Skagen Falster 3 Review: Minimalist generalist

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

You know for a watch that's supposed to be understated and minimalistic it has a really funny charge animation AIDS Joshua Vergara what's going on everybody if you've been waiting for a very good looking and a practical wear OS Smart Watch well maybe you have to look no

Further this is the Skagen falster 3 so I did this video a little bit differently to give you an experience with the Skagen Falls for 3 I went ahead and took it with me on a trip without the charger so why don't we go ahead and

Rewind the clock let me take you to that particular adventure it is officially 6 a.m. in the morning you can see it it's not even daylight out the Sun isn't even out and I'm at Long Beach Airport as you can hear all

Right it's time for my review of the Skagen falster 3 you probably know my stance on smartwatches in general but this one I have quite a bit of excitement for mainly because of his minimalistic look and a couple of the

Features on there that might actually make it last a long time and by a long time I know that that's relative for a wireless watch but I'm gonna get into the battery life in a little bit ok I'm about to board my flight but one thing

About the batteries I could savor it's hard to do videos in an airport like this I did not bring the Charter I'm gonna be gone for about two days about a day and a half two days let's see if this can actually last my entire

Trip it's always interesting flying up with the sunrise does a nice gradient here we go with this test for the next 36 a course let's see if at all I should keep oh it's early for me anyway alright finally here in San

Francisco luckily they had my room for me pretty early so it is now about 10 a.m. it is 9:45 actually and I am at 85% right now so here's the thing I'm here for about 36 hours like I said before I did not bring the charger with me

Because I want to see if the Scogin Foster 3 will actually go the distance or at least the distance of this trip one of the cool things about this watch is that there are some power saving modes in here that were put in by Skagen

Themselves or by the faso group or by fossil it's not really a where OS built-in feature this is something that the manufacturer did as much as I enjoy those power saving modes I have my own little tips and tricks for getting the

Most out of the SmartWatch without having to sacrifice some of the key features that make smartwatches so enticing the Skagen falster is basically a minimalistic watch with smart capabilities the band does try maybe a

Little bit too hard to work with basically any outfit the reason why is because that brown band that I have on my unit is a leather band but that's only the top portion of it because the bottom side is all silicone so of course

That means that a watch like this can be used in more workout situations after all google fit is in the software here just like with most wear OS watches and that silicone on the bottom is not going to get damaged by any sweat that you get

On the band because of your workouts admittedly though the watch doesn't really fit in at the gym at least in my opinion the watch is minimalistic which means it doesn't stand like a sore thumb thankfully but every

Time I look down at the watch to check my time or to check my notifications or anything like that it just didn't really seem to go well with my sweat wicking shirt but the watch body is rated for sweat resistance and has an IP rating so

It is able to withstand those situations now the watch body is not too big and also not too thick which makes it perfect for somebody like myself it is able to blend in with a lot of other outfits outside of the gym situation of

Course like I mentioned and there are a few buttons over on the side with the middle one also working double time as a rotating dial it's honestly something that I feel like should be on every single Smart Watch the screen is

Gorgeous by the way and it might be one of the best-looking ones I've ever seen on a wear OS Smart Watch it responds very well to the rotating dial and everything is nice and crisp on here meaning that when you're actually

Reading things like messages and emails it's really easy on the eyes overall the look of the Scogin foster 3 is an immediate highlight for this wear OS Smart Watch say what you will about where I was in particular the fact that

Skagen does its best to make the outside as clean and as simple as possible makes you kind of overlook the fact that once you dive into the operating system things can get a little bit muddled but we'll get to that in a little bit yeah

Just a nice stroll to get some coffee to start off the day my meeting is not until a little bit later today though so oh it's nice 15 minute walk oh man that place was dope it was a real hole in the wall

Alright so let's get underneath that screen and talk about some of the specifications one of the main things that Scoggin and indeed the faso group ended up doing with these smart watches is not only outfitted with the

Snapdragon wear 3100 but also gave it 1 gigabyte of RAM that's probably one of the reasons why I find it to be a very smooth operating system because it's not trying too hard to keep running things in the background and there's not a

Whole lot to say about Wireless because it doesn't really change among all of the different current smartwatches even if you get this watch or moto 360 or a Fossil sport you pretty much get the same experience you go into the Play

Store you find different applications that might be available or you might end up installing different watch faces like for example on this one I would love to have the goldeneye watch face like I had for a previous where OS Smart Watch but

You know what the Scogin Fosters built-in watch faces are so elegantly designed that I just stick to one of those like I've slept with many smartwatches before I only really use a couple of applications that are built-in

And I mainly use these as notification centers that way I can just look at the notification on here and decide whether or not I want to actually take my phone out I don't actually respond to the messages using the watch but you can do

Other things like take calls on this watch as well because there is a speaker on top of the microphone and of course you have the Bluetooth connection I literally got a call on the watch hit the green button and started talking to

The person like this now this is something that is not new on smartwatches but this is the first time I did it and I have to admit the Scoggin Falls 2 or 3 did not do too badly of course talking to your wrist like this

