Single Guy Picks A Date Based On Their Parents

published on July 2, 2020

– This is Gadiel

He's a single guy living in LA,

and he's looking for love

These are nine sets of parents

Each with a lovely daughter,

who might just be Gadiel's future wife

(audience laughing)

Over the course of three rounds,

Gadiel will eliminate each set of parents,

eventually picking one of their
daughters for a first date

The catch, the daughters are all watching

and as their parents are eliminated,

they will reveal themselves to the group,

and let Gadiel know what he's missing

– This is stressful y'all

– She's looking for a man
who's in it for the long haul

– You are gorgeous

– Oh wow!

– You, the up

– I am so sorry

– Are you serious?

– This is an emotional
roller coaster right now

Great to meet you all,
a little bit about me,

my name is Gadiel Delorbe, I'm a veteran,

I work for Buzzfeed,

I live in LA and what I like
to do is I love dancing,

I dance a lot of Latin music,
Salsa, Bachata, Merengue

And I love traveling

I travel every year

I've been all over the world,

within the military and
also me being Dominican,

I travel back and forth
to the country a lot

And what I'm looking for in a
girl is somebody who's smart,

fun that doesn't take herself so serious,

you can put me in any situation,

and we gonna have fun and
we gonna make it happen

– So, the person that you wanna date,

the person you see is somebody's looks

Since I can't see your daughters,

I'm gonna use this round
to take a mental picture

Question number one is
your daughter pretty?

– Absolutely

– Yes

– Yeah
– Look at us, look at us

(audience laughing)

– Nobody's gonna say no

(audience laughing)

All right, what are her best features?

– Her best features I would say would be,

she's beautiful on the outside

And that resonates with
the inside as well

– Ari has amazing dimples

– So, you know, she has a great smile

– Gabrielle is a very
confident young woman

and has these gorgeous almond blue eyes

– She exercises quite a bit

She can keep herself up physically,

but mentally she keeps
herself into and by,

helping counsel friends

– She has the heart of gold

She has the most beautiful
smile in the world

– Jessica is not only gorgeous,

she's voluptuous and
when she enters a room,

you know that her presence is there,

'cause she has a lot of energy

– She's got these star blue eyes,

pops right in the face,

the inside and the outside
really match up really well

– People gravitate to
her at any given moment

She's just beautiful inside and out

– She just has that bubbly personality,

and have big, beautiful eyes

I call her baby boo

– Show me a baby picture


they're all so beautiful

– Good, good answer brother, good answer

– It's hard because, it's few questions,

we didn't get to know much of everyone

But give me five seconds

– I haven't been so nervous in my life

(audience laughing)

– And I'm back

And welcome to my show

Dating the parents

(audience laughing)

Everybody came in

Thank you for doing this

And it is a pleasure
getting to know everyone,

I am so sorry, Mary Pennington

– Thank you

– It was hard to choose

I had to pick somebody


– Hi, it's nice to meet you

– Oh my God!

– Wow!

– You are so beautiful

– I'm definitely sad that I
got booted first, that sucks

– This' the messed up part
about this whole process

– It's fine I understand

But good luck, have fun with
the rest of the competition

I hope you can find someone
at least half as good as me

(audience laughing)

– The next one, I'm gonna pick, Tessa May,

I didn't get to know many
people, so it was hard

So it was just like, I had
to pick somebody as well

– I'm not disappointed

I was here for the whole thing

Like whether I made it through or not,

I just wanted to go through the experience

and have fun while doing it

I mean, we're all important

So we have nothing else to do

(audience laughing)

Right, I wish everybody good luck

Thank you, bye

– Round two, getting personal

– We're getting personal, oh goodness!

– What do you and her
argue about the most?

What is the one thing
that annoys you about her?

(audience laughing)

– Arianna has two younger siblings,

and she's thinks she's their mom

We fight about how to raise them

– They get away with everything

– She don't like for you to tell her,

– Anything

– And she stays on me about feeding right

– When she asks me for advice,

and when I give her the advice,

she argues with me about
the advice I just gave her

– She keeps trying to convince me that

I want her to live far away from me,

and I find that a little
bit annoying because

if she's meant to live far
away from me that's fine,

but I'm not ever gonna really

jump up and down and celebrate

– But we really don't argue
to be honest with you,

there's nothing that I can really say

– She's one of the fourth man

Our argument actually stem off that

We do, we argue about who's receiving,

who should be on the line,

who should be approaching?

– We are very, very close

But I'm going to tell you this,

that pissed me off most recently

(audience laughing)

Zariah, would tell me,

I have nothing to wear

Are you serious, you have more clothes

than three closets can hold

(audience laughing)

– My first choice will be,

I'm so sorry, Jessica Adams

– Okay

– Hello,
– Hello,

– Oh my God!

– How are you doing Jessica,

– Good how are you?

– You're listening to
all this craziness, huh?

– It was fun to listen to you for sure

– Thank you for joining us

and having fun with us on and Sunday

– Yeah, for sure thank you
– Thank you

It was fun

– So the second elimination I'm
gonna have to go with Miata

And the reason why, you
told me she doesn't dance

I'm a big dancer

I love dancing

I go like when this quarantine is over,

that's the first thing imma do

– What y'all want?

