Secret Morse Code messages in music

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

As we all know rock and roll is made by Satanists,
intent on hiding subversive messages in their

devil music

But what if I told you that all musicians
are in fact colossal nerds, and all those

subversive messages are in Morse Code?

[Rush "YYZ" plays]

Morse Code was first developed in 1836, the
creation of numerous minds beyond just namesake

and cool haircut Samuel Morse

It's cemented its value during the Second
World War as a method of radio communication,

and remained the maritime emergency distress
standard until 1999

[Abba "SOS" plays]

SOS, which to be clear is just a meaningless
string of letters and not actually an acronym,

is the most recognizable piece of the code
which mixes dots and dashes and can be understood

both audible and visually

Like when Katy Perry used it to announce a
new record

[Katy Perry "Roar" plays]

Since its completion in 1956, the light at
the top of LA's iconic Capitol Records building

has been blinking out "HOLLYWOOD"

["The light on the top was in Morse Code spelling
out Hollywood In fact I think Mrs Morse

threw the switch Originally I assumed the
light was required for aircraft, and so they

decided, 'oh let's make it spell out Hollywood'"]

But a month before the official announcement
of Katy Perry's Prism it started blinking

out the album's title and release date

No one noticed

And that lead Carson Daly to call Katy Perry
a "sneaky genius!"

[The Killers "Shot At The Night" plays]

The Killers pulled a similar stunt in order
to promote their recent greatest hits collection

using Morse code in a tweet to promote the
name of their new single, "Shot At The Night"

Not as committed as Katy Perry,

and way less committed than Rush, who converted
an airport code into 5/4 time

["They had tuned in the identifier for Toronto
airport, which is YYZ, so it's that dah-dah-dah-dah-dah"]

[Rush "YYZ" plays]

["Neil and Ged were in the back and I said,
'That's a really cool rhythm in that identifier'

And you could see YYZ on the radio tuned in
Uh, and that's how that whole beginning part

came about To play the Morse code of YYZ,
and it uh, it's always about coming home"]

Other artists have sought more subtle Morse
integrations into their compositions

Like Muse, who used the hand claps in "Starlight,"
a song about black holes to supposedly spell



[Muse "Starlight" plays]

That is unconfirmed, but believe wholeheartedly
by many fans and included on their Wiki

Here is one that is confirmed by the band

"Dream Theatre" tapping out 'eat my ass and

[Muse "Dream Theatre" plays]

Mike Oldfield, who single-handedly turned
Virgin Records into a profitable enterprise

with Tubular Bells in 1973, used Morse code
to indicate his displeasure with his record

label in 1990

[Mike Oldfield "Armorak" plays]

Buried 48 minutes into an album of continuous
music, "Fuck off, RB" – directed at Virgin

Records impresario Richard Branson

was creative a use of dots and dashes as any
Dream Theatre ass-eating

One of the most creative uses of Morse code
in music comes maybe not surprisingly from

those loveable Germans Kraftwerk

[Kraftwerk "Radioactivity" plays]

More than a curious rhythmic foundation, the
use of Morse code in Radioactivity plays on

its central lyrical themes

It's a song about the fear of nuclear fallout
that uses the language most closely associated

with disaster

[Kraftwerk "Radioactivity" plays]

While it's no longer a licensing requirement
for captains or pilots or anyone

the open book secret and natural rhythms of
Morse code means that we're probably going

to be hearing it in our record collections
well into the future

[Rush "YYZ" plays]

Have you guys ever used Morsecloud? There's
a link in the description but basically it's

a website that let's you input text and then
outputs the result in Morse code and uploads

it to Soundcloud

So please mess around with it and share the
results in the comments

And let us know if you even think Morse code
is going to be around in the next 10 years

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