Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Earphones – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

Hey everyone welcome back to another video damn does it feel good to be in front of camera once again listen I bought a new camera stand and now we get this top-down look that you guys have here and I'll continue tweaking it to make it look better over time but we'll

Work with this for now so today I'm showing you my test for the sennheiser momentum true wireless earphones that means there's absolutely no wires with these things I'll place my affiliate links down in that video description

Below for you to get the most updated prices in real time do you never know when these things might go ahead and sale also full disclosure here Sennheiser did send these over for review but my assessment was not altered

In any way I'll be going over both pros and cons I'm Jimmy with Jimmy's review room and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review

All right folks going over the physical features first the earphones are mostly hard plastic with the Sennheiser logo in very much Sennheiser fashion shiny metal with texture and it does help to make this look and feel a bit more premium

Than many other more sport oriented truly wireless earphones out there now one thing that I will met though she's a bit thick and I don't mind thick but for earphones compared to many of the other competitors you can see it's just ever

So slightly bigger I'll preface by saying everyone's ears are a little bit different and from my personal use in the office to walk around the Sennheiser do stay in the ears perfectly fine if I choose to run with these thankfully they

Don't fall out either but if you decide to run with these they don't provide that level of confidence like the j-bird run XT is the Jabra 65 T's and the others because I do notice the Sennheiser is just ever so slightly

Pulls a little bit forward for some reason it's a very minut sensation is not an issue though like I said I'd never fell out of my ear but it is something to take notice if you do own these let us know down in that comment

Section below for your experiences it does help others with any Jim's review room community now going over the physical controls their touch sensitive gently tapping or holding either earphone down trigger some sort of

Action for example holding down the right side of my earphone gradually raises volume while holding the left lowers it down here's the list of all the buttons on your screen feel free to pause the video if it's going a little

Too fast here now the only thing that I would warn them if you are to readjust your earphones like I'm doing right now to make it more comfortable or the hard time you may trigger Siri or Google assistance or accidentally pause your

Music now after a day I was used to the earphones and then I stopped touching them in general though the earphones do provide very good passive noise isolation not to mention very minimal to almost non-existent sound leaking but if

For some reason you don't want to black out the world Sennheiser does offer transparency mode now with a double tap on the right earphone like so their microphones turns on and picks up the audio in your environment now you can

Use this for safety reasons or if you want to hear what going around you at work here now most other air phones do amplify your surroundings so you get superpowers that is like being able to hear better than

What your ears aren't normally capable of with these Sennheiser's it's conservative compared to the competition it sounds the most natural it doesn't sound artificial which I don't mind at all actually really do appreciate but if

You have music going on and transparency mode is activated you have to play music quite low to hear your surroundings at the same time keep that in mind now moving on the momentum truly wireless earphones are able to take phone calls

From my personal testing it's one of the clearest in the office when you're around a quiet or maybe medium amounts of noise it doesn't block out everything but it does bring my voice to the forefront and in those quiet to moderate

Noisy areas it does suppress the background a pretty good bit here now in busier areas unfortunately just like most earphones here it does pick up background noises more noticeably but again for these sanitizers it is one of

The better performers out there now as for Bluetooth technology the momentum true Wireless uses Bluetooth 5.0 so thank you sanitize it for free to proofing this thing basically the common issue though I've seen on previous

Brands where times the left earphone doesn't sync with the right earphone no my testing over the weeks that I've had this I personally didn't have that issue now the other thing the June preview community is quite large now but every

Time I review one of the things someone always asked me if they can leave one earphone in and the other one off with these Sennheiser's I can leave only the right one in and I can take off the left one put in my pocket or so now if I swap

Them out only leaving the left ear bud or earphone technically in it doesn't work if this is a must-have feature for you I am reviewing the j-bert XTS most likely next week and you can use either one of them in your head in your ears

That is but getting back to you the Bluetooth testing with video Netflix and YouTube played fine with lips in audible dialogue performing in parallel I do recommend that you use these for movies when you get a chance they do sound

Pretty damn good here and last about signal strength Bluetooth technology bluetooth strength I'm able to walk 50 linear feet away from where I place my phone in the back of your studio I walked out into the hallway 50 linear

