Skip Barber eRace Series Round 5

published on July 2, 2020






































































welcome along then back to the skip

barber era series as we return stateside

it's time for round five of the season

as we're officially passed halfway in

the championship

can any driver on the grid hold the

charge of the near faultless

johnny gindy seven wins from eight races

a bump in the road last time as sven

devries was victorious

in the second race at silverstone today


the uh the host this evening a fantastic

challenging roller coaster of a track

and is of course road atlanta myself

lewis mcdade alongside me

is elliot bishop it is good to be back

yeah absolutely louis

it's good to have you back as well i

know that you were off casting uh the 24

hours of le mans so

uh it's happy to have you here i uh i

took the reigns during uh

the race at silverstone which i'm sure

you uh were sad to miss out on but yes

we are here

at road atlanta actually admittingly one

of my favorite tracks if not my favorite


uh this is a very fast uh you know very

fast track that relies on uh you know

maintaining uh a lot of the speed that

you're you're holding

outside of the you know outside of

corners like corner seven just before


back straight away where you're going to

want to carry as much street speed as


possible which we're seeing right now

messing that corner up can ultimately

mess up your racing day so we'll see a

lot of uh

contention here there's a lot of uh

passing opportunities and passing zones

on this track

so hopefully we will see uh the likes of

svenda freeze

bringing it back to gindy as we did see

in the last round kidney wasn't able to

get that eight

race wins in a row and this track

specifically is one where

if you're held off by uh cars attempting

to pass you

you're actually gonna be set up for the

cars behind to uh to make a pass so

this will be one of those tracks where

we're gonna see a lot of

uh head-to-head battle and you know

ultimately holding your racing

pace is is very important well it's

gonna be a very very tricky track to go

racing out because of course you've got

long straights to defend

on it's gonna be a fantastic race i'm

sure of course in the same format as

always 15-minute race one 50-minute race

two and we're in

the ten-minute qualifying session to set

the grid for the first race

whilst we're here though elliot you're

joined by a very special guest

yeah absolutely we actually have joe uh

menito uh the ceo of skip barber

and uh joe welcome hey guys thanks for

having me

so joe we are uh into the i think this

is the sixth round now

of uh the skip barber e-race series i

just wanted to you know talk to you for

a little bit and just get a few thoughts

and and

uh see how you guys at skip barbara and

you uh in specific have been feeling

about this series uh it being one of

the first uh you know kind of moves you

guys have made in uh

in simracing yeah so historically we've

had a relationship

in sim racing um with some licensed cars

out there we did some work with eye


back in the day still work with them a


but in the real world we've been taking

simulators around with us to different

car shows and getting people in

simulators doing hot lap challenges and

taking the fastest drivers from that and

then bring them into a school and see

if there's any correlation between the

skills they were building uh on the

simulator and what they were doing in

real life

saw a really good result from that um

and this is something we've wanted to do

kind of at least the last three years is

figure out how to do a real

online uh race series and a driver

search so

with the opportunity to be home a little

bit more and have a little more time to

to work on different projects as opposed

to being on the track every week

we put a little more energy into this

e-race series and and

created a great relationship with guys

at torque we're really happy with it

yeah i think historically we've seen you

know a lot of

a lot of different series you know to

ultimately look into the

into karting for uh for prospective

drivers and bringing them up

uh you know and putting through them

through different racing programs one of

them being skip barber

but it is definitely interesting to see

you know the world kind of opening their

eyes and skip barbara

ultimately being you know one of the

first racing uh

programs to you know look at that sim

racing seriously as a

you know as a stepping stone so it'll be

interesting you know

as we you know learn more and as this

continues to develop

of what those quirks are with sim racers

that you have to

you know it's potentially bad habits

that you have to work on uh with them or

just let the

the path to the podium uh per se with

that particular type of driver

you know ultimately with a kart racer

it's pretty set in stone

of what to expect when you know when

they show up at a track wanting to drive


formula car so it will be definitely

interesting to see you know what the

transition is going to be for these sim

racers we've seen people like brian

hyde cotter um who started out in gran

turismo and then they develop all the

way up into the point that they're

racing a real world uh

gt3 car um so i i wonder

uh if you have any uh predictions of

of what those things will be that these

guys will have to uh work on when

they're coming out of the sim and into


real world car yeah so coming from a

go-cart into a formula car is a lot of

difference right so you've got a much

bigger vehicle

um you have suspension you're working

with you have a lot more power now

so there's a lot of things you need to

kind of relearn as you come out of a

go-kart so

very similar i think is what we're going

to see in in the sim

racing piece of it is just kind of

figuring out what those things that are

intrinsically different between the

driving skills at the end of the day

my opinion is is that in the simulator

you have a lot less feedback and a lot

less sensory input

so when you get into the real car the

sensation of speed the actual feel of

the g-forces

i think it's actually going to help them

educate their car control skills

more so than than going the other way so

we'll see i mean

the experiments we have run with guys

that have come out it's been really nice

to see

that the the car control in their hands

or and their weight management is all

figured out from

you know essentially driving in their


yeah and i think uh you know with that

being said you know

how do you think that the you know sim

racing how do you how do you feel

sim racing is going to kind of fold into

the real world of motorsports because

we've seen a little bit of it with like

lando norris who spends a majority of

his time on sims and now he's

you know he's made his way into into the

cockpit of a formula one car

do you do you foresee you know more uh

not only more sim racers ultimately

stepping up into the

uh the world of racing but also you know

vice versa where

you know the real world drivers actually

stepped down into sim racing or

you know maybe not a step down but a

