Showing My Desk to Adam Savage

published on July 13, 2020

Hey Vsauce Michael here the eye is amirror when you look into an eye you cansee a small tiny version of yourselfthat kind of looks like a doll versionof yourself the latin word for a littledoll is a few pilla that's where we getthe word pupil for a young student and

The word pupil for the dark hole in themiddle of your eyeit's a pupil because when you look intoit you see the pupil of yourselfthe tiny doll version of you and you arein for a treat today something a little

Bit different than usual but I thinkyou'll like it I've been working withAdam Savage on our tour brain candy liveand I decided to give him a tour of mybrain candy the little things I have onmy desk the desk I work at everyday that

Are sweet to the noggin but before thathere is a sneak peek at brain candy livebut not really this is this is braincandy right here we've been literallyyeah this is the show we we've been thelast couple of days here and all the

Little colored pieces of paper right foryou it's blurred because we don't wantto give it away yeah well maybe givethat one away psych you've got to cometo the show oh yeah let's not mess thisup this is how I think through a

Narrative it's either like this or on awhiteboard yeah I can't actually type itout linearly yeah and you can see howdense parts are you can see by colorswhere the audience is involved wherethere's gonna be something dangerous and

How they'll maybe spread those outproperly okay but wait this is not whywe're here we're here because we're inMichael's amazing Vsauce space in LosAngeles and I happen to notice that yourdesk is awesomely messy and yet covered

With stuff that I wanted to get my handson andwe realized we should just shoot that soyeah let me know I wanted to clean it upbut I don't kind of convinced meno the way it is is the way we're gonna

Film it so this is just pureunadulterated truth that's really whatI'm aboutall right so why why do you feel like alittle bit reticent to show off this isawesome by the way your deaths you

Couldn't set design this with this muchchaos let you like a photo to go off ofbut I'm nervous because I mean I don'tknow there could be something here thatI'm like oh that's embarrassing like youknow okay here's a half drank energy

Drink from yesterday I'm gonna finishthis today I like a flat I like aroom-temperature I don't really want toshow you this Stirling engine this is soprecisely made it is powered just by theheat of your hand so put your palm out

And then we'll let that warm up for justa second meanwhile yeah yeah keep allthat blood in your hand but the thing isit doesn't need a lot of heat underneathit it just needs a temperaturedifference between the surface on top

Here the disk on top and the disk that'stouching your hand so while you'reholding that because I'm able to getthat bottom warmed up a little bit it'sa funny phrase I hearlet's admire some India India India it

Is the only element in the universe youcan chew like bubblegum what it's a softmetal it gets softer when warm but it'salso non-toxic and it's it's quite rareI heard it's on the endangered elementslist in a hundred years there might not

Be really any found in the ground so isthis a particularly large chunk ofthen in a hundred years it might be orit might not be I mean this is there'ssome guesswork involved in knowing whatthe earth has and what it's gonna run

Out of I'm dancing it with my fingernailexactly and you can take a bite out ofit I wouldn't recommend it because it'squite cold in here and it could be alittle firmer than your teeth once but Itook a piece off and I melted it in this

Beaker because you can make awesomemirrors with it this is like a wonderfulwish list for me of other things to playwith because I think if we went to if wewent through my desk and my space at myshop there'd be a whole bunch of stuff

You'd be like oh I didn't know thoseexisted we gotta get those yeah I'mgonna give it just a little turn allright but as you'll notice even though Ididn't put that much energy in it won'tslow down it's just gonna keep going how

Does this engine work well it's allabout temperature a kinetic approach todefining temperature the air is made ofmolecules movin and shakin aroundthey're collisions produce what we callair pressure now we say that warm air

Expands but really it just has moreenergy when a gas warms up its kineticenergy increases it's moleculesliterally move faster translationallyrotationally and vibrationally as aresult the average force they all exert

When colliding increases if thecontainer they're in isn't perfectlyrigid these collisions stronger onaverage than those coming from the otherside will push the containers walls outexpanding the space within now that's

What happens in our engine our enginehas two Pistons a power pistonresponsible for moving the big wheel anda displacer piston that shuttles aroundthe air inside your hand warms the airinside giving it more kinetic energy

Enough to push the power piston upturning the wheel the wheels motion thenpushes the displacer down moving the airaway from the warmer bottom platecausing it to rapidly cool and collidewith the containers walls and the power

Piston less often and with less force sothe piston falls turning the wheel withitthe wheels momentum now drags the disklaser piston up pushing air down to thewarm plate where it gains energy

Collides with the power piston morepowerfully again sending it back upbeginning the cycle again it'ssurprising just how quickly air can cooland warm enough to move the piston it'sfast a classic example of this is the

Old egg-sucking trick put somethingburning in a bottle and stick a peeledboiled egg on topthen suddenly poop the egg plops intothe bottle this is often explained asbeing caused by a vacuum forming in the

Bottle because the oxygen inside gotused up leaving fewer molecules withinto combat the pressure coming fromwithout but that's not true the oxygenused by the fire doesn't disappear fromthe universe that would violate the laws

