Skip Barber eRace Series Round 4

published on July 2, 2020













































































in the words of luis miguel aid hello

and welcome back to round four of the

Skip Barber earase series this week we

are at Silverstone Grand Prix out in

England's we're still over the seas not

in the US and we are we have lots of

racing here today we're gonna be

starting out with qualifying and then

going into two races the first race sets

you up for your second race and

ultimately where you finish in your

second race is where you will finish in

the points my name is Elliott Bishop I

am here joined by Eddie

Trevelyan Johnson I am very excited Edie

how do you feel today pretty pretty

great it's nice to have Skip Barber back

in in the UK again hopefully Chuck away

all these guys passports we can keep him

on the Atlantic and say hey just keep

all of the talent over there on the

other side of the pond there so yeah we

have quite a bit of racing I know that

II D just came off of a another 24 hour

stin a 24 hour of Lamar and he is

joining us here so he's he's been on a

long schedule but lots of racing has

been going on in the world

lots of erasing that is and we are here

for another round of the Skip Barber

Irae series as we said so yeah lots of

lots of racing action to get into and

one of the main storylines that we've

been tracking from from series to series

and race to race here in the Skip Barber

Irae series is the story of Johnny Ginn

Dee who is here on the screen is a sixth

race in a row winner has pretty much

dominated every single stage of the

series and as we see him on screen he is

currently wearing that number one plate

yet again in this series you qualify

during the week there is no place that

is set in stone so regardless of how you

do the week before you still have to

qualify and set a fast time to be able

to afford a position to race on Sunday

so the format ultimately works where

Skip Barber

charge a $20 fee to enter and then the

top 20 times during the qualifying

sessions during the week the hot lap

sessions rather those top 20 times

ultimately afford you a position and a

number plate to race on the weekend so

Johnny Jin Dee has only not had that

number one plate one time and that was

last week but he still ended up with

finishing in first place regardless so

Johnny Gidney kindy completely

dominating across the board but we've

seen a few people thomas Cadwallader

nathan saxon in spend two fries being

able to show up and put a little bit of

pressure on Johnny Jin D so this track

one of the favorites for many racers I

know Louis McLane told me that was his

favorite track I'm not sure about Edie

but definitely not one of my favorites

because I'm just not very fast on it but

I know a lot of drivers really really

love this track so we might actually see

the likes of Cadwallader or spend two

fries actually bringing it to Johnny

Gundy and I guess we'll see with how

these qualifying times come in how much

further off they are from him yeah I

just basically consolidate your point

about Johnny candy he's really been this

it's kind of unbreakable figure in this

series so far there have been a few

people have been snapping it is his

heels like surrender freeze and Thomas

Cadwallader but they haven't quite got

there I mean we had I believe it was two

rounds ago at Spa we had spender Brie's

leading one of the races bye-bye but for

most of the the race but Johnny got

there in the end he's been he's won

every race I'd really want to see

someone take it to him one of these

rounds yeah and like you said back at

Spa spend was in the lead for I think it

was about five five laps or so so he was

able to actually put Johnny give me back

it ultimately put him in a position

where he had to battle with the pack

that is currently you know that

typically fights for second and what

we've seen in this in this series just

in general because all of these

drivers are driving the exact same Ford

EcoBoost Skip Barber of I think it's

formulas Skip Barber car they ultimately

have the exact same setup the exact same

amount of power and if ultimately what

it comes down to is just being

incredibly consistent incredibly fast

and then also avoiding as much traffic

and contact in battles as possible back

in the field but we've seen the the

battle for second II you know five cars

within half a second of each other so

there's there's really not a ton of room

for error with a lot of these drivers so

what what I would really like to see is

if if someone you know puts the pressure

on Ginn D early and in the session puts

him back into a position where he has to

battle you know for a second or third

position and in that person in first

place then just has to run away and in

hope that he doesn't you know that that

he doesn't get caught by Gidney cuz what

we saw at Spa would spend is that you

know obviously he was leading the race

for um for five laps or so and he had I

believe it was about a three second lead

or a two and a half second lead and then

all of a sudden regardless of that

Johnny Ginn D ended up catching back up

to them or back up to spend so I wonder

how that that affects just the mentality

if you're leading the race knowing that

Ginn D does have that closing power he

has that speed that he ultimately can

catch up any regardless of how much of a

gap that you have in that lead position

I think he gave excellent context of

what we're seeing here and and really

the reason why we're we're touting in

these names so much where we're bringing

him up so much these cars are identical

they've got identical setup so there are

a few skills that that removes one

variable basically so all of these guys

have the same virtual machinery there

are a few skills that you need really to

to get it to where and if you're good at

them you need to be good at all of them

to get work in two years at the moment

and that includes obviously just raw

pace race craft using your brain on

track you know what how are you going to

manage the tires so just just all all

brain kind of things but also just being

able to set up your hardware correct

making sure you've got the game running

smoothly good so you've got you've got

your your wheel settings correct and all

that kind of thing I also wanted to

bring up that this is actually one of

the few tracks where VR may come in as a

bit of an advantage because there is a

corner and it's just at the beginning of

the track so I believe it is turn three

village corner yes no turn 34 it's an

incredibly tight corner and it helps so

much and this is something I learned

when I did my stint of endurance racing

I'm afraid I'm mostly retired now even

from Virtua racing and but it helps you

I got a VR headset and suddenly I was

able to hit that apex

perfectly every single time so that's

something to watch out for yeah

absolutely I think when you're talking

about peripherals and things like that

obviously a VR headset for a long stint

is you know becomes challenging at the

end of the day nowadays with the current

generation of VR headsets you you have a

you know obviously more pixels per inch

I think that that's what its measured by

but the amount of resolution that's in

in the headset itself has has been in

there like that has increased and I know

that I used to get a bit it's a bit

jarring when you wear a VR headset

sometimes but definitely the advantage

of being able to look into corners and

turn your head because most of these

drivers are playing on Sims where it's