step across into the world of sim racing

to have more of a format and more

opportunities to uh

to train yeah i mean i think so that's

what it looks like that's the way the

world's going right now

um with with how

the the barrier of entry to get into sim

racing is so much lower than any other

former racing

just on a dollar basis that you can you

know spend a couple thousand dollars and

have a pretty

darn good rig to go drive in and with

how good these simulators have gotten at

that level

i mean i don't see a reason why someone

wouldn't say hey i'm gonna go practice

uh my driving skills i do it myself so

first i went to new jersey motorsports

park when i was

22 years old the first thing i did was

jump in diary singer i forget where we

had it was on eye racing and learning

the track and

it was huge for me there so i think as

as the support from the industry gets

uh larger more opportunities like this

for drivers to

to start somewhere and go somewhere in

the real world i think that sim racing

is definitely expanding

awesome well joe it's been a pleasure

having you on i appreciate it any uh

last closing thoughts

yeah just uh i want to remind everyone

watching that you could be here uh

jumping in in the simulator here and

running and getting this season in the

cola and the

skit barber formula series with us this

year so it's uh

i think the biggest differentiator

between what we're doing with a lot of

the other series here is that we're

trying to grab as many people and as

many amateur drivers get them into our

system here do a real driver search and

hopefully get the fastest uh drivers out

into the real world and

help them build their career and uh

their driving

career awesome joe thanks man i

appreciate you uh joining us

wow uh jeremy are there joining us the

ceo of skateboard what a fantastic guest

for us through this qualifying session

which you can see on your screen now and


shock to absolutely no one johnny gindy

on the pole position 22501 a couple of

tenths clear of a very tight battle for

second though

yeah you know what's crazy is i actually

uh i've actually driven

this car on this track the first week uh

that i've actually put myself behind the


and uh for reference i was running about

a 28

seven so they were going quite a bit

faster than uh

than i was so that's a bit uh impressive

as we just saw kirstetter

actually end up with a little bit into

the weeds there but he was able to

collect himself

um but yeah with these uh short lap

times ultimately

you know we're going to see more laps uh

in the race right with this 15 minute

total amount of time for the race we're

you know dependent uh

you know per lap time it's dependent uh

you know

ultimately how many laps you end up put

outputting is uh

depending on how long those laps are

that's what i what i was trying to spit

out so

um yeah it's it's going to be it's going

to be definitely interesting

this i believe one of the shortest

tracks that we've

uh we've had in the rotation uh we did

go to spa

um uh we were at silverstone last week

so this this will be interesting with uh

with these shorter lap times and uh

and ultimately more laps per race yeah

of course we've been to laguna seca

we've been to bran's hatch and then of


silverstone and spa as you said uh this

is deceptive because it is quite a long

track realistic the average speed here

is so

very very high um when it comes to you

know the releases like term one's a very

quick corner up through the esses


turn through then you start going

downhill three four and then you you

climb back up again

all of that bit is actually very very

quick t5 um which is the one with the

big kerb on the exit

very fast corner as well uh it's it is a


high on top speed and you know what i

think we're going to see some great

racing around here one thing i'd like to


uh very quickly coming into this uh of


center freeze took a victory away from

johnny gindy last time out

uh now qualifying at the moment down in

eighth place not really going well

for spender greece yeah you know what uh


i think maybe potentially sven here is

looking for the hard charger uh

award because i believe that there is a

prize for that so maybe

uh you know maybe he could uh you know

he qualified in fourth

uh position which is about a second off

of uh where gindy was at

uh i think a half second um so he he

ultimately you know maybe he's not as

fast as gindy but as we've seen um in

this series a lot of these drivers


they get in the car uh very late into

the you know into the

practice sessions and and gindy himself

i believe just hops in on monday when

the when the two-hour qualifying window

is open and he just sets a time for

everyone to beat

um and and ultimately you know i think

uh with sven to freeze he might uh

develop that space

as these uh races go on and we might

ultimately see him

finding his uh his pace and then

hopefully we'll see him

side by side with johnny gindy but for

now johnny gindy's going to be holding

that pull

position followed by saxon and garcia

and then cad walder gomez jr and then

there is fender freeze back

uh in sixth position so uh

louis any interesting names on the list

that we haven't seen

in the uh in the past well

not so much that we haven't seen we've

got some uh some some new drivers of

course kawashima uh

who's down in 15th place for the last of

the qualifiers four seconds down

either way i think we're going to see a

very interesting battle at the top lock

one two and three

are from the pre-qualifier into the

qualifying session but of course we'll

have to wait until race one to find out

what's gonna happen






well we're about ready to go racing then

johnny gindy on yet

another pole position but things are

tight at the top as nathan saxon

and shah garcia are also right up there

with him should be an incredible race

here at road atlanta gonna be a tough


to uh to hang on slipstream gonna play

into uh big effect there you can see

johnny gindy on

the pole position the number two car of

nathan saxon alongside and directly


is garcia the lights will come on and

we'll go racing for the very short run

towards term one you can see in the

background as they're

gridded up around the corner as well

it's a pretty tight grid here at road


we're about to get underway can gindy

make it eight

races from nine he's made a good start

the number two car of uh nathan saxon

drops in behind

and they're gonna go three wide in the

background all things getting pretty

tight towards the first corner it is

gonna be though

johnny gindy just hanging on from the

number two car going slightly wide

that's the one in the blue

i believe that might be cad walder who's

just made a little bit of a mistake and

then sending grease

made up into uh fifth place as well

couple of cars off in the background

like you say

saxon holding on from garcia cad walder

and devries the top five

pretty tight decent launch though from

that lot yeah absolutely and i think

that uh

saxon was actually in the worst position

uh if you're gonna compare where garcia

and saxon were starting on the grid but

he made the most of it

