Brief Movie: Supernatural Thriller “Black Night time” | Venture HER | Iris

published on July 3, 2020

subjects have reached majority initiate

manual control are you sure you want to

do this they're the first to survive

this long want has nothing to do with it




time to exercise your power

where did chef

morning Fisher

morning and family stop I can't breathe

you don't like it make it stop the food

yeah I love him Oh the defenders


maybe we should limit your food intake

to Fisher you can fight his own battles

food and 5 don't be late again what's

the last time you eat a full portion


see mr spark left me Fisher Fisher come

just do what he says and all that might

let you eat just do what he says today

okay tell me


there's a doorway a new waiting why are

you always late what have we done every

activity since forever

that's right would have thought someone

your condition wouldn't need reminding I

am all the incentive he needs Shepard

make enough food for everyone you have

60 seconds very the voice and make a





a hurry Shepard come on chef you got

there's a doorway focus trying


Shepard did not


regulate the emotional growth you may

not care what Melvin would do if he saw

us but I do


The Hunger starting to eat your brain do

you remember what you told us

it was right here just please believe me

fishery you're gonna have half my food

shot half is better than nothing

Oh hide it and give it to you when

Melvin isn't looking don't you see it

time to sleep

Fisher like the way


time to exercise your power Thank You

Bree if you don't like it make it stop

Fisher no no please nobody if you just

punch here you'll see Melvin regulate

your emotional response emotional

regulation is impossible on an empty


we already lost one meal because of his

doorway we never thought that there

might be something else outside the

walls the door can't help you Shepard

you can help yourself by helping us make

food yes be useful fulfill the only

purpose you'll ever have open it it's

focusing their search of your health

you're hungry he's hungry

I'm hungry and I'm the one fighting the

weakness in us all

I suffer for him and he barely exists

but I exist

Shepard has exercised in power





he finally exercised his power did you

know he could do that not that No

do you have any idea what your leisure

commencing phase two

black night experiment the news hasn't

gained containment

shall I didn't magic security to





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