Self isolation hair routine – corona hair speak – By Vilain giveaway

published on July 2, 2020

and her mother oh I'm sitting in front

of the mirror that's the city and I got

a package here from slick-haired up and

they're not sure how I style my hair

because right now right now as you can

tell my hair is a little bit funky

messed up because I live right so I have

a squealing in the front as you can see

it has its own life and if I add hair

wax to this it's real then there's no

chance it will stay in place all day

long so I'll show you later on in this

livestream how I pre style my hair in

order to get a long-lasting coat but

first I need a cup of cold so this is

also a daily routine for me I need to

have my coffee it's just some people who

say it's not a good habit I mean

hopefully sandwich


there's Indiana outliving get to a Mike

years old and if I improve the coffee I

would like to know all of you I'd like

to know where you're from please come in

the comment section down below and let

me know if you are so isolated and keep

social distance to other people anyway

I'm brewing an cappuccino so this is the

way you're doing and I like it a quite

strong so I'll give it 20 seconds we

have the pencil Pennsylvania India

Denmark Malaysia Germany Czech Republic

Austria Texas USA Nepal Japan Island

South Africa drinking milk so for me I

think it tastes good and it's also good

for the environment

I'm so high so ladies here in my

apartment and good luck

because but you you have to comment down

below what you like to do when you are

the only one for the camera


we'll open the package people have it

also go live on Instagram I think that's

slick-haired CV Instagram hi guys thank

you very much for joining the livestream

here on Instagram as well I got the

packets from slick hair show you can

right now enjoy free shipping and to do

a little bit of commercial and I'm

receiving this package because I needed

some more psychics break and then I told

the headquarters to ship out some well

so right now I am execute operate and

give away comment in the comment section

here let me know away from sorry for

watching from Instagram you have to go

to the YouTube channels Flickr TV and

then make your comments there otherwise

I cannot manage fine


egg unboxing sidekick and psychic zero

this one is the organic one and the

original one because almost say I think

for the sake of the video I'm will yeah

because here in the livestream I'll show

how to get rid of this messy hairstyle I

went out of the shower one go and let

the dead right so you can see for

yourself how it is actually very fluffy

and this is natural curls this is a

squeal and if you read if you're five

wax to turn out like this it's already

set the step and the hair will fall out

of place in no time and that brings me

to a question a lot of you guys ask how

do I create my hair from falling down

it's heavy here and all that kind of

questions and that's a simple answer to

that all you have to do is pre stuff so

if you haven't yet everyone if you will

that makes time to go and get it it's

really needed for perfect freestyle

freestyle is to keep from basic to long

lasting whole and a nice volume here and

also here in self-isolation there's a

lot of salons inclusive sleek Hair


it's closed you'll not have the

opportunity to get your hair to move so

now you have to work with what you have

I'll not recommend that you go and cut

your hair like trim and try to fade it

or anything like that because

professional hairdressers and barbers

spend years and

thousand of arrows to get the perfect

techniques and don't be a fool and think

you can do it yourself in its him like

this you can't get you can't do it but

don't think it will look nearly as good

as the barber anyway if you haven't seen

it yet check out the latest video from

slick hair TV where we show how to trim

the edges that's actually something you

can do you have to use its framer and

then I used if you saw the latest video

not my sister but I said my assistant

because we need a partner in crime

stabilities it's very hard to do

yourself you can get a good friend to do

it you are a little problem your sister

big problem father Mullin I don't care

it's just getting the size shrimp so it

doesn't grow out of you know out of

shape it's very easy to look more group

if you trim just get this anyway work

with what you have freestyle you here

it's something you should do and right

now I need to wet in my hair something I

don't have is a freestyle

yeah you think it wants us get straight

out of the shell and then preach that

and then we use a towel to soak out as

much water as possible but you need

compare to be completely free of any

precip that kept right will cost because

it's just sits when the sprite brush

ready I brought the nitro brush which

works really good we have a question

someone asks if your hair needs to be

before you apply the

go to the shower you can take a shower

and then right after you buy the preset

because if you have some weird shape

that you have to get in the shower

okay so apply to wow you can see this

and when you buy you only open up to

here and when you apply the cold air

again then you unlock the air but you'll

only apply cold air when the process


someone just comment that the sound is

not that good maybe I should be closer

if you could just repeat just apply to

wet hand all right appliances with here

so the presense break I repeat it's very

I'll say important that you apply the

priest and spring after you come out of

the shower it's because if you apply to

dry there then you have to apply a lot

of free styling spray because yeah well

if you let it dry then you get some

pre-set you your hair will sit in a

certain direction that it would like to

like this we lost showed you in the

beginning it's very hot to to add enough

moist to drag out the curls all right

perfect and I get a lot of love here in

Instagram nice to see all of you just

see if I can come in just like this all

of you join an Instagram

please come away from and then do I sell

