Signals from HEAVEN! Is This Why ETH Pumped 30%?!

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

On days like this i ask myself sammy how can i not be big headed about this because i don't want to come across as a and second is is actually i don't care and uh it's exactly what i said would happen i told you that if ethereum would

Rise beyond this level it would rise very very high and it would be rallying very nicely and that's exactly what we saw ethereum has moved very nicely since it was able to overcome resistance at

Roughly 450 dollars as you can see we've already started to peak up all the way at 485 dollars which is just absolutely beautiful i mean it is just to show how much strength ethereum had

And you know it's worth noting that we knew this strength was here with ethereum there's two things that i told you i was looking forward to seeing with ethereum they both

Happen textbook scenarios i told you first of all i wanted to see ethereum bounced off this level that's exactly what happened twice so god gave us two tries there and then ethereum exploded upwards and the

Second thing was well if it breaks above this area i would be expecting a really really nice rise and yet again that is exactly what we got and you know just the kind of if you know one of the

Things i like to do is regardless of if my technical analysis was correct or incorrect i want to analyze it again in hindsight so that i can learn from what worked and i can discard what didn't work if it needs to

Be discarded and in this case there's two things really that i did here it's super simple with all of this technical analysis you will have noticed that i didn't actually do anything complicated

I didn't throw on any indicators i didn't do anything weird because i didn't need to this was super super simple analysis all i did here in both of these instances is carried

Out kind of what you would see on page one of technical analysis books or maybe page two or three uh page one right here is you know old levels of resistance bam resistance right here bam resistance right here old

Levels of resistance turn into new levels of support when we rise beyond them so it did turn into support and more importantly if a level like this does turn into a support what that then

Tells the bulls is that the price isn't going to drop any lower than a level which we already feel comfortable with which is something that really can make a lot of people feel very very safe in the market

And what that's going to tell the bears is that they don't have enough strength and so you get two things happening the balls gain confidence the bears lose confidence and bam when you're already in a very very

Bullish market you explode upwards that's point number one point number two is if we rise above a prior high especially when there's not a whole lot of trading at these

Levels it is going to be very easy to rise up take a look at this blue line this blue dotted line is of course our current price and there is no trading around this level and so it's very easy for ethereum to gain

Value very very quickly i don't think this is going to be a problem for ethereum at all and exactly i mean you know four flights has us all seeing eye we already know this

But you already know this that's why you're here and um and and it's risen all the way nearly up to 500 so um two things i want to see with ethereum i don't know if i'm going to get either of them the first thing i

Want to see is an extended ish a sort of extended sideways trading range i don't know if we're going to get one but literally just give me one day of sideways training give me

Two three days if you will of sideways trading and i'm going to be be feeling very very comfortable with ethereum rising higher and continuing its upward rally if it keeps rising higher

In very short-term rallies like this that's going to get a little bit concerning because that to me is where this trend is starting to get a little bit unsustainable again but if we can start to trade sideways

That would be very very good and what would be even better is of course if we can come back down to test some old levels of resistance now as support and really there is only one level we can do that

At and it is here at this prior high so i'm just going to draw you a line right here uh roughly you know dropping down to 445 dollars to me would be pretty good

Confirmation that ethereum is going to continue rallying upwards this is actually uh roughly where i'm looking to go long on ethereum and i've already shared the details of that with

Vip members one of our members actually traded this entire breakout did it amazingly and and this this is this is one of the best messages we ever got um from a vip member ever take a look at

This this person mentioning what can i say i'm having trouble limiting position sizes followed by two screenshots one with bitcoin that is a point six eight btc win that's eight

Thousand dollars eight thousand dollars in one trade and on ethereum the uh the breakout i was telling you i believe bam right there 21 000 and what's impressive about this is you

Know okay first of all anyone can make a 21 000 game like all you need is enough money i mean you know obviously this person is playing with larger amounts of money but and this is

The crucial thing this person didn't start out with that kind of money this person has been in vip now i think something like four or five months he took the leap into the yearly plan and

He gained access to our advanced four flies academy and that is a very very in-depth course we've got over 10 hours of content in there covering every single advanced strategy and and

Theory that i know and use and because he took the yearly plan for vip not only did he watch that course for free but he saw how i implemented all of those theory elements

In the real world this vip member got the theory and practical side by side at the same time and that is one of the big reasons he was able to make these huge jumps jumps forward and obviously a big part

