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published on July 3, 2020

intelligence colonel but in American

auto parts supplier has confirmed

wheeling as the company's director of

global security the US has repeatedly

said there is no evidence against him

and asked for his release Atlanta police

released dramatic footage of an

interaction between two officers and

Rashard Brooks Brooks who was shot dead

by police as he tried to escape arrest

Atlanta police on Sunday released this

video that showed the moments leading up

to the fatal shooting of Rashard Brooks

whose autopsy reportedly showed he was

shot twice in the back footage from

officer Devon Brosnan's body cam shows

him waking Brooks who is asleep at the

wheel of a car in a Wendy's

drive-through lane a party drive to

right now once fellow officer Garrett

Rolfe arrives the video showed the two

officers questioning Brooks just take a

deep breath in and then performing a

sobriety check I think you've had too

much to drink to be driving the

situation then quickly spun out of

control the video then showed Roth

attempting to put handcuffs on Brooks he

struggled to officers before breaking

free and running across the parking lot

the second videotaped from the

restaurant surveillance cameras shows

Brooks turning as he runs and possibly

aiming a Taser at the officers before

one of them fires his gun and the 27

year-old falls to the ground

the Police Department has fired Rolfe

the officer who allegedly shot and

killed Brooks

while Brosnan was put on administrative

leave the killing of Brooks in his

encounter with the two white officers

ignited fiery protests in Atlanta and

prompted the city's police chief to

resign meanwhile authorities on Sunday

announced a 10-thousand dollar reward to

identify those responsible for setting

fire to the Wendy's restaurant where the

incident took place and officials in New

York are in disagreement New York's

governor is threatening to pause

reopening for areas that aren't

enforcing safety guidelines

but New York City's mayor is firing back

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio fired

back a New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on

Sunday a City Hall spokesperson told Fox

News via email they don't believe in

prison alure taking away their

livelihood is the answer this response

was over Cuomo threatening earlier in

the day to reinstate closings in areas

that failed to enforce regulations if we

have a high number of violations of the

policy yes there is a very real

possibility that we would roll back the

reopening in those areas the governor

says the state received 25,000

complaints over reopening violations he

singled out Manhattan and the Hamptons

as problem areas the warning comes a day

after he criticized a Twitter video it

showed people tightly packed on a New

York City Street many without masks

the governor says it's better to tackle

this at a local level before going

statewide he caught on local officials

to stop allowing large gatherings saying

it could spread the virus enforce the

law you have large gatherings that are

in violation of the law this will most

probably lead to a spread of the virus

do your job and enforce the law if you

do not and this continues we would have

no choice but to take state action quote

most of the state is prepared to take

action against individuals who violate

open container laws as well as

restaurants and bars violating terms of

their licenses the US Department of

Agriculture says about 40,000 pounds of

ground beef for being recalled according

to the Food Safety and Inspection

Service the meat might contain ecoli

the seven affected products are from

Lakeside refrigerated Services in New

Jersey the company produced them June

1st and distributed them nationwide the

products have the establishment number

four six eight four one a detailed list

of recalled products is on the FSIS

website it has been a tough year

for high school seniors the virus

canceled many activities including

graduation ceremonies but one high

school in New Hampshire gave 2020 grads

and unforgettable send-off seniors at

Kennett high school in North Conway New

Hampshire were faced with not having a

graduation ceremony this year that

changed from the local ski area let them

have their procession on the chairlift

I'm really excited it's a very creative

solution this current situation

everything that's been going on we

really wanted to do something special

for our students

let's get Jeremiah on the chairlift

trying not to just substitute graduation

but really reimagine what it could be we

were able to celebrate non of our

students in a way that is unique and at

the same time allows us to maintain all

the safety precautions we need to do

2020 graduating class is Breanna gold


for the past three months we've had to

do everything differently we were

dealing with a hand emic


it was awesome we got to see people

coming up and down and so it was a

really great experience getting to even

though we're not next to each other

getting to see our friends was really

cool an example that having to do things

differently can sometimes bring new and

creative results I still to come a

district in Beijing is on lockdown again

after a cluster of CCP virus cases broke

out residents are worried as virus cases

continue to surge there that in more

after the break hello there doesn't it

feel like we're moving further away from

the very values that our republic was

built upon and the media in our country

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to know the truth about the Phi sub use