just like you know if you were gonna

play csgo or any other game where it's

just a screen you know in front of you

right and you don't really have the

opportunity to look into a corner when

it's coming up I think that cadwalter is

coming up to this corner that you're

talking about now so you can also emit

lisi that it's almost an entire 180

degree you know left-hand turn and the

more that you can turn your head the

more that you can see that exit apex and

that's really for most drivers they're

focusing on where they want their car to

end up when they turn into corners

they're looking to where they want their

car to come into position and typically

it's like an outside kerb or it's a

marker that they focus on and then

ultimately they just steer into the

corner and then release the steering

wheel up control point that they hit

that mark and they just track that point

with their eyes so you know for a lot of

drivers today we might see a bit of you

know blindness going into that corner

not really having the opportunity to

look deep and you know to look

that angle but that's definitely you

know a bit of you know a bit of a

challenge with with particular hardware

setup so we'll see if any one that

really has you know has a way to combat

that or you know we might see a few

drivers that that are driving in VR that

have you know a bit of an advantage

there that might actually you know be

something that we you know we see as as

we continue through this qualifying

session even with two minutes left in

qualifying currently John Egan DS still

sitting at first we've we've spoke to

his praise but it's been to freeze

coming into second position and like I

mentioned just earlier the number plates

that you're seeing on the left side of

the screen so that in blue is their

current standing so spend to freeze

actually qualified fourth in the hot

laps and now he's set it sitting in

second which is actually quite a bit of

an improvement and another person that I

would really like to focus on when as we

go into this a is the five car of Gomez

Junior Gomez junior has been just off

the pace just so slightly away from

contention he's always been sitting in

about fourth place we've seen him you

know basically battle it out we've seen

him run very fast laps in a minute Ben

he's been in contention for podium

positions this entire series and one

thing that that really this Skip Barber

team brings to the table here with this

series is that as soon as you're in the

top 20 qualifiers and you get into this

you know your top 20 in the in the hot

laps and you you get into this

qualifying session it's the race session

you ultimately get a work with Skip

Barber and develop your race craft they

work one-on-one with every single one of

the drivers in this series to help them

improve their their abilities they're

giving them feedback they're talking to

him about the car and they're giving

them a real-world experience which

ultimately we've seen helped a lot of

these drivers that started lower on the

grid and develop over that while the

seasons been going on so guys like

Johnny G Indy cadwalter DeFries Gomez

jr Saxon Jablonski curse setter we've

seen them in pretty much every single

round of this so they've had a lot of

time to work with these guys

with the Skip Barber team and develop

their race craft so they have a bit of

an advantage having qualified for every

single one of these sessions because

they've ultimately gotten more time with

the Skip Barber team and we really see

that as they've been incredibly

consistent and maybe even more

consistent than when they first entered

this this series yeah indeed I was just

looking at Saxon down in fifth and maybe

hasn't been enough time with the

instructor this week he's his number is

three he should be higher yeah


it seems that either he dropped back

just a little bit maybe had a few issues

this morning maybe it's part of a setup

but ultimately that could also fall into

Gomez jr just doing a little bit better

or better and hopping up and maybe him

and DeFries got a little bit quicker all

of a sudden because they are within

within three tenths which which isn't a

ton of time but in racing is quite a bit

so I think that Saxon will have to take

it back to the drawing board on that one

but I think the good news is we've seen

with a lot of the drivers in sacks and

being one of them we see them in

qualifying sometimes not doing as well

as their initial session but then all of

a sudden during the races they kind of

hit their groove they they figure out

exactly where their brake markers are

you know potentially they follow behind

a few of the faster drivers we've seen

spend a phrase be able to you know toe

behind Indy and really just identify

where those braking spots are and where

the apex markered like literally just

figuring out the ins and out of the

track from one of the best drivers in

this series and then they start to

develop through the sessions so all of a

sudden the first race that we're about

to see ultimately ends up being a bit of

a learning session for these guys to

really just hit the pace and find their

markers find the momentum that they need

and then all of a sudden race – is this

really consistent battle for the you

know the top three spots as we're going

into the next session it is worth

mentioning that we have I believe a few

you know if the 410 brothers ended up

coming back for this session because I

know that they were in the first two

Skip Barber series and then they they

didn't make the last session or the last

round because of the 24-hour that took

place the day before so they they

couldn't be on a 36-hour stint I don't

think that they're here this week though

looking at their not here this week and

yeah I know that I wish they could be

but they're absolutely spent they've

done two 24-hour races in in two

weekends but I mean check out that lap

from Gandia he's the only guy in the 2-0


you know he's it's over two tenths ahead

of the next guy so this this is this is

what you need to do in this series I

mean that gap you know from first to the


it's not big but these cars are

identical you're gonna be small exactly

that extra tiny little bit and the more

time these guys spend with Eric Powell

our instructor here is you know all the


yep and with that being said we're gonna

go to a break and we will be back with

race number one just after this







welcome back to the Skip Barber earase

series here at the Silverstone Grand

Prix circuit my name is Elliott bishop I

am joined here by Edie rebellion Johnson

and we are going into race number one

it's gonna be Johnny Jin D in the number

one number plate holding the first spot

in the row here while they get ready to

go for race number one the lights are

coming on Johnny Jin D has to hold this

position will anyone be able to bring it

to him for race one as the lights go out

were going down the front straightaway

just across where the pit boxes are and

it looks like I believe that spend two

fries going to the inside he might

actually pick up a few positions here as

he's gonna collect another car I think

that was spend afrezza if I remember

correctly but unfortunately he's gonna

drop back just a little bit and I think

that was actually Kerstetter as there's

a few positions being changed there it

just looks like he ended up bumping the

tires of another driver and I think that

we saw a bit of an off just back behind

I'm not exactly sure who that was either

I think that might've might have been

Scotty knee into a body but now as we're