garcia was just actually filed right in

behind in that third

grid spot behind johnny gindy and

ultimately having the

if he had the pace he could have put it

to saxon on the inside of turn number

one that is a

especially with when they're not uh when

they're starting from a stop position as

saxon is going to go to the outside here

maybe into a hard braking zone johnny


will have the braking zone if he can

stay side by side into the left-hander

that's coming at the end of the

straightaway here

but as we mentioned a little bit earlier

it is a very

this track has many passing

opportunities and this is one of them

but it looks like saxon is going to go


johnny gindy finding himself back in

second position again

with the likes of garcia off of his rear

wing luis

is this gonna be another race where

johnny gindy has to find his paces

oh this is all slipstream that was a

great run off of t7

from saxon made it work and now gindy

coming under pressure from garcia he's

seeming to struggle a little bit in the

early stages but i think that's more

just from slipstream getting caught out

with the chicane look at this it depends

on whether garcia is going to fight him

or not as we come through

turn two turn three as well and then

down the hill towards the esses section

it is all pretty tight round here very

single file nathan saxon

run away a second clear now i'm sure

that will come in through slipstream as

they run all the way over that curve

watch out for it bumping too much

because it can fire you off to the

barrier on the left hand side if you're

not careful

they're all snaking their way around

saxon has run away

svender freest the fourth car in this uh

in this train for second place that one

with the black wings in the background

the number four car

uh he's in a direct championship battle

for second place in the championship

with cad walter so everything needs to

to go his way

nathan saxon as well only five points

off the back of spencer freeze for

second place

things looking pretty rosy for nathan

saxon yeah and we're gonna have to keep

an eye on uh spend a phrase as he's

gonna be

having to make his way up the field it

looks like he dropped back

quite a bit and uh i think it was in the

first corner sketini went back but now

johnny gindy to the inside that's gonna

be garcia and now johnny ginny's finding

himself in a situation

like the last round round five uh he now

garcia goes to the inside and finds the

position but they're gonna be coming


the line here and johnny gindy's gonna

have the slipstream going up into one


johnny gindy going uh what seems to be

the outside but i think that's just

because garcia was running a bit of a

defensive line

and garcia uh flinging it out wide here

as you're gonna be holding as much pace

as possible

going up through uh corner number one

and then into the s's

uh the second and third corner are

actually completely blind and

in the real world you're looking for a

lamp post uh because you're coming up

over the crest of a hillside so maybe we

can see an onboard

uh to show that it's completely blind so


in the the stretch between five and six

is a bit of a

uh another slipstream opportunity and

then you're setting yourself

up for six and seven leading onto the


so dropping back to fernandez we're

actually seeing a bit of a pack form

and like we said uh or actually this was

the in the last race

we uh that you miss louis every single

position in this series is one that is

being battled for

every single position uh that that if

you end up dropping back you have to

fight the

every uh tooth and nail with that driver

that is ahead of you so uh for johnny

gindy he's going to be wanting to find


uh able to pass garcia here and i think


going to be going to the inside of

johnny gindy again johnny gindy's

dropping back to fourth position

so maybe the slipstream is helping these

guys uh and

and like i mentioned louis this track is

one where if you end up getting

you know caught in the crab pot uh so to

speak they're gonna drag you back and

then you're gonna slow down onto these

long straights

and you're uh you're not gonna be set up

for the later bits of the track and

ultimately you're going to find yourself

in a position where you're off the

racing line and then you're going to be

finding uh or

be struggling to find pace yeah that was

a nice attempt with fender breeze

looking down the inside of main

championship rival johnny guindy who's

heading the championship

but the only place he's headed in this

race is backwards off the podium

for the first time this season it's not

looking so good for johnny gindy maybe

struggling with setup and stuff even

when it comes to a race victory you can

see garcia

is miles down the road as now gindy's

trying to apply pressure maybe he's

looking after his tires a little bit

tires may come into this we've seen this

at laguna seca and places like that


ginty is the one who really looks after

his tires and he fires in some good

times late in the race

it's not a very long race though with it

only being 15 minutes nathan sacks and

12 seconds clear at the top

we'll see if cagwalda can try and break

the slipstream you saw him pulling there

over to the right side of the circuit

now brings them over to the left-hand


it's not weaving in the sense of like

blocking and defense

it's more just trying to break that

slipstream trying to slow gindy down

in a straight line and you can see he

doesn't really need to do it that much i

think there's some

more wings on the the number one car of

johnny gindy not going so well we've

just seen some changes for position as

it badly's moved up into 13th place

olson matt olsen

uh fresh driver on the grid now down to

14th place and uh

it's good to know shettini is trying to

move his way up the order after some


into term one garcia fastest lap of the

race 23-0

nice time in the race there's matt olson

and now

on the back of ibadi yeah and i think uh


now johnny ginny jumping back injuries

two places three places

johnny gindy finding himself in seventh

position for the first time

however in this series we've never seen

him go back uh this far

and uh potentially uh he may have spun

out there and and like we've said

uh in many of the other broadcasts the

second the second that you end up in the

position where you spin out

you're you're actually waiting for about

a lap for those tires to cool back down


especially on this track uh where as

we're gonna be coming into six and seven

right here the two right handers

uh the rear end is very important here

because if your

back tires are completely cooked uh

you're going to have absolutely no grip

and as you get onto the

onto the uh the accelerometer uh

you're you're gonna spin out coming out

of this uh the corner uh

seven onto the straightaway that we're

now seeing that that corner ultimately

sets you up completely

for the amount of speed that you're

gonna have on the straightaway and


considering that all these cars are the

exact same all have the exact same


uh your your best opportunity is getting

into the slipstream

of the car ahead of you but not only

that if you have a bad

