by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hi guys it's mark back again with
another video and it's now time for
episode 9 of setup of refresh I'm so
exciting to show you this video got
loads to get through this is going to be
a very long video so I'm not going to
hang about anymore I just hope you enjoy
it and maybe some part of this video
will help someone out there improve
their own gaming setup also if you look
in the comment section down below
there's actually the announcement to the
SteelSeries most competition in my
previous video congratulations to the
winner no more messing around now guys
it's finally time for episode 9 and
setup refresh good well ladies and
gentlemen finally it's time to tackle
that unsightly hole that you've been
seeing in my wall so I'm going to route
the monitor cables through there and the
power adapter so we can get it looking
super clean I'm just going to pan down
for you now ion there's the hole that we
need to tackle now all these cables here
come out cable management how nice it is
I still need to sort out further on down
the end there but overall looking good
there's the cables here I thought I'll
quickly run through the parts you're
going to need if you're going to attempt
it to do this yourself it makes my life
a little bit more difficult because I've
got concrete walls I will say that again
guys I have got concrete walls I haven't
got plaster board if I did it would make
my life a lot easier because I could
just cut a hole and away I could go
could just feed the wires down through
the mouth people that would just like
what are you doing why are you drilling
holes in plaster boards I'm like
thinking can you not work out I've got
concrete walls anyway so the things
you're going to need if you have a
concrete wall is some cutting like this
although you could use this on the
outside but of course it doesn't look as
clean you're going to need some sort of
filler or plaster I've got plaster I
haven't decided which one I'm going to
use yet
we're going to see I'm probably going to
fill it out a little bit with this and
then maybe go over a plaster turn I've
also got some paper clearly for obvious
reasons a hacksaw hacksaw the you know
off yeah cut it whatever and then I've
also got a bolster hammer which I'm
going to use to chisel out the wall like
quickly instead of using a drill I've
got a drill and it's currently on charge
so we're gonna use a mixture of the both
and then I've also got a nice screw box
with plugs screws everything I'm going
to need to fix the capping to the wall
so yeah that's everything you're going
to need you know apart from basic things
like screwdrivers things like that you
know but we're just going to have to
start this no guys wish me luck

hey guys sorry for the backround noises
a tumble dryer going and stuff I got a
family and they're currently active
around the house right essentially what
I've done is I've now put the piece of
the trunk in in and screwed them to the
wall the idea is that I'm going to have
the HDMI cable and DisplayPort cables
running down this one and the power the
one single power adapter unlock the
monitor cables I'm going to be running
through the walkers only one single
power adapter a lot of people said oh
it's not safe things like this world I
personally can't see how it isn't safe
in a way if you've got it behind
plasterboard we've got flammable
insulation year okay that could be a
serious problem but it's literally just
going to be running into the top of
there straight down in through plastic
new plaster it's going to be touching
there anything arm and it's going to be
popping out there I mean myself I think
that's going to be perfectly fine



right I sit on guys next step

right then guys it's now late at night I
successfully put in the first coat and
it's gone nice and hard now I need to
think about putting in the second coat

okay guys it's actually about three days
later now from when I did this and as
you can see it's probably that where is
it I don't know it's always looking
super smooth there now I'm going to say
again because I've already posted a few
of these pictures on Twitter showing
this and I'm still even now getting
people saying why didn't you just cut a
hole why didn't you just cut a hole who
think for the last time this is concrete
I do not have plaster boards I have a
concrete wall this is a man's house this
is mental
crazy concrete and it's the only way to
do this this looks absolutely perfect
I've worked with builders doing dry line
in three years I've worked doing
electrical work I know what I'm doing
and I think I should be able to tell the
difference between a plaster board wall
and a concrete wall
crazy I know but I do you choose the
wall trace chaser hold down put trunking
in with the wires how I've got it like
this now the next step which what I'm
definitely going to do by will be doing
it today it's getting to electrical
boxes and then essentially feeding the
wires along with no electrical box got
the electrical box here feeding it long
put it to the wall drilling two holes an
electrical box hides like all the you
know little bits here and same with up
the top here as well you get another
electrical box and put that up there so
you've got to really tidy electrical
boxes they're calling them electrical
but you know it could be any box as long
as it's you know keeps it all tidy
looking nice and you've got both of them
up there and then this is just going to
be completely smooth overall it's
looking really good we're now going to
move on to putting the side desk on the
wall over here right beside of you the
camera and then we're going to get that
screwed into the wall and hopefully
start thinking about maybe getting a PCS
back on the desk

right there's a desk installed I don't
if you really cool it desk anymore I'm
not too sure I think that's pretty much
it now for a backside now we need to
sort the main desk out and once we sort
that like guild stuff off it then I
could put that back then we can start
thinking about setting up some RGB

okay guys there's the LED strip
installed pretty easy and simple to do a
problem I'm going to have with with the
second one and how I'm going to do it
with the monitors I'm not too sure I
might just leave it and not have one but
I'm going to set up on the desk there
nicely a bit of a stretch to get it to
work but overall I'm ecstatic with hours
turning out

it's now the next day I went to bed
about half-past three four o'clock in
the morning and it's now nine o'clock in
the morning I am so keen to get this
finished I've just put up the second PC
I'm probably going to be using the 570 x
case because I love that case because
all the tempered glass although I really
like this case as well this is the case
I used in them coolermaster time-lapse
build can either route the cables and
make a hole here to route the cables
down through
for the second PC which would mean up
you know I'm going to see the cables
here or route them down behind this part
which i think is going to look a lot
cleaner although I might just see the
cables and I'm start on my desk dilemmas
dilemmas who had a lot of fun doing this
I woke up this morning if we jumped out
of bed wanting to continue on okay