coming down the front straightaway it's

gonna be not straightaway but it's gonna

be careful all they're just in behind

Johnny Jin D so if cadwalter can sit

here and keep his eyes on Johnny Ginny

we might actually see a bit of a

contention for that number one plate and

we might see a bit of an opportunity for

Cat Walters to take the position from

Indy now going back for the battle for

third position this is gonna be

Jablonski and just behind him is gonna

be two fries so it wasn't actually two

fries that it caused that issue he was

usually running the the feeling a bit of

bumping there yet he spent a freeze

typically runs that teal back wing so

that's why that was a bit of confusion

but now it looks like he's in the four

car with the black back wing so they'll

keep an eye on that B edge the freeze

goes inside and he's able to pass

Jablonski into third position and now

spend a freeze who we've seen having an

opportunity in a few other sessions

being able to keep it close to Johnny

Jin D all he has to do is close that gap

between him and

Cadwallader in second place and now

Saxon is looking to the inside he might

actually have an opportunity here to

pick up a few positions putting himself

inside of the seven car of Garcia Garcia

is gonna drop back and now Saxon goes

through it's such a great square corner

that corner Stoke and just you just

sling it in and it grips up yeah just

tons of dives

these guys are slowing each other up

though that's they need to work together

to get to the front group is cadwalter

and again deer just walking away with it

at the moment

look at that gap 15 seconds in front of

Jeffries and we've seen we've seen in

every single race and I mentioned this

back in the in the last round Johnny

kindy typically within the first few

corners ultimately ends up finding

himself half of a second between himself

and then in the rest of the pack even if

there's not a battle going on as Garcia

with the massive move there he actually

rides it around the outside and he looks

to the inside of I think he picked up a

spot on short so now he's gonna find

himself in sixth position he's fine I

bet you this guy's having a ton of fun

as he's been finding a ton of passing

opportunities as we've seen him going up

and down in the order so him in short

and now Saxon in a battle for looks what

what is intention for a top five

position so Garcia absolutely throwing

it in the or actually on the outside and

now he's gonna be looking to the back

end of the three car of sacks and who we

were mentioning was a bit slower in the

qualifying and Saxon definitely doesn't

want to drop any further behind the

position that he earned in third

position and now we're seeing a bit of a

formation laughs whoa

from what it looks like with four cars

all side-by-side but if that is gonna be

a body looking for an opportunity I

think that he's looking on mas al it's

the inside but now he might ultimately

be able to get the slipstream and look

for a tow here no he's gonna tuck his

nose back in behind and ultimately wait

for a little bit later here on the track

not really much of an opportunity there

but as you can see look at that little

bit of an opportunity is I think I'm

actually not entirely sure who that was


years potentially Swiss yeah yeah

unfortunately spirits goes off I'm not

entirely sure what happened there maybe

he got a little too tight on the brakes

as he was just getting in behind the car

ahead of I think guy that was mas al but

a body looking the inside on this 12 car

before fortunately not really finding

the opportunity there but the car ahead

is just going to lose a bit of grip in a

body was looking to pass him on the

inside and he just collected the front

end so that was just a bit of an

unfortunate situation as Fernandez and a

body found a bit of an issue someone's

pulling into hit there I'm not sure if

they do you actually Fernandez now

cooking the tires do you know a face

yeah a simulation damaged on here there

is a little bit of damage on yes and I

believe but that Fernandez spin just

there that's a really good example of

something I wanted to bring up so these

guys are they they have to manage the

tires they're on a knife-edge all the

time if you slide if you spin you've

knackered the tires for the rest of the

race so you've got to be so careful

these guys are using their brains 100%

the whole way through this race and

that's why they're gonna be using each

other to test maybe save a little bit of

tire life try and try and get some free

air when they can if you if you remember

some of the past races you'll see that

people like to freestyle may be

Cadwallader try to make their moves

early on Indy and that's partly because

Ginn D and starts then just making his

gap and look he's already done that he's

over a second but it's because you know

that is this tire management these guys

have got to think about let the whole

way through this race side by side

through cars wow that's that's brave

yeah Garcia again he's gonna find a

position on short putting himself into

sixth position and now him and short

have been battling quite a bit now you

see that there's quite a bit of a gap

between Garcia and Sachs and that was a

battle that we were watching before

where all three of them were stacked up

and now Garcia in shorter now two and a

half seconds back behind Saxon so that

was exactly what you were talking about

not only a tire mat management important

but focusing on the long-term mission


obviously this race is where

you end up in this race is where you're

gonna start the next race so ultimately

where you finish is where you're gonna

start on the on the front straightaway

in the better position you can get

ultimately you know the better but it's

more important for these guys to look at

the long-term goal here instead of

making air you know having a battle for

6th position these guys should be

looking for an opportunity to catch up

to the car ahead because every single

time that you see the I believe it's the

16 car of oh this is Spears now every

single time that you saw the Garcia or

short battling they're losing time to

the car ahead and now it's a three and a

half second gap so they lost another

second within a lap and when you

wouldn't you know when you're looking at

the long-term goal of ending up in a

position you know where you're where

you're contending for a top-five

position for you know for the start it

doesn't really make sense to be battling

like this but these guys are all all

looking for what you know one position

in this is exactly what I'm talking

about look at look at the defensive line

Garcia's taking he's literally in the

grass on the opposite side of the track

or sorry that's not Garcia that's short

so short doesn't have the entry to this

corner look at how much wider Garcia has

as they're coming into this right-hander

now and I guarantee you that shorts

tires are gonna be completely covered in

dirt and rubble and all of the marbles

that come off of the the rubber marbles

that come off of the tires it's just not

a line that you want to take and he's

defending for every single position by

side again yep oh okay he backed out of

that a little bit wise choice yeah I

love these on board these really lets

you get inside the head of these guys

particularly you know that the one where

we see back from the the rear wing you

see the guy behind you see exactly how

he's thinking how he's sizing up the

driver ahead how he's gonna get awesome

of all you get what you were was saying