entrance to the straightaway you're

gonna you're gonna lose about 10 miles

per hour as uh the cars behind

uh are going to be chasing you down yeah

saxon set in the timesheet to light he

set the

uh the fast lap of anyone thus far this

lap or 21 who was that off the road it

was a baddie

is off the road in the chicane that's a

shame because he was doing quite well in

that battle with matt olsen now down in

15th place

uh my thing with uh johnny gindy who's

now trying to fight

rodriguez mara to move up uh another

position this is what we can see on our

screen right now

the issue that he's got is if he is

running higher wings remember that this

race will set the grid for the next race

so the positions they finish in now if

there's a race just to finish now

obviously halfway through

gindy will be starting from eighth place

he's now gonna try and apply

position uh pressure to the number seven

car of rodriguez almost backs out a

little bit now gonna look down the

inside potentially nope backs out

he's gonna try and use the slipstream

down if he's running

if he's running higher wings though this

is a massive problem

for johnny gindy here because as much as

he may have the pace out right in the


he's never going to be able to move his

way up the order from eighth place as uh

bear drops backwards and

uh behind jablonski and bowers which you

can see uh on the left-hand side where

you've got the timing sheet can gindy

does he have the wings does he have the

legs in the car

to get himself up into seventh position

i think he does looks down the inside of

rodriguez and it should be a pretty

simple move

on the run down towards the chicane nice

one for the number one car he's still

side by side with him gonna try and

outbreak rodriguez does so nicely


didn't really fight that one so much

understands the pace

of johnny gindy

yeah i think uh what we're seeing here

is you know

with johnny gindy being in seventh

position currently the second that he

comes across the line at the end of this

race if he hasn't found a better oh

as a better position as the door gets

slammed there on barres

uh but if johnny finds himself stuck in

the rogue here or back in the field

it's going to be very complicated for

him to oh someone's going off i believe

that's shepherd

uh the 12 car of shepard unfortunately

just losing uh

i believe the rear end as they go into

corner number one which is very


to hold uh to hold your speed into

because you're ultimately setting

yourself up for

uh every corner from two to five uh that

your pace that you you

enter uh corner number one is very

important so he's gonna be having a hard

time finding himself

come back uh to the to the pace that he

was he was at previously

but actually someone to focus on is uh

scitini skatini

was all the way back in uh in 20th on

the first corner of the

of the race and i believe he drove off

into the grass but now he's found


uh all he's up in 13th so

he's made up uh quite a few positions

and and now

as we're gonna go on board with uh the

number two plate of saxon

saxon's always been in it he's always

been in the top

five he's always been you know knocking

on the door of the uh

of the podium uh in in my question here


is this saxon's track is this a track

that saxon has you know put a ton of

time into or is this just the type of

racing that

that he enjoy enjoys most where you're

you know you

you're carrying a lot of speed through

this track there's a few s's lefts and

rights that

if you mess up the first corner like if

you mess up uh corner two or corner


uh that completely ruins your your pace

through the s's so maybe

this is exactly the track that saxon's

been looking for

um because not only is he leading this

race right now

but he's he's pulling a page out of

gindy's book where he's pulling away

from garcia in second place it's almost

a two second gap here lewis

he's doing a fantastic job he's not

really racing at the moment he's just

running his own pace it's going

fantastically for those of you noting at

home as to where these drivers are in

the championship

nathan saxon uh who's leading the race

is fourth in the championship just

five points off of fender free who's in

second thomas cadwalder

uh in between that uh just two points

ahead you can see shepard off again

overheating the tires and i think that's

really got to him

the the curiosity and i i apologize i

did forget uh it's a fixed setup series

so johnny kitty can't be running uh

higher winnings i did

i do remember that from spa uh apologies

but that that lakes another question at

his door

obviously he wasn't victorious last time

out and he's done he did seven races on

the bounce at the start of the


and we've seen this in motorsport in

general and worldwide if you're watching

last season with uh with alvaro bautista

uh there are there are some times when a

driver runs these many races in the

victory and then the first time they're


it's a chink in the armor and it really

costs a lot of that mental strength is


certainly he's going to come under

attack from fernandez now and i think

that might be a

position drop pulls out of the

slipstream oh sorry this is with a

baddie apologies

uh badly him fernandez yeah betty went

to a defensive line there

uh but it ultimately not only removed

the slipstream from uh fernandez but


he had the inside line so that actually

wasn't a terrible idea for him because

he completely closed the door

uh on skatini and that that would be a

move that i would uh

uh i would expect to freeze to use on uh

to use on gindy but

yeah there's like you were saying

there's one there's one

as he's looking to the inside he's not

gonna have it going into turn number one

but there's uh there's one of two things

that's happening with gandhi it's

it's either you know he's not feeling on

top of his game today whether or not had

anything to do with the

the race loss that his first second

place which uh ultimately second place

isn't that bad of a thing

right uh but it could be getting to him

or what i am guessing is that it

potentially could be a technical issue

because when he was in the slipstream on

that back straightaway

a few laps ago as we were watching it

seemed like he was losing pace uh as he

was catching up to the back of the car

and he didn't want to look to the inside

uh too early on the straightaway so we

might actually you know he could be

having some technical issues with

a steering wheel or a set of pedals or

something along those lines lewis

yeah it might not be able to reach

maximum power on the throttle pedal of

course if you're running

oh don't worry i won't bore you into it

too much uh running if you're running a

set of pedals that run

potentiometers and stuff there could be

uh spiking

uh on it which what that means is uh it

can run off the bottom when you're like

off throttle so ie it's still putting in

like 10 15

or something like that whilst you're off

throttle which is really really bad uh

alternatively it can do that on the top

end as well so when you're full throttle

when you're 100 power

for some reason the game may sometimes

