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published on July 2, 2020

guys we're see if brain baseball caps

come back and style so the question is

should you bend it or should you leave

it flat I'm here with the legendary Don

C designer of just enhance so let's talk

a little bit about the virtues of the

flat brim first I mean to me it's that

it starts with that just it looks

brand-new right

that's what it is it's like you're a

brand new crispy white t-shirt when you

first get the Hat

you want to be delicate with it because

you know it's brand new right it still

has that brand new car smell on the

inside and you throw it on and the

visors flat to me always feel like it's

a rapper vibe right right a flat brim

you know I feel like gee when I wear I

feel like a clean crisp eg right when

I'm wearing a flat brim but then when I

want to show that I'm a real person and

kind of get my kicks dirty or I'm going

to the grocery store I bend it a little

bit or Binger gangster just a little bit

all right then let's talk about the bent

broom a little bit cuz to me that's for

the guy who like lights the broken in

boots you know he likes his ripped up

jacket likes his ripped up jeans like

you're wearing today

you know the Leo style is always fresh

you know it's kind of incognito when you

at the airport for the bedroom I think

of like baseball players I looked up to

oh yeah

Dale Murphy and he wear like the same

couple hats all season long 162 games so

that's what I've been doing to the sweat

marks broken-in kind of disgusting

looking yep and then it perfectly looks

like worn like your 1974 Atlanta Braves

that gotta earn it so it does seem like

in the in the past couple months there

have been more guys spending their

Bryn's again

any thoughts on like where that might

come from you know people want to evolve

their own personal style and I'm seeing

a lot of rappers lately due to bent brim

which to me is like an anti rapper look

right so I think this guy's just trying

to like you know do something different

and individually like express you know

their style so guys back home check out

whatever your friends are doing and do

the opposite that's the way to go it's

the cool way right

do the flat brim is like straight-up

gangsta s it's like the straight-up G

and then you hear who your bent rim is

just leaning right and kind of floating

in your cholo 64 Impala hidden searches

I'm just gonna love it

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