okay guys here's the cable management so
far I've actually added an RGB strip as
well underneath which looks really cool
but it's pretty damn good considering
how many PCs monitors and everything
I've got this turned out quite well but
it's still not finished I still have a
lot to go and I've run out of the little
clips that I was using and I've also had
a bit of a problem trying to cable
manage the k95 Platinum I've actually
just tacked it up out of the way for the
time being because I need to get some
bigger clips for it I don't want to word
lips.i it all the way I've zip tied it
in a couple places so when I show you
this in a minute you'll see like quite a
few wires still hanging down but that's
only because I haven't actually finished
the cable management yet as you can see
over here see like the easel we've done
this big dangling wire here that's
actually the canine fly platinum like
once that's tucked up out of the way
that'll look a lot better but I need to
get some bigger clips I need to get a
box for them cables coming out of the
wall from the monitors and yeah it's
also like the hanging down there you can
see the cable coming out of the desk
there but a good just to check my
microphone Minette mixture isn't going
on under my desk under my desk or under
my shirt right bit more over to left I'm
gonna zoom in patterns like you need
this is them I would say here it's
pretty much finished we've got like the
power packs for the x7 sound bar and the
Gitana neatly placed there so this is
probably finished now around this area
which is looking pretty good
I'm quite happy with it I'm just going
to show you the light static bought as
well these are the little lights so for
that absolutely cool essentially like a
vase or whatever you want to call it
with an RGB bulb or cheap RGB bulb
everything is going to be linked in the
description so you think kind of picking
it up yourself I actually got these like
vases whatever you want to call them
lamps on and off eBay and you can change
into any color i1 and uh yeah I'm really
happy with them they create a really
nice effect and they were pretty cheap
as well I normally just leave them on
like purple blue contrast really well
very happy with them and I got another
one I just get my head bang keyblock the
way because you weren't going to see it
did it to do evan cable headphones and
there's a second one over there which is
looking really good and I can change
them individually I can have all
multiple different colors things like
that very happy with them I'm very happy
with the RGB strip as well the one I
bought didn't have no sort of like
plastic rubber like see-through rubber
it normally goes round them is just
completely clear but they're so bright
and I will link them in the description
if you after a cheap RGB strip I can
highly recommend because there's loads
of them on Amazon and this is like I've
used loads of different ones look from
about six different sellers and this is
definitely the one I've got here and
under my desk the brightest one I have
ever found even like when you compare it
to some of the expensive ones so bright
anyway we're going to move on now to the
PC and we're just going to run through
some of the upgrades I made on the PC as
well okay I'm kind of rushing through
this guy's because I really want to get
this video up today but the PC has had
some really cool upgrades nothing too
major but it's just finished it off and
nicely and I'm thinking of doing a bit
more in the future which I'll just run
through in a second I've added custom
cables so
you know the classic silence tech white
gray and black cables which contrast the
wallpaper as you can see behind the
wallpaper is gray and we've got the
white then we've got the black from the
monitors and everything else and it just
ties in absolutely beautifully right
what can I say what else have I upgraded
I've also just upgraded the CPU as well
I've taken out the 59 30 K and I've just
replaced that with the 68 50 K so that's
a six core 16 threads in the night of
obviously got to tell UTIs and I've also
added in the RGB or a sink high
bandwidth sli bridge and it's all synced
together with the graphics cards and the
motherboard and I've also yeah I've
added a hundred and forty millimeter HD
120 fan now there's going to be a season
two of setup refresh there's a season
one and there's also going to be a
season 2 where I'm going to be upgrading
my TV area so I'm going to probably be
buying a 4k TV a ps4 Pro and I'm also
going to be adding sort or sorry
installing HDMI cable under my carpet
and showing you how I do that and
attaching it to my second PC which will
be the 570 X something I also need to do
is add or sorry bill that's going to be
another episode coming up probably the
next one where I'm going to be building
the 570 X again and I'm also thinking of
getting some white high-temperature
spray paint and maybe de spray in the
back plates and maybe a few different
bits of the pcs and to also finish the
setup setup off I'm our Dino guys to
also finish the setup off I am thinking
of putting a poster up here and also the
shelves look at this camera work it's
Dimitri you've got nothing on this yeah
and the shelves here is I've got one
shelf here and I've got another shelf
over here behind the monitor there if
you can see it and I'm thinking of
adding three like I don't know the co
expensive but I think it'd be worth it
so it's like six gaming figures I don't
know what games are one I definitely
probably would like sort of Battlefield
and maybe Tomb Raider if you think of
any other games like maybe Gears of War
and you know some gaming figures along
those lines I think that would finish it
off and nicely and then maybe even
something very very small I don't know
what it tells you it has to be something
really special to go up above the
monitor there
you never know guys maybe one day silver
play button that would be absolutely
insane one there so anyway guys thank
you so much for watching I know this has
been a very choppy vlog but I've tried
my best because you can understand I'm
working with so much stuff here and to
try and film this at the same time
there's a lot of effort especially in
the room that I'm in because it is so
small if you want any help with anything
be a setup always let me know I'm always
replying to comments and get a bit
overwhelmed with comments lately trying
to keep replying because as the channels
growing it's becoming harder but if you
ever want me to reply to a comment wait
for when I upload a recent video and I
will normally hang around
soare trying to reply to comments on a
recent upload for like a few hours so
definitely turn your notifications on
definitely always liked my videos guys
if you do like any of my content
definitely always comment on my videos
it helps out so much I'm mark from
totally silent no not a hopeless a
technician silence Dec I mark from
silence tech see you real soon guys
love you

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