I'm disappointed now

(audience laughing)

– Do you listen into
everything that's going on?

– Okay, so my parents put
on on their headphones,

so I couldn't hear what
you guys were saying,

but I'm kind of cringing at what,

(audience laughing)

– My third elimination is, Andrene

The reason why is the end girl,

I ain't hear what you say

– Oh, okay

– Hi, everyone?

– Oh my God!

I'll take that back

(audience laughing)

– Gadiel, you're up

(audience laughing)

– That he did

But it was fun

– I've been thinking about
California a lot lately

So I'm a little disappointed

But overall, this is really fun

– He eliminated you?

That's so bad

(audience laughing)

– What do you think?

– Round three

Alright, so I have my family here

My sister here, she's gonna
probably make decisions

for the next round

– Hi everybody

– Hi, how are you?

– For this round

we're gonna leave your
daughters aside for a minute

and focus on you

Seeing if they're from a good home,

seeing where they come from

My first question is,

and it's gonna be for Sierra,

what do you think of her last boyfriend,

why didn't it work out with him?

– So her last boyfriend,

wasn't as family oriented that I liked

– Mm

– It has nothing to do with
the reason why they broke up

But to me, family is everything

You love family, you have
respect, that or nothing

– That's true

– I don't have anything
bad to say about him

I just don't think they
were on the same level

– Gabrielle has not had
a serious boyfriend

For her, I think long
term serious relationship,

is about really getting to know a guy,

just the beginning

and the solid foundation
for a real relationship

And that's what she really wants

She's looking for a man
who's in it for the long haul

and that she can just give herself to,

and can love and will love her back

So, all I can say

– You see, you should
write her Tinder profile

(audience laughing)

As you guys know, I love music

My friend thinks what to
do when I go on the day

is the best

So, I would love to see you guys' moods


♪ Oh fine ♪

♪ You can fuck me everyday ♪

♪ You can fuck me every night ♪

♪ You can fuck me everyday ♪

♪ You can fuck me every night ♪

♪ You can fuck me everyday ♪

♪ Get that phone ♪

♪ Get it on the floor ♪

♪ You leave all good boys wanting more ♪

♪ Get that phone ♪

♪ Get it on the floor ♪

– Who's ready to party

– I am

– All right, so we are back
– With the decision time

– All right, the first elimination,

it is gonna be Albert

Even though, you guys are great

I love you guys

Like, we had to choose somebody

– That's Gabrielle
– Hello

– You're so pretty

– It's been enjoyable to watch
my parents try to sell me

(audience laughing)

– Hopefully I see you guys around again

– Good bye

– The next one I'm gonna pick,

I am gonna pick Marcy, and I
love you guys' personality

Yeah, I love that your
daughter's a acte des, Latina,

that she loves to dance,
reason I'm picking you guys,

is 'cause it was just,

it was really tough,
– You messed up bro

(audience laughing)

Its all good, it's all good

– Is she there?

– Oh yeah

– Look at her!

– You, up

(audience laughing)

– Let's do this all over again

(audience laughing)

– This is so fun,

I'm so happy that I get
to like have this now,

for my, with my parents

I mean, this was like all
about the memory, right?

I'm always gonna have
this with my parents

– All right, bye
– All right guys, bye

– The both of you made it to the top two

And there's a reason for that
because throughout the whole

process, I've connected
with you two the most

Zariah, I love the Caribbean roots

You remind me of home, you're funny

Hopefully your daughter does
have your same personality

– She does, but she's she's mouth, but me,

– Sierra, one thing I like about you,

you remind me of my family in a way

You're from New York

You're East Coast like me

I like a woman that's at the top,

rough around the edges in a way,

and that's one thing that you keep

You keep reiterating because
that's the type of man I am ,

all right, time for the decision

You ready?

– Yeah

– We pick Sierra, we did

We did

– Hey, hey

– Hey, oh my God!

You are so cute

I love your hair


– Oh my God, it's all good

Y'all have fun and see yeah

– Your mom's awesome, you're beautiful

I love you

– Thank you
– Yeah

– All right, bye

– Bye

– This has been intense

– Crazy, right?

You know what though bro,

I appreciate you

Thank you very much

– You remind us a lot of,

– Our stepdad
– Our stepdad

So, everything that you said,
we grew up the same way

So it just like I felt,

it does feel like we know you, in a sense

– You are gonna see a beautiful
girl, brother, hot mind

I'm gonna tell you right now,

– Stop gassing up around
dad let the girl come

Are you ready?

– Bye

– Bye

– Hello,
– Hello,

– How are you?

– You're so pretty

– Thank you

I can't believe this
is the thing right now

This was fun for him

This was fun for me

I thought this is a
really cool experience

Especially in this quarantine

– Here's what we're gonna do

We're gonna have bus fee paid for day

– Yeah, I love that

– It's quarantine, we're in
a middle of quarantine baby,

if we weren't, I'd take you on a date,

this is what we'll do

We'll go to New York city,
we're head of Brooklyn bridge

And then after that,
we'll hit up the Heights

and try Dominican food all over like dulce

and watch the Heights

– So I'm a big foodie
and I love Chinese food

So I'm so down with that


(upbeat music)

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