Short Film: 1930s Mystery “Beauty” | Project HER | Iris

published on July 2, 2020



my three children I'm so sorry ma'am

with your lame rose don't be sorry rose

be careful tell me something about

yourself what's your favorite color red

red yes ma'am

Red's nice color roses are red I'm

getting married

that's wonderful man in addition to

cooking and cleaning I'm looking for

someone who can lead the charge and

keeping this place running and to

relieve poor Tosun here from have endure

make coffee and roll my cigarettes you

would be responsible for hiring the

household workers who should only come

twice a week and you would collaborate

with Tosun on any other household needs

you think you can handle that I can

handle anything ma'am your name is rose

your favorite colors red and you can

handle anything

my fiance is a bit of a social butterfly

I prefer to keep the place to ourselves

with the exception of his children and

my children if they choose to visit we

may entertain guests from time to time

do you have any other talents can you

sing a dance at the end of the rainbow

there is happiness and to find it how

often I have tried but my life is a race

just a wild goose chase and all of my

dreams have been denied

why is my life been a failure


how singular Tosun shell rose to the

door please mrs Moore

there is something we'll go on in

Tosun could you please sit down

I'm gonna have to touch you for this I

said all right

man that denies to you he was a bad

person you are in commerce even it's

okay just let it go



when I inhale deep exhale t understand


you're a hypnotist No

then you're a witch no no I'm not an

evil person come with me I really is

this is rose hello hello rose

can you help Aurelius the way you helped


I'm gonna have to touch you for this is

that Alright


done this to yourself



all right


that's not what I meant the bleaching

creams haven't been working all really

is is not in this picture because he

does not look like my other children if

you'd like to stay here Rose I need you

to change him


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