Skip Barber eRace Series Round 3

published on July 2, 2020




























































welcome back to the Skip Barber

Irae series as we head to brands Indy

for round three of the season fantastic

venue for us to head to today slightly

different than Daytona well we expect it

to be but nevertheless we are here at

the tiny track in West Kings down Kent

in the UK we've had a fantastic season

so far but all four races have been won

by joining indeed will that streak be

ended today before we get into the

racing note got a message from the tire

provider of the Skip Barber Racing

School goodyear believes that movement

drives us forward to that every mile

traveled is a step in the right

direction goodyear also knows the

importance of a rest stop in taking a

breather to pause and reflect on the

road ahead sometimes that's all we need

a short pit stop before the open road

opens again so when you're ready to get

back to movement Goodyear will be there

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Goodyear calm to learn more Goodyear

more driven

for today though myself loads but great

alongside me Elliott Bishop has always

been Elliott welcome to another new

track for you yeah just another another

curveball now that we were planning on

going somewhere else but now we're here

at Brands Hatch which is actually pretty

exciting based on just the length of the

track the circuits only one point in one

miles and the configuration that we're

running today so it's gonna be a little

a lot different than than spa which was

what we ran in in in the second

rendition of the series so it'll be

definitely interesting to see how gandi

can hold his lead that he has been

holding throughout the series he's

dominated in the first two in the first

two rounds of the series ultimately

finishing in first and pretty much

leading the entire time but the guy that

we're looking at now spend a freeze I


believe the suspense fence carbon-dated

man he did give him a run for his money

he gave give me a run for his money in

spa so let's see if the shorter track

does present opportunities now for a

little bit of change well spend the

briefs we had the prequalify the

qualified to get into this was done at

Daytona where we was supposed to race

and spend would seem very very confident

there so he took the top qualified spot

so he's got the number one on his car

for this weekend's racing comes across

the line to go into fourth position not

too happy about coming here to Brands

Hatch has raced here a few times before

fun fact about spender briefs it's his

birthday today race and racing on his

birthday people that has not got life

fantastic work he's a good lad he's a

good bad he's not he's not super duper

confident around here but I'm sure he'll

do fine like you say he did give Ginty a

run for his money and now Ginn D and the

number 2 car showing that maybe this

championship is not gonna go walk in

these way yeah I mean it would be it

would be great to see if if Sven has the

speed and the pace to you know really

challenge really challenge Ginn D in

that in that first position obviously as

we've said you know a Ginn D has been

dominating as he you know from race to

race you know not only is he is he

performing at a high level but then he's

going back and he's working with the

guys at Skip Barber they're giving him

real-time feedback and he's able to

develop so we've actually seen a lot of

the field increase their pace just you

know increase in skill just so overall

but Guinea is also utilizing that talent

or that skill and and talent that that

you know is under the the roof of Skip

Barber so you know Skip Barber bringing

that's the you know to this series

obviously working with each one of these

drivers individually it's not really you

know the racing is a big part of this

but at the end of the day a lot of these

guys that qualified just the opportunity

to work with Skip Barber in general is

gonna help them in the long run and just

help them develop as drivers so I think

that is quite a win

yeah we've got quite a lot of drivers by

the way join us as it was last time out

there's a few different drivers a lot of

people have been very busy considering

how the weekends comeon you le have been

quite busy over the weekend yep there

are some new drivers though of course

most of them are towards the bottom end

of the qualifier Austin Edwards managed

to qualify it quite high in the in the

pre quali but and there are a few new


Jordan Spears Marcial Fernandez Jensen

and Swank and omen the new new drivers

to join the grid I'm sure they've

they've taken quite a lot of instruction

from the air from the Skip Barber

instructors for the racing school I'm

sure for the likes of Ginn Dean to brief

that lot they're getting used to it now

they're still learning fresh little bits

but they're getting used to this kind of

instruction as they already kind of know

what to go through their head before

even even a word is spoken right and I

think that really is what it comes down

to the longer you can maintain your spot

in the series you know looking at kindy

had a picado walder the freeze

Kerstetter gomez junior should teeny

these are all names that we've seen

before you know at the top of the row

and more you can qualify for this series

in each round the more time you get to

spend with the Skip Barber guys so those

guys have a little bit of an advantage

here coming into it just based on the

amount of time that they've had to know

behind the wheel of this car but also

working you know it closed in with Skip

Barber and I think when it comes down to

it though oh and we have been a little

bit of a spit out this is qualifying so

there's a lot on the line but luckily

the way that we're doing qualifying and

the race is that it as a set amount of

time and this track is very fast only

being one mile so we're probably gonna

see quite a bit more as far as traffic

and laps are concerned than we have seen

in the past but going back to my point

this series just in general the way that

it works is that instead of it being

something that you have to you know

qualify outright for the entire series

you ultimately are qualifying round to

round so what happens is Skip Barber

deploys a server it's a $20 entry fee

anyone can do it you basically pay your

B and you get entry into a set of

courses or the the server that we have

deployed for this and the top 20 times

from that server are ultimately picked

for the driver to move on so what's

interesting is that there's an

opportunity for pretty much anyone that

has you know has a steering wheel at

home in 20 bucks to spend ultimately get

into this series and it's interesting to

see actually quite a few of the same

drivers consistently reappearing but it

is a very interesting format because you

know if you don't qualify and you won

the last round then you just don't get a

