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published on July 3, 2020

hello guys I'm Rasmus and I'm here with

Simon and children so we have a clothing

designer in the studio today yeah mm-hm

I'm a clue and go check out the my

website super calm yes it's gonna be

nice and children

what are we up for today yeah today

we're gonna create something cool stuff

with the smooth details I'm gonna

refresh his haircut so it's going to be

nice so stay tuned and watch how it's



like the attention girl I know you know

you put your everything I wanna

fighting danger my country

besides me


if you ever need a helper you should

know that'll be there nobody else to

love you

I'm here just to



I move from star to my pony I'm your

club from now to eternity I give you all

my heart we are meant to be it's clear

to see my love is bigger than outside I

got everything I want when I hold you

with my own sister madam I love my

pleasure the key to my treasure when I

was too wet out there but now with you

till I die how many times were you on

the truck I want you to notice the one

and I know this referee soulmate I want

to show her best friend she saved my

life my happy times




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