published on August 2, 2020

wow does this chart hold the secret to when and how this absolutely explosive crypto cycle is about to begin in fact it looks as though bitcoin is not taking the lead in this massive cycle and as well we'll

Show you exactly today what needs to happen for this rally to remain intact because there is a much different scenario we're still watching and guys could this momentum continue to swing downwards

Like we've been talking about for a few days with this ema ribbon collapsing on the tops here does this mean there is some downside to be expected or not we'll show you a lot of different

Charts here wow and ethereum is surely beating bitcoin in many ways guys we'll show you why this is more likely to send us into a massive rally than just bitcoin's price and as well guys we're not going

To cover the twitter hacks yesterday as you know never send people your bitcoin expecting to get more back it's always a scam but guys i want to talk a little bit about this article because i

Think it's a little misleading and as well these external indicators to the bitcoin market that you need to be paying attention to guys this is huge if you want to maximize your profit this

Is something you cannot be ignoring a trend that will continue and i'm using this in my long-term plan to 100 make the most gainers as possible and to maximize my gains the juice let's dive in wow

Guys what's going on welcome back to another extremely extremely webisode we have a lot to get into in this video but as well we do have a lot of announcements as well that many

Of you are probably going to be interested in because this directly affects you for one guys as you can see here john did receive his ledger that he won on the channel that he tweeted out last night

And if you're interested in getting the ledger nano x that you see here this is the absolute last day to get 20 off guys if you really want one and you want it now this is your last chance to get it all

You have to do is choose your coin and put in that code at checkout and you can get 20 off when you do the checkout there you can see here cryptolorian actually did that as well you put in the code and

You get a nice discount on the ledger but specifically what i'm going to cover this video is just how this bull cycle is going to start now many people for the past few months have really just been predicating the entire

Bull cycle on bitcoin exploding but guys these specific alt coins you need to be looking at because they are going to play a huge role in the coming cycle in general and as you may know this trend

That goes back to the beginning of bitcoin of bitcoin dominance decreasing i think is going to come in very strong and i think it also is possible that we return down to those 40 potentially lower levels especially

During the cycle even if it is temporary but guys you need to be paying attention to it okay as i've been saying most of my profits from 2017 were from altcoins and my portfolio is up a lot right now because of the investments that i've

Chosen over the past six to eight months specifically to keep adding into and my point of saying that is even in only the past you know maybe even half a year

I'm already seeing a ton of rewards based on what i invested in obviously i think it's incredibly important to diversify i've been preaching that since the beginning of the channel

Always to diversify and i'll tell you from experience over the past three years that is by far how i made the most gains in my portfolio okay guys huge we're gonna get in more detail with that throughout the

Video but as well if you're interested in winning these letters make sure to hit the like subscribes dings and we can jump in to some ta and then more on all coins as well so guys i just want to start off

With bitcoin because we have much more interesting stuff to cover in regards to these alt coins and just some other information in general about this massive bowl cycle incoming with bitcoin we want to get a daily

Close above 9160 roughly because if we don't it'll be the first time since the end of april since we've been in this ascending triangle if we don't get a close above 9160 about

80 higher than we currently are it will be the first time since we've been in this pattern uh in over two and a half months that we won't get a daily close above this trend line okay the most touches by

Far on this time frame is this line right here and if we don't get a close above exactly about 9150 or roughly about 70 to 80 above where we are currently if we don't get a close above this

Then we could see some further downside again this is bitcoin's chart but again guys i really want to spend a lot of time in this video talking about alt coins so currently we're below that 92 which has been a

Crucial area but more important is this 8 800 88 to 87 realistically but also now we're below the 21 day moving average so is what we talked about in the last video coming true

Where we said this consolidation and tightening of these ema ribbons here on this daily biffin x chart that we have right here as you can see a lot of these ribbons are just one now you see

How thick this line is because they've consolidated so much is this actually coming true and indicating a big downside move now guys with that being said we discussed a lot of what i'm doing with alts about roughly eight

Or nine alts back here on july 13th but as well we updated on july 14th and as well today the update is out if you're interested in following my portfolio and specifically the alts that i'm

Accumulating because guys i'll tell you what my portfolio is looking chunky right now and i expect this thing to continue to grow over the next two years i'm looking for at least 150 200 x in my

Portfolio minimum over the next year and a half two years okay guys clearly i want to maximize my profit as much as possible i am here for a lot of reasons i obviously hate banks i have a really

Good life example from about two weeks ago that absolutely made me furious if you go on my twitter you can read about it a little bit but it had to do with banks and it just reminded me why i hate them

So much so obviously i'm here for a lot of things technology getting away from centralization but as well i would be lying if i say i didn't want to make a ton of money and guys realistically i think all of you

Are here to make mucho gracias uh dollar bills here right or not dollar bills but uh cryptocurrency bills right we want to make massive gainers that's why we're all here and when you spend you know three

To six hours every single day for the past three years like i've been doing here guys and many of you are as well you get very in tune with the market and very in tune with investing

And realistically this is all i think about at this point i literally have no hobbies i essentially don't do anything except follow the cryptocurrency market i like eating uh i sleep maybe like six hours a night but realistically