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a huge wholesale food market in Beijing

is closed where the second day of

record-high ccp virus cases and no clear

source of the cluster security is tight

around a massive Beijing food market

that's been linked to a recent surge in

covert 19 cases the city reported 36 new

infections on Monday a second

consecutive day of record numbers

creating the biggest concentration of

infections in the cities since February

the cases have been linked to the shin

Fadi wholesale food market it's closed

to the public and tens of thousands of

people living nearby are being tested

Shin fiddy is vast it claims to be the

largest agricultural wholesale market in

Asia it supplies 80 percent of Beijing's

vegetables and meat over an area roughly

the size of a hundred sixty football

pitches some provincial governments are

warning residents not to travel to the


Lao Ning and herb a province have

reported a handful of cases connected to

Beijing accountant mr han says the

situation is of concern I would be lying

if I said I wasn't worried

I came to Beijing on the 13th if this

was one day later then I definitely

wouldn't be able to come and find an

internship the origin of this outbreak

has not yet been identified

an explosion rocked a highway in

southeastern China over the weekend when

a tanker truck driving along it blew up

the accident reportedly killed 19 people

and injured close to 200 including 25

that were seriously injured a tanker

carrying liquefied petroleum gas

exploded on a highway exit and Jojen

province a second explosion followed

when the trucks gaseous cargo reached a

nearby factory the blasts and flames in

a cloud of smoke high into the air

locals say it destroyed much of a nearby

village causing residential buildings

and factories to collapse nearly 200

people are receiving emergency care in

nearby hospitals video filmed by a local

resident shows scorched trees and grass

for the blasts ignited furniture and

appliances inside his nearby house were

also broken another person captured

clips of small fires

learning through collapsed buildings and

factories one bystander said around 10

to 20 carts were incinerated to an

extent that left almost nothing behind

almost all windows in the village were

also broken the cause of the accident is

now under investigation year-long

pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have

a vocht widespread sympathy in

democratic Taiwan thousands of Taiwanese

people who support the city's

pro-democracy movement gathered in

Taipei to mark one year since the

protests began there more than 10

nonprofit groups and thousands of people

gathered in Taipei to show their support

for Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters

they also gathered to appeal to

Taiwanese presidents – to accelerate the

asylum process for Hong Kong hers but

Taiwan has little experience handling

refugees and is scrambling to prepare

it's also working on a plan to keep out

Chinese spies who might try to join the

influx I hope that the government will

clarify this matter or consider how they

can limit the spy influence and at the

same time continue to protect these

fellow Hong Kong protesters with

government policies

some supporters say many Taiwanese

people are extremely willing to extend

help to Hong Kongers I hope that we can

provide our Hong Kong friends with some

special pathways for example some

special avenues for them to find work or

other special support for their lives

like when they get here they can rent a

place presidents hang when recently

became the first global leader to pledge

to help Hong Kongers who escaped their

City due to what they see is tightening

Chinese control that includes the newly

introduced so-called national security

law which pro-democracy protesters say

smothers their freedom and autonomy a

violent knife attack in Hong Kong

injured a bystander who tried to

intervene the bystander a pro-democracy

protesters says he doesn't regret it a

man injured when defending a reporter

for a sister Media The Epoch Times says

he has no regrets about stepping in the

man was hospitalized with two severed

nerves in his hand when he stepped in to

try to stop the knife attack his actions

protected part-time videographer Gerry

from the attacker a man in a white shirt

is wielding a knife turning it to Gerry

the camera drops to the ground the young

man a bystander grabs the knife with his

bare hands and stops the attack despite

the series injury the men urged fellow

Hong Kongers to be ready to defend their

freedoms and values his friend that

accompanied him to the hospital told us

his words he warned against indifference

to the ongoing fight for democracy in

Hong Kong

he said if people don't bother to come

out on mass to show their support and

just rely on others the effect can be

contagious worse huge shows of support

like the 2 million strong pro-democracy

protests last June would prevent attacks

like this one the attacker is now held

in police custody he's a member of a pro

Communist political party she was

charged with wounding and striking to

cause bodily harm as well as possessing

poison and up next UK government