earlier yes I agree with you you want to

be you you want to be managing your race

as I was saying earlier but also you've

only got a 15 minute window so you know

you've got this predicament this is

what's so perfect about the series

you've got

it's just that awkward little and a time

frame you've got a 15 minute race where

you've got to say something but you also

got to get the job done you've got to

get you cut

totte make if yeah I think what's crazy

to me

right imagine if Johnny Gandhi you know

had a bit of a mistake and he had to

fight his way up through the pack every

single position is a battle these guys

are not letting anyone through like it

short is battling with Garcia defending

sixth position which is in with all of

these cars ultimately the the speed is

the exact same the top speed that

they're able to obtain comes down to how

they drive the car right that when you

and you come out of a corner into

straightaway you want to carry as much

speed as possible because there's not a

turbo booster or some sort of DRS system

where you can drop your back wing and

find some you know a bit of extra speed

so yeah in this series like you

mentioning every spot matters but if

you're back in the row the starting

position is so important because if

you're if you're further back in seventh

or eighth position you have to fight six

or five people ahead of you for every

single inch of the track and when that

happens when you're battling it starts

to spread out the field and then

ultimately you're battling for fifth

position instead of an opportunity you

know working with the car ahead for you

guys Abel's to end up fighting for you

know a top five position these guys will

need to gang up on Guinea they need to

form a syndicate every week and they

need to be like yeah let's go and get

johnny is cuz someone needs to dethrone

and you know if anyone's gonna have a

chance of taking this title from him

nuts I we missed that we I wanted this

talk when when the rear view third the

the looking back over the rear wing

camera was on but yeah I mean I think it

just gives you such a good view yeah we

were right in the head of Garcia he was

having a look here having a look there

and you know these these cars have

relatively low power and but you know

they've got relatively decent Aero so a

lot look at this look at the slipstream

it means everything a slipstream it

means you know how they load up the

tires how they have a position you know

you can do you can do a lot you can

manipulate someone ahead of you just by

how you position yourself how you get

inside their head when you're behind

them it's it's incredible these guys

these guys are really using

of these tricks that they're putting on

such a great show for the skipper but

these guys this is the reason why these

guys are are on your screens right now

also just wanted to do a quick shout out

to the guys who you know everyone who's

watching on on various platforms on skip

our YouTube and Facebook and um GTV and

the race YouTube channel there's been a

lot of races going on in the last few

weeks but yeah Skip Barber really what

are the best around at the moment my

opinion yeah absolutely just the

opportunity for these guys to you know

every single week you could see an

entire new row of drivers I think that

that's the most interesting thing to me

this isn't you know this isn't your

typical series where you you know you

you earn your spot and then you run the

series every single spot in every single

position or these guys they have to

battle a hundred percent of the time if

the battle through the practice sessions

they have to battle you know ultimately

to get the top times to be able to start

you know it's a huge advantage to be

able to be able to start at a higher a

higher position you know in Jablonski

after a bit of battling of just back

behind picked up just a little too much

dirt and now he's gonna be dropping off

the back end of of Saxon in for Garcia

he's gonna be a bit happy about that as

the gap between him which we were

mentioning Garcia Jablonski earlier was

about there it is again three seconds

and we're back on that back end view now

Garcia looking back typically we are

looking at shorts position but now short

is in a position now where he's going to

be looking for this draft and for anyone

that's not really versed with racing

what this is is when you get behind a

car at high speeds like this ultimately

you're you're towed behind the car ahead

and it's almost imagine if you're

pulling a trailer and put your trailer

has an engine inside of it it's easier

to overtake if you get into that draft

you ultimately don't have enough air or

you don't have as much air resistance

ahead of you so you're able to go much

quicker than the car ahead and he's

doing a bit of the work of splitting

there the wall of arif in front of you

so now short wasn't able to actually

find it on the straightaway he was

unable to to gain that advantage but

look at how close he is to the car ahead

of Garcia he now roll over him yeah he's

all over him he

not only that but maybe the fact that

short didn't go to the inside of Garcia

look look at the gap between them and

Anja Blonsky now a single lap of them

not battling in Jablonski making a small

error and now the the site for I believe

that's position number five is just in

front of them as shorts going to go to

the outside now of turn number three I

believe and this is the corner that you

were talking about ad it's completely

blind look at this you have no one to do

where the exit is you you ultimately

just have to rely on your look at the

exit oh you might cross back over here

oh yeah yeah but yeah you know you have

absolutely no view of that corner indeed

and just you know going back to what we

were saying earlier and then you

mentioned a good point with with


he's got dirty tires now you know so

he's gonna be falling you ever further

back into their clutches so this could

become a three-way battle pretty soon

with just over one minute to go it's

getting exciting it always is in these

races and it yeah absolutely I think I

think with these longer tracks in you

know if it starts to make you question

how much longer you have left in the

session right because with this you know

typically in racing you have a set

amount of laps right unless it's

something like endurance so you have

like 10 laps to raise and here we have a

15 minute clock when that clock comes

down to zero if you're across the line

you just have to finish that lap

ultimately as soon as the it hits zero

whenever you hit the checkered line the

finish line that's the end of the race

if you're the race leader if you're

Johnny Jin D so these guys don't know if

they have another lap left in them and

now at this position what you're talking

about with Jablonski cooking his tires

he just has to maintain you know for one

or two laps he has to cool his tires

down yes to ito ultimately get the grip

back in but for short and Garcia they're

battling back behind they've all that

they need to do is work together so that

by the time that they catch up to

Jablonski they're not in a position and

I think kidneys come across the line

here so we're gonna have one final lap

now but what I was saying is that they

need to work on maintaining their tires

just behind Jablonski so that when they

catch up to them they have it they have

a fighting chance because what you're

seeing now going too wide coming across

the line there

to finish one more lap here so that's

just under a minute

