Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar – Blow your mind 3D AUDIO – Listen here! – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Hey what is going on YouTube I'm excited about this one this is a sound bar that I've been waiting over a year to be released its massive it's loud and I'll admit it is expensive but wait until you hear this thing I'll leave my filling links that in that video description

Below for you guys to check out but folks this is the Sennheiser and Bo sambar this claims to not only offer Dolby Atmos and DTS X for that height in audio which I personally love here but 3d audio sound we'll see how this one

Goes as always being transparent sennheiser helped sponsor this review to get some exposure on my channel here but my assessment was not altered in any way I'll be going over both pros and cons we'll see if the sambar is worth the

Money I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review going over the physical pages first this

Brush metal that's cold to the touch up top metal grills covering your height channels and a favorite grill that's removable to expose those massive in Traverse behind it now there's no denying the entire Sun bar is huge and

I'm not saying this is a flaw since you're buying something unconventional something that's going to stand out but unfortunately this will most likely block your TV measuring almost 6 inches tall it's going to clip the bottom of

Your display either you got a wall mount the ambi own bar or you got to prop up your TV a few inches so just be aware of that now here let me show you why the Sun bar is huge there's 13 speakers and six of them down there are long throw

Drivers like a woofer the lump three drivers physically moved back and forth more so than your standard driver moving more air and in turn emphasizing those lower frequencies now the hope is the am be awesome bar gives great bass response

In one package hence there's not an accompanying sub woofer well of course we'll let you know how this sounds once we get into the audio test later on but getting back to this massive size here let's get a wide-angle picture on this

Thing the dimensions are on your screen and for reference the TV in the back there is 65 inches yeah this is subjective but the physical buttons up top are a little mushy for my taste here for something that is as premium as this

I'm looking for a very much confident click maybe even some metal buttons to tap it off a display on any sound bar is always helpful and I'm sure the subtle faded look is to provide less distractions but a pure white LED would

Look a little bit more sexier with the option of course there's still dim or faded oh it's again this is just me but folks comment down below let me know your thoughts on how this looks so far again your call let me know now we're

Getting to the back there are three inputs using HDMI 2.0 eh this is good for 4k video and supports adobe vision the one area want you to focus on here is er k– abbreviated for enhanced audio return channel many sound bars at least

At the time this video don't have the enhanced version meaning you're getting limited bandwidth and data you're not getting the full audio experience if you connect your devices to the ARC supported TV and

Then having a signal go down to that sambar this sennheiser ambience amber actually has the newest er connection in turn if you do decide to connect all of your devices to a supported er TV and then have that one HDMI cable go down to

That ambience and bar now you're getting uncompressed 7.1 surround sound and now you're getting all of that data for full quality Adobe Atmos if you want to use Ark in this case e Ark that is kind of sounds like a

Org if that kind of helps you guys out but anyways other physical connections your offer or an optical port and a three and a half physical millimeter inputs for say your vinyl record player the last physical input I wanted to

Mention although Sennheiser doesn't have a dedicated subwoofer for this sambar is the ability to connect a subwoofer of your choice if you want additional bass now jumping into wireless connections the ambulance Ambar does include Wi-Fi

Which worked out great with my testing it was quick and simple by using the Google home app and then using google chromecast you can now stream your favorite music via Wi-Fi like just Spotify Pandora and iHeartRadio to name

A few Bluetooth is featured on here and with my testing I was able to get 80% of coverage in my 1,100 square foot apartment not too shabby here but oddly Sennheiser only included bluetooth 4.2 for such a premium sound bar and only

Supports AAC and SBC for the average consumer the similar strengths could have been stronger with Bluetooth 5.0 which is the latest and greatest and if we had app decks HD or higher we could have had higher resolution audio being

Transferred via bluetooth as well for a premium sound bar a little bit disappointed by this now taking a quick look at the controller very simple easy and intuitive for a controller and for what that's actually plastic it feels

Premium there's sharp edges when I grab this thing here and a controller also has a little bit of weight a little bit of heft to it as well unfortunately it's not being able to be used as a universal remote but the function allows you to

