I believe

Olsen is gonna drop bike back quite a


is this the runaway that Johnny gandi

needs here Louis

while he's only half a second clear of

cadboard they got back into single-file

much better this races you saw the

number to carve Kerstetter really throw

it over the final part of the Ascari

chicane cadwalter the closest to

challenge but you can see through Ascari

Ginn Dee has pulled away its 6/10 but

now we're in slipstream territory as

they run towards parabolic at the top

six clearing away the top but there's

definitely been an incident throw the

back of the pack indy Cadwallader

Kerstetter they've reached Jablonski and

Rodriguez will part of this battle then

we've got the likes of Garcia getting by

Saxon you've got sure to have this and

those bare body also in tenth place and

a little work quartet of themselves

Saxon sneaks back through on the inside

of Garcia the Saxon again not a good

start to his race he drops back at the

end of the the first one courtesy of

that instant asghari and is now all the

way down in 8th place and battling with

Garcia the driver he was battling with

for the victory last time out so were

over how do things change when we come

back to Europe and yeah things really

not working out for Nathan Saxon or all

Charles Garcia to be honest half a

second between cadwalter Kerstetter

DeVries a piece but with kindy ahead

it's pretty tight and I kind of feel

that cad waters he's really got to pull

out the big guns here as they head up to

they'll be heading up towards delle rose

air again and then that's where they

that's where gandi really pulls out the

advantage contra Shemer up to 14th

position you see as Sodoma skirty me

getting by Olsen as well Shepherd as

well another retirement to back-to-back

ones with retirement from the first race

of retirement from this one as well so

things going not very well for him here

in Italy yeah and I think what we're

what what I'm predicting year is that

offender freeze is sitting in a great

position here not a second between any

of the drivers between the top four

currently so for spend to freeze all he

needs to do is radio cadwalter in say

put as much pressure as possible on

Johnny Guinea put as much pressure as

you possibly can look to the inside even

if you don't get the position even if

you just go side by side with a single

wheel just to put Johnny kindy off of

any opportunity for him to create pace

it's gonna be a massive massive

opportunity for spent a freezing curse

that are in potentially even Jablonski

to close some gap but Johnny kindy

hasn't run away as fast as we've seen

him in the past so maybe a bit of that

draft is uh is is creating a bit of an

opportunity as I believe if curse that

are in cadwalter here on the front

straightaway as they're gonna be coming

out of Parabolica if they can just work

together create a bit of speed Chris

Tedder get in behind cadwalter get to

the outside pass by and then Kerstetter

or had Walter file in behind it just

work off of each other's draft to

ultimately create a bit of an advantage

to the driver ahead if they can do that

they will find themselves finding Johnny

Ginn D but they're not gonna find any

pace as it looks like they're gonna be

battling each other coming into I think

that's read of Philly oh so now Johnny

Ginn D as you see a little bit of a

battle there and now Johnny kidneys

taken picked up 4/10 immediately so go

ahead I was gonna say the thing is that

game D pulled out two and a half seconds

to three seconds on the first lap last

time he's just gonna pull it out bit by

bit here he was 6/10 quicker the

cadwalter on the previous lap as they're

going to now start battling his


feels his chances of catching John Egan

D slightly better and he goes through

will rather say a curse that stays in

their second edition now could I get

past rather than buy spend of Reis on

the run to Ward's at the first let's


yeah and I think this is exactly what

Johnny is looking for this is the best

opportunity and now another 5/10 between

the point that you picked up for me

Louis that's how much space that Johnny

Ginny's been able to find so Johnny

looking back you know if he's using his

rear view mirror seeing spend a first

cadwalter and curse steadily curse that

are battling into the tightest corner on

the track which was rena figlio and then

into roguia he's he's ultimately just

creating a bunch of distance and

Cadwallader and curse that are basically

hurting each other a little bit there so

I think you know we've seen the likes of

spend a phrase and Sachs and work

together to be able to catch up to

Johnny kidney and I think you know now

we're seeing Johnny genndy run away


so many of these drivers filing in

behind the thing when you're in giraffe

and when you're behind another driver

maybe they have a bit of a different

line maybe they brake a little bit

earlier than you and it gets a little

bit frustrating when you have a car

ahead when you know that you're your

ultimate objective is to get to the it

get ahead to the first position and

catch him and it gets a little bit

frustrating because you know that maybe

your pace is a little bit faster maybe

you feel that you have a better

opportunity to catch up to Johnny get

deep and you try to look to the inside

but then instead you just create a bunch

of of more of a gap between yourself and

the in in the driver you're paddling and

not only that but between the driver

that's in the lead so Johnny Ginny's

gonna be running away currently but it

looks like he's cat Walters not

completely out of this is it looks like

Garcia is just gonna get a little bit

sideways and this is something that we

haven't seen yet which is Saxon and

Garcia fight fighting MIG pack you did

mention Lewiston RC it came into the

series you know his first race you know

use he hid under the covers a little bit

and then he came out and he found

himself a race win in the second round

views be that he was a part of so

keeping our eyes on Garcia this is it

this is a guy that has a lot of talent

he's been able to be one of the