drive in the next session so you have to

earn your way every single bit basically

step of the way yeah you've got to

constantly deliver in the Skip Barber

erase series and that's what sonic

Indies doing at the top of the

timesheets championship standings by the

way kindy on top 35 points in each of

the previous races friend of Reis and

Thomas kept alder a joint on 118 points

in second position by the way I didn't

know this until last round which is

terrible for me I mean I really should

have known it but obviously with that

with the prizes on offer there is

actually another prize which I didn't

realize but the hard charger so the guy

that gains the most laps I think also

gets a day of a Skip Barber tuition in

in the real world one of the hard

charges from last round Rory Macduff got

a hard charger award so has that now go

and play with at some point not here

today because he's been a little bit

busy winning 24 hour of lamare he's yeah

just got off the steady busy wait when

was that so that was at 4:00 am my

time so that was yeah Olivia for time

and Felix Anton for town goes also on

here for the same reason about taking on

that race okay so the for 10 scotches

there's a 24-hour of Olamide it just

ended right before ultimately those guys

are sleeping so that's probably why they

they're not here this week yeah

definitely interesting things happening

all over the span of the online



it's great to see we're seeing just on

the on camera obviously during this

qualifying session we're seeing a few

drivers ending up in the grass I wonder

how much you know that the qualifying at

Daytona is gonna affect these guys just

because they haven't had a ton of time

to be able to practice on this on this

track right they like we mentioned they

were doing the qualifying we were

planning on doing the race at Daytona

but based on a few technical limitations

and issues we ended up swap swapping

over to our backup which is the track

that we're at now so these guys have

been practicing on Daytona and this for

some of them may be their first time

actually seeing this track so it's a bit

of a we might see a bit of a learning

experience for you know the process of

these guys learning as they you know

continue to put in some hot laps this is

this is Great Britain's Lime Rock right

this is this all about I don't know if

you have you ever heard of this like I'm

sure there are a few people here that

that genuinely haven't heard or even

seen this egg before I think you're

absolutely right it's not the most

common a circuit it's more focused on

the air British Touring Car Championship

as well as doing some things for DTM

which spend the free Schroth the line I

don't think it's gonna be an improvement

no it is not so stays in third position

it's a track I've been to up into the

track a couple of times I've got you

here in March earlier in the year in a

better job interview say well yeah I've

actually that actually do recognise this

track the I haven't I haven't physically

driven it obviously but back in I think

it was like f1 2012 I believe they did

boss a statting it was intense was in 13

because they did like the throwback in

that yeah so so I've actually driven

this track quite a bit but not this

orientation I never did the Indian or

Indy orientation like right here you

would drive further up to the left and

then go to the very the back side of

that like towards pilgrims drop and then

I think it's called like Hawthorne been

and then you have that a whole back end

yeah so that's I've driven that that

portion of it I actually really like

this track it is very fast and a lot of

sweeping corners but it is uh it believe

it or not like I used to

set up this track to do like endurance

type stuff so like super long stints

which is pretty fun it is a very very

fun track especially if you're in a fast

park which these are quite fast they're

very light they're actually like these

cars will be pretty accustomed us with

their with the downforce and stuff

it's gonna make overtaking an absolute

nightmare but I'm sure we'll see some

daring moves into paddock Hill bends as

a few drivers me but positionally got

short up into sixth place in the number

eleven car nice one Saxony to the

barrier it was not so not so great for

him qualifying is over we're about to

get ready for the 250 minute race and it

looks like Jonny Ginn be serving up

another one that's another pole position

third consecutive pole for Ginn D this

time though in the number two car rather

than number one that he's more

accustomed to he is not he's been he's

not been knocked back by that that

number one that spend the races coming

to the event with yeah it's interesting

because typically Ginn D is the guy that

is holding that number one number plate

we've seen him qualify in first pretty

much every single session just from like

the you know from the the $20 entry that

he pays we've seen him come in with the

number one number plate and then beyond

that he just holds first position pretty

much the the whole time we've seen spend

of fries come up and challenge him so it

is actually interesting to see Jin D

with a two plate seeing as spend of

fries was able to beat his time over at

Daytona but we'll see if spend a freeze

now with this new track will be able to

maintain that first place number plate

and really you know maybe if he gets in

slots in behind Ginn D or cadwalter

might be able to learn a thing or two

and ultimately you know over the few

laps in this first race you know come up

to pace and catch and fight in deep

awesome lap by Hunter Manley five minute

forty-nine point four good shout that's

not a legit time but I think I've raced

with fender briefs around here it was in

2015 so very long time ago five years

ago he was rubbish then so so good I

think I could I could actually bow with

him same format as always by the way so

we've wrapped up this this 10 minute

qualifying session we'll be getting

ready for a 15 minute race you can see

there kindiy gonna be starting from

Cadwallader a front row that we sin a

few times

in the the running of the Skip Barber

ear a series spend a brief Kerstetter so

the top five pre qualifiers are in the

top five

good work from them whether they're

going to be able to were they gonna be

able to hold that in the race well we'll

have to find out and we will do after







and we're back with race number one

coming up in round number three of the

Skip Barber earase series we are here at

Brands Hatch and we have Ginn Dee on the

pole position again just behind him is

gonna be Cadwallader and then in the

third position is gonna be spend to

freeze my name's Elliott Bishop I am

joined here by Luis Luis McClay Luis how

do you think this race one is gonna go I

think in he's gonna lead strongly you're

about to have the lights come on

starting this time with a number two on

his car lights are coming on five of

them and then the run down towards