I believe the lap times if I'm correct

there based on what we just thought

maybe maybe it's closer to a minute but

ultimately we're on our final lap but

these guys really needs to maintain

their tires sudden they have a fighting

chance because now you see Jablonski

back at a three second lead because

these guys have been battling behind so

maybe if those guys Oh in Garcia just

going losing his rear end they're just

on the the exit of the corner that you

were talking about I'm not entirely sure

I think that's turn number five I'm

right it's cold village village on

village you have absolutely no view of

that exit so if your tires are cooked

you're in a position where you really

have to you know you really have to


you might not be able to save it on the

exit not being able to see that that

that position do you know ed what

drivers are actually driving with VR

headsets I do not

I doubt well actually I was speaking to

the Dib bellend and his father Richard

he's he's just 13 so it's hit summer

it's an amazing opportunity you know

these guys of all ages are joining and

you know Dean had speed he got in so

good on him and he's easing a VR headset

definitely we I think we got to use a

monitor for his for his instructor

session because his his dream was a bit

fuzzy but yeah he's definitely using VR

today I was like I know awesome

so Johnny Ginn D definitely not using VR

from what from what we know is going to

be maintaining his first position in

first place and he's gonna be coming

across the line here and as we were

talking about the very beginning of the

race this is gonna be seven races in a

row for Johnny gandi in the Skip Barber

Irae series that he has won in a row he

has been completely undefeated and look

at Cadwallader now three seconds back

behind and then the gap between him in

two phrases five seconds so for for

those guys they really need to keep it

close to Johnny Jin D and try not to

battle to be able to dethrone this guide

really have an opportunity and now we're

coming across the line shorts not gonna

have an opportunity as Garcia is

actually going to be able to hold that

position as they were battling

actually I'll say go ahead

got him yep he got him so he was able to

he was able to pass short Garcia and

short where were fighting pretty much

that entire time and as we saw

Kerstetter is gonna be able to hold off

us get a knee who I believe Scotty need

rhop back quite a bit so he actually

picked up three or four or five actually

positions cuz I think he was back in 15

after the contact at the beginning of

the race so good on him and

unfortunately for Gomez jr he's gonna

find himself all the way back in 15

maybe a bit of traffic maybe some issues

I think he was actually the car at the

teal back wing I believe that had that

collision at the beginning of the race

so he is gonna have to look to the front

of the pack from the very back of the

road he's he's gonna have a great view

of the the rest of the field and really

I keep I keep patting him on the back

here Gomez is a very fast driver and

he's been looking for his consistency

here in this series and I really want to

see him bring it to the front of the

pack because we've seen him incredibly

fast he's like the he's like the the

likes of spen to freeze where they're

able to start in the back of the the

field and end up closer to the front so

they're able to pick up five or six or

seven positions in the field when they

are racing so if they can keep that pace

closer to the front of the field maybe

they're gonna have the pace to you know

bring it to a guy like Johnny Johnny Jin

D or Cadwallader who are holding the top

two positions yeah I think that's the

the ultimate racing put down isn't it

you'll have a great view of the field

yeah III was I had half an eye on on

Ginn DS gap pretty much throughout that

race and yeah he kept it at about one

and a half seconds for for most of it

but but I think yeah in that last bit he

just flexed his muscles a little bit

just eats it out to another I think it

was three and a half seconds all in all

so yeah you know once if this guy he's a

phenomenon yeah once you find that

consistency all that it takes is just be

like alright I'm gonna push a little bit

harder in these few corners and see what

I can make up and Ferg Indy that worked

out and now we're gonna go to a quick

break and when we come back we will be

going into race number two of round

four of the Skip Barber Irae series just

after this message



all right all right we are here and we

are back for round four of the Skip

Barber Irae series we just finished race

number one and Johnny Jin Dee has found

himself seven race wins in a row

completely dominating this entire series

in a lot on the line for these guys Edie

yeah I just wanted I mean before these

these lights go I hope you'll all get it

in time I'm not sure I will actually

maybe we'll wait I got a point to make

but let's see the race start first yeah

let's see the race start as Johnny get

is gonna be starting in first position

as catapulter is in second position just

back behind yep good start for

Cadwallader he's gonna be inside oh he

might be actually have the opportunity

here is he's driving an incredibly

defensive line again sorry baby

Johnny Jin DS out there in the he was

stuck to the outside but now he's gonna

have the inside for the next few corners

yeah actually he's gonna have the

outside here for this and he might

actually fall just behind cadwalter and

if I believe that spend a freeze in the

four car if he could bring it to kindy

here they might be able to trap him here

and in prevent kindy from running away

here in the first few corners in now

Johnny G Indiana incredibly defensive

line he wants now inside Elliott look we

were talking about working together last


what do you think's happening between

Cadwallader and DeFries i reckon they've

had a couple of words with each other

they're like yeah we need to put indies

back as far as we can let's let's if

whoever's in front well whoever's if I'm

in front of you I'll give you the

slipstream I'll move over so that you

get the slipstream and knock Indy I just

just saw also you know we were talking

about working together last race but you

know let's put you and me in this in

this race let's say we qualify you know

it's never gonna happen I'm but they're

gonna be fast of I'm sure you would

you've done a bit of racing in real life

but but still you know you put me me and

you in this there's half a million

dollars worth of prizes for winning this

series I'm not gonna work with you I'm

gonna help you help you at all

I'm gonna it's all for me my friend yeah

absolutely and as you were seeing them

come through

look at that how close the row is and

and yeah like you mentioned half a

million dollars that is not a number

that you that you're going to see every

single day in in a even in a normal

Motorsports race like you were mentioned

I raced in in in go-karts and if there

was a half a million dollar prize I'd be

taking out there the entire field and

turn them on for an opportunity at the

cash but mile my when it comes to

Cadwallader right now he's able to hold

off Ginn D and you were mentioning how

they may have had a word to hold this

position so then they have an

opportunity to keep Ginn D in their

sights but Jin D had a bit of a counter

plan as he was coming just I believe

down the Wellington straight

he was holding the all the way he was

holding the inside line all the way into

the grass and now called Cadwallader is

