Shred Perfect: A Cappella Metal and Hardcore (feat. my own “You Suffer” cover)

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

sure acapella music is soft and for

nerds but what if it wasn't


in October of 2017 David Anthony

published an article on noisy about Judd

Judd and this article swept through my

hashtag Punk's slack channel like an

article about judge HUD at the time I

tweeted if you told me judge Judd was

just some fever dream from high school I

would have believed you until today and

that's we've got 13 likes which means at

least 13 people felt the same and here's

why judge Judd were one of a kind and

I'm gonna play some now because we

cannot continue this conversation

without you and I both jutting on the

same plane


no idea Records released the demos by

judge' in 1997 it's nine minutes long

and I would be lying to you if I

pretended that I owned the demos by

Judge ed I don't own the demos by Judge

HUD what I had in 1997 when I was in the

seventh grade were a collection of mp3s

from a band that could have been called

judge HUD but who knows Napster was a

cesspool for anyone under 32 watching

this video you may not remember but it

was due rigueur in the old file-sharing

days to upload songs with another band's

name in order to get more downloads

there were tons of Weird Al parodies

there were really sexual or racist that

were not Weird Al songs and Soulja Boy

actually put up many of his early tracks

under the names of popular rappers from

the time in order to get people to

actually check out what he was doing cuz

who would have checked out someone

called Soulja Boy me and so judge odd

really was this half-remembered fever

dream for me it was two channels of

judge judge judge judge chugging

hardcore guitars we squeals occasional

percussions little blasts of other

sounds but for the most part it was left


and in the tobago at the end of the 90s

it was particularly hard to ascertain

what the truth was about judge you might

see a poster where they apparently had

played with Minor Threat or Gorilla

Biscuits that didn't make any sense none

of it made any sense and we didn't have

enough internet to answer the questions

that this article ultimately answered

for me I won't rehash the entire article

you should read it for yourself but it

turns out the guy behind judge gut is a

PhD in philosophy who works at UC

Berkeley pretty tight kind of unexpected

but what did I expect from judge HUD in

the end reading this article sent me

down a spiral of reading about other

acappella metal and hardcore bands and

that that's a damaging thing for your



Vogl trash is the corniest end of the

spectrum this band was not putting out

records with no idea they were doing a

Rockapella meat stomp corn fest in which

they'd cover hooked on a feeling by the

way I have a record on no idea it's

actually very important to mention that

basically every video of vocal trash on

YouTube comes from a State Fair I think

that tells you all you need to know

about vocal trash that said it's a sick

name because it reminds me of street

trash a sick movie sorry there's

actually one video that vocal trash has

before I move on and I malign them

unfairly where they're not performing at

the State Fair but they're in fact

performing on Good Day Fox 4 in Dallas


so morning shows in state fairs oh and

recycling events getting warmer we have

youtuber since zero zero zero sin

through not not likely and they make

kind of typical YouTube acapella type

videos with you know multiple faces and

different corners going like but instead

of performing you know another Katy

Perry song what synthesis Oh zero zero

zero zero zero this is only three what

they do is cover Metallica songs

judges certainly did not have the

technology accessible to them to produce

that many layers of shredding still

tight me my favorite thing on this

channel is their flesh got apocalypse

cover of the violation I just love that

someone did this and it was such care

and love and sincerity I wish I still

felt any of those things then we have do

caca a little closer to Judge HUD in

that it was sincere but also 100% a joke

do caca emerged from that time in the

2000s when everyone used a looping pedal

to be a one-man band except instead of

being twee and awful with the exception

of Final Fantasy on palette this

shredded there is just not that much

information about do caca online maybe

one day some enterprising journalist

will post a judge type history of all of

this magic but for now there are

incredible live performances I think

from Tokyo that you can enjoy online




it's entirely possible that without the

rose-colored glasses of nostalgia Duke

Anka would be my favorite thing in this

video but my heart belongs to judge

finally because you didn't think you

were getting out of this video without

it there's van canto


the in Kantos battery cover should be

taught in schools it is so perfect so

beautiful it's like Baba O'Riley it's

just the ideal incarnation of the thing

in this case on capella metal a lot of

what's been in this video so far is a

bit of a goof but van canto is as

serious as pentatonix this is real

acapella ours and obviously if you spend

time on metal injection or metal sux

you've seen this video a thousand times

and you hate it and you don't want to

talk about van canto again however if

you have not spent time with van canto

please do there is one more thing as I

delved into this world I say I attempted

to understand the acapella hashers of

the planet I know there's weren't that

many and I thought I'll still do a video

because frankly I'm in the goddamn mood

and it's my channel and I can do

whatever I want but I at least felt like

I needed to give you something more I

needed something to hang this whole this

whole idea on and so I decided I'm gonna

throw my hat in the ring I'm gonna

become 27 teens judge HUD or do caca

probably not 2017 s van canto I'm not

freely enough but if I'm gonna bother to

make a video about this I should be

contributing something I mean so much of

what I do is just talk about other

people's contributions it's time to turn

this ship around and record an acapella

version of you suffer by napalm death oh

yeah and so without further ado please

enjoy the most shameful thing I've ever

done on camera

my acapella cover of napalm deaths one

point three one six second masterpiece

you suffer yes I'm very talented I don't

really know what happened here it's like

I did the acapella cover and then I just

totally forgot to record like a please

subscribe what do you think so like what

do you think please subscribe

be excellent to each other

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