Brief Movie: Friendship Drama “Watch Get together” | Undertaking HER | Iris

published on July 3, 2020

ladies the new season of Palisades PTA

starts Monday time for us basic bitches

together and watch rich women melt down

like human Chernobyl's see you at 8:00

love Margaret Margaret get your ass in

here it's starting

I was reheating the queso it was getting

that jizz layer like that bothers you

I believe I love it I wish we had bugles

I would put him on each finger and just

like into the jizz layer like no I

cannot wait for Palisades tonight oh my

god Beth Ann she's a mother I love her

and entrepreneur no you didn't didn't

what spend $40 on a bottle of Beth Ann's

low-carb Chardonnay or stand in line for

two hours at the Bev mode to get this

sighs OH oh my god what's she like

in real life

was that right about her oh did she

still have all her baby teeth I wouldn't

know by the time I got to the front of

the line this bitch had a surrogate

signer they did say that this does not

age well so we should drink it tonight

yes I'll get good glasses haters gonna


good Jesus loves me


Kandice invited the whole pth of her

launch party for her clothing line love

party clothes for of the mature tennyson

this is the perfect opportunity for me

to confront xavier and forced and to

tell Candace about our affair Oh

Leah's an idiot Xavier is never gonna

leave Candace this whole affair is just

meaningless sex for him okay

sorry this is about that

missionary Minister Margaret everything

okay with your class yeah they're just

making a marshmallow crosses good I lost

it last way the watch you gave me

it's a fossil watch it has a purple band

and there's flowers on the face where

the numbers should be don't worry about

it you the wife didn't like it she

called it tacky

well not tacky per se just not her style

anyway I've gotta run and get the

service started but lets you and I have

fellowship in my office sometime this

week I love that actually this week is

no good it's Claire's birthday call

rosemary in the office and see if I can

fit you into my schedule next week my

god bless you my sheep Oh

ken is an asshole you know you deserve

better here did you take this from me


you think I'd try and steal that

ugly-ass watch you left it at my place

last week

that's the lodge yes Eat Pray Love more

like Gucci diamonds anal I canceled my

date with Mac so I could go out with

Charlie good thing I did he surprised me

with a Tesla via our two-week


it's easy being a woman stuffing box

breasts me super way yeah Carlos thought

that may extra gravy so you got hella

gravy and what did you think that she

can't be right that nasty annual gonna

be fine also you got to be quick okay

cuz I got other deliveries in the car

it's just that you know people don't tip

if if they food is late thank you okay

oh my god I paid five dollars for sex

love fades divorce settlements are


if I'm in a marriage that sucks even the

tiniest bit I call Lenny here and he

gets me out of it marriage is like shoes

you can't fix a broken shoe no you can't

Lenny and you can't fix a broken

marriage girl's got a point about shoes

girls got a point about marriages and

what seems to be the problem

anxiety okay and what do you think is

the cause of this anxiety I'm sorry I

thought you could just say anxiety and

get your card sure yeah okay yeah that

works I think I hate my marriage my

husband takes care of our kid while I'm

at work

and it's at the point now where every

time I look at him I'm just doing the

math in my head of how much a nanny

would cost that's what I think when I

look at him we could be and I'm

thinking about how many years until

Ellie starts kindergarten

he's a nice guy I'm the asshole maybe

you should write that down instead of

anxiety right she's an asshole write it


all right ladies to our Monday night

here here Laurie thought you might wanna

you know



I thought it wasn't that interesting but

that was what he chose



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