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published on July 2, 2020

you have enough

have you had enough are you ready to do



what do you want me to do deputizes

breaking into his neighbor's house the

middle I murder it yeah you think that's

right yeah no justice don't make me

regret this

just some dope

okay well I think I have something here

that is going to help out yeah you just

hand these things out you know that

there are kids dying it's just another

day I've done it's perfectly legal

I asked both of my sons they're gone

I'll kill all of them no we will fight

for you

we're here for you we love you do you

even realize what you've done if you let

this hate into your heart it

drawing up some misery can't get away

from it placed in sanitation the second

she was born here she was doing what did

you do the opioid epidemic ravaging the

heartland of America well look into the

face you fought for your country for

overseas you fought for all of us now

it's time that you have to fight for you



I won't let you down okay I know we can

lost Adam you are better than this what

are you doing but any means necessary

and everyone we've lost and to honor

them with more than just thoughts and

prayers tonight we take responsibility

you take responsibility for your


it stopped ready boys

I look into the face



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