All of my time goes into researching the market following people that i also think are influential and smart and make good investments and learning from them as well but basically my life for the past three

Years and specifically the past year and a half has become just basically being a crypto sponge where i just try to absorb as much information in this space as possible because you

Know i hate to say it but money is probably one of the most important things in the world and this is an opportunity to make money and to become a lot more financially

Able than you'll ever have in your life again this is probably one of the best opportunities in my opinion i could be absolutely wrong but the best opportunities in your life to really get a financial edge

In so many different ways but yeah for sure the gainers are there guys i'm so excited for the end of this year but specifically 2021 everybody is counting on this to be the biggest year in history for

Cryptocurrency and even if it's not it doesn't even have to be even if it's you know a fraction of one of these last bull cycles i will still be ecstatic because guys those are still massive gainers

And particularly if you're invested in the right projects you will maximize and be more than set you'll be more prepared and more rewarded and ecstatic with your portfolio growth

Than uh you probably ever could have imagined wow so guys with that being said we're gonna get a lot more into altcoins and ta but i want to talk about this article published on uh forbes by billy

Bambro interest in bitcoin and other cryptos including ethereum is booming fueled by unprecedented central bank stimulus measures and rocketing demand for alt finance they talk about ethereum here

I'm going to skip through a little bit ethereum's active address count has increased 118 and bitcoins only increased about 50 percent the and this is because the level of

Development on ethereum is insane right initial coin offering stable coins non-fungible tokens decentralized exchanges other decentralized finance applications web 3 use cases however ryan sulcus

Chief executive here says bitcoin remains the industry dominant asset and most important project i'm not denying that i'm not at all trying to say ethereum is more important than bitcoin that's not

What i'm saying however it would be silly to dismiss ethereum's influence and what it's doing and what its capabilities are and its potential to make you massive gains as well so for

Example actually comes down here and talks about chain link it's been boosted by a surge in defy interest where people can use bitcoin and crypto technology to recreate traditional financial instruments

Such as loans and insurance which that specifically is what frustrated me two weeks ago i said at the beginning of the video that banks really frustrated me about two weeks ago

This is exactly what it was about so obviously as well d5 is very interesting to me the gains are really interesting and i am profiting a lot from the gains currently but as well it has a real world use

Application for me specifically so believe me i'm 100 on board with this chain link up a thousand percent around the last year hitting fresh all-time highs guys absolutely huge and guys defy being found as one of the

Biggest drivers of ethereum growth in recent months with d5 applications accounting for 97 of all decentralized app volume on ethereum and as well before we get back into

These alt coins specifically and the ta i want to mention this was published on coin telegraph by joseph young he goes into amazing stuff i mean it's stuff we've already covered as well so i'm not going

To spend any time covering it again but the main thing i want to do at the very end is cover these external variables which i get at least one or two comments every day about it even though i try to

Address it every few days and this is external variables to bitcoin's price the main thing i want to say here is i would go all in with what i want to invest

If these external variables weren't on my mind i have about 50 of my portfolio in crypto so again not a small amount but i would be willing to probably go 60 to 75 percent if i was

Comfortable with this last variable here and it's just these external variables such as the global economy external market forces such as systemic uncertainty and unknown correlations with traditional markets may prevent

Bitcoin from breaking out very soon but signals remain strong nonetheless as of the middle of july technical indicators suggest the us stock market rallies overheated if equities drop

Considering the recent correlation with bitcoin equities bitcoin could become more vulnerable to a correction here and as well a pullback in the stock market could cause the appetite for risk on assets to

Drop and guys basically what this means is that with all the money printing that's gone over the past few months with the virus in the world with everything that's going on with that there is uncertainty

And i think the only thing that could happen that might put a wrench in crypto's rally is just what's going on in the world meaning the global economy i don't have to go through it i'm sure you live

Through it every single day like i do you're probably tired of hearing about it but again that is a real concern and that's basically the only thing that i'm a little hesitant on when it comes to investing

In general right now now guys with that being said i think the bitcoin dominance is going to continue to increase like we saw at the very end of 2016 beginning of 2017 we saw bitcoin dominance go from over 85

Percent to basically half of that around 40 percent okay and that was during the massive alt rally of the summer of 2017 going into the beginning of 2018 and then towards the middle of 2018 we

Actually picked up a lot back bitcoin went back above 50 uh when it was actually all the way down at 30 percent but again with this coming cycle i think we're gonna see something similar i

Don't think we're going to see bitcoin all of a sudden jump back up to 80 and 90 percent dominance i think dominance will continue to wane as people get more and more interested in projects

But with that being said i think only a select few maybe less than three or less than five will take up a significant portion of the market as you can see here this white line the second highest uh besides the yellow

Line which is bitcoin this white line represents every other coin except the top 10 coins so basically what i'm saying is i don't think that necessarily is going to increase i think it could be

Limited to maybe three or five altcoins taking up a more dominant share but what that also means is that the potential on just a few select amount of alt coins is absolutely sky

High absolute moonshot possibility that's what i'm sticking to i 100 think that's the case obviously guys bitcoin is number one i think it will be but will ethereum be number two forever will xrp be in the top five forever i'm