Change audio profiles to movie music news sports and switching to new if you want your source of audio can be selected with additional options like night mode and mute last just like the physical button up top on the sambar

There is an ambien which turns on and off the 3d like audio experience alright folks so let's get into that audio test here now if you're new to the channel be sure to put on your own earphones or headphones I use professional

Microphones that gives you a 3d like audio experience and you can only experience this if you're wearing some kind of headset and if all of my reviews here if you haven't worn a headset yet definitely find some earphones right now

I'm telling you this is gonna be really good unless if you haven't already fired moji that comment section up as it does help support my work and follow my Instagram my personal Instagram Twitter accounts shown on the screen here

There's also there also in a video description for your convenience alright folks let's hel this one silence here I'm already excited so here we go alright folks it was the very popular scene from the matrix I'm gonna play

This sample without a mio first and then of course we'll do an vo afterwards here we go

Break the jumper 6.45 meat covers the tag so it's a hundred times stronger now don't worry and there you have it folks audio

Recorded on my end and then play through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality but hence my review here I'm pretty sure you guys can tell already excited but starting off here a feature that stands out the most is the

3d audio experience now while I met others have offered similar experiences in beam technology that I have tested letting sound bounce off the walls and then comes at you the sennheiser Ambu sandbar has done this with the most

Fidelity clarity and direction the directional audio can be heard from outside of that sound bar and indeed it sounds like audio is coming from either the left side of the room the right side of the room in front and definitely

Above you as well the audio being reflected sounds natural but where I think the ambiens it's is powerful enough compared to the competitors to be emphasized the wideness experience is definitely 180 degrees to either side of

Me at least I heard it in person the rears uh the rear audio that is I will admit difficult for any sambar here wasn't as present the idea that sound hasn't been bounced off the walls and then bounce behind you and then hit you

In the ear here is quite a feat but again I unfortunately didn't interpret it much here but I will admit though the sound coming from these sides to the experience of the height of Atmos was enough to make a sambar a surreal

Experience at the moment this is no question no doubt here the best 3d audio and Dolby Atmos experience that I've had so far on this channel the sensor channel is very much present in the actors voices and a direct action in

Front of you is very much present and at the focal points not to afford but it is emphasized the detail in the sambar for blu-ray movies is also impeccable I've tested flagship sound bars in the past but after listening to the ambulance

Ombré there were still details I was able to hear and pick up that a hadn't before the resolution definitely gets a praise no audio quality wise the ambulance Ambar is very well balanced I never experienced ear screeching or

Tinny at very loud vines and in general it is a pleasure to listen to now as for those long throw drivers as I mentioned earlier in this review were they good enough to not have a subwoofer this is where the soundbar performed

Like other high-end sound bars without subwoofers as well you still get enough bass you still get some thump and bump and if you use that Sennheiser app you can use their adjustments to bump up the foundation

This does help a lot in my opinion and put the speaker right on the edge of literally feeling the vibrations through your seat but again you can't substitute an actual standalone subwoofer bodies dropping explosions doors shutting they

Could use a little bit more depth that I think only a subwoofer can provide now as I mentioned earlier in this review thankfully though there is a port to connected subwoofer to help enhance the bass but it is an additional purchase

Now as amazing for movies as this was music wise though I didn't get the same unique and detailed sound characteristics when watching movies it wasn't bad but the depth the breadth that take you on an experience feeling

Just wasn't there for our music listening that is other than that what do you guys think of the audio samples for movies what do you guys think of the ambu sambar if you haven't dropped a fire mochi or it like to help support my

Work here at least comment and let me know your thoughts I'm really curious to hear what you guys have to say I know some of you or when as long as I have to the weight in for me to test this and give you guys two samples as well

Hands-down the best at most and the best in 3d like audio experience last be sure to follow my personal accounts at Jimmy little official and J little official on insta and Twitter respectively if you haven't already

You gotta subscribe alright folks I'll catch you guys on the next one bye

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