register it as it not being

100 it's a very easy fix you just need

to clean your pedals but you have to

take them apart

it's a pain um very much a potential

that could be an issue that said i would

have expected it to have come up in

qualifying as well but he did have the

pole position there might be something

a little bit more uh heading on here as

we ride on board with the number six car

of ed perceter who is fifth in the

championship fifth in the race

29 points off the man ahead and if he

wants to gain

some positions of championship and

really get into that top five well why

not start now

we've just passed halfway in the

championship we're on round five

of eight as we look at scatini who's

trying to move his way up past matt


uh as well this will be the final

position he can really gain this race

and to be fair based on his pace

i wouldn't put it past him yeah and if i

remember right

uh going up to skatini he's

you know ultimately he started uh in the

race in i think he was

in the back of the row but now he's

going to find himself in 12th position

so he's picked up a total of eight

positions for since uh uh going off in

the grass and turn number one so


now battling on the straight away with i

believe this is uh olsen

so now they're going to be going side by

side and this is the opposite of a drag

race they're going full speed

they're going to be hard on the brakes

here and the person that has the biggest


is going to come through that corner uh

in the position because the

later you break the more dangerous it

gets and the higher the potential of

crashing but

uh for scattini he basically held that

line and

and uh and blocked uh uh olsen because

olson can't really turn in if if

scitini breaks a little bit later than

him so as we see that

olson not at a bad position ultimately

still has the opportunity

to get into that slipstream but saxon


uh losing yeah he's losing a bit of the

pace he's lost

a second or a second on garcia just back


and this is it by the way this is the

final lap of the race so you can see

there's only eight heads between them he

should be able to hang on

but there is a lot of pressure and if

he's had a spin if he's had a moment

these tires could be slightly overheated

heading into the final chicane for the

last time

is there going to be some hesitation

from nathan saxon i don't think so

garcia is closing even further it was a

lap longer i'd be saying garcia

is uh is looking very hungry at the

moment but nathan saxon is going to come

through the final corner

to take victory in the skit barber e

race series the first time that he's

done so great drive

from nathan saxon as well from garcia as

well from cadbarda de vries kirstetter

rounds out your top five gomez jr and

your championship leader

johnny gindy off the podium for the

first time

down in seventh place as we pass halfway

in the championship yeah not not only

the podium but all the way off of the

top five completely all the way back in


what looks to be uh seventh position

that is quite a bit of a loss so

maybe we'll get a little bit of news

here as saxon's gonna be celebrating

we've seen him on the cusp of winning a

race obviously this is the races that

it's gonna set up race number two

uh but starting on pole position here is

very important and like we were saying

it is a crab pot on this track the

second that someone puts you off of the

racing line

you lose a massive amount of pace and

this track is

all about holding as much speed as

possible exiting five into the straight

between five and six

then on to seven where you're basically

it's most important corner in the track

where you're gonna

hold all of your speed or create as much

speed as possible for your entry to the

straightaway so people can't pass you

uh but saxon going back to him saxon was

knocking on the door in the last race


and svenda freeze i know we don't

remember it took me a second to remember


but svenda freeze and saxon were

fighting in the last corner of the race

saxon uh allowed uh

guindy or sorry not gindy um allowed to

freeze to go through

and he chose not to battle him in in the

second to last corner of the last

uh the last race which ultimately set

him up

for gindy to go through and pass so

saxon was actually in a position

where he helped uh sven to freeze win

the last race whether or not sven wants


wants to uh allow that and and it put

gindy back in a position where he was


in third position so saxon's always been


but guinea are spend to freeze was the

one that that came out victorious in the

last race

uh so it'll be definitely interesting

and that that's all at

silverstone but it'll be interesting to

see how saxon can hold his pace now

now that he's the guy with the target on

his back

starting in that first position

yeah indeed it'll be the uh the first

person to not start from uh from first

place that isn't johnny guindy

obviously center breeze taking a win in

the second race uh as well i think that

was the

fourth podium by the way from nathan

saxon has finished second

back in uh in brands hatch looking

pretty impressive on form at the moment

and the pace

is looking hungry for potentially a

second victory we'll see what garcia and

catwalder can say about it and if gindy

can come up the order






it's time then for race 10 of the season

we're here for the second race

uh road atlanta and a bit of a surprise

victor nathan saxon

taking his fourth podium of the season

and a victory

with it fantastic work the second time

that we've not seen

johnny gindy taking a victory in the

season you can see there nathan saxon

rolling off from the front row of the

grid from that pole position alongside

him though it's gonna have a lot of

pressure from

garcia put a lot of pressure on at the

end of that race we'll see if sax

can start this one with the uh the

impressive pace he started the previous

one lights are all ready to go

we'll see who can take victory here at

road atlanta nice start from nathan

saxon just as good as he had on the

launch in the previous race

is the number five car though of cad

walter who's looking down the inside of


sven of reece didn't really have a

particularly great launch from the


uh there on on row two so now he's

coming under pressure from ed kerstetter

who i think has already gained that

position on i think it backed out but

now gomez jr in the number 13 car

has moved up into fifth place gindy

further down the order now down into

eighth position so he's struggling

off the start they're not really taking

advantage from it gainesvision on

rodriguez who i think has been off in

the background we look at rodriguez now

big crash from him yeah and actually

johnny gindy also losing another

position to someone that he's battled

with before jablonski

and with scottini just back behind him


gindy's in a bad position here because

he has many people ahead of him that are

going to be battling

as we're seeing garcia going through

potentially looking for the first


on saxon and like we've mentioned before

that was corner number seven

the most important corner on the track

and garcia found a way to pass