Is probably not all that natural and it's not something that you would probably do very often but it's nice to have the option there was one other thing that I did on this watch that I haven't done on anywhere os Smart Watch

And that was use google fit for tracking a workout this was a bit of a pleasant surprise to be honest I know that what I'm about to talk about is available on other smartwatches but I have to say the Scoggin foster 3 despite not really

Fitting in in a gym environment still did pretty well so you just hit fit workout hit start and it will try to detect your movements based upon the sensors in the watch now it can give you up to three top guesses and I was kind

Of surprised that it was pretty spot-on a couple of cool things are that when you're done with your set it will give you a 90 second timer or something customizable if you want a longer rest that way you know to get back to work

You can also log how much weight you actually lifted and then finally it detects how many reps you did so there were some times where I lost count of how many reps I was doing just because I was focusing on the lift and then when I

Looked at the watch I found out I did either one less or one too many overall this is an example of how where OS does have a lot of capabilities but it comes back to all of the same questions when it comes to smartwatches does it do what

You needed to do or it does it do way too much generally for most users where OS does way too much and it ends up being a little bit of a sunk cost because there's so many things in the watch that you might not even touch so

If you don't really want to work with all of those applications you don't have to you can still just use this watch as a very effective Notification Center with occasional work done on Google assistant or things like a timer for

Steeping tea like I always do but of course an operating system that tries to be all things to all people might have lackluster battery life and that's been a problem for y OS watches for a long time

Scoggin tries to address this by having power saving modes that are well thought out and actually do help you can stick to the daily power mode which basically has all of the features on and it expects you to charge it every single

Night if you go to extended it says that it can turn on essential features only when you need them and this should be able to let you charge every few days it is an effective mode and I plan on using it later if the watch with my settings

Doesn't go as long as I wanted to but my one problem with the extended mode is that it also turns off the always-on display it's for that reason that for most smartwatches I tend to do the following

I turn off all of the sensors that way the watch does not turn on unless I hit the button on the side and I try to turn off other features that are non-essential like for example location I turn it to on-demand and I also turn

Off the Wi-Fi so that way I always have a watch face on that way can always check the time and then when I actually want to interact with the watch I hit the button on the side and start doing everything I want okay so

This entire segment where I'm just sort of sitting here in my hotel room this was all done at around noon time a couple of hours after my last check-in segment and I'm down to 76% I'm hoping that by the end of today before I go to

Bed I'm not anywhere lower than maybe 50% maybe 45% and I think that should still get me that extra half-day that I really need in order to get back home without this watch dying on me completely but as I mentioned I could

Always move over to the extended battery saving mode if I do feel like the watch under my settings is not going to make the full trip so clearly I'm at the airport now but I did want to give a quick update before I finish up this

Trip about how the battery life has been going last night as I predicted right before I went to bed it did get down to 45 percent battery life which meant that I changed it up to the extended power mode that way I could still have some

Fabio for today but you know what as I'm sitting in the airport right now had 245 just waiting for my flight that is about a day and a half battery life that I was able to get by using those particular modes I think

That I would have been able to make it all the way till now but I am at 10% now using a combination of my settings and the extended power mode I guess the main takeaway here is that you have these different power modes so that you can

Get the most out of the Skog and foster 3 there is one more mode however that I'm going to start using right now and that is time only basically as I'm hitting single digit battery life I'm going to go ahead and go to a time only

Mode where all I'm gonna be able to do on this watch is tell the time and with all that in mind I'm gonna go ahead and get back home and I will finish this thing up once I'm back in Los Angeles if are you looking for is a smart wipes

That has a couple of apps that you might use and you definitely want to look at your notifications without taking your phone out then this particular experiment that I did is a perfect example of how to achieve that if you

Want to do more with this watch like in particular sleep tracking which is something I like to do with wearables sleep as Android is a great application that integrates really well with where OS well you're gonna have to charge this

Watch more often maybe for about 10 to 15 minutes in the middle of the day before bed that way you have at least that 20 to 30% that you might require in order to sleep track and wake yourself up with that alarm in the morning if you

Really want a wear OS SmartWatch something that integrates beautifully with your Android smartphone then the Skagen Foster 3 might be one of the easiest entry points into this world and at 295 dollars it is asking you to pay a

Decent amount for a watch that you can't use more than maybe a day and a half or two or three days at the most depending on what power settings you choose but as long as you can get over that hurdle I think that you have one of the most

Elegant versions of wear OS that is available now and you know what I'm a SmartWatch skeptic I would prefer to have something with longer battery life and I don't need all of the functions that are in typical wear os watches but

You know what I'm actually pretty happy to have this one on my wrist even if it has to come off that wrist more often than I would like so I'm gonna call it on this one thank you so much for watching into the

Comment sections down below let me know what you think about the Scoggin falster 3 especially if you got one for yourself that way you can tell us what your experience has been like and then you can drop some likes on this video and

Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already consider hitting the bell over on the side because I've noticed some users telling me that did not see my videos in the feed so you definitely want to hit that Bell if you

Want to keep up with everything that I'm doing but again thank you so much for watching and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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