Not sure and i think there will be a switch guys over you know every few years we do see a big change in the top 10 top 15 20 and again i think that's a pattern that will continue obviously i

Think bitcoin will remain number one but again you want to watch out and if you can actually capture some of those coins that shift into the top five even that is absolutely massive okay so much room for profit there and now i want to

Cover this briefly before we finish off the episode with the ta and the altcoins twitter hack proves bitcoin is still only good for one thing crime the reason i want to cover this guy is because i want to kind of uh deny some

Of this i think basically what the article is saying i mean i agree with this in the sense that this is probably not great exposure for bitcoin i mean technically any publicity is good publicity but at the

Same time i think most people have heard of bitcoin and this i'm just not sure is a great thing to see obviously this was not bad on bitcoin's part at all twitter is what messed up bitcoin didn't mess up bitcoin didn't

Scam people twitter had a flaw of vulnerability whatever it is they're still trying to figure that out and the one thing they wanted was bitcoin okay so if anything that's a compliment he actually specifically

Uh references that here about somebody who hacked the most important social platform in the world only once bitcoin has that for headline he's kind of uh saying that that's not a good thing but again more importantly

The main reason i want to bring this up bitcoin is obviously very useful and if things are useful they're going to be used in crime period that doesn't mean they're only used for crime and the second thing guys i just

Want to highlight again never send your bitcoin to somebody in the hopes you'll get double back it has never happened everybody that's ever sent bitcoin in the hopes of getting double back has

Always been left disappointed has always been scammed out of their money and really that's just based on greed anyway you see that and you think oh wow i can double my bitcoin here very quickly what that is is greed

That's what makes you want to do it don't be greedy and definitely just don't believe that the one thing that i think is really good that comes out of this is that now people are extremely aware

Of a scam of sending bitcoin and getting double back because this is going on youtube it's been going on for months it's been going on youtube ads as of recently as of the past few weeks

And now it just went on the biggest platform in the world with some of the biggest celebrities the biggest icons in the world former presidents massive celebrities guys now everybody's

Been exposed to this scam so hopefully this actually stops the scam because now people are aware oh okay if i send my bitcoin to this guy i actually won't get double back okay so if anything good came out of

This maybe it's that maybe people actually won't send their bitcoin because they'll realize oh this is just a really big scam so in that sense i think the people who did the hacking yesterday might have

Messed up a little bit they could have maximized their profit i saw people talking about that a lot you know if they could maybe pumped in exchange or pumping a coin or something like that

Or short a coin by putting out some foot or something like that in the long term this could end up being very good for bitcoin because now people are aware most likely uh this was really good advertising about this scam

Now everybody knows about this scam about sending bitcoin and getting double back it's not real you're gonna get scammed so that's really good i think that's the best thing to come out of yesterday but

Yeah guys basically when it comes to old coins what i want to cover here ethereum bitcoin pairing right here this is huge so this is ethereum paired with bitcoin you see for the past four months it has been in this ascending

Triangle and you as you can see just today we came down and found support right at the bottom around 25 guys this is huge i think this pattern is going to break upside very soon so keep that in mind

And i think this is exactly what could initiate this rally uh for old coins and for crypto in general i think altcoins could actually be the ones that initiate this massive cycle and bitcoin could end

Up following as altcoins are up 20 30 50 percent as we've already seen that kind of happen all right i want to cover link here as well doing extremely well finding support above this 82

I could see us rallying all the way up to 14 us dollars in the short term okay this is absolutely very interesting to watch link now accounts for about 30 of my entire altcoin portfolio because of how much

Gains it's gotten xtz is actually in my top three as well in terms of how much i own guys xtz is primed as well for burst definitely check that out and there's some other coins i'm watching obviously

I'm interested in oxt nano looks primed as well in my opinion to break out guys and we're still watching this digi byte pairing with bitcoin uh huge and as well we cover other ones that we don't cover

Every day just smaller coins in the updates here on t4 okay update is posted now so make sure to go over uh if you're already in t4 and check out the july 16th

2020 because that's where a lot of altcoin information uh and trading information is in there as well and guys as well if you're interested in getting in we are still doing that sale 20

Off with the coupon code platinum at checkout a lot of you guys have been joining been getting some great feedback guys it's awesome we have a lot of stuff in there honestly at this point anyway

So there's just a lot of stuff whatever you're trying to learn trading uh learning technical analysis learning about altcoins my entire portfolio is in this as well so we just have a bunch of information

In here and again we've continued to grow it it's been up for about four months now so obviously there is a fair amount of information and i only put in what i think is valuable as you can see

The videos on average are about five to seven minutes i don't beef up these videos at all like i do on youtube to hit the algorithm these are just more packed on you know basically what

They're about it's just information and content specifically you know just cut to the chase of what the content is so guys huge if you want to get that ledger this is your last day as well make sure to enter for this

Ledger just drop your comment uh like subscribe below and if you're interested in getting chain link or tasers as well you can use the cryptocom app if you sign up with that link you and i both receive

53 mco when you stake and complete registration thanks for watching guys i'll peace

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