Shocking Things Found Frozen In Ice!

published on July 9, 2020

A sunken ship full of treasure aperfectly preserved hippo and an ancientViking sword all of these incrediblethings have been found frozen in ice butnot everything found in ice is ancientor an artifact some animals canpurposely freeze themselves and then

Thaw out when the weather gets warmerthe only thing more interesting thanthese frozen animals might be frozentreasure and there's been tons of itfrom a plane worth 10 million dollars toa box with $300,000 worth of jewelry so

Let's chill out for a bit and explorethe frozen world just don't forget yourparkas in Norway five thousand and threehundred and eighty feet or sixteenhundred and forty meters above the sealevel two hunters came across a unique

Historical artifact that had been frozenin the permafrost it was a completeViking sword one of the best preservedmodels ever discovered the Viking swordhad to have been stuck in the ice forover 1,000 years but was in good shape

Thanks to the high-quality iron and thefreezing cold temperatures the huntershad spotted the blades sticking out ofthe rocks and gently pulled it from itsprison like a modern-day King Arthurexperts figured that the permafrost

Caused movement in the stones so whenthe ice melted the sword was slowlybrought to the surface finding alegitimate Viking sword isn't just likefinding a piece of history it's alsolike finding buried treasure a model of

An authentic Viking sword can runanywhere from 200 to 1000 dollarsdepending on the craftsmanship but thereal thing priceless and one-of-a-kindsince finding real Viking swordspreserved this well isn't that common

This particular sword is meant for amuseum but if you're a big fan of Vikingweaponry you can always buy a lesscomplete Viking sword for about tenthousand US dollars it's not onlyobjects frozen in time that are

Resilient the alligator is an animalthat has been on our planet for morethan 150 million years and recentlyresidents of North Carolina got to seefirsthand just how epic these creaturesare after a sudden deep freeze in 2019

Alligators in North Carolina were foundwith their noses sticking out of thefrozen water but don't worry about thosepoor Gators they're just fine this isactually a normal thing for alligatorsthey can sense when the water is about

To reach freezing temperatures and sticktheir noses to the surface so the icefreezes around themthen they enter a state of brumationwhich is just hibernation but forreptiles once temperatures start to go

Back to normalthe Gators will slowly thaw out and getback to their normal Gator activitiessince alligators can survive heat andcold they seem like a pretty goodinvestment for any nature park and

They're surprisingly inexpensive whenthey're babies you can buy a hatchlingfor about 150 dollars but a fully grownadult a large one can cost about $10,000do you think these prehistoric popsiclesare worth the money in the frigid waters

Off King William's Island in northernCanada there lay the wreckage of a shipfrozen in time the ship is called theHMS terror and it was originally a partof British explorer Sir John Franklin'sill-fated expedition to find the

Northwest Passage the ship had beenpreserved for more than 170 years whenCanadian and Inuit researchers decidedto explore the wreck in 2019 back in1846 ice had trapped the ship forcingthe crew to hastily abandon it but what

Remains is a stocked ship full ofimportant artifacts and even papersdocumenting the tragic voyage the frigidtemperatures of the water layers ofsediment and an absence of natural lightappear to be why the terror is so

Perfectly preserved and it's a goodthing it is since the ship and its cargoare worth a fortune and while theBritish chose to claim 65 of theartifacts found onboard the vessel theydecided to leave the ship to the

Researchers who had founded a fourhundred and thirty thousand dollar giftbut considering all of the preservedpieces of history found on the ship thatare now on their way to British Museum'sthe entire discovery is probably worth

More like millions picture this you finda small frog frozen solid and unmovingyou assume the frogs time is overand you bring it home to show off yourstrange find but once you leave it onyour table for a few minutes you come

Back to a living croaking hopping frogin the prime of its life so what givesit's a wood frog a small amphibiannative to Canada that can literally befrozen alive these zombie frogs areunable to travel large distances to

Escape Canada's winter so instead theyhave adapted to produce their ownantifreeze and when in this popsiclestate their heartbeat stops completelyas much as 70 percent of the frogs bodybecomes frozen solid and they can stay

Alive like this all winter until theweather turns warmerthey suddenly start to thaw and canslowly get back to their little froglives if you want to own one of theseresilient creatures it's actually not

Too expensive you can get 75 tadpolesfor about 150 dollars or if that manyfrogs is a bit too overwhelming youcould always buy a single fully grownfrog for about 40 dollars that's a smallprice to pay to have your very own

Zombie frog during World War two anentire squadron of six Lockheed p-38aircrafts and two Boeing b-17 s made anemergency landing in the ice fields ofGreenland the crews were rescued afternine days but the aircraft's had to be

Left behind – they're frozen graves oneof those p38 now known as glacier girleventually escaped her icy prison in1992 the Greenland expedition societyfound her she was under 264 feet orabout 80 meters of solid ice so workers

