Selfie-mode battle: The best camera phone

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

love them or hate them selfies are here to stay we're comparing four of the top phones to see which one has the best camera for this comparison i'm using four flagship phones the oneplus 8 pro

The galaxy s20 ultra the iphone 11 pro max and the pixel 4. so in an effort to find out the best selfie camera i wanted to do things a little bit differently so

I am not going to tell you which phone produced which image they're just going to be labeled one two three and four in a grid and the same phone will always be in the same position

Throughout the video all right let's see some selfies all these photos are straight out of the camera in a 4×3 aspect ratio and there's definitely no beauty mode

Applied no edits and no filters first up let's look at the different focal lengths from all of the four phones immediately you can see that phone number three is wider than any of the others

So you get more in the shot like the plants which don't show up in any of the other photos this shot also shows you how each phone deals with diffused light coming in from

A window and the subtle differences in color here's our amazing intern jessica who also took some selfies for this comparison now i really like the results from all

Of the phones here but i think phones two and 4 are my favorite in terms of the punchy colors they deliver and phones 2 and 3 retain the most detail

When you look up close in her sweater the leaves and her hair but phone number 3 does have some lens flare due to the wider perspective for this outdoor shot

I think phone number two looks quite warm overall compared to any of the others as for dynamic range take a look at the sky behind me now i think phones two and three do the

Best job here because you can still make out the sky and the building and nothing's blown out but all of them look pretty good i would say phone number 3 has more contrast and is a little

Underexposed compared to all of the other shots i wanted to show you what each phone's hdr mode could do so here is a sunset selfie so the most accurate representation of my skin

Is from phone number one i prefer the sunset itself and the hdr effect from phone number three but the wider angle is not as flattering on my face

Phone number two is a pretty balanced shot overall if a little bit underexposed compared to the others while phone number four has a pretty cool white balance but the lighting

Is kind of nice and even on my face let's move on to portrait mode to give you that blurred background effect so on this shot i like the white balance the most from phone number one

And the blur is pretty consistent there are no obvious seams and i look pretty sharp phone number two is a bit more yellow overall but the portrait mode effect is spot-on and to me

This one looks the most like it came from a dslr i actually like the wider perspective that phone number three gives this time around because it's at a low angle so the wide lens really

Accentuates the perspective but it doesn't quite get the blur right in between areas like my arm and my leg but everywhere else is pretty solid phone number 4 also has some of that same edge detection trouble

And is a little bit pink compared to the rest of the phones i also tried using portrait mode with a ring light instead of using natural light and this is the shot that resulted the

Biggest thing i noticed though when taking this particular photo was that phone number one had trouble activating portrait mode when i had sunglasses on and it was the same when i was wearing something like a face mask

It just wouldn't recognize me when my nose and mouth were covered even though none of the other phones had that problem and one final portrait mode selfie this time with a fuzzy sweater

Now this is actually a really good test of portrait mode because a lot of phones get this texture super confused so i think it has happened with a few of these phones but phone number two is the most natural and uniform blur

While the others kind of get edge detection a little bit wonky so time to be real with you the past few months has basically been me staring into the fridge trying to find

Something to eat so i thought well i'm taking selfies anyway why not get a shot out of this with the fridge's artificial lights you

Can see that phone number one is pretty neutral in how it renders the colors and the light on my face phone number two's colors are quite punchy but i prefer the look of phone number four the most overall here as

I think the balance of colors look nicer and the lighting is super flattering let's move out of the fridge into another shot using artificial light in this shot the white balance is

Actually the thing that the phones struggle with the most and i think that it is most accurate on phone number four it's also a really flattering shot overall in terms of sharpness and detail

That award goes to phone number one alright now let's move on to a diy b movie set i put together for this low light shot which involves a pink cycling jersey a ring

Light and me staring off into the distance looking at something all of these phones have a night mode on the rear camera but only two of the phones have

It on the selfie camera so these shots that you'll see have night mode turned off on all of them but i will show you some night mode photos with the two phones that have it

Shortly phones number one and three are a little too red compared to what the light actually looked like phones two and four are more accurate but if you zoom in a little closer you'll see that phone two

Is more noisy than any of the others in low light and again on this low light shot you'll see that phone number two is noisier than any of the others when you are a little closer