paddock hill with six actually I'll run

that towards paddock hill for the very

very first time it is gonna be tight

it's a massive drop-off on the

right-hand side decent start from kindy

gonna have a clear run from Cadwallader

who's getting a little bit of attack

from the number one car spend of Reese

looking down the inside as you run

through bad I'll Bend watch out for the

apex there is there's a massive curve on

the inside up towards druids for the

first time spend a very straight down

the inside of the number one car

fantastic work a bit of a dive there

into two Eids it's gonna open him up

they were coming down towards Graham

Hill Bend it's still cap Walder down the

inside gonna go for a cutback spend a

brief back in a third position they run

all the way over the exit that has a lob

ashtray to a bit of concrete out there

should be easy for them to run out wide

there they go watch out for some

slowdowns though so be careful guys

Ginty though leading by eight tenths of

a seconds they come through clear ways

for the first time classic classic Indy

start kept order though under a lot of

pressure from spender briefs this track

is pretty heavy on tire wear considering

the constant turn in though so they've

got to be careful just in that bite some

people earlier yeah absolutely in one

thing that uh you know we've really seen

in this series just like you were

mentioning is that the the maintaining

of the tires is a really important

process for these drivers not only you

know do you have cars in front of you

and behind there are constantly battling

for position but maintaining your tires

and your temperatures is all ultimately

is the way that you're gonna be able to

finish the race but this 15-minute

session that we have and every time that

we've seen a driver spin out we we see a

cascading effect as soon as they

overheat their tires wear

ultimately they can't run the same pace

in the same line that they previously

did and when they try to do that they

ends up a few mistakes end up happening

one thing with this track that I did

mention a little bit earlier it's just

the distance right we're coming from spa

which is quite a long long sweeping you

have long sweeping straightaways you

have yeah you have you know plenty of

corners and with this track we're

talking about like 45 second lap time so

one question that I I'm gonna you know

be paying attention to and I have is the

fact that I'm guessing we're gonna see

some lap traffic actually in this race

especially with 15 minutes and these 45

second lap times I mean it's not gonna

take much for ferg Indy to end up

running into the back end of the back of

the field so we'll see how he's able to

navigate that as we get there but it

could actually raise a few opportunities

for spend a freeze in cadwalter who are

currently setting just behind Indy we've

seen Ginn D in the past ultimately

create a bit of a gap and then as soon

as he's able to hold that gap he's

basically untouchable for the rest of

the race but this traffic will introduce

a bit of a question mark as we're gonna

see that later in this race yeah I just

saw us ways maybe not past Jensen in the

background of this Jordan Spears from

from Austin Texas doing some good stuff

I've heard a few positions we saw

certain SKT knee dropping his way down

the order now running in 13th position

Matt Boozer enas car coca-cola series

driver moved his way up into seventh

place in the number 13 car very nice

work I think there might be a threat of

lap traffic although considering these

guys are all the top 20 qualifiers

they're all pretty close on pace

Dumon though it all dohman rather not

really the quickest at the moment in the

number 20 car might come under a threat

of being lapped another faster lap from

cadwalter though closing in on Indy

you'd have to assume like Indies looking

after his ties to try and make sure that

you can do the entire 15-minute distance

without too much strife we're looking

backwards from swears you've gotten

there Jenson there you've got there as

well big spinner in the background

that's cialis could see me got hit yeah

he can it was noted Lansky yeah

Jablonski ended up I believe it was

Jablonski as we're gonna see him drop in

they're ordered back to 17 he's got

Scotty knee just behind him in the a car

but yeah it seemed that

Blonsky just lost a little bit of

control and ended up spinning himself

out and collecting a few cars there you

know with this track just in general

from my experience obviously I haven't

run this exact orientation but it seems

just from the long sweeping corners and

it you just never feel super stable

right you're never actually holding a

line or a straight you know a straight


besides when you're on the Brabham

straight when you're coming across the

line so it's gonna be really interesting

to see how these guys you know

ultimately hold on to the car because

the second that you lose your racing

line you can't really you know you don't

you can't really reassess the situation

until that you get back onto the

straight because ultimately the second

that you're you know you're off your

racing line there's not a lot of time

and not a lot of space on this track to

be able to you know set yourself back up

the second they make a mistake there's

another corner right ahead of you so

you're constantly turning you're

constantly trying to maintain speed and

pace and it's gonna be very interesting

to see how Ginn D is able to maintain

his lead here especially with the likes

of spend a freeze and cadwalter just in

behind but not to overlook sex and who

actually had quite a start

him and Gomez jr just off the start of

the race were able to pick up a few

spots gomez and Saxon hopped up quite a

few spots but it looks like christeta is

now able to put himself in between them

yeah it's been a good launch for Zack so

the number four now running in fourth

position a CAD Wallace pace at the

moment is electric he's catching Indy we

were thinking that the end of race might

be the one to challenge it looks like

it's gonna come from Thomas cadwalter

putting in an excellent opening stint

here first five minutes of the race down

it's a hard track to race here at Brands

indias we've got our car in the pit lane

I think that might be skidding a swank

and yeah I think Cedeno scooty me and

Swank of both in the pit lane it's a

it's a hard tracks we have to take out

not gonna lie and I don't pull punches

when I say this I really hate the

circuit when it comes to driving it

I like brands GP absolutely hate Indy

Racing here on Tuesday night not looking

forward to it at all it's a hard hard

circuit it is relentless pressure and so

from from Ginn Dee's point of view it's

very easy to make mistakes in this race

and with ginder with the cap alder only

being half a second back it's very very

easy to run to widens a paddock here

winter clear ways the final corner on

the circuits we look at Cadwallader

