Sennheiser PXC 550 Review – Are they worth $400?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

this is the Sennheiser PXE 550's a pair
of wireless / ear adaptive noise
cancelling headphones for $400 now if
your headphone game is strong you
probably know that the main competitor
to the PXE 550's are the QC 35 from Bose
so if you are interested in a comparison
between the two that will be live in a
couple of days so a $400 pair of
headphones what do you get in the Box
well you get a pretty nice carrying case
it's got leather across the site of the
case but the top bottom and inside are
of a fabric material now inside of the
case you will find a pouch with an
airplane adapter a quarter inch adapter
that 3.5 millimeter normal aux cable for
whenever you run out of battery and
lastly you get a micro USB charging
cable now in terms of materials used by
the headphones themselves it's made out
of plastic which is good no pair of
headphones are made out of metal because
well that would be heavy and very tiring
now in terms of other materials the
leather ear cups and headband feel great
they have got the right amount of
softness making them very easy to wear
for longer amount of time the ear cup
shape also gives the headphones in nice
and snug fit and in terms of the
headband it is sturdy as it has a metal
design so the overall build quality of
the pxc 550 s is great and they will not
break with normal usage so what about
features it's got to have many good
features for its price to be justified
right yes correct so let's take a look
at them now the first feature is
actually encountered when you try to
turn on / off the headphones because
there is no power button so how you
possibly turn them on
well you twist the ear cups from the
flat to the listening position okay cool
that makes sense
so how do you turn them off well quite
obviously you just twist the ear cups
back into their flat position so another
cool feature that can be found on the
pxc 550 s is the touch control on the
right ear cup this lets you change
volume by swiping up and down play pause
answer / end call by tapping and swiping
in Word to go to the next and previous
track respectively however it is not all
touch controls because there are a few
buttons on the headphones so let's take
a look now up top you have got a switch
that can be set in three different
positions this is for the adaptive noise
cancelling if the switch is in the top
position you had 100% noise canceling
turned on and if you go one step down
you will be able to change that
percentage your stuff within the
connected mobile application called
captions and another very interesting
feature within the captioning
application is smart pause this will
automatically pause media when taking
the headphones off and turn it back on
when you put them on again the last
position of the switch is basically just
off the button below the aforementioned
switch lets you change between different
EQ presets that you set up in the
application so let's talk about adaptive
noise cancelling it's kind of a mixed
bag for me but it's the same with every
other headphones that have this feature
when you are on for example a train
plane or a place where there's lots of
noise these are fantastic they filter
out most of the annoying background
sounds while still letting you hear the
more sharp learn noises like fire alarms
now this gets kind of bad though if you
plan on sleeping with the headphones you
get an uncomfortable sense of
nothingness like you are in space which
does feel quite weird and yeah I could
not fall asleep with these headphones on
so with the features out of the way what
is the sound quality like well in my
opinion these are some of the best
consumer noise cancelling headphones out
there so it is punchy clear and detailed
sound these headphones sound very good
and out of the box these headphones have
a pretty flat sound profile which I
personally like a lot
if you however happen to be one of those
people who like to play around with the
EQ settings to get this sound to your
liking that is very much doable within
the connected mobile application so yes
if it's your thing these headphones can
be very bass heavy while at the same
time they can also be the complete
opposite of that thanks to the mobile
application so let's do it quick pros
and cons before we conclude this video
xe5 50s are very feature packed they had
fantastic battery life of around 25
hours in my testing the adaptive noise
canceling is very good it has great
customizable sound and it's got NFC
pairing cons the max volume is not as
high as its competition and sometimes
you can accidentally turn the headphones
off because you twisted the ear cup so
to answer the question are they worth
$400 well that all depends on you if you
don't need the noise cancelling and just
want good overall headphones there are
better sounding options out there for
the same or a lower price if you however
want the noise cancellation and the
awesome features I mean this is kind of
as good as it gets so what do you guys
think of the PXC 550 so let me know the
comments down below and I will see you
guys in the next video peace

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