uh saxon for the time being but this

actually is worse for the guys in first

and second place than they think

because cad walder's just behind and

they're not gonna have as much space

as the uh the cars behind so it could

actually create a bit of a battle here

as we're gonna see

uh two sets of two cars oh dubrice makes

contact oh no and that's

the breaks in devry's contact with saxon

pushes saxon off saxon didn't spin

though fantastic work for the number two

car it's allowed garcia

to run away look at this gaggle coming

down the grid uh we've got cad walder

in they cursed out behind gomes junior

the number 13 car

what a drive thus far up into fourth

place now svender freeze looking a bit

defensive in towards term one

i think he might allow that i think that

was him allowing saxon back through as a

bit of an apology

now gomez jr is going to try and apply

pressure to spend the freeze not able to

do it

if he was going to make an attempt into

t3 i would have taken my hat off for him

fantastic work

but uh yeah a touch of contact from

saxon now 24 seconds off of garcia

that early pace from sax that we saw in

the previous race nearly comes

or must come into account now because uh


is running away with it and we saw in

the previous race garcia was so strong

at the end of the race and uh well we'll

see if uh fender freeze can apply any

pressure here and maybe move himself up

into second

yeah and uh a great move there by svenda

freeze to give that position back to

saxon because he just uh he had a

misjudgment there with the breaking zone

uh off the back end of the straightaway

um so so good for him as they were

coming into the dip

uh which you are in a breaking a hard

breaking zone uh going downhill so it is


it is very very challenging but maybe a

tip of the hat and a

sign of respect from dufrese because

saxon didn't take him out

uh to give uh dufrese his first win um

back at uh at silverstone so maybe

that's a bit of respect between the two


but now kerstetter who's in sixth

position is gonna be looking for an


uh as uh he's got cad walder just ahead

of him

garcia now looking to the outside uh not

entirely sure who he's going for a pass

on but we're gonna be hopping back into

the row as there's a three wide battle

going into turn number one i'm not sure

if someone dropped out of that race

uh but johnny gindy now finding himself

in ninth position

i could only uh attribute this to either

he had a he he went out and he was out

late last night or uh he's got a bit of

a technical issue happening with his

pedals because it doesn't seem like he


he's losing a lot of uh a lot of

positions on the straightaway so

it doesn't seem like he has a full uh

amount of speed

uh carrying himself and we really saw


leaning on the on the on the draft of

the car ahead so

it'd be interesting to hear after the

fact what's going on with with that but

maybe um

you know i was we were talking about the

hard charger award but i don't think he

dropped back

far enough to uh to achieve that but

johnny now

um lewis with with the championship in

the amount of points

the gap between first and second place i

believe is only three points it's like

35 and 32 points something along those

lines correct

so how will this affect gindy's

championship position

well while jablonski is going past

cursed etta and uh gindy's trying to get

that move back

on uh scattini i think he might be able

to do it

i think to be honest with this as we've

got some side by side there so guindy is

going to get by scattiness leaving it

down the inside there's gonna be a touch

of contact between the two of them out

of the

game oh tight tight stuff guindy does

make the move up though

i think maybe if there's not a technical

issue maybe he's just not very strong

at t7 on the exit and obviously that you

say about how can he was he was on pole


you can still be strong at the corner

but then weaken it in the race because

there's following people through it and

doing all that kind of stuff and

actually racing around it

is a very different ball game than

setting a decent lap time muscatine is

going to come under pressure from a


at the top end but not not gonna happen

there as we run through two and three uh

rodriguez as well

as got by kawashima down in 16th place

indy maybe gonna try and reignite or

charge up the order like you say with


the championship i mean you don't want

to be hemorrhaging points as much as

you've got a very comfortable lead in

the championship

you can't afford to start hemorrhaging

points because once you start it's very

very hard to stop

the hemorrhaging just in the foreground

of this we saw kirstetter and jablonski

ed kirstette are getting past jablonski

uh for

sixth place

from castetta yeah and look at the pace

that he's going to lose just because he

lost a little bit of that that rear end

uh kerstetter now is in a drag race with

jablonski and if he can just get him

behind where we saw him dive in behind

he's not trying to take him out and

doing a pit maneuver but

he's trying to get into that slipstream

just behind because it it's like uh

activating a turbo almost and you uh you

don't have as much air resistance so you

get a bit of speed here but it looks


uh jablonski is going to have the inside

line so kerstetter is going to be stuck

out and now sven de freeze is looking to

the inside

uh or i believe that was gomez jr that

actually slipped through

so now saxon uh is fighting back up to

second position

which is good for him and now there's

gonna be a bit of a battle

three cars for second place and

hopefully these guys can hold it

together but the

the victor here is gonna be garcia as

he's able to hold uh

two seconds gap between him and the guys


yeah garcia's gone saxon's also gone

he's three seconds up the road from this

gomez jr leading to greece and khadwal

the recent campaign of course

uh battling in the championship for

second place guindy now up into seventh

position got by ed kerstetter

now sets his sights on jablonski could

be a bit of a champions drive

from the number one car i don't think

her victory's

really on the cards at the moment but he

could move up towards the podium maybe

close on the back of

uh cagwalder and spend of reese he's got

jablonski to challenge though eight and

a half minutes left in the race there's

still plenty of time

for our championship leader as cad

walder picks up a lot of the dirt on the

exit of t7

that's going to halt his charge whilst

trying to get away by uh svender reese

debris picking up the slipstream from

gomez jr

this was where they changed position on

the previous lap it was into the chicane

then they were side by side through it

and cabaldo basically had nowhere to go

in the whole snow that's why i didn't

really take advantage from it the gap

for the race lead by the way it got up

to 27 seconds now down to 21

saxons really really trying to apply

some pressure here

to uh to charles garcia and maybe see if

he can take

a second consecutive victory 232 from

garcia 235 from saxon

it's not quick enough yeah and i think


saxon right now is probably thinking to