look how close they get the slipstream

they're running right out onto the curb

and believe me if you get a wheel even

slightly too wide there you get pulled

straight out towards a tyre wall yeah

and I think that's really with this

track especially I mean I'm I'm uh

according the term back straightaway cuz

there's always a back straightaway on a

race track but here you you're

ultimately just like I said you're

you're turning constantly and if we can

hang out here on this on this on board

you'll see that there's not much to

really realize the situation right here

you know it might look like a

straightaway but you're constantly

sweeping just the left side so you're

constantly under pressure as a driver

you you're constantly having to focus

there's really no time for a reset

mentally and that's typically what you

do as a driver on the on a straightaway

you're you know you're changing settings

on your steering wheel when you're in a

physical car but you you know you really

don't have that opportunity here you're

constantly under pressure and constantly

having to focus because you you're

always in putting some sort of steering

into the steering wheel and as we see

Edwards coming to the end of the front

straightaway there is this long sweeping

right-hand corner as well so they

there's just a lot of a lot of

complicated corners where you have to

maintain pace and you have to hold speed

and I think the guys that have raced

single geared go-karts will uh will

definitely understand that the less

input the better yeah in these cars this

track believe me is very easier Edwards

in their body switch everybody's

dropping down the order and Bradley's

dropping down the order I think he's had

a he's had an incident there are you

guys out Graham Hill as well I think

he's maybe just lit up on the exit the

corner spun off to the inside maybe

clipped the wall swears as well drop him

down author on Nicholas short Jenson as

well dropping down the order swears that

to drop down a few positions here in the

eleventh place now he's running it's all

going a bit a bit Pete Tong here it's

all going a bit crazy flows you though

stay at home thinking or these British

tracks are rubbish

next week we're going to sell mister

most must bear track promised so we're

all hyper available

betta ball no I know it's a laser scan

sir with them as well everyone talked

about silver stones probably might one

of my least favorite tracks and it just

it's one of my least favorite tracks

just I don't know why it's just one that

I'm collections yeah it's just what

strong rubbish it's rubbish she'd like

oats old service to new soaps than any

of it um I just I've only driven the

newer circuit but I don't know what it

is it should start like not my not my

cup of tea so to speak you know it's

just the tracks that I that I readily

play like her that I select that it's

just one that it always just you know I

just try to avoid like the plague just

you know not interested lost

you've lost points in my book late where

on Babu Saxon is where staring at the

back is spend of race he's under quite a

bear pressure here from from Saxon

Kerstetter as wells right on the back of

this go most junior this this top six of

effect three pulled away from the rest

of the field map booster in a world of

his own three seconds to the car behind

two and a half seconds to the car ahead

he's just cruising around in what would

be a fantastic seventh place by the way

for the ER number 13 really learning

quite a lot from the earth Skip Barber

instructors here's Gomez junior on the

back of Kerstetter Kerstetter is

currently fifth in the championship and

these two are battling for the for the

fourth place for the fourth place and


Nathan Saxon apparently fourth place 106

points to his name as he looks down the

inside of druids doesn't fancy a go

there was almost committed a bit of a

lock up there and Kerstetter is in fifth

place in championship only three points


Nathan Saxon so there's a bit of a fight

there where's go mr Gomez genius in

sixth place a good 20 odd points back

here spend the breeze getting attacked

quite a bit from from Saxon speak of the

devil yes fence finding himself in this

attempt in the eyes of Saxon now and as

you can see there's not even a half of a

car it's not even maybe a foot in

between the back of spend a phrases car

in the 4 car of Sachs and and now Saxons

going to look to the outside here as

they're gonna be coming down the just

into the first corner so Saxon didn't

really see much of an opportunity but he

is still in the money the thing that

they have to pay attention to is the

fact that curse setters just in behind I

mean all

we've seen this a few times in this

series where you get three cars battling

and the guy in the middle ends up

getting sandwiched if one guy misses

their braking zone that being the front

or the guy in the back but one person

not so right off too quickly as Gomez

jr who is actually the Dark Horse of

this series of man of calling it out

we've seen him very quick and he's had a

few issues in round number two when we

were at Spa where he ended up dropping

down to the order but we saw him

ultimately finding his pace the longer

that he drove so if he can hold it

together here we might actually see him

ending up on the podium because DeFries

in the first car that you're seeing here

coming into frame in that with that one

panel that is the guy that is in third

position now Cadwallader and Guinea are

way off into the distance four seconds

ahead of DeFries so if Gomez jr the car

that's the fourth in this view here

just coming into frame right there on

the left side he is ultimately in the

position where if de fries makes a

mistake or sex and makes a mistake or

Kerstetter makes a mistake all three of

those cars are gonna be bait for Gomez

and we've seen Gomez make big moves on

unpacks before

so if Gomez can hold it together here

he's in a good position to end up you

know finishing this first race on oh and

that was that Saxon good yesterday I was

trying to make a move going around the

outside a paddock a way it's possible to

do so it's more easy to go for a nice

cutback bow at the top end

kindiy steins pull away bit by bit we've

got three minutes in 17 seconds left the

race we've got a question for you though

earlier I gave you a fact 14 hours ago

about the circuit you remember it was I

bet this is your favorite circuit in the

entire world

you know what the fact was it was when

it was race where car I'll give you a

little bit about it was when it was like

race back in the 30s on motorcycles do

you know okay you know pay attention

they used to do this track backwards

imagine gonna kill Bend oh that's right

it's they used to race bikes here great

things we did I still do but it used to

be used to backwards yeah they still

race bikes here racing bike races around

the circuit

Oh elders are body again not good

