Facet Swept Pores and skin Fade – Emre Can Coiffure 2019

published on July 2, 2020

hello guys I'm Rasmus and you're

watching slick-haired TV I'm here with

Matt and Simon so what are you up for

today today we are going to make the

American hair cut from Juventus so it's

the one with the side-swept yeah skin

fade and then side-swept your port yeah

let's get to it






and today we used some new products the

wrecking ball by Mullane and the nyan

sea foam how did you use them I started

by priests tiling with the neon just to

get the perfect texture and then I use

the wrecking ball with a bit of pomade

in it to make it a little bit more soft

and more shiny and Simon now you're

ready for some football yeah that's


as always remember to write a comment

down below what you think about this

hairstyle and also like the video and

subscribe if you haven't yet and you can

be a part of the giveaway and if you

like to have the nice products then you

can go get them on bright Friday


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