himself that uh to freeze if

it wasn't for that rear end bump uh that

he would have been in that position to

fight garcia but now garcia is just

running away with it

as uh as uh to correct myself that was


those three cars that we were looking at

that battle was actually for third and

not for second sex and like you

mentioned lewis

is actually uh three seconds ahead of

gomez jr who's in third position

so now saxon ultimately has clean air


he's looking in setting his sights on

garcia and he all he has to do is drive


and just a bit quicker than uh then

garcia to close that gap

uh but as we're seeing right now in live

timing it looks like that gap is

actually expanding quite a bit

um and and just to go back i mean

these guys between qualifying the gaps

were very small

um i like i said i paid my 20 and uh i

signed up this week

and uh for monza and my pace is a lot

further off these guys than uh

than i would expect but what's

interesting is that in a race like this

between saxon and garcia

if you if your lap times are not much

different than a tenth

how are you gonna close uh through

almost three seconds of a gap it's very

complicated if the guy's driving

uh on his paces as a body is gonna be uh

having the dorche slammed in his face by

skatini and skating is gonna be holding

ninth position so he's able to find

quite a bit

uh of pace and now uh

ultimately johnny gindy is gonna be

finding himself back up in seventh

position where he started this race

but he's been doing plenty of battling

and uh in in

in the position that he's in um he's

done all this work and now he's just

finding himself at an equivalent

position and

not much further ahead so uh we'll be

keeping an eye

or on the gap between gindy and

jablonski because potentially

uh gindy might actually be able to find

another position

and if he's lucky he's you know he's

he's basically got to

uh manage the damage at this point right

like he's got to

find the the way to get as far ahead in


in the grid right here in the in the

road to make sure that he secures as


championship posit or points as possible

because guys like saxon and garcia as we


further into the series if they're just

extremely consistent

it's going to be very hard for gindy to

catch up to them um

that is a real world problem that uh


a lot of racing drivers have and when

they're holding the championship points

is that

if you make a mistake and you end up

with a goose egg

it's very complicated to be able to

create that gap again especially when

first and second points are separated by

only a few points

as a position changed there as cad

walder's got by sven debris just saw

that as we're looking backwards from

gomez junior cadbury now up into fourth

place again

these two drivers battling for uh for

second in the championship realistically

at the moment of reece then

passed he said coming into this round by

the way that he would be happy

with two times fourth base finishes he

was four from the first race now trying

to battle

for fourth in this race just looking for

a bit of consistency the only way

to catch gaps by the way it's 15

seconds for the lead uh

now the only way to catch gaps like that

in a race format like this

is relentless consistency apply the

pressure and try and

fight your way through gomes junior's

out of the race gomez jr

is out of the race from third place cad

walder now moves up into third

oh he's back in there it's right it's

just it's just a timer okay

so gomez junior maybe a little bit of a

connection thing there for uh

for gomez jr that's a bit of a concern

uh especially considering he's the

number 13 car and running up

on the podium now to defend a little bit

from cad wardro and debris behind

jablonski and gindy all part of this

battle as well which is a five-car train

for the final spot on the podium four

minutes left in this race and

just a reminder to you if you want to

take part in the championship as

gomez jr again dropping down the order i

think it might just be a connection

thing let's try this keep our fingers


um if you want to take part you can do

head over

to uh the skit barber e-race series site

we can uh

get you onto the grid you can take part

in the the pre-qualifier to get you on

to it i think that might be gomez jr out

of the race properly this time

cad walder then up into third degree

gindy as got by jablonski so gindy

back in the top five and we've got the

numbers one two three four and five

in that top five place as jablonski has

been demoted to position to sit

yeah and uh jablonski almost finding an

issue there with gindy who found himself

up into fifth position but ultimately

only finding uh

one position as uh i believe that that

was gomez jr unfortunately one

i believe that's the dark horse of this

series and unfortunately

i believe that's going to be a

connection issue which is just


uh for him but yeah gindy was able to

find another position

now gindy's gonna be battling with the

likes of jablonski off of his rear wing

so jablonski

knows he's seen that gindy plenty of

times in the race but has never had an

opportunity like this one to be able to

catch up to uh

to gindy jablonski has been nowhere near

guinea as gindy's been

basically running the series and at his

own pace uh but now jablonski

uh he says welcome to my side of the

track where uh where we race and we go

head to head so

indy's going to be looking uh to defend

that position from jablonski on the


so hopefully uh you know he in

in his eyes he doesn't lose that

position but going back in the road

quite a bit

actually we have a new guy in the series

uh kawashima

who's actually a 42 year old from osaka


yeah it's pretty cool to have people

from all over the uh

the globe taking part of course all have

to be based inside north america and

um you know obviously that being where

he's from and now resides

in uh in north america and karashima

they're in uh 16th place on the road

maybe not been the strongest round but

to get onto the grid you've got to put

some pretty decent lap times obviously

very very pacey

and there's one thing that i know about

sim racing is age is no barrier whether

you're young or old you can definitely

take part and

we would recommend to come and at least

give your give yourself a try

in the skit barber erase series because

well it's a good it's a good fun thing

to be a part of there's lots of prizes

for you to go and grab across the

championship more information can be


on the website of course you can uh go

google it or you can go on to


erase hyphen series and uh go and find

out what it's all about jablonski again

applying the pressure to uh to johnny

gindy like you said it's uh

gindy normally uh fighting at the front

end of the field and running away with


saying you're in my territory now son

let's see what we can uh

see what we can make you do yeah he

almost lost uh

lost it there is uh i believe that was

wilson yeah wilson's just letting the

the cars go by on the straightaway he

just parked it

uh as he's gonna be a lap down now but

yeah that's uh

it's definitely a big piece of of sim

racing and we've seen a lot of legends

