SENNHEISER 2 vs AIRPODS PRO [Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 & Apple AirPod Pro Full Comparison]

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

The Apple earpods Pro in the Sennheiser momentum true Wireless to earbuds are two of the best earbuds you can buy on the market both have active noise cancellation both have great sound quality great features great battery life and overall are just very premium

Pairs of earbuds but which one's actually the better Buy and which one deserves a spot in your ears now in this video I'm comparing these two head-to-head to see which one actually works better and which one is really

Better for you to purchase now I actually will be comparing these in six different categories the first one is the basic differences so the price and the colors then I'll talk about the physical differences with the case eyes

With the earbuds themselves then I'll talk about the feature set including a test of the active noise cancellation seeing which one's actually better then I'll go into the sound quality we'll test out the microphones and I'll show

You and then lastly we will talk about compatibility so if you have an iPhone an Android maybe like a laptop or whatever you're listening with which one works better for different situations so there's definitely a lot to cover here

And this is a really interesting comparison that I've had a lot of requests for and instead of just putting them in my ears and saying like yeah they sound really good and you know these don't I'm gonna try to actually

Show you guys as much as possible to make it obvious for you which one is the right one to purchase so starting off the first thing is of course the price the Sennheiser's are $300 and the air pods are $250 so a small difference in

Price but of course that is subject to change with sales and depending on when you're watching this this may actually not be the latest price so I'll drop a link in the description on the top so you can check that out at the end of the

Video now the other difference of course is the color selection if you're looking at the air pods you're really just getting white of course they do have some skins you can put on there to make them different colors but if you're

Buying them from Apple they're just going to be white and then the Sennheiser earbuds coming either white or black right now actually the white ones a new color they did not have on the original version and you'll also

Notice that I mean getting into the physical differences here the case on the Sennheiser earbuds is actually like a nice fabric on there it looks kinda it looks cool it looks very premium and I think it's it's pretty different it's

Not something you see on many pairs of earbuds and I think the case overall feels really nice it fits well in my pocket despite being slightly larger than the air pods case now the air pods on the other hand you can see they're a

Very I gloss white I believe is polycarbonate and you can see on the back they actually have a very premium hinge there it looks like some type of aluminum and I mean a very premium feel of course on

That now looking at the cases themselves you'll see that they do actually charge very differently the air pods charge with a lightning cable on the bottom or they can actually accept wireless charging on the back so if you set them

Down on a qi wireless charger they'll charge these things up very easily whereas these Sennheiser's here and charge by USB see on the back that's a good thing and on the bottom they actually don't have wireless charging so

There's one small drawback for the Sennheiser's they both have a button they both have an LED indicator light and when you open them up they both have magnetic lids and with the earbuds right inside they're looking at the buds

Themselves you'll see the Sennheiser earbuds are shaped very typically as we see with like the Galaxy buds and job resin a lot of other ear buds where they try to be as compact as possible they don't have any kind of wing tip or

Anything but they fit very nicely in your ear and you'll see that the ear tip itself there are four different sizes and it has a little cross in the middle kind of to essentially keep it cleaner from what I've seen it also makes them

Very comfortable I find these are very ergonomic and they fit in my ear very well now the air pods also are very comfortable I think they're slightly less comfortable for my ears of course if everybody's different

Though different ear shapes and different needs for what an earbud should be but the style of these of course you have that stem like I said which is pretty classic for the air pods look as we saw in the first generation

And now these and I mean I want to hear from you guys actually which one do you think looks better when you're wearing these as far as aesthetics go I know which one I like but I mean people have different opinions some people like the

The smaller bud right here that just goes all the way against your ear some people don't like how shiny it is some people really like the air pods look and I actually just saw a guy touring an apartment complex yesterday and he had

Air pods in that clearly we're not playing music he was just walking around like as like a style that's what people do so I mean comment let me know what you guys think as far as the looks go for these but other than that they have

Essentially I mean they may have different sets of sensors on board but they do essentially the same thing they both have a proximity sensor that will identify when it's in or out of your ears and

Depending on if you're using Apple or Android that may work differently I'll talk about that later on in the video but one fundamental difference here is that the Sennheiser buds here I actually have a touchpad on the outside you can

Customize that in the app then you can actually have it do you can customize any of the function single double triple tap or tap and hold can all do anything you want and left and right are independent so I talked about that in my

Original video maybe show you the app right here but the air pods have a small force sensor there which if you have an Android phone you cannot customize that but if you have an apple or like an iPhone you can customize the touch and

Hold to either toggle between transparency mode and active noise cancellation or you can activate Siri like that or you could just say hey Siri and that'll work as well which is something that you can't do with the

Sennheiser buds you can't just summon any kind of voice assistant it's not really a big deal to me though because you can you know customize the touch pads however you want when it comes to battery life this is where the

Sanitizers really pull ahead with a seven hour battery life in the earbuds and then including the case you have 28 hours whereas the air pods are just four and a half hours per earbud and then 24 hours with the case getting into the

Features I just want to highlight some of the big ones I can't go into every single feature in this video but the air pods have things like a fit test if you have an iPhone of course they also have adaptive EQ these Sennheiser's in the

App have just an EQ in general which is nice you can move it around it's not like a really complex when you have like one dot you just slide around the screen wherever you want to create the audio profile that you're interested in so it

Is a little bit limited but it is very intuitive and pretty easy to use the Sennheiser buds like I said also have customizable touch pads to do basically anything you want they both have active noise cancellation and transparency

Modes so if you want to hear your surroundings or if you want to totally shut out their surroundings that's great and of course they also you can turn those off and just have passive noise blocking if you're interested in that

Maybe if it's like windy outside that's when I would recommend using that and they both do a pretty good job of that the Sennheiser's go a little farther in your ear so as far as passive noise blocking goes I think they work better