gonna hold an incredibly defensive line

against kindy but it but spend a freeze

isn't there to slot on the inside if

Cadwallader is able to back him up but

we might actually see as i believe we're

gonna be coming through a few really

tight corners so spend freeze looking

inside there but he's not just right

he's just trying to unsettle kindy now

look we've had we've had races where

Indy hasn't led from the beginning in

the past as I think I said it was a spa

that the Freese's was leading for most

of it and what DeFries didn't do which

he could have done was just hold kindy

back and push him back into that battle

pack get him get him dug deep down in

there so he can then okay you're messing

around with all of that you don't have

time to focus on me and leave me I can

just I can just get away we've seen Ginn

Dee's pace so far we know he can just if

he wants to flex his muscles if he gets

an opportunity he will so the best best

thing that cadwalter can do now is use

those tight sections like you know the

first section of the track where where

villages you know that VR corner we were

talking about just hold them up just

just you just push on the brakes a

little harder make it impossible to cut

to passivate the car really really wide

yeah absolutely and I think it really

comes down to like the as soon as he can

stretch his arms out a bit like as soon

as he can stretch out and he feels

comfortable there's a bit of space

around him Jonny gandi just starts

sprinting right like you don't want to

allow him to do that so I think for Sven

Sven really needs an opportunity to get

into the slipstream and

Cadwallader needs to do is he's looking

our defense of the lime cat Walter's

driving he's all the way on the inside

on the straightaway that's in season

three maggots and Becca's which was that

you know the the asses the long asses

before before that corner we just been

through stowed just now Cadwallader had

a bad line he's he's slightly buckling

under the pressure he needs to keep it

together his City you can be sure that

Ginny's an ice man he he never cracks I

haven't seen him cracked once so far

yeah and where you just saw we're just

coming into the the final uh the front

straight but what you just saw is

cadwalter getting hard on the brakes

when Guinea was some filing back behind

and now spend freezes in in the money

he's actually in the draft of Guinea now

so all spend of freeze has to do is he

has to hold the position but ultimately

what these guys really need is they need

the likes of Garcia to be side by side

with Guinea because we've seen Garcia

basically battling with every single

person that he's been near for an

opportunity to to get a position so he's

been fighting this short we just saw him

with sex and he actually dropped back

just a bit now but yeah Johnny Jin D is

now in back in behind Cadwallader and

look at the defensive line cat of all

there's gonna hold he's gonna drive back

onto the racing line but coach Johnny

Guinea might have an opportunity here to

run around the outside for an inside

line on the head yeah absolutely it's

still gonna be side by side to be

love-filled but look who's joined the

party this is the spender breeze has

been dangerous in a good way not in a

mischievous way but he's been he's been

there all this season he I think ah this

kid this could be a winner but either

CAD world or else at the freeze I've got

my fingers crossed

yeah and also with with Johnny G in d2

he hasn't been in the position where

he's uh you know he's the notice much

risk and look it's fun to freeze he's on

the back bumper of Cadwallader and now

cadwalter and spend a phrase are in the

money bringing the battle to Johnny Ginn

D and trying to get getting touched by

cadwalter they're just with the wheel

but yeah this is exactly what John is

Indy doesn't want but it's exactly what

cadwalter into phrase one they need to

get to the inside of Johnny Guinea and

go to wide with them on every single

corner of the track in what's

mind-blowing here is the fact that

Johnny Ginn D and catapulter are going

to wide on the track are limiting the

amount of

a 33 way wide we're going three wide oh

and that's Cadwallader spinning out

unfortunately Johnny Jin D and him

collected a bit of a rub on the tires

and now it's gonna begin D falling back

in Saxon actually going through soaked

in D and cadwalter collected collecting

each other and dropping back just a bit

and that was just what I was about to

get at was the fact that Johnny Jin D

they're going too wide and they're

incredibly fast on the track but there's

any there's a lot of risk going through

that are going running this track too

wide or any track in the world too wide

and it becomes dangerous but look at

Johnny candy even though he had the

issue he's on the back end of Saxon and

spend a freeze now has to hold his

position and try at least to create a

gap between him and Saxon in second

position so he can run away but Johnny

Jin D now in 3rd position who were on

board with now is in the slipstream so

even though there was a bit of an issue

with him and Cadwallader cadwalter

dropping back to 10th position that

spin-out Johnny Jin D now has the

draught of Saxon and he's easily going

to be able to hold this and easily gonna

be able to find himself in 2nd position

with the likes of spend a freeze just

ahead of him I was gonna say you know

could this be the first race that Johnny

Ginn D doesn't win in this series and

then you know he immediately I thought

you know Saxon not the easiest guy to

pass he drives a wide car and you know

he's he's a fast guy Nathan Saxon but D

and E just breezes past him and there's

now eight tenths seven minutes seven and

a half minutes remaining

I think that's that's more than enough

for Ferg Indy to play with the friis

needs to disappear like a rat up a

drainpipe right now perfect every line

every single Corney needs to nail he

knows the pressure he knows who's behind

him he's he needs to nail every single

apex yeah and what I mean let's let's

talk about the last session right lived

the last race it was opposite it was

fender freeze in sorry Cadwallader in

second position it with spend freeze in

third and that Ginn D was in first

position and kindy was able to find

three seconds and I believe it was two

laps in the in the last few minutes of

the race so if Ginn D can do that this

half a second gap between him and there

in the

ahead is is easy for him as we're gonna

see cadwalter back in 8th position now

finding himself picking up two positions

while we've been talking and watching

the the front of the roasted cat while

there's not completely out of this maybe

with this last six minutes left as long

as he doesn't find himself battling with

too many drivers is I believe that was

Garcia going to the inside that is the

guy that cattle Boulder does not want to

battle with his Garcia because he will

bring the battle to you everywhere on

this track so had well they're able to

get away from he's gonna say to me yeah

yeah so cat Walder is very lucky not

being in the battle just behind that

Jablonski is going to be trapped in with

Baron Garcia and hopefully bear if if he

can hold the position he's in now he's

got a he's got a bunch of aggression

ahead of him and potentially with a bit

of defensive driving with objectia

Blonsky ahead we might see a bit of a

collision here and if that's the case

bears gonna find himself in 10th

position nothing was the gap what was

the gap to the lead last time we looked

