SKAGEN FALSTER 3 (Problems and Best Features ONE MONTH LATER)

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

It's been one month since this Goggin foster 3 came out and since then there have been a lot of positive reviews for its sleek minimal design and improvements to wear LS including advanced battery controls savable watch faces and much more

But now it's time to look beyond the initial impressions and discuss how well this watch actually performs under daily use I've been wearing this watch for the past 4 weeks and in this time I found a lot that was not mentioned in the

Original reviews and in this video I will share with you the biggest problems and best features I found during daily use welcome back to the channel I'm Michael

Bryan and in this video we're talking about the Scoggin foster three one month later and after wearing this watch for most of the last month I found out quite a few things that I did not mention in the original video and I wanted to

Update you guys in this one here now in this video I'll talk about some pros and cons that I noticed and you may notice that this is a little bit heavier on the con side mostly just because when you wear something for an entire month you

Tend to notice things that don't work more than things that do work so overall I really do like this wash I think it's an excellent SmartWatch and like I said it's similar to the fossil Gen 5 which was one of my favorite watches of 2019

But with that being said let's get into this video the first con that I noticed and it's kind of a major drawback on the mechanical side for me at least is when you look at the watch and the watch strap the connection right there so if

You pull on the watch straps as you might when you're putting it on that's where I first noticed this there is a clicking sound so let's see if we can catch this on the microphone here so I'm not entirely sure if this is because of

The watch strap or the watch body itself but it must be a fairly loose tolerance somewhere and it does lead me to have some concerns about how long this will actually last and I do have concerns with it breaking in the future

Specifically at that hinge point right there but the rest of the watch when you look at it is a very sturdy design so on the pro side the watch body itself I really do like the simple minimalistic design there it feels really nice it's

Relatively light but it feels you know durable and sturdy and another pro on the front I originally said that I was not a big fan of the bezel all the way around there but it does actually do a decent job of protecting the glass from

Getting scratched if you scrape against things and it also matches pretty well when you look at it on the side it's pretty symmetric top and bottom being that the back of the watch is that's very similar black to the bezel right

There so the aesthetics as I've been saying in the original video and again now are definitely very good but in another con again this one is actually definitely specific to the watch and and the silicone blue watchband in

Particular is something that is a complete dirt magnet so if you look very closely this watch has a lot of grooves and with that the inevitable buildup of dust in there over the course of time so like I said you can clean this and you

Pretty much have to clean this and it's just a small drawback with this style of watch band of course there are other styles out there you can get but this one I really do like the feel of this and I like the color of it it you know

You can workout and it doesn't feel bad at all and that's something that I think is unfortunately it was it's a pro that I like this style of watch band but it definitely accumulates a lot of dirt which is not that's not something I like

Now in the con side the battery in this watch much like many wear LS watches does not last long if you have everything on with this watch and they're not in power-saving mode then you're going to be lucky to really get

Through a full day now if you change the watch settings so that it is in like power or extended mode then I am able to get about two days out of this watch which is decent and it's something that a lot of wear less watches do not have

And it's something that I really like about the fossil Gen 5 and the Skagen falster 3 right here having that extended battery life is definitely a big lifesaver and kind of makes up for that gap right there something I said

Was a drawback originally and is actually not a drawback on here was the underwater mode is what I called it and this actually does have a way to disable the touch to wake feature very easily so if you swipe down from the top and you

Just go do your quick settings there and you tap on the one that's the bottom center then that will disable it so if you're going underwater or if your showering or whatever and actually right off the bat let me just take care of a

Comment I'm gonna get lots of comments saying but Mike why why would you shower with the watch and honestly and I've said this before the same reason you would ever wear a watch so you can tell the time when you're showering but also

Because I don't feel like taking it off but regardless it does have that so that's actually really nice you can wear this in the shower and not have to worry about having accidental touches the next con again a small one and not to keep

Bashing this watch strap but I found that the loop that they have on there it comes off really easily and I've actually lost it once or twice when I take my watch off and I set it down to charge and if you bump it or anything

It's fairly easy to get that off and have like I said lost it a couple times but regardless as long as you keep that in mind and you just are a little more careful it's not a big drawback just wish they made that a little bit smaller