ministers say rioters will face the full

force of the law and the world tennis

number one is organizing a charity

tournament in Belgrade find out more

after the break





when you look at TV networks in America

a soundbite invited out culture prevails

on news and commentary programs as a

Canadian I'm fascinated with America and

I wanted to offer American

thought-leaders an opportunity to share

their thoughts in a deep dive format

where we can explore their ideas

together and so American thought-leaders

was born the world's most brilliant

thinkers believed that open discourse

was the key to greatness however all

around the world you see that discourse

is being stifled and political agendas

have subverted media the epic times

launched its global thought leaders

program to bring back this great

tradition of free thought we have as the

host of American thought leaders every

week I interview some of the most

intriguing minds on the most pressing

issues of our time

be sure to check out our new episodes

every week and over to Europe now over

the weekend clashes broke out during

protests in the UK and government

ministers there say rioters will face

the full force of the law in today's

UK's Neil Woodrow has the details

thanks welcome to NTD UK bringing you UK

and European news I'm Neil Woodrow the

UK government is urging all protesters

to stay home and avoid risking a renewed

spread of the CCB virus this comes after

more clashes among protest groups and

police over the weekend ministers say

violent protesters will face the full

force of the law we should all be very

mindful of the fact that these

gatherings will spread this disease and

put people's health at risk and that is

simply not acceptable and we want to

prevent that protester damaged historic

monuments last week they say celebrate

racism this weekend other protestors

vowing to protect British culture also

took to the streets there were clashes

as police tried to manage the situation

a government plan to jail people who to

face war memorials and other monuments

has been backed by the opposition Labour

Party in Europe the EU Parliament is

considering suing China at the UN's

highest court over Hong Kong so-called

national security law according to

report in the South China Morning Post

the resolution says the European

Parliament calls on the EU and its

member states to consider filing a case

before the International Court of

Justice alleging that China's decision

to impose national security legislation

on Hong Kong violates the sino-british

joint declaration the EU Parliament

stance over Hong Kong is different from

the EU Commission the Commission is

trying to reach a trade agreement with

China and is reluctant to condemn

Beijing the resolution if passed would

not be binding on the Commission or the

EU's member states to Germany the German

government will invest more than 10

billion dollars to promote green


they hope it will help reboot the

country's economy and help end its

reliance on coal green hydrogen is

extracted from water and can be used to

power engines and energy plants it's

distinct from grey blue and turquoise

hydrogen which are extracted by

different methods more than 7 billion

dollars will go to research and market

creation for hydrogen with competitive

costs is part of Germany's over 146

billion dollar economic stimulus package

over 2 billion more dollars is earmarked

to build up partnerships with other

countries green hydrogen is now a key

part of Germany's strategy to replace

gas and to oil and in German sport

German fans deprived of live athletics

action were treated to a mini pole

vaulting competition at a drive-in

cinema in düsseldorf on Friday it was

Germany's first sports event in front of


since the pandemic outbreak it wasn't

fight night but it was flight night and

it left fans pumped up German Torben

blecchh won the event when he soared

over a pole more than 18 feet off the


fans abided by social distancing rules

by watching from their cars either live

or on a giant screen as the night

settled on düsseldorf saw tokino some

honk their support and everyone

exercised the newfound quarantine levels

of patience while the event was

suspended for 20 minutes due to strong

winds moving to Serbia world tennis

number 1 Novak Djokovic is organizing a

charity tournament is adria Tour has

reduced match format and is attracting

about 4,000 fans

Djokovic set up the tournament to help

players get back to peak fitness after

several weeks of no competition the

first leg of the tour is being held at

Djokovic is tennis complex in Belgrade

by the Danube River but you know life

goes on and I think we as athletes we we

are looking forward to play and to

compete many top aces are coming to

support this tournament including

dominic themed Grigor Dimitrov and

Alexander's very top tennis players are

looking forward to a Grand Slam but some

think the proposed safety protocols at

the US Open are too strict the protocols

include two weeks quarantine at the

airport no

and no showers on sight in France for

Parisians it's rare to enjoy a moment

with tourists but now during the post

lockdown period the city of lights is

reserved for locals returning to cafes

