Scoob! – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

Scoob comes to us from multiple

different people there are three storied

bye credits and four screenplay buy

credits some of their credits include

alvin and the chipmunks the road chip

rampage and playing with fire here we

get to see a young Shaggy adopt

scooby-doo when he was a little puppy he

was a stray and shaggy had no friends

they eventually met Fred Daphne and

Velma and they went on supernatural

mystery excursions together as you may

have seen from the original TV show or

any of the spin-off shows or the two

live-action feature films but this time

around this guy named Dick Dastardly

voiced by Jason Isaacs finds out that

scooby-doo is like the ancient ancestor

to some kind of something and Scooby has

to touch he's got it he has to touch

something that activates a portal i

watch scooby-doo occasionally when I was

a kid but it was never like a mainstay

of my household and the reason why is

because I was always pissed off that

whatever it was they were chasing ended

up being a guy wearing a suit I always

wanted the ghost or the werewolf or the

vampire to be fucking real I didn't want

it to be a guy in a goddamn suit crying

about those meddling kids that's why I

liked watching shows like goosebumps are

you afraid of the dark or the x-files

shows where the paranormal stuff was

real in the confines of the show I

didn't like how in scooby-doo it was

always fake so when it comes to this

movie they have a mixture of both they

have some people who are pretending to

do things and there are some actual

supernatural elements to the film which

was a pleasant surprise the movie is Wow

I'm actually trying to find good things

to say about it and I'm running out

Frank Welker as the voice of scooby-doo

is fine I think that might be it

I've never seen a

in control of an IP a property in this

case scooby-doo be so ashamed of its

property this movie does not want to be

anything like scooby-doo it is

aggressively modern in every way it's

filled with a lot of today's songs they

try to rap a superhero Avengers like

plot into this thing where they meet up

with Blue Falcon voiced by Mark Wahlberg

and his super dog dynomutt and they go

on adventures in a ship shaggy and Scoob

gets separated from Fred Daphne and

Velma people that you only really got

about 10 to 15 minutes with in the

opening of the movie as kids then we cut

to them older and they're apparently a

team now and the first scene we get with

them is an argument where Simon Cowell

appears that suggests that maybe the

team doesn't work well together

and Simon Cowell ruins their French then

they separate and Shaggy and Scoob are

off on their superhero adventure while

everyone else is trying to figure out

where they went you never really get a

sense of these characters within this

movie the movie really wants you to have

seen every show every spin-off and every

other film involving these characters as

if that was somehow backstory when it's

not this movie is a fresh start we have

a little tiny opening with shaggy and

Scoob getting to know each other and

then for the rest of the movie all the

characters are basically separated and

you don't know a goddamn thing about

them they're just the caricatures that

you expect them to be from the show

there's nothing new or interesting about

this movie it's taking a property that

most people like and just trying to make

it fit into 2020 and it doesn't in a

really cringe-worthy way another thing

that was weird was the timeframe where

are we supposed to be like the movie

opens with shaggy as a little boy and

the first thing you hear is Tupac's

California love and then somebody goes

by on rollerblades holding a boom box

playing that song and I was like okay so

is it's like the 90s or something okay

shaggy is a little boy I get it's the

90s but then he pulls out a smartphone

and I was like wait where are we what

time is this then we cut to them as like

adults and I'm like okay is this is this

in the future future

or is this now and what the fuck just


explain it to me Scooby okay full

disclosure before quarantine I had no

plans to review this movie but now you

know desperate for new content and it's

released on Amazon I paid $20 for it I

had to watch this movie in increments I

found it so so so boring and so

completely uninteresting that I just I

could barely sit down and watch the

whole thing I had to watch 10 minutes

here and there move around the house go

from the phone to the TV I just I

couldn't watch this entire movie in one

sitting I found it so so uninvolved uhma

stucking thing I've seen this year it

really is I've seen a lot of dumb shit

this year Nicole Brown Simpson movie and

the best way I can describe it is just

to say what I already have which is they

have an IP that people like but they

clearly see all these problems with it

and they try to keep certain things like

the 1960s van the Mystery Machine but

it's taking place in today with these

kids who are talking about smart phones

and saying like modern day social media

buzzwords all throughout their movie but

they have all these 1960s things as well

and they're trying to find a way to mash

it all up to somehow make kids today not

be bored but kids today still watch

Scooby Doo and they're not fucking bored

like there's new scooby-doo cartoons

that little kids like to watch I've just

never seen a company be so ashamed of

their IP that they just try to change it

drastically to make kids today like it

when it was already fine before I'm

gonna give Scoob a d guys thank you so

much as always for watching I'll be back

very soon with some movies I'm sure you

actually want me to talk about oh man

I have a few hilarious ATI's I've

already shot and edited those are gonna

be coming out very soon thanks guys as

always and if you like this you can

click right here and get stuck mine eyes


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