Of physics instead the flame turns itinto things like water vapor and carbondioxidethere are however fewer molecules in thebottle when the egg is placed on top butnot because they were destroyed by a

Fire instead it's because the heat ofthe flame gave them enough energy topush their way out air pushing againstthe egg can get out because the egg isshaped in such a way that lifting itopens this seal but once the flame burns

Out the air inside starts to cool rightaway and well there's less of it insidenow external atmospheric pressure isstronger but the shape of the egg issuch that pushing this way only tightensthe seal the air inside continues

Cooling pushing less and less until thepressure difference is enough that theentire egg gets pushed in and that's apiece of brain candy if you ask me theegg isn't sucked into the bottle so muchas it's just pushed in by the atmosphere

Because the pressure inside which wouldnormally be pushing back equally hasbecome weaker likewise you don't reallysuck liquid up through a straw you justcause the air in your mouth to pushagainst it through the straw less than

Usual so the air outside can win againstyou and push the liquid into your mouthso make sure the haters knowscientifically nothing sucks anyway backto how messy my desk is I think thisdoes give a good sense of

What's in my mind and how facades look -it's like kind of an S this is what anepisode looks like in your head beforeit comes yeah and my tolerance for messis really high okay so if I need her towork

I wouldn't even move anything I'd belike look the trackpad and a keyboardare accessible yeah yeah yeah but it'salso inspiring to have little thingsaround to fidget with for instance thesecast puzzles but that one is called

Spiral oh wow the craftsmanship one onsome of these puzzles is just I didn'trealize it was a puzzle I just don'tthink in that not all those pieces comeapart they do yeahthat doesn't seem possible exactly and

That what they do is they I thinkexercise the part of my brain that dealswith three-dimensional realizationbecause I don't think I'm very good atthat it takes me weeks to see somethingin my head so I'm trying to like you

Know what these are really good for isfinger strength because they're heavyand if you tore out of one for a wholeday yeah you're like oh my gosh I'mgetting some some nice tone when you situp at the seeing something in your head

I mean that's the same way I build stuffI can't start building unless I can seethe structure in my head do you thinkyou look really good at visualizingthings in your mind yeah no actuallythere's a there's a turn that happens

And as a maker where you start beingable to just build stuff in your headWow and turning it over to drive withthe turtles did practice make it abetter skill totally practice makes it abetter skill and every time I attack a

New material it's the same thing this isanother that's another one and that oneis really fascinating because as youpull it apart you don't see what'scatching right how come it's notoh right no matter which way you hold it

And they're going to lock itself theseare like really modern Appalachians likewire puzzles now watch watch this Idon't know if we can get a close-up ofthis but if you've got pins that arefalling because of gravity this way and

This waythere's no way to unlock it unless youget some little centrifugal forcehappening or more precisely thereinertia will cause them to move out andif I give that a little spin it just

Falls apart Wow force it it just wantsto fall apart once you've spun thatbeautiful so yeah I've got a lot ofstuff here what I'm picking up all thepuzzles okay this is a play with thosewell yeah these later boil the solutions

For those out there watching who shouldreally get into my love topology stuffat the moment these are Spears thatdissect into a bunch of pieces I boughtat the dollar store three for a dollarbut yet the the mechanism or the or the

Design behind it is so clever and soeasy to put back together right Iactually instagrammed it I was so likeexcited about the simplicity yeah how itcomes apart and goes together this is umwe when we finished Mythbusters we

Packed up my desk and it was exactlylike this like a couple of hundredpounds of this stuff yes this desk issuper heavy for a few reasons one is thetungsten cube oh there it isisn't that surprising ah this is larger

But not as heavy and that's solid steelthat's ait's a plumb bob and I used that in thewhat if the earth stopped spinning videoit was so heavy I could it like actuallytape a camera to it and then have the

Camera on a pendulum so I'm noticingyou've got a lot of a lot of materialsdifferent materials and I saw you openthis one earlieroh I think they opened down yeah so thisis a density cube set each cube is one

Inch by one inch by one inch and itgives you a really good idea of densityand how different things feel one of myfavorite things to do is becausedifferent metals have different thermalconductivity I will like pull some at

What once copper ones that have a let'slet's do I are anything copper and I'llmix them up so I don't know which one iswhich and I'll just put them on myforehead and I'll try to guess which iswhich by which one feels cooler and the

One that feels cooler should be copperit has a hopper on that can feel coolerthe question is which one is covered Ifeel like the cooler one is it's MichaelMichael school that's for all thecoolest but between these two the cooler

IsI can't get this wrong I think youactually can't get it wrong yeah Iactually can but I'm thinking that thisone's copper you got it hey hey I cantell you've got a little anxiety about

That workI knew I could do it if I didn't get itright on camera I'd look like a fool mydesk by the way happens to be litteredwith pens that you can't really see inthe video they are pins that are

Erasable because the ink inside of thembecomes invisible when heated you canerase the ink in this pin by justrubbing the other end of the pen overthe ink heating it up to the invisiblepoint a really fun way to erase a lot of