isolated time to freestyle










and we have viewers from all over the

world that's amazing I really think it's

amazing to sit here in my apartment and

self-isolation and meet all of you

around the globe it makes me really

happy okay and so also why stop the

presetting process here is to assure you

that halfway you can see in the front

the banks it all comes in place and and

I will just turn around and show you

also that actually you have to remember

that you need to brought here there also

in the back because otherwise it will

also a full out of place at some point

anyway everyone has his/her personal

preferences so let's say that it's wrong

not to create it all but I think for the

best result and highest volume then you

need to draw




so here we have to preach that look



here we have the priest and look that's

us on Instagram let me know if you like

the priest and I was a little bit of a

classic hairstyle but right now if you

don't apply wax it might fall out of

place I don't want to add too much wax

because then it won't be too heavy and

it can fall down and it can look very

greasy as well

announcer picking the wax we have a lot

of good products in the range we have

the silver fox it's the number two wax

from silver fox to the line

yeah Jenny quacks we're zero which is

probably the wet I want to use today the

new famous by Bellini presiding

I have to show them for Instagram as one

thank you very much for joining the live

stream and the cooling shampoo and

conditioner exhibition now I would like

to the revolution of course that's

really a good one and it's not at all

ok it's strange that it's not catching

the video very well anyway like this

amount that's quite a good amount play

time and I like the smell of this it's

very you know it's no fragrance

just the natural that's right

ingredients so you smell it these wax

that's about a play time so here we

actually have pretty decent look kids in

this one and if you haven't yet please

come and where you're from and why you


I hope please come to me from know what

you do here in self exhalation you have

the chance to win some of the products

here on the table from sticker shop and

I will give away free practice for one

lucky viewer and as well as if you

haven't yet trying to order from slinky

shop it's very easy world watching and

well I can customer service hairstyle I

think it reminds me a little bit of the

Justin Timberlake cheeky but to show you

what you can do here this

if you want to to mess it up a little

bit see if if this is something that's

more your taste then it's a good time

because you will not be judged by

colleagues or anyone else it's just

about trying something that wouldn't or

just try something that looks good on

you something new to old artists 20

minutes in the live stream we went 5

minutes overtime follow you joined here

and Instagram you should go through

YouTube we will have it online there or

at least 20 24 hours and promise you

this hair stuff would stay like this all

day long and if you are not of course we

will have to brush it free sign is the

key so long as you know you can expect

it's not a whole day long why in the end

I think I still have some coffee left in

my mark and I think I will be happy to

answer some questions you want sitting

out there with a question or meal here

from slicked hair CD let me know to have

a beautiful – Passport

like a cement difference between

psychics 0 and the normal sidekick


it's do you repeat the question maybe

it's the question what is the difference

between the original psychic and the

psychic zero and the main differences

this is 72 percent organic and we added

organic it's a no alcohol and we added

some other organic ingredients this one

contains a special serum that straighten

out the hair straws easier and as I said

earlier for me it gives a little bit

more for glossy finish to it without any

oily look or any kind like that but then

some people say it's it's you have to

try for yourself would you like that's

that's my opinion it doesn't contain any

fragrance at all so it's very neutral to

fragrance that it's a good solution as

well but it's also good solution but you

want to try to you someone as where you

are located right now right now

in Denmark and some people think that

you are asked was and ask if osmosis is

doing good for weeks and he said Oh

who's just to clarify

yeah Pearson knows if you are any other

questions we have some is there any side

effects of using freestyler

everyday and the side effect is that you

get compliments

that's the Sailor stand fast reply to

that one yeah well I would say if you

are using a freestyle every single day

it's not it's not like you have any side

effects if you're thinking of harmful

side effects and I'll say freestyle is

your Heat you have three second parts so

your hair is protected for that and then

your brushing your hair when you're

brushing your hair you also stimulating

the scalp which which is quite good for

the hair growth as well but you're also

ripping your hair so they also have to

find good

or some brush okay so we have three

questions how old are you 31 nice old

okay when it's baby number two coming H

please you just answered that

do you like Italy was family to it trip

was very nice different attractions it

was very good that we got to see it

before all this globally mister promise

all right I've got some greetings here

on Instagram one moment I'll see what


why would she favorite the look

greetings from Barcelona the favorite

look inside so me and this one it's just

I think it was the first kind of the

first look I showed you today then I

figure comb but afterwards then it looks


and then with a good thing all right

need to pay tomorrow okay this is all

from now the winner of the giveaway I

will answer in the comment section after

the live stream here thank you very much

for watching live stream

stayin hopes they say and try to get the

best out of the situation

see you guys

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