unfortunate Jeff spin there at the it's

very lazy spinner those not any much it

could be about it does get back on the

road and fourteen position back up

battle for further well this this

basically train for third place is spend

a priest once again Saxon as a head up

towards the the Clark over then or it's

not Clark is about thirty s thank you

it's really straight me up for now who's

that number twelve was it I believe so I

didn't see anyone drop into the order

made it it may have been Doman because

he didn't yeah it wasn't a change on the

tree unless the tree is bugging up for

us right now but I think that was dohman

he's losing a bit more time now so yeah

I think he ended up just spinning on the

lap the last corner and he luckily

didn't collect anyone else I think that

the rest of the traffic ultimately just

went around him there but yeah like I

was saying Gomez jr surprise surprise

now he is in the battle for this it

currently it's a battle for about in

third and fourth position but I think

all four these drivers are really

gunning for for that podium finish that

de freeze is currently holding and it

freezes in probably the worst position

here as he is in that third position but

he has four guys trying to pressure him

to ultimately make a mistake so we'll

see if Saxon as he you know as we

mentioned earlier these drivers haven't

had a ton of experience on this track

right it's it's debatable you know who

the expert is here because we haven't

had you know these long qualifying or

practice sessions which we typically

have before you know you prior to these

races on Sunday for these drivers so now

that they're here we don't really know

who that those experts are so I think

you know if I was a guy like SAC Center

to freeze or Kerstetter and maybe I

didn't have as much experience at this

track it would come a little bit later

and as I would sit behind the car ahead

I might learn a thing or two and figure

out where those you know where those

those places I could make a pass like

where I can make that happen and then

all that it takes is a few laps where I

make that attempt and then it maybe it

works and then maybe it drives me off

the track but ultimately I think right

now we race number one is that is the

time to do that because wherever you

finish this race your that is your grid

starting position for race number two

certainly is of course we've got 25

seconds left of this race and this will

be the final lap of it I thought it was

gonna be close with the weather

checkered flag but I'm pretty sure now

we're right on board with game to use

got a bit of traffic getting in the way

I think I might be Marcial but it is

Ginn Dee leading the way quite

commentator Waldo he's been under a fair

amount of pressure they dive their way

past come up to clear ways once again

and after 50 minutes a shock to almost

no one Johnny

Ginn Dee takes five race victories fact

about credible start to the championship

cab Waldo bout bites back in the battle

for second spend of reach a drag race to

the line takes the final step on the

podium Saxon great drive not quite good

enough to take the podium away in

Kerstetter rounding out the top five

Johnny Ginn dido five race victories on

the bount what an incredible start

hunter Manley after starting in the last

place no less was the 20th qualifier

back in spa came into this one the sixth

qualifier struggled in at the actual

live qualifying session we haven't got a

crashes two cars are up there that's an

a buddy offer that's a buddy bear and

the number 15 coming through it's just

aeneas that's not the 15 car so that's

he's in 15th position but yeah it looked

like a body ends up spinning out again

but hey you know and this is what what I

was talking about I think with a lot of

these drivers they're just gonna have to

really just find their paces ultimately

this race number one based on the you

know the format that we're running here

where you're your race one doesn't

dictate points right it doesn't really

it's not that it doesn't mean anything

because you're it's ultimately a race

that dictates where you're gonna start

on the second race and that second race

is really where where everything matters

that's what's coming up that's what

really that you know these drivers have

in their focus and at the end of the day

you know your starting position a lot of

the time you know it creates

opportunities for you the further ahead

the row that you're starting the more

opportunities that you have the less

likely that you're gonna be battling but

I think coming up had Walter wasn't that

far off Ginn Dee we've never seen

someone able to hang on to Ginn Dee when

he is running in first position we've

seen spend to freeze be able to battle

door to door with

and hold them off when we back at spa

but we've never seen someone keep the

pace of Ginty through a track and

maintain less than a second gap in

between so that is something to pay

attention to here cadwalter might have a

pace to beat Ginn D here five wins in a

row though is something very difficult

the challenge yes an impressive streak

to wait for the season of course it

doesn't doesn't mean that we've got

we've got a champion in waiting because

believe me it can fall apart very

quickly the point structure here it's

only three points between victory and

second-place 35 points goes the way of

Ginty 32 points goes the way of

cadwalter and 30 points goes the way at

the end of recess break time points if

you have one bad race if you have a bad

race one that's gonna cost you it not

only in race one in race two as well

that was the point of view again – so

you can't afford a bad race one you need

to make sure that you're putting

everything together at the top and such

a tight margin between the briefs and

Saxon Kerstetter and Gomez jr all

separate by seven tenths of a second

come at Shelley first race at Brands but

coming up shortly we'll get racing again

another 50 minute race coming up after






welcome back it is race number 2 coming

up in the Skip Barber earase series

round number 3 if that's the best sorry

to say it I think I could have organized

that a bit better but we are here for

race number two in round number three of

the Skip Barber Irae series I am Elliott

Bishop and I'm joined here by Luis

McGlade Luis what are you expecting to

see in race number two obviously Jonny G

Indy on that pole position but

Cadwallader and spend a freeze right

behind him spend of races pace I know

he'll be watching this back and he'll

always message me with her how dare you

say that but your pace was not good

there pal he said he's not really a

massive fan of the circuit same front

row as it was last time then Ginty and

cadwalter indy on the inside the yellow

Cadwallader on the outside in the blue

cab baldest pace was mighty impressive

in the previous race and we'll see if he

can take the challenge to the number 2

