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published on July 3, 2020


thank you

you look good

how've you been good

how's work you know I would admired your

work right thank you

why did you ask me here Michael it's

been five years I've been thinking about

you a lot too and I'm just gonna come to

the point um you know I always wanted a

family I and kids and as you know Susan

already has children from my first

marriage and isn't particularly keen to

do that again but she understands how

important is for me to have a child of

my own so she's agreed to look into

surrogacy and she looked up with me

great I mean that's great why sir you

see though I just do fertility this

isn't even if she was prepared to go

through pregnancy again which she's not

she's too old no doctor said it just

wouldn't work with her eggs okay here's

the thing I know you froze your eggs and

I was wondering if I if we I wanted to

ask you if we could use your eggs to

have a baby


oh my god I thought you invited me here

to apologize I know I'm springing this

on you it's wildly and I don't even know

what to say

what does Susan say about this I have an

aunt Susie yet I wanted to see if you

were open to it before I even see this

thing he's been around with you mingle

you're married and you should be having

this conversation with Susan before you

doctor but why stir the party that's not

even if I watch cause she's your wife if

you think she may get upset about it

then there's probably something to

discuss this is actually one of the

things I always loved about you you're

Betty to see all sides of things this is

ridiculous I mean I thought maybe since

we were both with other people we could

be friends or something but you still

drive me crazy

you used to drive me crazy

it's a good thing you remember why I had

to freeze my eggs right because I

developed a little cancer because it's

something I got from you who I thought

it was in a monogamous relationship with

and it turns out you were sleeping with

your ex who was sleeping with God knows

who else I said sorry for that and I

paid for it by losing – you might have a

hysterectomy at 28 the doctors think

it's great because they can just stop

the cancer you have no idea what it's

like to be a woman who always wanted

children thank God we live in a day and

age when people can harvest eggs and

freeze them and use them later but it

still means I can't carry my own baby

and it means it every time I date

perhaps to tell the man

and there were men who have just ended

it and in there because they wanted to

find a woman to have a baby with and now

I have Dan and he loves me and he

doesn't sleep with other people and he

doesn't want kids

and I've got a niece and nephew in my

life who I love and everything's really

really good you have the girl walk in my

okay I should have apologized before

jumping in I'm sorry I'm sorry for

everything but don't you see is because

you're such an amazing woman I'm asking

you to make this baby with me this could

be the last chance you have to have a

child of your own as Susan and I we were

raised it you and Dan wouldn't have to

do a thing where you just think about it



yeah we're gonna get this to go they're

gonna push their teeth right now

everything is thank you so much for

helping gets really bad backs I have no

idea why they're so hummed up right now

they ate like 75 but I think three

adults or two kids is the correct ratio

I'm happy to help and you know that it's

held back so she's not allowed to leave

we can't knock that gene pool Michael is

a bit of a narcissist but he is gorgeous

and a little minimax running around a

little cousin for Ava and Jamie wouldn't

it be lovely yeah you're imagining

Rebecca's gonna be raising this kid like

another backward but it's Michael in

this life will be amazing this town and

we do anything look guys there's really

nothing to discuss Susan would never

agree to this I was just so shocked that

he asked and I wanted to vent but but

this is not out of character for him

don't you remember he was pushing you to

have a baby with him when you first

started dating Yeah right and now mister

I can't fully commit is actually married

to someone and try to reel you back in

and clearly the wrong he talked with

Susan she's interested they'll take full

responsibility for the child financially

and otherwise I can be as involved as I


I can decide if I want to be known as

the biological mother


Oh tired lessons I've been counting my

blessings I'm really really lucky I have

so much wow this thought of actually

having my own child's hitting me okay


hey that's your gig it's okay there's a

classic rock crowd classic spare reasons

how did your thing go with Michael what

do you want what do you mean I mean you

didn't just call you up to mend fences

right eggs I first a long time ago yeah

remember I wrote a little ditty about it

eggs a nice great title for a song

remember eggs are nice stuck in frozen

paradise and she smells she's got those



he asked me if I would give him my eggs

so he can have a baby with Susan what

did you tell him I said no you said no

yeah no no no no no I'm thinking about


I mean why can't they just adopt it's

always been important for Michael to

have his own biological children and

that's actually why he broke up with

Susan the first time around she had kids

didn't know anymore but now things have

changed and she will have kids with him

but her actual and then he remembered my

eggs except um the thing is I I know you

don't want kids

this might be a way that I could have a

child of my own and he would have no

legal or financial responsibility at all

think about what a great uncle you are

to James and Ava you love them I mean

you this guy he's just like you know one

little dinner thing and he just pulled

you right back in this kind of me I mean

you don't think that he's possibly just

trying to get you back no you don't know

he knows that I'm with you and he's he

said with Susan no you don't know man

well he might not be the most faithful

person in the world but I am so why

would you want to have a kid when

someone who is not the most faith

because even if he's a lady partner I

think he would be a really good dad he's

smart and he's charming and he's got you

know a good set of values I just I need

to process

you're happy right yes I love you you

love me and we're all good right cuz I

love our lives you know they're winos it

I love it

why I really can't mess it up maybe

could enhance our life and I was driving

home thinking about it and it was like a

ray of sunlight burst through me

thinking about having another little boy

running around

and I thought maybe this is a way that

it could work for everybody







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