only I think we've only had four race

winners now and he was one of them so

putting himself on a podium with those

guys it's very important obviously

Johnny gandi has plenty of recency at

eight races age eight race wins in a row

but he also we've lost three in a row

so it seems that he's the guy of Records

and back to backs rather whether or not

it'd be winning or losing

so had Walter Chris Tedder DeFries not

sure if they have an opportunity here to

catch guinea but lots of points on the

line here was yeah I think that's it a

decent launch from Cobb order as he got

biker stab but now coming under pressure

I will say one drive we need to keep

focused on was the driver setting some

pretty electric pace back in the pack

and very importantly so was Nathan Sachs

and he's in seventh place at the moment

set some decent times over the previous

ones we see the the top two going side

by side with with Kerstetter and cobalt

and once again run agin be clear down

the road Kerstetter now up into second

position again the cab board is going to

go for the cutback whilst as is

happening the reach behind is eyeing

them up slipstreaming and trying to pull

himself closer the number six car of

cadboard is gonna pick the outside as

they run through the start/finish

towards Retta filio once again it should

be an eight lap race as they switch

positions coming across the line

Cadwallader now gonna have to go the

long way around I think he's got the the

car ahead at the moment

three seconds clear is Johnny kindy

curse death is going to leave it down

the inside cost and both time there is

spend a breeze with the pink winged car

very much parvis or no spender barista

like I think Luke re maybe changed when

the liveries and my cars back in the day

to having a pink stripe rather than a

red stripe on it so I'm sure he's loved

and that me that's why codify Dan eighth

place with Regas Marin not too far

behind this as well was second behind

Jablonski gonna be coming under pressure

from Nathan Saxon pretty sharpish short

and Garcia separated by only a tenth

that's the battle that we had to as

short is ahead of Garcia Garcia's gonna

go down the inside through the exit of

Kerber grande up towards delle rose

Sherry's already through these two that

is how you work together in slipstream

because short basically saw that Garcia

was already basically there and spent no

do you know what I'm not going to try

and stay side by side suit down the

roads because we're just gonna lose and

intense intense it's not worth it I'm

gonna drop back I'm going to get back in


as I think it was Nathan Saxon pickle I

better dust on the exit of these first

lesbo out of a third place as the briefs

closing up to the back of Kerstetter cat

balls are still holding second at the

moment and Rodriguez behind yeah

absolutely and I think one thing to keep

in mind here is that you know cat Mulder

and consider maybe they're at the point

now where they're like okay Johnny we're

probably not gonna catch them let's

battle for a second place to make this

interesting maybe that's how they feel

now that they've you know kind of a

encrypt themselves and each other back

and created a bit of a gap between

themselves and in Johnny jendi but as

we're on board here with spend a free

something that I really want to bring up

because I think that this is what has

really created a lot of the gap for

Johnny kidney is this corner that these

guys are driving into right now is

called Parabolica it is a sweeping hard

right corner and as you see short I'm

gonna make a good point about this so

short is able to go to the inside I

believe on Garcia and now look at how

much pace Garcia is gonna have coming

down the front straightaway you're

basically that corner right now

Parabolica is creating as much pace in

speed as possible coming onto the front

straightaway so if you look to the

inside for a pass on Parabolica you're

setting yourself up actually for a loss

of that position because the driver

behind is gonna have the draft the

entire way onto the front straightaway

which is exactly what we just saw short

went to the inside on Parabolica drove

down the front straightaway and then he

found himself behind the driver that he

tried to pass so I think with Johnny

Geter with cadwalter in Kerstetter they

were looking to pass on Parabolica quite

a few times whether or not it was

because they just they found themselves

at the same pace side by side but I

think if they were able to allow each

other to go through and then hold a good

line coming out of Parabolica and

potentially battle in the front

straightaway instead they would have

been able to keep a bit of a closer

distance between themselves in Johnny

Hindi but instead they ruined their pay

on onto the front straightaway and then

found themselves I believe it's about a

five or six mile an hour difference if

you if you have a bad entry into

Parabolica just from my own experience

so maybe that is what has caused this

you know this gap to be able to be

created by John Eagan D is the fact that

these guys are battling at a bad part of

the track of what do you think about

that Lewis
















yeah absolutely and I think one thing

one person I really want to highlight I

know that we've seen him going back and

forth we've seen him in a few incidents

in this series and just maybe just

having a bit of an issue finding bit of

pace himself is a body as it looks like

Johnny Gibbs you cut pretty much that

entire track I don't air that entire

corner I'm not sure if that was just a

glitch in the in the in the spectators

sometimes that happens where it doesn't

know exactly where the driver is so it

shows him kind of off into a different

position yes it seems like he was

nowhere near the inside curb but maybe

that was a bit of an issue on his side

but a body we've seen him pretty much it

battling every single time in any race

that he's been a part of he's been able

to qualify for I believe the past three

rounds at least as far as my memories is

recalling but a body's in the top ten