car of johnny indy one more time then 15

more minutes to take us on this Brands

Hatch adventure run down towards paddock

Hill once more it's such a short run

it's going to be crucial to get that

good start Ginty away well cap alder

away well in the background as well as

we all funnel out and try and find our

way through it down the hill through

paddock once again number one car of

spend of resource I pick it up a decent

start we saw a lunge from him into

druids turn two on the first lap last

time org Indies run a little bit wide

opening the door ever so slightly to cap

water gap water's got to the outside of

him as they run down towards gray Mao

not quite enough Indy's gonna hang on

Cadwallader leads debris sacks and

Kerstetter Gomez junior boots and manly

so manly

oh who's that is Busa matt boots down

the in the background down to fourteenth

base now all the way down to the back of

the crib massive crash out graham hill

yeah that looks like Jensen maybe also

off the track because booster was able

to recollection tire field pass by and

he seems to still be in the in order but

boost is actually finding a few places

just back behind as dolmens gonna drop

back and now we're on board with Sven to

freeze and look at this this is exactly

the situation that these guys need right

now they need to be able to keep

kindiy in their sights they don't want

to let him get away and you know what

I've noticed with Guinea every time that

we've gone to his on board in lap number

one and we're looking back to the driver

and second place there's always like oh

no spend the breeze is that an offender

freezing cold and there's another one

there's more contact going on up ahead

who's involved in that hunter manly as

well spend of Reece Cadwallader contact

coming out of Graham Hill Bend all three

of them dropping massively down the

order spender breeze down the 17th place

not sure what happened absolute carnage

allowed Ginn D to run away and look for

number six in a row Saxon in second

position now promoted ahead of curse

there that is not the birthday presents

bender responded yeah that is not uh

that that should definitely shook up the

the order quite a bit we I was just

talking about cat Walters opportunity

really to keep India in the in in his

sights because Ginn D is able to gap

quite a bit within the first lap and now

that's really what I was getting at was

the fact that Indy every time we're

looking at him on the first lap he he

creates distance within a few few

corners so I was hoping that that would

that would prove different as

Cadwallader was able to keep it a bit

closer than normal but I think that just

a small mistake ultimately put himself

cat Walter into freeze all the way in

the back of the row luckily it's early

in the race so it's not all thrown away

for these guys they have lots of time to

they ultimately have the entire race

ahead of them but yeah definitely not a

position you want to be in especially

with the consistency from most of these

drivers right they work you know they

drive on a lot of these tracks obviously

this is a newer track so it's a little

bit that's why we're seeing more of

these wrecks and mistakes being made

because it they haven't had the time to

work on this track specifically but I

think you know when we look at these

drivers ultimately as Edwards actually

makes up a spot here tasks on Jablonski

Jablonski come back in it and actually

go to the inside here in Jablonski might

be but he just broke loose just a little

bit and he collected the driver just

behind I don't know if it that I was

able to hang on Edwards is now gonna

lose it as well so Jablonski is gonna go

through and and hold six position lewis

so many uh so much carnage here in race

number two

with fernandez it just got a little

bit's how brilliant I must say hats off

to Edwards and to Blonsky side-by-side

basically across the entire course of

the lap there fantastic work from those

two Jablonski of course took a podium

took the runner-up oh it took third

place rather correction third place in

these race of the season back in the goo

mistake a couple of weeks ago not been

quite as strong in the second race there

or a spy who's actually running quite

well in the second race there but an

issue tar who's that office hunter manly

Oh massively off at Graham Hill was in a

lot we're seeing more mistakes in the

second race think people have got a bit

overconfident and believe me it may be a

short circuit may look really easy on a

track map but it's a hard one Kerstetter

trying to take a second position away

from from sacks and Nathan Saxon doing a

great job there are now on the podium

how many ponies he had a payees had one

podium this season that was in race two

of the season back in Laguna Seca as a

Kerstetter currently in that battle for

the fourth position with Nathan Saxon

has been on the podium back in spa a bit

of confidence coming into this round as

Fernandez drops down the order again

yeah I think four four sacks and we saw

him going into into paddock really

holding a defensive line and maybe it's

a little bit too early right now we have

ten minutes left in the race ultimately

we've we're close to about a third way

through we're running it based on time

and not on a set amount of laps but but

ultimately running the defensive line

here early in the race might actually

prove to be a negative here for sacks

and his Kerstetter o Kerstetter is

actually gonna go wide here so maybe

that was the play unfortunately for

Kerstetter so now our top our second or

two three and four cars are gonna find

themselves way back in the order leaving

ginn d all by himself with Saxon and

Gomez now back behind I think we'll see

as Schettino might actually find a

position here over Spears but I think

he's gonna be able to slot it in here as

Spears just let it lets him have that

position it's better not to let it arch

into battle that in that corner

obviously as year you're off of you know

you're off balance they almost the

entire time just trying to hold the car

but man oh man Johnny guineas finding

himself in a position to really lock in

this is

this six race win in a row but

ultimately you know in the position that

he's in now you know we've seen a lot of

these other drivers make mistakes on

this course just based on the fact that

maybe they haven't had as much time to

practice they might not know you know

how the car behaves you know in certain

positions but not only that maybe

they're at the point now where they

understand how the car reacts on the

racing line as we see someone just get a

little too hard on the brakes they're

they know how the car reacts on the

racing line but as soon as you add in

some traffic and some other cars it

creates a bit more of a challenge than

it puts you off balance then you end up

you know because this is quite a narrow

track right when you're going through

these sweeping corners you're off

