Quick Movie: A Lady is Paid to Snuggle in “Snugglr” | Venture HER | Iris

published on July 3, 2020

these are for you yeah I got those for

you so hope you like them

I'll put some oh yeah that's fine you

just put them there cool

yeah let me uh I'll get these pillows

out of the way I got it

I got it


oh um I'm supposed to say I'm gonna put

my arm around you now oh yes oh okay put

my arm around you now thank you

we should switch positions maybe go back

with you anyone your CTR Jimmy Oh Kevin

diversity our job a hiatal stimulant I'm

Academy choo-choo

Bhaskar could ascertain when I never

stood alkylation way and nothing comes

later an MS column capital Tama yummy

school so sure we'll do the pure mr

Perret stem um highly during the or Mia

you burn your summer you soon

I'm the capital to mama


can I help you I was looking for someone

named Bella are you one of her friends

from school yeah yeah we're we're

friends from that was school were

friends from class are those for her the

flowers no what's your name uh Jim ray

yeah I'm actually I'm just gonna go you

know she's gonna be home real soon

what'd you miss I couldn't I couldn't

yeah I think if she can I insist I don't

know you know I think it's really

important that you go after something

that makes you happy because if you

don't pursue something that makes you

happy if you're just trying to do

something that pleases your parents for

example like if you wanted to be a

ballet dancer and they wanted you to be

an earth science teacher or something in

the long run you're gonna be miserable

so what you have to do you have to find

something that truly makes you happy and

and embrace it hold it tight that's the

road to happiness you know this part

right man you come in right here okay

let's keep doing I it's really all about


especially because as a young woman you

have to work twice as hard as everybody

else oh hi honey how was a CT prep uh

it was good I've been hanging out with

your friend yeah my friend um we're just

gonna go to my room like quick okay okay

these walls are cream not beige that

linen closet is from 1945 and this is my

bedroom wait


look at you look at you you ready go for

your walk come on look at you are you

leaving so soon uh yeah thank you so

much you sure you don't want to stay for


I'm making cuts away Pepe yeah I'm not

hungry thank you so much thank you hey

don't forget your flowers


she opened the market mayor

oh listen olodum sites of arcade mention

it a total area under the Mishnah Teresa




is kidding do you know Daniel is they

know hey guys this way

Daniel this chick is looking for you

whoa hey

seven right camera camera

look I don't need you to like cuddle me

or whatever it is I just need you to

like pretending my girlfriend for the

party that's not what this is yeah but

like it's and I already put the money in

the bank like it's not that's not the

same thing yeah it's not the same thing

it's almost like a wife I mean come on

look look look look Tamara Tamara just

help me out so I I do this party

and I didn't think anyone was gonna come

but then I just routine a lot of people

ended up showing up and it's literally

like half my college and then my ex

ended up showing up she's brought a date

and like I ended up I was wondering

about her I don't know why I met her but

now she's here and so look I just really

need hey guys this is the girl I was

talking about Tamra

we're both sitting at this boot when we

both meet at the exact same and then

immediately after we just have both the

glassy and the exact same time again


kind of expensive but we know it

completely works totally and yeah so

after that they could never have the

fourth course we stole this good stuff

from someone's room you want some I yeah

sure I can't believe she's in Turks and

Caicos do you think I don't want to be

in Turks and Caicos of course I want to

be in Turks and Caicos you literally

have to stop following people from high

school okay nothing bad is ever gonna

happen to them they're gonna lead normal

lives and be very very happy I don't

want them to be happy I want them to get

adult acne and be sad but you don't need

them be because you have me who are you

I'm general huh

I think I'm ready to go back okay let's

go your eyeliners up






you could bum one of this oh yeah thank


I don't really smoke cigarettes this is

like the fourths the great I've ever had

why it's my third really mm-hmm Wow

we're on like the same trajectory we're

both starting to smoke at the same time

yeah you're dying like slightly fast me

yeah well you're catch me up yeah cuz I

don't even have any cigarettes

sure Cheers

do pass supposed to us mm-hmm my mom

smoked two packs a day and then my dad

one time when I was a kid I hit his pack

of cigarettes in the monopoly box and

they just went out and just

see it's so good mmm mines delicious

there's a compared to the first three

cigarettes this is my top ten top ten

out of the four cigarettes yeah mm-hmm I

would say top five

sometimes I see a train that doesn't

have any people in it hmm I just think

that's a waste

what's your name Tamra Harrison




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