In phone number one is actually super sharp and keeps the detail better in the foreground and the background phone number three though wins the overall award for me in terms of the low

Light balance because the detail is good and it's really flattering on the face the things you do in quarantine when you really want to simulate night and you really want to go to a bar or a

Club because that's where you take lolita selfies welcome to my cupboard so that rule that says don't ever use flash on your phone yeah look i had to break it for this

Shot to show you what flash looks like now none of them look particularly good but i would say phone number four is probably the best overall balance for me

Okay it's video time so first off i wanted to show you clips from phone number one and phone number two this is a walking shot just to show you how they deal with stabilization

And keeping a tracker and focus on my face so yeah i'm just gonna walk down the street like this is totally normal um masks safety first guys all right here is phone number three and

Phone number four trying to hold them at the same level to give you a good idea although it is hard because phone number four is cropping in a little bit more onto the image

Here we go so yeah another walking shot take a listen to the audio see how the focus is doing stabilization and one important thing to note about these two phones three and four is that they don't record in 4k

Like the phones one and two these ones are both recording in 1080p on the front camera all right we are back inside and i wanted to take advantage of this

Beautiful natural light that's coming in through the window to give you an idea of what the shot looks like when you aren't moving around there's no wind noise and yeah i know i've kind of set up the

Shot kind of battling because i have a lamp sticking out of my head don't do this at home but hey i'm working with what i got so you gotta bear with me so take a listen to the audio this room

Is a little bit echoey but it should give you a good idea of how it copes with my voice and any other external sounds there isn't much but yeah just take a

Listen and see which one you prefer now it's time to reveal the phones did you guess phone number one is the galaxy s20

Ultra phone number two is the iphone 11 pro phone number three is the pixel 4 and phone 4 is the oneplus 8 pro all right now you know which phone is

Which you have to decide the one that you like the most now i'll tell you which ones that i think were the strongest but of course this all comes down to personal preference and the screen that

You view it on does make a difference all right so you're ready for it the best selfie camera ever well look i don't think any one phone can be declared the absolute king of selfies

But there is one that i think is the strongest over a range of different categories including photo and video and for me that one is the galaxy s20 ultra it's just really

Strong and consistent even though it has some issues with portrait mode for example i just think it does do the best across all of the different categories when it comes to portrait mode in particular the

Iphone 11 pro really does do i think the best job for that effect and i also think it's video recording is super strong and the audio i felt was probably the

Best out of all of the phones the pixel 4 delivers super detailed shots and i really like its low light performance especially in night mode but that ultra wide perspective isn't

That flattering for a lot of shots and i find it kind of frustrating because i didn't want to see all those lumps and bumps distorted in that weird way not my kind of idea of a great looking

Selfie the oneplus 8 pro was pretty good overall i liked its photos and videos and i think it made me look quite unquote the prettiest

Out of any of these cameras but it wasn't very consistent across different shots so in some photos the hdr looked amazing and in others then the white balance was totally off and i didn't think the video was as

Strong as the other phones particularly the s20 ultra and the 11 pro alright so now you know which one is which let's talk about all the other

Features that i didn't mention earlier because that would have given the game away the s20 ultra pixel 4 and oneplus 8 pro all have beauty modes to smooth out skin or tweak your eyes

You can change the intensity of the effect although i found it look best when i had it on normal levels and there's even an extreme face tune on the s20 ultra that well let's just say when you dial everything

Up to the maximum it's like instant botox i look pretty ridiculous the s20 ultra also has another trick up its sleeve which is front facing live focus video this is what it

Looks like and it's not just limited to this blurred background effect you can increase or decrease the intensity change it to black and white or even do this trippy glitchy effect

You can also take 40 megapixel selfies on the s20 ultra i never really found the right application for this because pixel bidding makes the regular image looks pretty good but if you know you

Want some extra latitude at least it's there i also mentioned night mode earlier so only the s20 ultra and pixel 4 have it on the front-facing camera and it does make a difference as you can

See here thanks so much for watching i hope you found this super useful and a little bit of fun with some creative selfie ideas you can do at home

Let me know which phone that you like the most down in the comments and don't worry if you're not a selfie person i don't know why you made it to the end of the video but there is going to be a lot more comparisons

In the best camera phone series so make sure you stay tuned coming your way soon

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