Or made the buckle a little bit larger so that doesn't happen but it does so I can't necessarily recommend this particular watch strap to people I mean it looks good but there are two other callers so definitely check those out or

If you get this one you can swap out any watch band you want it's a very common size a twenty two millimeter watch band so honestly I might be doing that as well on the positive side this watch does a really good job of customization

And I actually got a question recently about what the little Skagen afta is if you tap the little bottom bottom right by default it opens up like their app which shows you like a bunch of different colors and it says like black

Blue purple and people maybe it's not intuitive and it wasn't to me when I first got the fossil Gen 5 but essentially what you're doing here is you can customize the watch faces and save them as presets down here and they

Kind of save by color as well so if you say Oh today I'm wearing something that is purple let's find one of my purple watch faces and have it match and I think that's really cool that they enabled you to make bins like that and

Also customize your watch faces so if you look right here so if we just tap and hold on this watch face and we go down to settings just on the bottom right there you can go in and change so if you go down then you can change the

Dial color and so if we want to change this one to I mean any color you want let's just say we want to change it to like blue right there then you can go down to the bottom and say save look and when you save the look it'll save in

Your loaded watch faces and so this is just a quick way like I said to go over to blue then tap on blue and you'll see that this one is saved as one of the blue watch faces so again easier it's supposed to just be easy if you wear you

Know if you want two different colors to switch between or you want some different looks for your watch that are very easy to access this is the way you would do that so I hope that answered some questions for some people so

Something else I found is a drawback on this watch for me at least is when I'm wearing it on my left wrist if I bend my wrist back it's fairly easy to tap the center button right there the crown and if you bend your wrist back for any

Extended amount of time say it half a second one second it pretty easy to summon Google assistant there and then you end up having these weird like Google assistants on when you

Don't expect that so that that's kind of annoying in my in my opinion so what I wish they allowed you to do would be have like a inverse mode so if you could flip it upside down like if you were a left-handed person or if you wanted this

To be upside down on your left wrist then it would be I think a better way to manage that so if the crown is on the other side it's a little harder to twist it but at least to give some people the option to choose which side you want so

Really what I'm saying is I wish the watch would be able to reorient this way and still show you the display not upside-down that's just a very very small drawback there but it's something again I want people to know this so they

Don't get it and then realize that it only is oriented in one direction and you can't switch wrists or you can't switch it on one wrist so something I thought it was strange about this watch as well as the phosphagen five was the

Utilization of the buttons so because they have three buttons there you think that each one would have a single tap a double tap and they tap and hold now realistically that's not how it works they all have a single tap of course the

Crown in the center has tap and hold but not double tap the button on the top has double tap but not tap and hold and the bottom one doesn't have double tap or tap and hold so I don't know why they didn't enable you to utilize all of

Those I think that would be a really nice way especially when you're working out to not have to use the touchscreen if you're swimming or if you're sweaty or whatever it can be annoying to use a touchscreen and so buttons I think would

Be a great use right there unfortunately that's not what they have set up so who knows maybe they'll really release an update and we can do that in the future so next I want to test out the GPS accuracy for you and see how well this

Actually works and I also want to show you Google Maps on here and something that I get probably the most comments about as far as apps go on the watch people want to see how you can use google maps and navigate around with

This watch navigate to Walmart now let's test it out and see how well the GPS works I will be walking on an own path so we'll see how well it tracks the distance all right so it's kind of

Bright so I'm not sure if you can see that but I did just walk one known mile so it looks like it's only off by like 1% right there just actually really really impressive regardless I don't know if this is the best for ultra

Competitive runners but for most people this should definitely get the job done actually right there it changed so it's off by 2% apparently even though I'm not moving right now so I think that's pretty much everything

I have to say about the Scoggin and falster 3 after one month of using it and overall I really do like this watch I recommend it to a lot of people and I hope this video didn't come off as having little petty complaints because

Really what I wanted to point out was the things that most people would notice after they started wearing it for a while and I wanted to point them out now so that when you get the watch you'll know these things and you won't be

Disappointed further on down the road but like I said I really do like this watch overall and I do recommend it so if you enjoyed this video please remember to like and subscribe as always guys thank you all for watching


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