Maybe even a bigger part of it is that he is extremely good at what he does he doesn't give up he trades sensibly he doesn't treat this like his gambling arena this isn't where

You around and go for your dopamine highs this is this trading arena it might not feel like it because you know you're just logging into bitmex or whatever in your little basement or whatever but

Uh trading is a serious game and and this guy takes it super super seriously um he's been able to make these games and what's most impressive about this is is what i dropped right here he is take he

Originally he was taking his time to pay off the fee he actually in terms of the the people who took up the yearly plan he actually took uh a little bit longer to pay off the fee than usual

Right uh but but now he's paid it off times over many times over within just one trade and this trade over here so this member over here is a beautiful example of when you

Enforce the same level of discipline in the long term you can turn some really really really good results out of the game and um and it's it's been amazing watching him

Go so i asked him next uh if i can get him on a podcast i'm looking to start a podcast relatively soon um i i've already had i already have a couple guests lined up uh if they go smoothly i'm gonna start

Interviewing traders um and uh and i think that could be very very interesting for you all and this member over here if he's willing to be a little bit more public with who he is obviously i always keep vip members

Secret so they don't get spammed with messages and stuff um you know if if he is willing i think that a lot of you could learn a lot from him i mean this is pretty

Pretty cool stuff so if you want to jump in the group and get access to exactly what this member had access to which led him to turning profits like this then

Follow these steps to join vip and you're going to get the very same access to what this person had for 50 off as well if you do join right now so there you go those are the details on

Vip and moving back to the market over here i would like to see ethereum falling down to the support level uh the bad news is i don't think that's going to happen i think this trend is a little bit too strong

For that to happen but if it did happen that would make me really really happy i think it would be very healthy if ethereum had a chance to cool down it's just that i mean we're on a tuesday pushing pushing

Wednesday right now i don't really think uh ethereum's going to drop that low um the good news is the ichimoku cloud on the hourly chart is that low but i mean

I mean i i just you know that's not that's not a reason that ethereum is going to come down i don't see it i wish it would happen but i don't think so uh i think this uh more likely if this

Trend is is going to stay healthy we're just going to trade sideways maybe we form a bit of a falling wedge like this but i'm not holding my breath for that

I you know ethereum's running it's broken resistance level it's confirmed old areas of support i mean it's done everything i said i wanted to see uh and now it's it's ready to continue fulfilling that fourth lies

Prophecy that was that was difficult to say um over to bitcoin slightly similar but the good news is actually bitcoin is moving in in a more predictable fashion actually

Ethereum is pretty predictable uh but bitcoin is moving slower we haven't been able to rise significantly higher than twelve thousand dollars today we got topped out at 12.1

And that's actually where we got rejected before so if you look at where my crosshair is right now this peak over here is exactly where we got rejected today good news the good news is that the last

Time we got rejected we dumped pretty damn hard and yes i know it hasn't been very long since we got rejected here so we could dump down hard again but the circumstances within which we've risen back up to this level to me

Look pretty good i think they are pretty good the last time before that that we hit this level we just rocket shipped right down and so i think that we are showing some really really good signs of

Strength at the moment for this trend um it's pretty much the same as what we had last time it's not like this rally is significantly healthier than this rally i think they're quite the same

Uh but maybe the element of time is helping bitcoin along a little bit i'm currently in a long position on bitcoin i'm sitting at uh just over a five percent profit something like that so it's not massive

But it's something um does it beat out the market today let me take a look it yes it does beat out the market today so i mean that's nothing unusual for flies is it um but uh

It is looking nice as it is at the moment and uh let me actually let me find out what profits i am targeting with bitcoin again this is a trade setup that i shared with vip members alongside the ethereum trade setup

Um where i am targeting 11 24 and 40 profit um and my final target is to be determined i haven't chosen my final target yet but it's probably going to be around fourteen thousand dollars

Um so i don't know if this rally is going to keep going higher it doesn't really matter to me now that i'm in a profit i can move my stop loss to break even and it will guarantee that i can't lose

On this trade anymore and that to me is probably the most important thing but bringing it back to the more analysis kind of side of this video this rally isn't significantly different from this rally and so i can't sit here

And tell you that i think bitcoin has a much better shot at breaking resistance now than it did over here uh there is only one thing that goes in bitcoin's favor now which is the fact that we are

Testing resistance again and the more we test the resistance level the weaker it gets and indeed we already broke above this resistance level before so it's not very strong

That's why i'm not worried about this we broke above 11.8 and we got that beautiful retest take a look at this we came all the way back down to again depending on which exchange you're on but roughly 11 800 dollars