it was eight times look at it now oh

it's dropping again it was it was coming

down so quickly yep Johnny Gandy all he

has to do is find that slipstream we're

gonna see Garcia potentially going to

the outside here on this long sweeping

left-hand quarter following this

left-hand corner is a quick right so if

you can keep it to the inside or while

you're on the outside if you can hold

that position you actually get set up

for the next corner and now we're back

with the race leader this is gonna be a

spend a freezin first but Johnny guinea

Justin behind and now we're onboard with

Johnny guinea at second position seven

races in a row with the likes of cent

spend a freeze ahead of him we've seen

this at spa before we've seen spend

freeze holding first position on Johnny

Ginn D up but look at those he was able

to steal it back and now maybe a bit of

a strategy change for spend a phrase as

last time you drove a bit defensive a

little too early should he let Johnny

guinea go by here or should he hold him

off with every single opportunity that

he has hold him out through stay hold

him out hold him wide he's being no I

guess that was fair I guess that was

fair he could have been a bit bit more

aggressive on holding Ginn D out but

look there he is

he's got the corner I mean no

spenny's got the inside though he does

that was well held on it inside you know

through and saxons joining the bus three

it's gonna be three wide oh wow this is

no that's not the battle that spend a

freeze wants to be holding spender foe

but he's come out in front that's great

in looking Jin Dee's back inside

positioned wow you know you know what

I'm just imagining what it's like to be

in guineas head of the moment you know

why am I not in the lead but why these

guys trying to taint my perfect record

I'm not having that he's got four

minutes left to get to those two

positions back he's back in third this

is great stuff yeah and ultimately I'm

here trying to count cards with the

positions on the left side and it's like

the blackjack dealer in front of me is

just shuffling quite a bit too often

because all of a sudden Jin D where I

thought he would be in second position

or first he was battling for first a

minute ago and now all of a sudden he

found himself in third position and this

really speaks to what we've been talking

about if you battle the guys behind are

gonna find pace and they're gonna find a

way to to catch up to you because the

gap between Kerstetter who is an

incredibly fast driver and if we see a

battle between three cars and not to her

stead are also might have an opportunity

to find a second you can see him he's

the car just in the back end of the

screen and if he's able to find pace

we're gonna see four cars for the the

battle for first position and I was

mentioning just earlier spend a freeze

was fighting Saxon and holding a

defensive line and all that fend of

phrase needs to do is hold off Johnny

Jin D but while that battle was going on

Saxon find found himself the inside

passing Johnny G India as Johnny Gandhi

was put out into the dirt and now if

spend a freeze can rely on Saxon to

defend against Johnny Jin D they're

gonna find themselves in a great

opportunity but that's not gonna be

happening as we're gonna be coming into

this right-hand corner and now Saxons

gonna go to the inside and Johnny Jin D

might actually be able to find some pace

here and it also shows look at him he's

falling back it's totally right

and Saxons come alive in this last part

of the race Hey look

this is it this is this is not what we

expected at all I didn't even think

Saxon was gonna be that honestly I

didn't even think that Saxon was gonna

be in this battle for first and second

we were thinking who's gonna be

Cadwallader and Johnny Jin D and spend a

freeze but all of a sudden Saxon finding

himself in a position where now he's

basically taking the lead he's sorry not

Saxon but uh Saxons taking the second

position from the leader which is going

to be Johnny Jin D and now Saxon is

driving to the inside with an incredibly

defensive line yeah indeed up is that

there's a rear-view camera love it love

it love seeing in the head look look I

mean this is Jin D look we can see right

inside his head what's he thinking

inside but if sax I can hold it on the

outside here it's actually gonna put a

bit of pressure on Ginn Dee and he's

gonna drop back and look at her stutter

is there it's his left he's made up half

of a second and now if this can if Saxon

who've seen with incredible pace now in

the later bits of this race if Saxon

could continue to pressure Ginn Dee this

is gonna be the race for Senate Sven to

freeze Sven just has to not mess this up

right now he just has to be incredibly

consistent and hold off for I believe

it's gonna be one final lap he just has

to hold off kindy for one more lap after

they come across the line and the

Kerstetter and Saxon have to not battle

each other for this third position they

have to battle Jin D if they want him to

not be not to have a trace wins in a row

here yeah and remember at the end of

this race we're halfway through the

season and again the surprises the

prizes for winning in this championship

and second and third and you know these

hard charger the hard charger prize

every round

all of this amounts up to the same value

as as half a million dollars so these

guys you can see why these guys are

pushing so hard and and what a story it

would be for the freeze to get his first

win in this series of the series he was

he turns 30 years old last weekend it

was his birthday on race day hey you

know he's been he's been putting so much

into this series and you know what what

a story it is that he

could be on for his first win as we go

into the final lap of the race

yeah and in in ultimately what we've

talked about in the series before with

the timing right spend a freeze we have

four seconds left and he just crossed

the line so he's gonna have to finish

this last lap if it was literally ten

seconds of less time he would have been

the race winner right there so the fact

that the race is set up the way that it

is with this timer now Sven has another

lap that he has to defend against Guinea

and genndy is right on his tail all the

all that defend freeze has to do is

defend as much as humanly possible here

as we're gonna see that but Ginn D's

gonna trap spend a freeze from driving

back to the racing line by holding him

down into the in the marbles and all

Ginn D has to do here is drive on the

outside and he's gonna have the race

lead if he's able to hold it but he's

not in that he did since the thing is

what woke Indy didn't do he he pulled

out of that slipstream too early he

should he needed to get ET tube actually

he needed to be a little bit further

behind out of the corner onto the I

believe it's called the Wellington

straight I'm sorry if I felt that wrong

with it there's one or two big straights

that I always mix them up side by side

going into Cox again I mean these guys

are so palsy come on

yeah and the likes of Sachs is just

behind with Kerstetter there's not even

a second is separating these guys and

now I believe Saxons going to go to the

inside of Johnny Ginny Johnny Ginny's

gonna drop back to second this could be

the race for spend of freeze spending

freeze now in first position would shoot

or with the car in between him and

Johnny guinea Johnny Goudie might be

knocked off of his podium position and

his seven race win record might be held

at seven races instead of eight as spend

a phrase now in first position with

