Sergio Ramos Coiffure – Champion reduce

published on July 3, 2020

I'm so happy hello guys thank you for

tuning in and slick hair TV today I'm

sitting here with Mickey today's model

and what are we going to cut today we're

going to cut such aramis from the Real

Madrid so we see if there's any football

fans out there I think you know him it

should be Roth in the poll up here if

you like that you're Emma and in a

minute we'll go to salon to Anna Galina

to cut his hair life cycle Rama and

while he won shield cutting the hair

then we'll run a short interview as we

record right here so and we hope you

like the new format and of course if you

do then come let the comment section

down below I was wondering what is your

product routine in the morning when you

style your hair actually I always dry my

hair and then I use the sidekick and

normally I would use the gold digger but

after you guys launched the new light

bar up I don't know if that a lot to say

that is correct

yeah the new knife I think it's really

great it's enough to play set up for my



good to see you here and you also decide

to your grandma's hair stuff oh yes I

think it's going to be really good okay

so tell us about what is your morning

routine that's a good question actually

was in a blue this morning I think I

woke up at 5:00 5:00 in the morning then

I got some breakfast I got some exter

went to the gym had a really really

tough workout

you should try to try actually do and I

do work out sometimes in the morning is

that the early bird it's around 7 to 8

yeah I remember we train together

actually that was fun yeah yeah and

don't know it then I got home I got an

approaching shake and actually I got a

15 minutes nap or something because I

was so tired after the workout yeah and

then I came here I've done to you guys


howdy do you think today we can reach

the new records you have one with 110

million views the one with the pertinent

Brad Pitt yeah yeah that was fun very

very young if you guys with movies check

it out on YouTube which is quite fun too

sorry for that episode yeah I think we

can reach 10 million today don't you

think eyes yeah I'm happy to have you –

well my rage 10min both in the polls up



so I mean I can I think I can what do

you do for a living that's a lot of

things to tell actually started as a

developer but now it's more into online

marketing as I'm helping you guys as

well and we won

yeah I'm spending a lot of time on

Facebook advertising a lot of nerdy

geeky stuff also playing a little bit

computer games so yeah it's a lot of

optimizing web shops working with the

online space and yeah it's quite fun


what you like to do in the weekends I

don't think that's a good thing to say

in camera but but I spend a lot of time

going off I like to go out have some

champagne have fun use a little bit of

time on dating apps not quite so

successful maybe you guys have most

exists in your countries and in please

give me some advice and becoming through

them you know the cooking I would like

to know what is your favorite dating app

but that could be fun do on the pole









I'm so happy so now we are done do you

like your haircut with you yeah I think

it's super nice I really like I think it

looked like Sergio Ramos a lot from

remebers so guys if you like it help me

cross and get ten million views like

last time so you can vote up here and

for a comment down below I hope to crush


let's get ten million and of course

remember to share the video and the

social meter and to your friends see you

next time to go


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