come back to

uh to sim racing and be able to continue

their legacy

uh because because sim racing you know

like you mentioned there's no barriers

for entry besides getting yourself a

wheel or a controller

uh and just just doing it so um yeah i

mean for

uh kawashima to be able to even qualify

for this uh

the gap between a lot of the drivers is

not even

like it's tenths right so for me i was

like five or six seconds off the pace so

uh good on him he's gonna drop back now

and lose a few positions a body and

short going

gonna be able to go through there i

believe uh a body actually picked up

another position on short as well

um so yeah super unfortunate but johnny

gindy found it finding himself back in

the top

uh five managing the damage that this uh

this race is gonna do to him in just a

championship lead

uh quite well but i think with 22

seconds left we might end up having one

final lap as garcia and saxon

are going to be coming across the line

here at some point i believe that

they're going to be on the last one

this is the last one is the last okay

this is going to be the last uh the last

lap here so

for garcia if he can come across the


be or just after that that clock drops

down to zero he's gonna be

finding himself in his first race win

of this entire series which is a huge

development for him

and saxon finding himself in second

where he finished third

uh last race lewis yeah saxon's done a a

great job to at least try and

close the gap down to garcia garcia has

done a great job though

maintaining the pressure as saxon did in

the previous race garcia

we saw at the start of the season seven

consecutive victories from johnny gindy

but this is our fourth different one in

a row

as garcia comes out the final corner and

takes victory

in the skit barber e race series at

rhode atlanta saxon behind and cad

walder on the podium in that tough fight

for the uh the second place of the

championship with slender freeze johnny

gindi our championship leader down

in fifth place then it's jablonski and

kerstetter we've got scottini on our

screen at the moment could have been a

great race up inside the top eight

unfortunately not quite the case

as he finishes just short of a short and

ibadi uh decent a decent run though into

into tenth place after being off in the

gravel trap in race one

nice move into the top ten yeah i think

for him maybe for skatini he's thinking

to himself you know what i didn't get

the position that i wanted but i had fun

like i had fun battling through the

field because definitely starting in

20th and

in passing by 10 people is uh it's

you're basically making a pass every

single uh

every lap so yeah big shout out to him

and his ability just to be able to catch

up it was unfortunate because gomez jr

was uh disconnected he was he was in the

top five and

towards the end of the race ultimately

he just i believe it was a connection

issue and he just ended up disconnecting

so that was

completely unfortunate but eyes uh to be

set on garcia

garcia finishing his first race in first


uh now we have three different race

winners in the series

my oh my is this going to speak to the

next race uh

at monza lewis well for charles garcia

for those of you

who don't recognize him in this

championship you know you've got the

likes of gindy and debris and cad walder

and stuff

this is garcia's second round of the

championship did silverstone and then

has come here and done road atlanta what

an impressive

effort it's been from him i think he was

sixth place in the first race at


um and then obviously had such an

impressive run in the first race here

and then did uh everything right in this

race made a move

maybe got a bit lucky with the contact

that slender free uh had

with nathan saxon but regardless he did

everything that he possibly could

and set a uh a great victory 11 seconds

clear of nathan saxon those two

have been great all day they were

running away in the first race they ran

away in the second race cagwalda

an excellent run to the podium things

are going to be super tight between

himself and suspender reese i don't

actually think they would have changed

any gaps i think it might be still

uh between two or three points between

those two second of the championship

johnny guindy

not a great round uh seventh in the

first race a good recovery to fifth

in this race after dropping back to sort

of eighth or ninth place uh jablonski in

the number 10 car

uh well inside the top 10 in six plays

good drive from him we know his race

race pace is uh is quite a bit better

than his qualifying

uh or at least a pre-qualifying pace

rather uh badly as well number 14 car

down 9th place getting the uh the skit

barbara instructors to help him up the

up the grid

it's been it's been a good round and

like you say when we head over to uh to

italy to monster we're going to see a

lot of slipstream there i think it's

going to be a great one elliott

yeah absolutely and that's that is one

of the also another one of my favorite

tracks we've been going back-to-back uh

with two tracks that i really like this

one being the host to uh

i believe it's uh the petit le mans and


uh there's also the uh i think it's the

24 hours of lemons which is a bunch of

beat up cars running around this track

so it was uh

a great father's day uh uh happy

father's day to all the dads out there

happy father's day to my dad

yeah ted um but yeah absolutely i think

that this was exactly what we needed

uh to see garcia uh ultimately finding

his pace

uh unfortunately um for sex and you know

he he won the first race and

uh you know no knock to spend a freeze


you know as these guys are battling

going into that first or the the

dip down uh off the straightaway it is

very challenging to figure out uh or to

navigate the traffic especially with

cars ahead and figuring out your braking

zone with uh

with cars ahead so unfortunately for

saxon uh getting knocked out by uh

svenda freeze and uh potentially losing

uh his ability to hold uh

to hold his position in first place but

we will see more of ray of this racing

as we

as we mentioned we're going to monza

next week um

sign up this week you just go to uh

skipbarbercom all the information is

is listed there you pay 20 uh you

ultimately you paid a 20

ticket to enter you download um a set of

corsa which we're racing on

you have an entire week to practice uh

where you can you can

run hot laps and and basically compare

your times to the other drivers in the


and then on monday which is tomorrow for

monza for

for each round uh the monday is the day

that you have two hours a two-hour


to set your fastest time and then the

top 20 times are taken

and uh potentially we'll see you next


uh at monza if you uh if you're able to

qualify in the top

uh my name is elliott bishop i was

joined here by lewis mcglade lewis any

closing thoughts no i think we've had

we've had a great run here

but we will see you as you said in a

week's time june 28th

same time same place and that time will

be at the temple of speed until then




























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