Stuff at once is to just use a flamethese are is also a density set but inthis case every cylinder is 100 gramsthat's 100 grams of aluminum and this isLED and that's LED and then we got brasscopper

I think zinc and and steel it's that astandard tarnish on lead I don't knowbecause it's tarnished the part that'sitthat's the edge in the wood the reasonI'm asking is moisture or something one

Of the original Maltese Falcons two ofthe original multi sockets were made outof lead and they now have this very darkbrown patina on them and I have wonderednever wondered aloud but I have wonderedif Brown patina is something that

Happens – it must but why did it nothappen on the court that was exposed tothe air I'm actually noticing ainteresting pagina on the brass and thecopper as well from the contact with thewoods yeah could be oils in the wood the

Multi soften could be Brown from manypeople handling yeah it could be alrightso what do you think is the worst thingsomeone could conclude looking at yourdesk I wouldn't be sad if it concludedthat I was disorganized because that's

True right well there's disorganizationand there's disorganization you're notinhibited from getting your work donewell yeah exactly that is a piece ofcalcite that has that birefringenceproperty right where if you what's it

Good out here that's double visionexcept it does double vision yeah seeI'm not disorganized I can find a legalpad in a secondabsolutely so let's just draw like acircle yeah that's not a great circle

That's right and then rotate itoh no way yeah okay so what is the mostrecent object – yeah thanks for parkingmy loose tooth what's the most recentthing you've you've brought into thespace the most recent I guess with oh

That's really cool isn't it cool that'sa call the TV rock it's a piece of blacksite with fiber optic properties cool Ifound out that the famous fact aboutpolar bear first supposed to be fiberoptic it's not true oh is it not true

Apparently it's not so I didn't evenknow that fact but if you were to tellme and I would believe itya know it's a total it's one of thosesilly oh yeah totally I buy a newestobject newest object it's the speaker oh

I saw this yesterday yes that came inthe in the curiosity box this third oneand it's it looks like a laboratorybeaker but it's a you know double wallthing with the handle you can drinkcoffee out of and it has milliliter

Measurements on it but I was likemilliliters we've heard about thoselet's use some crazy uses right so whatdo you value my blood in your brain isthe amount of saliva produced everythree hours during the day if you fill

It all the way up to 300 milliliters italso tells you that filled too here thebeaker contains approximately 10 septalIan water molecules I should of coursepoint out the spit error I misspelledsaliva on the Beger on every beaker in

Fact it's completely my fault I takefull blame and spit if you are out therewatching please know that I respect youeven though I'm not perfect I'm gonnamove past this because I just did a rackfocus on the globe and am i right that

That is one of those bespoke globes madeby that company in Englandyeah Ballard b globes yeah oh okay yeahwell you can go get itit's not really a surprise that I loveglobes I've done a lot of videos about

What does the earth look like how ourmap projections made and this was a giftfrom my wife on our wedding day what Iam flattered if you look up at the topof the globe it has written the companythat made it a minute he says our names

Right and then it's got the place of ourwedding in the dateand in the base which is over there andit has a plaque that says to my husbandon our wedding dayso these globes are the most accurate I

Know I'm very familiar with these Globesas I go to their website every few weeksand think that they make them reallylarge they make what's called theChurchill yeah and you couldn't even hugit IIIi think this is a reasonable place

To stop the the desk store I'm justgonna go off into a corner and look atthis for a couple yeah sure of courseI'll get some work donehey you saw Michael here so there you gobrain candy live hits the road on

February 21st traveling to 40 citiesaround the United States check braincandy livecom to see which cities werecoming to for probably coming to onenear you the rest of our global viewersplease don't worry we are considering

And looking at tours and the rest ofthis beautiful glow but for right nowit's just the United States see you outthere on the road and as always thanksfor watchingbut wait there's more let's talk about

The eye specificallyblinking we all do it it's good for oureyes to blink but is there a chance thatat some point in the future there willcome a moment during which every singlepair of eyes on earth every single human

Is blinking at the exact same time amoment we will all miss do tube linkageyou blink your eyes anywhere from 30times a minute all the way down to welljust three or four times a minute ifyou're fixated on something like when

Reading that can actually explainpartially why your eyes might become dryor fatigued while reading also a typicalblink lasts about 100 to 300milliseconds which means if you areawake for 16 hours a day and you blink

Say 10 times a minute on average andyour blinks are just to be conservativehere only a hundred milliseconds long ina waking dayyou spend about 16 minutes of your lifein blink mode with your eyes closed

That's a lot of minutes to miss everydaybut what about all of us blinkingtogether well the math has been done onReddit and the chances aren't good thereis a zero point zero zero zero zero zerofour billion more zeros 1% chance that

Today every single human will blinktheir eyes at the same time or have themclosed because they're asleep that is avery small chance even given the numberof days in the universe's life so faryou just wouldn't expect to have ever

Seen it happen or to ever see it happenso remember earth we are always watchingand as always thanks for watching

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