Had to brake their way through to gainaccess to the abandoned aircraft theyused a hot water cannon to carve acavern around the plane and then theywere able to disassemble the wreckageand slowly remove her piece by piece

From the ice it cost them about threemillion dollars to restore the plane butby 2002 glacier girl was in flyingcondition soon after she was sold forseven million dollars but later shewould go on to a new owner for a

Whopping 10 million dollars for glaciergirl being frozen and ice might be thebest thing that ever happened to herit's not strange for some animals tolove ice but it is strange for insectsto love it that's why the Antarctic

Midge one of Antarctica's only insectspecies is so spectacular they spendover half of their livesfrozen and even the larva has figuredout a way to dehydrate itself to avoiddamage from the cold but once fully

Grown that's where they're real freezingstarts basically they can quickly freezetheir entire body to deal with the coldweather if you can't beat it join itright they can also go without oxygenfor as long as a month and they're so

Unique that scientists still aren'treally sure why they're able to pull offthese cool tricksit cost researchers a lot of money foran Arctic expedition one month longtrips to study these midges can cost

Hundreds of thousands of dollars intravel and equipment but if you'recurious about these strange Arcticinsects then you could always hop acharter flight for an Arctic natureexpedition for about $12,000 if you get

Luckyan Arctic expedition could be anopportunity to find a frozen dinosaurwell at least it was for William hammerand his team of researchers in the early1990s hammer discovered a brand new

Dinosaur species frozen in the ice onmount Kirkpatrick they named it theglacial asaurus hammer I a 190 millionyear old species the long-neckeddinosaur was probably about 20 to 25feet long or 6 to 8 meters and weighed 4

To 6 tons it was a type of sauropod amorph a dino group that includes some ofthe largest animals to ever walk theearth the fossils they found in the icewere a partial foot leg and ankle bonesthe exciting discovery took a lot of

Work and cost about 1 million dollars ittook two field seasons and a ton ofworkers that used jackhammers rock sawsand chisels to carefully remove thepieces from the glaciers but consideringthat the new dinosaur species is an

Important piece of history the hard workdefinitely paid off and if they everfind more pieces of the fossil theycould fetch tens of thousands tomillions of dollars at a fossil auctionwho knew dinosaurs could be so

Profitable talk about aged to perfection3 bottles of rare 19th century whiskywere found frozen beneath thefloorboards of Antarctic Explorer ErnestShackleton's abandoned expedition basein Antarctica they were bottles of mekin

Lays whisky than they were still good102 years after the Explorer was forcedto leave them behind Shackleton stashwas first discovered in 2010 along withbottles of scotch and bourbonwhile the bottles and crates were frozen

The whiskey inside remained liquid andit definitely wasn't going to go towastewhite and Maki made it their mission toretrieve the bottles and create theirvery own whiskey based off the recipe

They flew to Antarctica to unearth thecrates and then chartered a jet whichcan run anywhere between 2000 and$10,000 per hour to bring the preciousbottles home once there they used asample from the whiskey to create 50,000

Bottles of a limited-edition recipebased off the frozen find then theycharged 157 dollars per bottle but isthe vintage whiskey worth it accordingto reviews it's a unique whiskey with astrong flavor but honestly we'd be down

To try the original bottle you've heardof buried treasure but what about frozentreasure a French mountaingot to see firsthand what it was like tofind a box full of frozen jewels back in1950 Air India flight 245 also known as

Malabar princess crashed on Mont Blancin the French Alpsit wasn't until almost 70 years laterthat a French climber happened tostumble upon a box that experts thinkcame from the famed crash inside the

Small metal box were shining rubiessapphires and emeralds the climber cameforward with his fine so that theauthorities can find the heir to thejewels after carefully studying thetreasure the box and its contents were

Appraised to be worth three hundred andthirty-two thousand dollars the Frenchauthorities say that if the air isn'tfound within a couple of years then thejewels belong to the climber there'salso the possibility that there are more

Treasures hidden from the crash on MontBlanc but so far they remain a mystery ahippo is not meant to be out in the coldthat's why zoos usually bring themindoors when the temperature starts todip too low so how then was an animal

That likes a warm climate found frozenin a thick layer of ice this tragicphoto had been floating around theinternet but is that even possibleexperts say probably not how would ahippo migrate to such a cold environment

Anyway hippos like warm rivers swampsand lakes and are usually found nativeto Africa that's led many to believethat this frozen hippo photo is just achilling hoax but on the slight chancethat it isn't the hippo would never have

Wandered there by itself since it costsabout a hundred thousand dollars to owna hippo did someone lose their veryexpensive pet in the ice during across-country move maybe we'll neverknow but for the hippos sake we hope

That it never ended up spending eternityfrozen and ice which of these frozenpieces of history would you be willingto splurge on let us know in the commentsection down below don't forget to hitthat like button if you enjoyed this

Video and subscribe to the richest formore thanks for watching and we'll seeyou next timeyou

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