Shelter in Place with J Balvin, Sergio Moro, Marcos Espinal | Episode 13

published on July 2, 2020


Latin America is feeling the full force

of the corona virus pandemic

socio-economic inequality densely

populated cities and an over stretched

healthcare system are exacerbating what

is quickly becoming a severe crisis in

Brazil the new epicenter of the virus

president Jo balsa narrow the so-called

Trump of the tropics has dismissed the

disease as quote-unquote a little flu

and continually downplayed the

seriousness of the problem so this week

we're speaking to major players in Latin

American politics public health and

culture dr Marcos Espinel of the

pan-american Health Organization

Sergio Moro a former justice minister

who's one of the most influential people

in Brazil and J Balvin a Colombian

reggaeton star who is one of the biggest

recording artists on earth

dr Marcos SP now is the head of

communicable diseases at the Pan

American Health Organization a branch of

the w-h-o he's one of the top experts

fighting the current pandemic across the

Americas dr Espinel thank you for

joining us my pleasure so I want to jump

right in the Pan American Health

Organization of which you're apart has

said that we have more than three point

three million kovat 19 cases reported in

the region of the Americas more than any

other region around the world and today

we are home to nearly half of the kovat

19 cases can you explain the scope of

the corona virus problem now in Latin

and South America well you know globally

we have today a million cases and more

than 400,000 deaths and

in the Americas region it's considered

today the epicenter of this pandemic

when you take into account that Brazil

has overtaken as the number-two country

in the world in terms of cases and death

and also Peru is becoming on the top 10

Chile also is clear that the problem in

Latin America and the Caribbean it's a

major issue in Mexico for example you

have the leaders saying it's not a


Brazil might be even worse in that they

probably have the worst total amount of

cases and it at one point stopped

sharing data with the rest of the world

saying we're not gonna give you the

number of our cases is your biggest

enemy here populist politicians who are

sitting there saying it's not a problem

you know we're not even gonna share the

data you know we cannot control what

head up States and other leaders are

saying but remember not in America the

Caribbean and so is Brazilian Mexico

high rate of inequalities high

urbanization rate not well planned huge

cities like Lima Mexico City real Safari

and huge informal economy where people

have to go out and it's difficult to do

social distances all these things so

it's a major issue in Latin America when

you compare it to Asia and Europe

speaking of which the Chilean government

is having a hard time with food scarcity

for its citizens leading to massive

protests which is sort of creating a

perfect breeding ground for the spread

of the virus how do you mitigate against

that because people are on one hand

starving on the other hand spreading the

virus that's a critical point and we

understand that make sure if you're

going to implement full lockdown the

government is able to secure the supply

change for food but innovation is

important here Chile for instance is

doing great testing program it's

probably the countries with the best

testing program in the whole region

but regardless we're still learning from

this virus speaking of sort of a

post-mortem if you will on

pandemic you know the last global

pandemic of this size was the Spanish

influenza since you guys do not only

South America but also North America and

Canada as well you're uniquely placed to

give us the answer is it going to follow

the same trajectory and that it goes

into the southern hemisphere for their

winter and then back up here for our

autumn and winter we still don't know

the answer of that question but it my

flu it's becoming also initially in

Argentina Chile Brazil so coupled with

Kobe this might be a recipe for a more

difficult problem to deal with you know

there's all kinds of systemic problems

that this is just blowing open will this

force actual change going forward by all

means you're correct this pandemic has

exposed a series of systemic problems

we're not dealing only with a public

health problem we're dealing also with

economic problem and social problem I

mean not in America is that is the

region of the world most inequitable but

we have several population groups living

in situation of vulnerability indigenous

people living in the Amazon basin and we

have what is happening that people

deprived of liberty or prisoners

women chil afro-descendants so the

lesson aspect is this will be repeated

investment in health investment in

education investment in the people will

help to solve in the long run the

systemic problems on that note dr

marcos Espinel thank you so much for

your time today my pleasure thank you

Oh Thomas quiz if Oprah's in shock you

come here me of the meerkat Judah me son

Sergio Moro rose to prominence as a

judge during the biggest corruption

scandal in Brazilian history in 2018 he

was appointed justice minister by the

country's populist president gyroball

Sandero but quit over even more

corruption allegations he has since

become one of the president's most vocal

critics and been called one of brazil's

most influential people mr morrow thank

you for joining us pleasure I know

you're very busy so I'm gonna jump right

in with over 800,000 cases of kovat

Brazil is now second only to the US

indeed Brazil has emerged as the new

global epicenter of the pandemic with

the world's highest rate of transmission

and a health system on the verge of


meanwhile the president mr malson Otto

is downplaying the crisis even to the