Saxon in between this is exactly what

spend freeze wants but but Saxon now in

second just off the back end of spend a

freeze there is an opportunity and a

opportunity still for Johnny Ginn D if

Saxon wants the race win Saxon do not

make contact here what's fed to freezing

the dog but Johnny give me coming to the

inside a moment

oh my god Johnny candy going to get

again as well he's gonna hit his second

position but sex is gonna cross back

over and it's gonna be a drag race as

fend of fries win

his first race in the Skip Barber earase

series cow app is a 30 year old man well

done oh my goodness that is what we were

predicting all that he had to do was

hold it off for one lap in spend of

fries ultimately owing a lot to Saxon in

the battle that Saxon brought Seguin D

through that race really putting a ton

of pressure on him and not only that but

cadwalter trapping Ginn D in the

beginning of the race and allowing it to

be a race and not ultimately another

show of pace from Johnny G Indy but

ultimately Jin DS showing his race craft

he said you know what I'm dropping back

into third position here but that's not

the end of it he ultimately picked up

his position in the last corner of the

track which is absolutely mind-boggling

with the pace that he was able to hold

through this race oh my goodness what a

finish Edie

Johnny candy has a fantastic brain for

racing hee hee it was damage limitation

at that point he was in third he was

like okay let's set this guy up for the

last corner and he pulled it off but

Elliott you're Johnny candy is this race

a dent in your armor this series I think

that for the other drivers it proves

that that Johnny candy is not

untouchable it shows that there is an

opportunity to win when you guys work

together to a certain extent I don't

know if cadwalter and spend a freeze and

in Kerstetter and Sachs and all had a

discussion and said hey you know what

maybe we shouldn't battle throughout

this track and we should hold it hold

Johnny get me to it but I think if I was

in Johnny candies shoes I know for a

fact that if I can battle for first

position and I can hold first position I

know that I can run away with it I know

that regardless of what the track is

I've been able to find pace late in the

race and gap the cars behind it so I

don't think that my confidence is not

obviously having seven race wins in a

row regardless of losing this one today

ultimately I'm in a position where I

know that I can win and I know that I

can hold off the the pack behind but

with the series just in general the

points difference for first and second

place first place gets 35 points second

place gets 32 points third place gets 28

points so the fact that Johnny candy

actually didn't finish in in in third

position and was able to pack the past

Saxon actually puts himself in a

position where he still it with that

many race wins he's in a position where

it's really he's holding the

championship so ultimately kindy is just

in a position where as long as he

doesn't fall back to the back end of the

row he is gonna be able to hold this

position and it doesn't matter he if he

finishes first or second position he's

gonna win the championship is if he can

finish in the top three every single

time and how do you feel if you were in

guineas shoes

I feel I mean I suppose I would a doubt

would start to creep in I think from

that I mean it you know maybe I'm being

a little bit too dramatic but I guess if

it was me yeah I think I've been running

away with this series oh dear oh yeah

and if Reece only you know he only had

the number for this round so yeah but

that's another thing I wanted to pick up

on you know the number four car one that

not the number one the number you know

number eight car came fourth number 10

car came fifth number nine car came sick

so you know these are the guys to look

out for Kerstetter came forth he was

number eight shorts came he was number

ten it's Getti knee came sick than he

was number nine and freeze obviously and

before he came first these are the guys

they're making use of these sessions

with the Skip Barber instructor Eric

Powell he's one of the most senior

instructors in the in the Skip Barber

business and he knows what he's talking

about he's tapped into this sim so

quickly and he's able to translate all

the stuff he knows from from real life

instruction straight into this you know

and and and stuff he's telling these

guys it translates straight back they'll

they'll learn stuff that they can apply

to real life races so you know whoever

gets the hard charger rise every week

whoever gets it today I'm not sure who

it is I'm sure it's get Bob will tell us

but but you know that those those people

they'll have a test day at Skip Barber

and they can apply the things that

they've already they've got it I've got

one step ahead of of other people who

you know turn up and pay for a normal

turn of testing

yeah and I think that uh when we look at

the hard charger Gomez jr I believe he

started that race somewhere back

between I I believe boo some are back

near like the 13th position mark and he

was able to find himself a handful of

positions ending up in I believe that

was the top 10 so man oh man the amount

of racing that we've seen that was the

closest finish that we've seen in this

series thus far we've seen spend to

freeze ultimately hold up they'll hold

off we've seen him a hold off indeed

before but not able to get that win so

maybe a bit of a transition in this

strategy but ultimately it's Nathan

Saxon in third position in the

championship he's been as a Dark Horse

this entire time we've seen him in a lot

of battles but ultimately he brought it

to spend a freeze in a lot of respect

there for from me – Nathan Saxon for not

messing that one up for spend in looking

for the race win because we see that a

lot in Motorsports in first place first

or last brother and if you don't put it

to the inside you ain't Percy 8 they're

the if he ain't first you're last so I

respect the fact that that Nathan Saxon

was able to you know hold his position

and not and not and not put spent in a

position where they it was either

collision or relieving that first

position to suspend for free so yeah

that being said yep sorry I just also

wanted to say that you know you isolate

this race is there anything to choose

between those three at the front of this

race ooh

I mean I don't think so I don't think so

I think Cadwallader is seeing him if he

was able to hold that I mean we have a

top five drivers and we're all within

the same pace obviously if they're able

to trap kindy in their in in their pace

and it within within that that battle

for first second and third position they

have an opportunity so cadwalter Saxon

to freeze Indy in potentially if

Kerstetter can get into the into the mix

as well we have a very close top five

for for the series and I would really

love to see that and love to see some of

these other drivers bring it to Indy as

well it's heating up looking forward to

seeing what the second half brings yep


with that being said this has been round

number four of the Skip Barber Irae

series my name is Ellie Bishop I am

joined here by Edie this week we'll

probably see Lewis back next week but

has been fantastic thank you for for

joining us you did a fantastic job good

luck with the races ahead and thank you

guys all for watching we will see you in

the next round of the Skip Barber earase

series see you next time









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