Feet isn't so bad most average consumers that'd be perfect we find but compared to competitors I'm getting usually a little bit better performance last before I talk about battery test these are ipx4 rated

Meaning you can take a splash of water from any direction now I dripped water on this thing here from my water bottle and it's still working fine for my test if you want protection from water sprays or

Literally literally this drop into a puddle of water and it's still fine then you need I pee 5 or higher most people are okay with IP 4 meaning if you get caught in the rain you should be protected with these 10 hyzers you just

Can't submerge them in water now moving on the case itself is very nice I personally love the fabric look here let me get this secret product I'm be reviewing pretty soon here I haven't seen where over the past month or so of

Testing bees they've been in my bag but pocket rubbing against other things that I carry and it still looks really really good also side notes they're magnetized and does a very good job of holding these earphones in the case as you guys

Can see here drop jump drop nothing so getting a closer look let's take a look at the back here sennheiser is using USB type-c thank you for future proofing once again the case itself provides an additional eight powers of power the ear

Phones themselves provides up to four hours of use so with my testing at 50% vine I'm getting on average 3 hours and 40 minutes from a full battery to dead so that sums up everything physical about them going over the physical

Features as well so let's get into the audio experience now I have one or two truly wireless earphones that I need to test out and then I'll be doing my top 5 video pretty short here but for the time being I can tell you that these

Sennheiser's are fair in quality starting with bass these jaybird XTS which is the other one that I again am testing at the moment as slightly a bit more bass but for somewhat relative comparison you can tell that the

Jaybirds are actually a little bit more bass boosted I don't mind that sound at all I really like it but these Sennheiser's are bassy but not artificial in my opinion there's no question enough thump punch Hecker

Enough bass that makes any genre pop Edie I'm hip-hop you name it it's clean and it gets my head nodding when I have vine bumping at boss five percent the vocals are distinct the key word here is very balanced across

The board I could use a little more brightness or treble on the upper mid-range to make this sparkle a bit more from the factory settings but we can fix that with the app which I'll detail very soon now I think one of the

Highlights is hands down these have a wide soundstage audio separation depiction of every instrument beat vocal performance it's all there the mid-range has good resolution detail again being wide indistinct it's a very good

Experience overall as for the high frequencies it's never been ear piercing never over reaching or crackling again it could use just a little bit more than my personal opinion but here let me take out the app here and this has improved

It for me let me show you alright folks let's take a look at the app as always being transparent with you guys the app was somewhat finicky at first I would be paired via bluetooth with my phone and the earphones functioned perfectly fine

I was able to play music use the functions on the earphones themselves no big deal at all but the app itself for some reason could never see my earphones after probably about three days of messing around with it there was no

Updates during those three days but eventually the earphones started working and they've never faulted or never had issues since then so since it's been working you do get battery life which you can see here transparency mode is

Right below and right down there is the equalizer now although the equalizer at first looked a little too simple for my taste I'm honestly used to multi band adjustments and such but after using this the very subtle changes and the

Adjustments do work one side basically affects the other and keeps the audio signature relative so overall you really have ever user error or you can't really just mess us up in any way of form and on screen here's my setting I usually

Leave it like right around here and where it is right now compared to the stock setting it sounds a lot better just right around there so so last but not least let me open up these settings here and back out and go here so in the

Settings in the menu you get smart pause which means that whenever you take off your earphones music will pause automatically for you that's an awesome plus then we have auto accept phone calls and then voice

Assistant access which is pretty much self-explanatory so my entire experience here it's been a very positive one if I had to critique it would be this sighs I wish there was a slightly a little bit better battery life and honestly I wish

More wireless earphones would include this but it's fine my ear phone action within the app if I drop one of these down on the ground or especially when I'm outdoors it would be nice if these can be pass ignore maybe on the phone it

Will review the GPS I don't know I'm not an engineer but for the price though I think that's a really big deal in my opinion and speaking of price if you guys can afford these highly recommend that you guys can give them a try most

Of my viewers I would probably say wait for them to go on sale and then definitely definitely check them out I think these you should not miss at all again I'm Jimmy with Jim's room please fire emoji up that comments section

We're on the road to 1 million right now I'll catch you guys on the next one you guys take care bye

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