We came right back down to test this double and then bam we started rising rising higher again uh once again this is a case of the bears tried their best but they ran out of steam and then the bulls stepped back

In and that did two things that gave the bulls confidence bam look at that rise that gave the that gave the bears um a greater sense of weakness and um and just powerlessness and that's why

Uh also the price was able to rise so easily so um no surprises no surprises this is exactly what what we want this is exactly what we expect it's very very healthy

Again not massively different from last time so it doesn't mean that we have a much better shot at breaking resistance now but this resistance level was never difficult to begin with

And um and that's i'm gonna i'm gonna say that one more time just in case that didn't make sense we're not in a significantly more powerful position this time than we were last time

We're not in a much better position but this resistance isn't strong to begin with so i'm not worried um if this was a heavy area of resistance then yes i would start to be

Worried but right now no concern i think this is really really good i'm glad i waited on the sidelines a little bit in order to enter this long position because at this 11.8 level

It really could have gone either way i've sacrificed a couple percentage points of profit to give myself a much healthier much safer entry point which means that overall

My risk is a lot lower what's happened here is my my risk factor dropped down massively but my reward only dropped down slightly and that's exactly the kind of place that i like to

Be placing my trades i want to make sure that my risk sure i don't care if if my reward gets cut down if i shave off a couple percentage points of profit that doesn't matter to me if my risk gets cut down in half that's

The way i like to play my traits all the time which kind of ensures that even when i am suffering losses i'm getting stopped out whatever when i hit these wins it goes really really well and more

Importantly i'm staying green month after month i don't want to lose money i don't want to lose bitcoin value on any given month and i've been doing a pretty good job at sustaining that for quite a while now so that's one of

The important things i think when it comes to wealth preservation that vip members are able to see happening in real time super super important uh very very important so once again if you want to

Get access to it you can follow these steps right here click on the first link in the description then click on the at four flights button at the bottom of any post in four

Flights gold and then click on send message to ask me how to join vip back to the video once again though let's see if i am missing anything i've got my notes right

Here bear with me uh shout out to the team by the way my god i mean they've been uh i've have i ever shouted them out on video this is the best team i have ever um i mean i've only ever had one

Team really or two but um it's the best team ever working with me behind four slice and and vip and all that i mean these guys they get stuff done before i ever before i even ask them to like all the

Time it's i don't it's super impressive i don't know how it happens um but yeah there we are ethereum up by 12 today it's um almost 30 in just the past five days so again i mean none of this price action takes us

By surprise and we've got a beautiful vip member over here paying off the fee times over within a single day uh within a single trade even whereas before it was taking months to

Pay off the fee so he's um he's come a long way over there ethereum doing really really well um we you know yeah we did break up above the 11.8k level um let's see what else we've got we've got

The ichimoku cloud to talk about a little bit there is something interesting i want to show you on the daily chart um and ethereum also has some pretty bad news on the weekly chart as well so

Let's go ahead and do that we're going to start with bitcoin uh bitcoins weekly ichimoku cloud actually isn't concerning at all what's happened over here on the weekly chart

Is we've now overcome it we are now above this uh ichimoku cloud it's not amazing because we're not massively above it but we have cleared this resistance level by

More than three percent and depending on what your definition of a breakout is uh we have broken out of this resistance area i think what's important to me is that we haven't fallen

Back into this resistance area and it's now been how long let's take a look it's now been 35 days according to these weekly candles that we've stayed

Above resistance or that we've been trading above resistance and that to me is good enough uh if this resistance on the weekly chart if this red ichimoku cloud was going to be problematic for bitcoin

I think it already would have been problematic for bitcoin we haven't cleared it by a massive margin yet so it is still possible that we can get a valid rejection from this cloud

And drop back down but i think the chances of that are really slim really what we are seeing here is um you know on the short term chart we have agreement this is a bullish trend on the midterm charts

Yeah we we have agreement that this is i mean you know in the midterm chart this is very much just a sideways trend but the sideways trend is happening within a larger long-term trend uh which is bullish

And and so you know we're bullish on the midterm chart we're bullish on the long term chart and the weekly chart has just stopped being bearish so there is still that final little chance that things can

Fall back down to where they were it's entirely possible but the likelihood of that super low super low in my opinion super low likelihood of that happening um and so i'm not even

Worried about it i don't think that's something i need to be concerned about um so this weekly chart to me looks really really good unfortunately unfortunately i can't say the same thing for ethereum because yeah that's