balance and then ultimately if you drive

it out wide just a little bit pick up a

little bit of grass you find yourself

way off so as long as Johnny Ginn D is

immune to this you know this learning

that's going on in the in the back end

of the field where people are figuring

this track out he shouldn't find himself

in a position where he can run away from

Saxon and Gomez yeah it's like I said

through everything as happy he's got 33

second ears gandi and whilst everyone

separates themselves to the top five we

still with this massive bow there was

someone off in the background there that

was the youth that was swank massively

off the road

Kath Walters making his way up the order

quite nicely as his Edwards who's there

battling with Spears at the bottom end

of the top ten you top-ten order Ginty

sacks and Gomez Junior rounding out the

podium great Drive from Norton Jablonski

er they have the 11 and 10 up in fourth

and fifth there Swiss has been off the

record I think and Marcial has got by

into ninth place shortened Jablonski

like I said a baddie great job as well

14 car up in sixth place

Aska teeny Edwards Marci au and Swiss

rounding out rounding out the top ten

yeah Walder made it back up to 12th

place at the moment here is Swiss

dropping down past Kerstetter now as

well maybe not the strongest race pace

from from the Texan yeah and I was just

about to say I was keeping an eye on

Cadwallader in DeFries as they drop back

her a little bit earlier from from

second and third position all the way

down to the back of the order but it

looks like cadwalter is actually coming

back just from the point that I took

over lowest when I started talking just

now he's been able to make up half of a

second on Spears just ahead of

so I don't know if that's just based on

the fact that Spears was battling with

Kerstetter but now cadwalter is not out

of the order here and one person to

focus on really quickly is a body

because we know that he had a few

mistakes and race number one look at

where he's at now he's in sixth position

just slotted in behind Jablonski

obviously three seconds ahead of him but

Jablonski is nowhere near short either

so if a body has the pace and he's able

to figure it out here as Kerstetter is

gonna go to the inside really a deep

angle just the inside of this sixteen

car of mas al he's now in a position

where Kerstetter was able to overtake


and it seems that the tires of the 16

car would cooked going into druids as

much power as cadboard has also got by

there is CAD border now on the back of

Marcial as well Manley's hunter manley

up in the 12th place also got buyer

swears a few drivers struggling with

tires here only six and a half minutes

to go in in the second race here at

Brands IndieCade Balder after an

incident for those who just jumping in

thinking what's cadwalter and debris

still massively down the order there was

there was an instant between those two

where hunter Manley is well involved in

that coming out of Graham Hill been the

third corner on the circuit and now

they've dropped down the order cab all

that's doing an excellent job in coming

back up the order spend the fries

birthday boy maybe not so much down in

16th place to score in a few points but

the threat for their second place of

championship and that battle they were

on they would they came into this joint

on points that's they're coming under a

lot of threat here kept order looking

around the outside as we head through

surtees and up towards clear ways a

little bit of contact there between

Marcial as well or vascular over the

grass kept order up the position of that

is what I would call up off yeah man I

mean a cat Walder definitely had a ton

of pace there you saw it you saw it and

catching on the outside there and I

don't and that's really what I'm talking

about you know a lot of these guys have

to talent and experience you don't want

a plethora of tracks but if this is one

of their first times driving here you

know you you eventually get to the point

where you're comfortable in the racing

line but the second thing you have a car

next to you and challenging you

especially on the outside yeah it's it's

hard to you know to figure out what to

do there so I think that that collision

was incidental you know obviously

they'll say

look who the the marshals to take a look

back at that but ultimately cadwalter is

storming through the order here as he

really wants to get himself back into

the top ten which he is now in tenth

position he was able to close a gap

about about two seconds to car ahead and

now he has about two almost three

seconds to Chrisette er who's currently

in ninth and that Edwards just ahead of

that so there is a bit of a split here

in the field but ultimately the guy to

focus on is is right now currently

Edwards because he has an opportunity

with only seven tenths behind the US

katene II but Scottie nee definitely has

more experience in this series as he has

been in round number one and number two

and Edwards is a new face in round

number three here but if Edwards can

claim his place and show that he is uh

he's working with the Skip Barber team

and developing a bit quicker here as

we're coming into the last four minutes

of the race he can really prove himself

and continue to better his position as

I'm not sure how that was and it wasn't

Saxon I thought the barrier yeah yeah I

think that was doumitt again luckily he

was getting out of the way of the of the

race as he is quite a bit further back I

think he's about a lap down

but man oh man this has just been an

eventful race as we go on board with the

race leader and this is what I was uh

what I was talking about the car just

ahead of him so the I believe it's a red

car Ginn DS is the yellow car that's in

the middle of the frame I think it's

actually purple not read but Ginn DS now

coming up on lap traffic so this is the

car and you know all the way in the back

of the the field

I think it's Swank yep so Gidney is it

gonna be able to slot in and pass

without much of an issue but a lap

traffic can always be a challenge

especially we just got off of the 24

hour stint doing the 24 Hours of LeMans

filled with traffic but you know that

we're not really used to it in this sort

of format right maybe one or two cars

you'll be able to pass but that's gonna

be a bit of a challenge here forgive me

win the last three minutes if he runs

into any more of that absolutely

Jablonski by the way battle p4 that's a

tight one only three tenths of a second

separating the number 10 car and the

number 11 for fourth place short coming

under a lot of pressure from from the

podium sitter from the first round of

the season there's katene Ian Edwards

like you say very close this battle here

at 12th position at 11th position

Marcial leave the squares he'll will

back up the order the number 10 and

number 11 battling it out to find out

who's gonna finish we're inside the top