For me but for the most part passive noise blocking is not really what you're interested in I like that the ear pods Pro have the pressure sensors there so the kind of limits the accidental touches you may

Have but you can't actually control the volume with them on the earbuds themselves I think that's a little bit of a drawback for some people at least it is for me and then lastly of course let's get into the active noise

Cancellation comparison here so in an attempt to quantify the active noise cancellation to show you how well they actually work this is by no means a perfect test but I will be just playing some white noise in the background and

Changing the volume to see where I start to hear the sound and where it actually gets blocked out so starting with the sennheiser buds right here I'm going to hit play and start turning the volume up from zero and of course without these in

I could definitely hear it at zero is using speakers so it shouldn't be that difficult and so we're at volume eighteen twenty still can't hear it 24 26 28 so right about volume 30 is where I start to hear

It with the active noise cancellation with these earbuds and even then it's very very faint so you can see how these definitely crushed that kind of sound now let's try passive noise blocking with these so now I can definitely hear

It at volume 30 and as we turn it down I can hear it until about volume 10 so it definitely does a much better job they have great passive noise blocking but active noise cancellation definitely does a lot on these buds and now with

The air pods so I'll start turning it up from volume 12 and I still can't hear it right 20 and seems like actually about volume 24 is where I start to hear it with the air pods right here so they

Still do a great job of crushing it they definitely it sounds different it definitely sounds more like an even drop in volume whereas the Sennheiser's they really just cut out the base but that's what they sound like so it's hard to

Explain the difference in the active noise cancellation but I'll do my best here these sanitizers are more powerful so they do a better job of making louder sounds quieter so I found that if I'm listening to like a volume test there

You do actually cut out higher volumes of sound with the Sennheiser buds and they also have like a more direct cut so it's like very low frequencies and they don't really touch high frequencies whereas the Apple earpods Pro seem to be

A cleaner cut so I would say that when you put them in in a relatively quiet room you may get a really small amount of white noise on the Sennheiser buds really not much though and I think white noise you do get maybe related to

The fact that you might have a small pressure buildup in your ear which the air pods of course have that vent in there which makes it you know much more comfortable and also it seems like more of a dead silence when you're wearing

Them so I hope that explained the active noise cancellation and answered questions you might have about that getting into sound quality then the air pods have an emphasis on somewhere around a thousand to maybe 1,200 Hertz

Which really highlights vocals but they tend to have a very weak and kind of hollow bass they're good with acoustic guitars if you're listening to like a lot of like the mid-range acoustic guitar stuff and they don't have the

Strongest highs or lows and so for that reason they're good if you're listening to podcasts in like some mainstream acoustic music without a lot of bass in it but if you're looking for anything more bass or more full they're

Definitely not that your buds for you in this comparison now I would say by far the Sennheiser sound is much warmer much more accurate definitely a lot fuller and a much nicer balance so when you take them out you don't need any kind of

A queuing really and I would say that they definitely have just a richer sound so to put it simply when it comes to sound quality the Sennheiser earbuds are significantly better than the earpods Pro there's really no contest here I've

Listened to many different genres with these and I can't find a single one where the air pods are better to listen to okay so let's get into a microphone test now and starting off with these sennheiser earbuds right here this is

What it would sound like if you are in a studio environment or basically anywhere indoors it has a lot of carpeting will probably sound something like this and then this is what the air pods mic would sound like if you were indoors on a

Phone call I'm just using a voice recorder app that connects to Bluetooth and let's go outside now and see what it sounds like there all right so this is what the Sennheiser sound like again there's a lot of traffic around here

There's a train I don't know if you can hear it right now but it is pretty loud up alright this is what the air pod sound like there's a train near bottle of you guys can hear that but it's definitely pretty loud out here a lot of

Cars going by so see if we can hear what I'm saying when it comes to compatibility both work on pretty much any device you want if it's Android or iOS or on a Windows PC for example don't work just fine as a regular old pair of

Bluetooth earbuds but you may be lacking some of the features depending on what your so the Sennheiser buds should work just fine on Apple you know an iPhone or on Android you really shouldn't have any

Difference there but the air pods Pro of course is definitely a big difference there you cannot actually customize them at all there's really no app for them maybe like a third-party app to know that like the battery level but if

You're using Android that's that's all you kind of get so you're not going to be customizing them the touch controls of course do work on Android you can play pause skip songs touch and hold will toggle between active noise

Cancellation and transparency mode but you can't summon voice assistance and you can't you know obviously saying hey Siri does nothing now if you have an iPhone the pairing is actually easier as soon as you open them it'll pop up on

Your screen and say do you want to pair with your air pods and then you do have some extra things in the settings like you know determining if that touching hold is going to open Siri or if it's going to do the toggle between active

Noise cancellation you can also go in there and do like a fit test if you want to make sure that you have the right they use the microphone and speaker to make sure you have the right fit in your ears and overall that's kind of it

There's some other things in the app as well so when it comes down to it which is the better purchase here it depends on what you're looking for and if you're looking for a smaller case something that has wireless charging if you want

Mono mode being able to listen to the left or the right individually and if you are already in the Apple ecosystem and just want it to be very quick and easy to pair and you want to have that look having the little stem out of your

Ear I think air pods are your obvious choice there now if you're looking for a better active noise cancellation and far superior sound the sanitizers are no-brainers they're they definitely sound significantly better and that's

Really their market if you're an audiophile it's a no-brainer you're gonna be buying them but anyone else just looking for a good active noise cancellation I definitely recommend the Sennheiser's and although they don't

Have wireless charging they do have some excellent features with being able to customize the touch pads they're very long battery life and a couple of the things packed into the app so you comment down below and let me know which

One you guys choose between these two which one you like better and why as always thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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