That right there is a little bit concerning let me actually um show you a different chart where i haven't drawn anything and and this cloud is going to tell us much the same thing i mean what we are missing out on

Is a little bit of prior data over here on the cg mogul cloud but we don't need to worry about that we're going to go let's see the bitfinex chart yeah bitfenix chart has all the data we need trading at the same level and really

What this cloud is showing us is that ethereum has its first ever long-term weekly um resistance cloud uh and and it has its first ever year long-term resistance and

And this is what the ichimoku cloud formed it's never been support uh and it started off as resistance the good news for us is we have done so damn well since the beginning

Uh since q2 of 2020 that this resistance cloud is about to close up and become support and that's going to happen i say about that's going to happen probably by may of 2021 if we keep rising at this

Rate so it will take a little bit of time but um on this really grand large scale large scale of time it's doing pretty damn well this is a big big area of resistance why

Is it big because this cloud is super fat take a look at how fat this resistance cloud is the bigger the cloud the heavier the resistance and we are trading right in it ethereum

Doesn't care ethereum doesn't care one bit it is rising very very nicely into this cloud um really really not caring at all about this resistance and

Hopefully that continues going on i am showing this to you to show you that uh to to basically remind you that while things look really rosy in the market at the moment uh the s p 500 for example breaking all-time highs

It's at 3 500 right now and doing really really well i mean while these roses are bright and and they're flourishing um things can can go bad really quickly and things can change and actually it's

At times like this where it's hardest to accept realities like that uh but that's actually where it's most important to accept realities like that what i'm not saying is i'm

Changing my bullish bias and if you have a bullish bias i'm not asking you to change it either i would never do that you know me i don't give you financial advice you heard the disclaimer don't be a bloody idiot do your own research

But what i am saying is that my job as a trader as a safe trader in the long term is to just remind myself hey sammy things can go bad things can go bad and i better be prepared for that

This stuff can't take me by surprise if it takes me by surprise i lose money and that's not okay you you guys have heard my lectures on losing money and why that's such a bad thing it's very hard to recover from losses

So um this cloud to me is it's just a warning that things can go back to how they were a reminder a gentle reminder don't get cocky don't feel too secure in in any market

For too long um because it does lead to losses exercise good risk management these are the kind of things that this reminds me of i'm not concerned about it i'm still going along on ethereum i'm

Still going along on bitcoin these kind of things they don't worry me too much but um uh what what is good to see especially with bitcoin which is leading the market in the long term um

What is very very good to see with bitcoin is that it is overcoming these resistance levels and now all time frames are showing me that this market is bullish

That to me is priceless um i i don't think it can get better than that let's take a look at the uh the daily chart yeah we got our golden cross on this chart way back in may of 2020 so uh all time

Frames are very very bullish let's see the weekly uh yeah the weekly isn't going to give us anything we don't have enough data for the weekly chart do we yep we formed the golden cross way back

Here and we still haven't crossed bearish so um all time frames now all time frames i mean the only time frame i haven't analyzed yet is the monthly but i don't think monthly analysis applies

To this market uh all time frames now of a golden for bitcoin and they're turning gold and for ethereum um from from a from a trend trading perspective from a technical analyst

Perspective this looks really good it looks really good and um and and i think it could continue to be that way so there's no resistance up ahead for bitcoin there is a little bit but

It's not weak it's not strong resistance so i'm not worried about it um really next stop next major stop for me is fourteen thousand dollars but uh even if we do end up dropping it's

Not going to be such a big deal for me because i can just move my stop-loss to break even now that's me for this video it's uh i think it's been a bit of a long one but uh definitely necessary uh we've

Covered quite a lot and and i haven't even touched on things like the gold market yet so i've been giving updates about this market in vip um and i think in full flight gold as

Well when i do trade gold like i did trade the uk 100 market i will be giving you updates on where i'm doing that and how i'm doing it uh and then just a very quick reminder if you're not already

Signed up i'm using femex to trade gold the link is in the description and i'm trading prime xbt to trade everything else so uh it's very very good to have a mix

For security reasons for uh you know just not putting all of your eggs in one basket and i've left you a link to sign up to both of them in the description where you're going to get a sign up bonus

So that's very very important um if you do want to jump in on those markets they are hot they are very easy very easy to trade compared to crypto and i've now expanded my services to include them as well

So there you are hope you have enjoyed this one and i'm out bye

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