point where he said I'm gonna stop

sending data to the rest of the world

why is it become so political in the


oh it's a difficult question to answer

but the president he usually stays that

it would undermine economy of course

there is a point in preserving jobs but

we need to take care of first the health

and the life of the people so the

president president Botha now has been

very you know highly reported on on both

sides as a populist much like America

much like Trump very galvanizing so some

people really like him

and some people really hate him but

repeatedly especially with kovat he's

downplayed it you know with videos you

know where he's doing water sports he's

called it repeatedly a little flu

the concern is overblown you know what

do you think of his reaction to the

corona virus in Brazil what's your

opinion of that since the beginning he

downplayed the gravity of the pandemic

he was posed against this social

distance measure and everywhere in the

world it must use it to reduce the

spread of the coronal virus in the

population so I think the word that

useable kind of is the the correct one

the denial of science there sometimes

the denial of the reality

for example the gravity of this pandemic

it's very difficult to understand he has

strong support he has support up of

about 30% of the population but even for

this part of the population it's hard to

understand how to support this behavior

about the pandemic some governors are

reacting and mayor's are reacting we've

talked to some of those mayors and

governors who are very angry at the

president please mr president you stay

home in your most stay in shock you know

they've been reacting to the crisis and

the president's responded by calling

them names

basta don't prepare tomorrow's a call


why do you think it's become so


between the governors and the mayor's

and the president the problem is to turn

the epidemic in a political issue and in

certain way I think in Brasilia we are

suffering as other countries in the

world of this extreme polarization but

we could not deny science in dealing

with the Potemkin turning it a political

shoe it's very bad policy this is a new

way this is no beginning this is a

wake-up call I know it might sound weird

but I think it's beautiful


you've been involved in taking down

three former presidents for corruption

and now balsan arrow and his allies are

under investigation

could he be taken down for corruption or

indeed the election results overturned I

cannot give an opinion about that it

will depend on the Congress and the

Supreme Court but unfortunately you have

to you need to implement I strum agenda

Armstrong and corruption agenda and I

enter in development with this goal

unfortunate I suffered some resistance

and I did not have the full support of

the president so there are there was

this difficult with the introduction

Genda and in the recently there the

president tried to interfere in the

federal police and I decide that it was

much time to go and my last question

would be how would you rate president

Botha Narrows response to the

coronavirus in general I would not rate

it it very well but well let me say that

still time to change we are still

suffering their dependence and the

president has had all the opportunities

to change it behavior and try to

travois it more debts or great increase

in the number of them there's always

time to change on that note and let's

hope so sir tomorrow thank you very much

for your time today thank you very much

now we usually speak to policymakers

economists and scientists on the show

but the current crisis is also taking a

huge cultural toll so we wanted to hear

from a major figure in the world of

entertainment so we got in touch with J

Balvin the Colombian reggaeton artists

who also happens to be the most streamed

of musician on earth

Jose thanks for being with us today

where are you right now thank you thank


I mean marriage in Colombia so a lot of

people are worried so now we're seeing

in countries like Ecuador Peru Argentina

Mexico a huge increase now in cases and

sadly and deaths so what is the feeling

right now in Latin America South America

about what's happening with kovat I've

been you know I've been checking more of

course what's going on right here in my

country you know it's definitely a

really hard moment people feel really

frustrated and just not even there you

know this is a spill up kind of third

world country so it's not a rich country

it's a lot of poor people in my country

you know that they need to go out and

work because they live day by day

Colombia we react really fast when this

happen in the States we were already

closing the concept in this era yo el

estado de emergencia applica ramos una

is lamento preventive obligatory o para

todo loss Colombia knows but the

feelings still frustrate for a lot of

people I'm blessed because I do music

and I still got so many ways to connect

you know N and work you you release the

record during kovat during this pandemic

called colores maybe you could tell us a

little bit about what it's like to

release an album during a pandemic I was

like you know I'm not gonna be this

compared I'm always being and let's

let's drop the oven and let's see how

the people is gonna react to it at least

we're gonna have a great moment

listening to the album check in the

vibes that's what we came you know I

dropped the album and I didn't care

about sales and everything

it's really weird you know because you

used to know go to all the different

media's you know did you get to work and

feeling the feedback person you know

like see people in the streets party

with the are born or people you know in

the nightclubs on parties which is not

happening right now

so during quarantine a lot of the big

music festivals globally Coachella here

have been canceled or postponed