and terraces Parisians now have the

unique opportunity to rediscover their

capital without tourists here's a fourth

district where I live is an area with

lots of Airbnb lots of tourists in

general I could get around on my bicycle

easily but there's our use of the river

boats and double-decker buses carrying

thousands they miss the tourists and is

that the abominable mob Paris is about

human contact

lots of people crowded café terraces and

singers on the street which I love

especially here in this area so there's

something missing something is missing

as one of the world's most popular

tourist destinations Paris receives on

average 50 million visitors per year but

today the number is almost zero with

France gradually lifting travel

restrictions many Parisians are keen to

welcome back foreign tourists this

summer that's all for today from the

entity UK newsroom back to New York

thanks Neil there's still to come an

Australian company takes lockdown

measures in its stride find out more

when we return








sporting events around the world are

starting up again some games are still

being held silently without any fans but

in other stadiums they're packed with

visitors rugby has returned to New

Zealand and the fans are loving it

over 40,000 of them showed up at

Auckland's Eden Park the biggest crowd

in the past 15 years they got to see the

Auckland Blues get a winning start as

they beat the Wellington Hurricanes 30

to 20 the Australian Football League has

returned as well the first live game

this year was the eagerly anticipated

game between the Adelaide Crows and Port

Adelaide power which was won by Port

Adelaide power 110 to 35 the state of

South Australia is the only one in the

country to allow fans in their stadiums

but the number is limited to 2,000 also

Spain's top Soccer League La Liga has

returned after its three-month break

caused by the pandemic Real Madrid

played its first game after their break

against Aybar winning three to one they

chose to play at their practice facility

because their main stadium is under

construction meanwhile the European

Football Association's Executive

Committee will soon start planning how

to resume the Champions and Europa

League some changes might be made to the

playoffs media reports suggest the

Champions League final may move from

Istanbul to Lisbon Frankfurt or Moscow

and an Olympic cyclist from Colombia was

doing his usual training when he peeked

behind him to see a worker from a flower

farm easily keeping pace behind he was

so impressed that he equipped the farmer

with a brand-new biking gear

theatre performances festivals and pop

concerts are no goal right now

so one Australian company that normally

builds their sets and stages has turned

to manufacturing good seeing high demand

during lockdown before the corona virus

pandemic eight craftsmen from the

companies staged kinks were used to

build stages and sets for life events

like music festivals and Formula One

races since gatherings of public events

are in halt so initially stage Kings

managing director Jeremy Fleming had to

make the hard decision to dismiss 23

staff members the Friday we had to tell

them to tighten to leave the keys and

take the tools was just

it was a really terrible day and we were

all real downer after that but now it's

staff are making desks for people

working from home and has expanded the

company to 56 employees so we put a call

out to event all the event workers we

knew saying we have some delivery jobs

and some sanding stuff anyone that was

interested come and come and join in

rocío a year us is a theater mechanist

who worked at the Sydney Opera House and

for the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks

at the beginning what I was still

hanging on gigs that have lined up

before work the next couple of months

and then it got to a point I was like

you know what I'm gonna focus on what

I'm doing now and be grateful by do you

have a job right now and try and do good

job with that stage Kings is not the

only Australian business that has been

an opportunity to pivot Tim harker an

economics fellow at the University of

New South Wales said that many

Australian manufacturers switched their

whole production line in a matter of

weeks during the pandemic you have all

these gin makers that are now making

hand sanitizer craft brewers doing the

same companies like gecko systems in

Ballarat that are now making ventilators

when they were doing mineral processing

dip molds in adelaide that the same

thing Tim believes that there is a

community feeling or a national state

feeling that people will pay a premium

if they know the company are employing

their fellow Australians our return to

stage Kings original staging and set

building business will remain on hold

for now as the managing director Jeremy

Fleming thinks there won't be an

international artist in Australia at

least until next year but he hopes stage

king will come back soon while expanding

the furniture manufacturing business

that's the latest updates for now thank

you for tuning in

you can catch up again at 6:30 pm

Eastern Time I'm Paul grainy



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