Shout at the She-Devil: All-Female Metal Tributes

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

metal is good it shreds bangs and ribs

which are my top three criteria when

choosing music to unwind with at the end

of the day but it's also doodly

extremely doodly thank goodness for all

female metal tribute bands tip of the

hat to slough jatropha for suggesting

this topic prior to that comment my

experience with this genre was limited

to local toronto rippers bash ham

badge halen who have probably the best

tribute band name I've ever heard in my

entire life are a self-identified

feminist queer art rock band who just

happened to cover exclusively cock rock

it's not just a gimmick because they

completely shred and there is nothing

subtle about the political undertones of

a band like them covering the boys in

the bright white sports car at a prime


so I was fully in the tank the minute I

realized this was a thing my affection

for politicised tribute bands is not

exactly a secret there was a super-early

this exist episode all about gay punk

tribute bands thank you ladies and

gentlemen bon soir we are black bag and

absolutely fabulous tribute the Black

Flag black bag are a delightful mess of

references there are staged Apes and

outfits combined the names of Black Flag

members with gay icons like Greg

Streisand who dresses as Dorothy they've

toured the world released maybe the best

version of my war ever they donate 10

percent of their income to charities

inside of the gay community and they've

made up a very very good dance to rise


the ideology driving bands like black

fag is the same motivating van Halen

these are fans whose communities have

been alienated in some capacity by the

music that they love punk weird and wild

though it was eventually gave way to the

more rigid structure of hardcore which

was occasionally very homophobic and

metal has just consistently pushed women

to the background unless it was for an

album cover

as a person who is literally the target

demographic for almost all media ever

created I can only imagine that it would

be a bummer if every album cover that I

loved was a handsome white dude with

glasses being impaled by a snakes giant

dick and then all of the songs were

about my strong beautiful pecs but riffs

are riffs and just because metal

excluded and objectified women doesn't

mean they didn't love it just the same

which is a long way of saying that a CD

she rocks

and less Zeppelin rocks

additionally it is worth noting that the

bitch fits definitely wrong

well there's no denying that some people

are simply attracted to the gimmick of a

novelty tribute band there is also no

denying that there are a lot of politics

packed into that cover of skulls or this

Judas Priestess version of you got

another thing coming

McMaster University researcher Susan

fast has tied this sudden rise in

all-female metal tribute acts to

increased access to the technology

lessons and support necessary to break

into a music scene you might take this

for granted if you're like me but this

is a relatively recent development for

many of the non white dudes in our midst

all of these women also write original

songs in their other band so this isn't

just about some novelty it's about

grabbing a small piece of something that

you have been denied and if you're the

singer of our maidens getting to grab a

small piece of that flag while you walk

around and sing the trooper which rocks

what do you think are these bands

inherently political or are they just

ripping party bands let me know in the

comments and be sure to subscribe for

new episodes of this exists every week

be excellent to each other


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