now musicians make a lot of their money

or most of their money through live

performance so how does this change the

music industry I think it all depends of

the strategy or the project that you

have in your life you know like I wanted

to stop doing shows this year you know

because I wanted to take time for myself

and just like focusing how to connect

with the people in a different way so I

was looking you know to just like make

games you know invest in technology you

know I was just thinking how to connect

with the audience and then everything

happens and almost all my colleagues are

suffering because they had Tuesday they

had to cancel I think this is waking us

up of and remember that we're humans and

that we really fragile

you know we we talked a little bit about

this but you know different ways of

connecting with fans you did a show one

world together at home which is an

at-home concert with Lady Gaga Elton

John Taylor Swift Liz oh do you see that

as happening more and more going forward

as we don't know if we're gonna even

have any live music this year I know

that it just doesn't feel the same life

streaming shows they're nice but they

never gonna be as nice as being kind of

real show you like to feel the energy

you like to feel you know just a way to

walk out of your house and points a

concert let's look for some other way we

can elevate the live stream I don't know

put some effects so something that is

gonna be like wow mind-blowing you know

so there you don't really conceal

something you didn't see when you were

on a live show I think it's gonna be

like two moments of when general music

you know not just my album it's gonna be

one true quarantine and another face of

the music after quanti how do you see

this reshaping things i mean you are

saying we're looking for new ways of

connecting with people like augmented

reality virtual reality there will be a

sort of tech renaissance mixed with

music and art so do you see this as

being a sort of tech art capitalism

Renaissance like all in together or yes

yeah you just say it and I didn't think

about it but it's the Renison is the new

one yeah

absolutely yeah this is the new one this

is a new way this is no beginning this

is a wake up call this is a I know it

might sound weird but I think it's


I'm just concerned I mean about top

the powerful guys in the planet and the

planet the way they acting some of them

are just not that I look like they're

conscious about what's really going on

like who's who's not acting correctly

you think I'm not one to I'm not one to

judge by the way like Trump has been

saying things and you reacting I just

don't like it this is some weird stuff

man but it's just like sad to see one of

the most powerful guys in the planet

been unconscious about what's really

going on on a deeper level he's

conscious about economically with our

know how is he bubble human beings so I

think this is a serious opportunity to

listen to your kids to listen to it to

three youth and see what they really

want and how they see the future

you you say that you look for the

positive in things and I know you've

been called the Zen master of reggaeton

so you're into meditation you know what

would you say to the millions of people

out there watching this that you know

about meditation about staying positive

during these tough times what are you

doing this is a great moment when you

start getting to know yourself I tweet

something like two days ago that is like

quarantine nukes like money and fame

like it can get you the best or the

worst of you so what I'm looking for is

just how to elevate myself and that's

true meditation you know when attention

has saved my life because I don't do I

don't do drugs I don't even drink you

know and everything stinks that to my

attention I can have my brain waves more

calm so yeah meditation definitely I

think is one of the biggest suction you

can have now and I think this is a great

moment for the kids to get to know about

meditation I try to do it really

discipline two times a day do it once

you're one of the biggest music stars in

the world you're saying look either you

focus on the positive or you spiral into

the negative what message do you have to

say to people to hold on to the positive

the more grateful we are the more

blessings we get

this is a real moment we really can just

wake up and be like I can breathe I can

open my eyes I can walk

mine in the hospital I think the best

way to feel better and to feel that it's

a great day it's in grateful I mean it

sounds kind of dumb but it's but it's

powerful no just being thankful and

being grateful for what you have even if

you don't have a lot I list me I'm gonna

try to do my best to just like all our

gaming am I not being conscious about a

lot of papers you know what do you see

you know happening with young people

because it could be a springboard to

change or it could be a springboard to

despair I think people are gonna be like

I'm checking all these kids and this a

lot of doing great stuff I mean like in

every crisis this the biggest

opportunities a lot of things are gonna

change for the better you know so I

think this is a serious opportunity to

listen to your kids to listen to it to

you and see what they really want and

how they see the future if you have one

message or anything to say to the

world's young people what would that be

for our last thought today I would tell

them to stay positive even though it's a

hard moment to be grateful for what we

have and I hope that when we go back to

normal which is never gonna be as before

but I'm not saying it'll be bad you're

gonna be just a new and a different

moment you know

all right Jose thank you so much for

your time today

now thank to you thank you so much



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