five two and a half minutes to go in the

the final race here at Brands Hatch

we're going to stay in there in the UK

though for round 4 don't you panic like

I said we're off to Silverstone next

week for round four of the season these

are flying by Elia and Ginn T's enjoying

his run at top yeah I think frig India

is probably even going a bit quicker

he's uh you know he hasn't he hasn't

been you know he was challenging round

two but he hasn't been challenged here

yet Cadwallader was close on the back

end of him and I think you know I really

you know obviously this is a prediction

but I think if cadwalter could have held

his pace and ultimately not made that

mistake you know whether that was him or

spend a phrase that caused that that

incident they he could have held that

pace and potentially with spend really

run it to Ginn dee you know obviously


you know is has that that that five

plate but you have to remember the spend

of fries qualified first for this race

now he's back in 16 so that you know

obviously that's not the progression

that he was looking for but I think this

could have been the track if they could

have held it together and had a few to

no mistakes this could have been the

track that they could have brought it to

sits again deep but I think it's worth

mentioning as well that the qualifying

positions were brought were actually

obtained in Daytona so

spend a freeze if this would have been

Daytona maybe you would have been a bit

quicker but this is definitely a bit of

a different track it's a different

scenario and it's uh it's ultimately you

know these cars are probably feeling a

bit like they're on ice through a lot of

these corners well you know not very

stable and ultimately just trying to

find find their pace absolutely it's

it's pretty tough about a couple of laps

left to go to run here look at the

hunter Manley doing Spears as well Marci

out at the head of this is a very very

tight bow it looked pretty spread out

not too long ago and now everything's

really tightened up in the final minute

here at Brands Indy it's been an

interesting challenge for you might you

say a bit different to Daytona where we

were supposed to be initially on the

schedule the run two brands indeed out

something different yes fears just God

he was just on the inside going into

Jared's and then coming just down to the

next corner he was looking to the

outside because he went to the inside on

the corner previous and he just didn't

have enough room and he ended up getting

squeezed off didn't collect too much

grass there which is ultimately a good

thing but yeah he was a just got pushed

back just a little bit as Edwards gonna

pick up a position on us gets Heaney for

seventh position and now we're on board

with Jablonski who has round the back

end of short now so we're on the final

lap so ultimately kindy it's it number 6

number ice is complete but if we go back

to I believe that was Jablonski yep

we're back on Jablonski here he comes

down the back straightaway he doesn't

have the pace to catch the car ahead so

short is gonna finish fourth and

Jablonski in fifth and now going to skid

tini these guys just aren't gonna have

the slipstream here to make up these

gaps even if you know it was a 10th or

so maybe we'll see a difference for goal

is I'm not sure if they're just gotten

too bossy ow


yeah Marcy Elza off off the track but uh

yeah I think air was able to find a

couple positions there fortunately for

him at the end of the race but man

unfortunate situation for Sven to freeze

and cadwalter and also cursed at her all

three of those guys were high up there

but like I said in race number one Gomez

jr is gonna be sitting in the top five

waiting for those mistakes to happen and

it'll get him on the podium and there he

is third position Gomez jr and Ginn Dee

and we'll just go through the order now

Ginn be in first place

obviously six races in a row undefeated

in this series Saxon second position

Gomez jr came in third after big

battles were happening in the top five

short in fourth Jablonski fifth a body

six Edwards seventh Schettino eighth

Kerstetter in ninth and cadwalter coming


to round out our top ten yeah that's the

first podium there for Gomez jr in the

season so we're finally starting to work

out for him of course before we see the

results if you want to take part in this

championship easy to do so go on to Skip

Barber comm /e race – series or theories

of the Americans in lieu you will you

say it's with that you get some

excellent tutelage from the Skip Barber

instructors and believe me that is worth

an awful lot more than $20 which is the

entropy to take part in the qualifier

fantastic stuff if you want to get on

the grid please please come along and

take part qualifying next time is it's

Silverstone here is the race order

joining indeed sacks and go most year

your boy on the podium good shout from

him and then we've got that really close

battle between shortened to Blonsky like

you said it by the Edwards scooty me

Kerstetter in Kent Waldo big getting up

inside the top ten spender briefs only

managed to get back up to 15th in all of

that a few retirements from it how was

your your first commentary experience of

brands Indy hey you know I almost wish

me that we did the longer orientation it

was much better

ah it would be so amazing but I think

that this this particular track really

put a

you know it really challenged these

drivers right it's something that you

don't really in and we talked about this

a lot you don't really get comfortable

at any point you're basically just

constantly turning and running through

these sweeping long corners so you have

to maintain your pace in the second that

you make a small mistake the cars behind

are able to just slot in and pass by and

there's really not like a place that you

can reset your speed where there's like

a heavy braking zone

besides druids but that's you know

that's one place in the track so this is

a great track and it's fun but it is

very challenging and I think that the

drivers figured that out in race number

one and two here yeah absolutely so

we're like safe you want to come and

take part qualify represent

to morrow monday between 9:00 am and

11:00 pm Pacific time god knows what

our time is wherever you ask that is

your time so that's that's great for you

Elliott no idea what time it is here in

the UK it's plus eight or minus eight

where are they anyway it has been a

great run with us here at Brands Hatch

they gave it back in the UK for

Silverstone in just a week's time if

those you wondering when we go to the

the US version of Brands Hatch in the

Lime Rock Park around the seasons yeah

you fancy a go at that thank you very

much for joining us though Elliott

bishop and alongside it myself

this place the other run way around so

very good and we'll see you very very
















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