which is a huge huge position for him as

he you know as I mentioned he's he's

found himself in a few issues has found

himself in acute collisions I think at

the beginning of this race he found

himself in the often the dirt and then

he I think that was lost of the last

race he found himself spinning out and

he rejoined the track and I think he

collected out sure if I remember

correctly but to be back in the top ten

is huge for him so maybe he's just been

able to follow in behind the likes of

short and Garcia because those guys some

of the fastest drivers on this track

dropped back quite a bit and now a body

is able to to follow them and ultimately

learn a thing or two so good for him

finding himself in the top ten I'm

excited to see how he develops going

forward but we're in the last as we're

filing down to it the last 30 seconds of

this race everything matters at this

point Saxon on the outside he's gonna

get pinched on when potentially into the

dirt Saxon losing a bit of pace as

Jablonski is gonna pinch him out not a

lot of paint or a lot of space there is

maybe a bit of an error on Saxons part

and not a lot of people he's not Sam

Rodriguez is our Rodriguez matter leave

that's Belcher we're not going a lap

down yeah I believe that's a lap down

drivers a good good getting out of the

way there a bit of a spin-out right but

I think he was slowing down

and maybe you just wanted to get off the

racing line so we did that as fast as

possible there I will say Jablonski that

does that very similar thing I said to

race poses for earlier in the race but I

didn't even like fun I'm listing the

current event phone that was my mistake

Johnny give me their 36 seconds clear

the final slipstream on the run down

towards the Parabolica yeah that

incident from Jablonski & Sachs I'm sure

Saxon might be a little bit miffed

bye-bye all of that Indy leading the way

at the front as he's done for most of

this season gonna go back-to-back here

at Monza it's been a great Drive from

the number one of Ginn D he was

definitely reasserting himself at the

top of the championship is he's gonna

come across the line

what a drive from Johnny kindy again

likes to flag almost no pressure outside

the first lap cat walls are going to

come across 36 seconds back so elected

dominant display from Johnny G Indy

Kerstetter leads debris sir still no

podium from the breach for a little

while so he reduced again back on top of

things since that victory back in

Silverstone Rodriguez Jablonski Saxon

behind Garcia short and a body across

the line things pretty pretty tight

there between that battle for second

place but unfortunately nothing really

working out for swender breeze decent

game though the Cadwallader in the

championship as we head into the

penultimate round of the season Elliott

what a display from Johnny gandi again

yeah Johnny guineas back on his paces

here he had eight race wins in a row and

now he's back on the podium with two in

a row here at this round so Robbo

Blansett maybe just not being his track

we saw him losing a bit of pace at Road

Atlanta and I wonder if it was a

technical issue we never got word of

this maybe Welsh I'll check in with him

to see yeah John Egan he's back here and

he's controlling this series yet again

what's interesting is cadwalter and

Kerstetter have always been people that

we've mentioned and they are back on on

the podium themselves they're with spend

freeze just outside of the podium

unfortunately for him but this set this

shakes up the championship quite a bit

as Saxons gonna be finishing seventh in

Garcia's gonna be finishing eighth but I

believe Kerstetter and spend a freeze

still in the points so maybe maybe

they're feeling a bit better that saxing

finished seventh that's pretty much

where Johnny gandi finished the last the

last time that he was having some issues

Johnny Guinea is is as happy as can be

as he's basically put himself back in

the dominating position that he has been

in this championship so Kawashima as

well a great great performance

able to find his pace as well in I think

one thing with these cars is that the

first race in the first time that you

get into them it's a little bit weird

and it's a little bit strange just

feeling out the car anytime that you get

into anything new it's it's just a it's

a matter of figuring it out and I think

that it really speaks to skip Farber's

instruction for a lot of these drivers

just ultimately being able to have a bit

of time learn a thing or two about the

tracks and then about the car itself and

how the car behaves on the track and

we've seen a lot of drivers be able to

develop over time so what's interesting

is that had Walter Kerstetter to freeze

Rodriguez Jablonski and Sachs and all

the drivers ahead of Garcia they've all

had pretty much every single round so

six rounds six weeks of the time to work

with the Skip Barber team and he's only

had three so the fact that he was able

to find his own race win is is massive

so we'll be able to see that was in the

last round obviously had a road

Atlanta's Indy was able to dominate here

but gark Garcia the more time he's able

to get with the with the Skip Barber

team we might see him be able to pick up

some of these positions on Jablonski on

Rodriguez on spend a freeze and you know

depending on where we go next

he could also be able to find himself in

the points quite uh once again

yeah Garcia's done a great job of course

with that victory last round out but

this round definitely goes the way of Ag

Indy to race wins from him that makes it

nine race wins across the Skip Barber

Irae series 20 20 of course if you want

to come and take part you can do so the

qualifying opens tomorrow tomorrow

morning 9:00 am Pacific we open the

qualifiers is open for basically most of

the day come and take part $20 entry fee

Bridgehampton racer get the penultimate

round of the Skip Barber Irae series in

only a week's time this week they've

Elliott Bishop will see you in a

each time until then goodbye













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