Scientists Are Freaking Out Over Newly Discovered Species

published on July 13, 2020

Invisible snails frogs smaller than afingernail lizards with Mohawksand a colorful fish called Wakanda theseare just some of the miraculous newanimal species that scientists haverecently discovered each and every yearresearchers scour all corners of the

Globe in search of new life whetherhidden at the deepest darkest depths ofour oceans or scampering around in plainsight in one of our forests deserts orjungles these newfound animals havecreated a buzz in the animal biology

World what does it take to catch a newspecies how many more are out there allthis and more is about to be revealedcompared to some of the predatorslurking in our oceans dolphins areusually rather friendly playful

Creatures and just try looking at thisphoto of a mama and its path and not sayah but this dolphin if you can even callit that is a page right out of anentirely different book more often thanyou think a photo of a bizarre creature

Washed up on a beach makes its wayaround the internet in most cases ifit's something too terrifying or tooweird to be true it actually is andsomeone's probably created it onPhotoshop for just a bit of fun that was

Our first reaction when we saw thisphoto but after looking into it a littlemore we're honestly not too sure what tothink this enigma which washed up on abeach in Mexico as the general shape ofa dolphin but it's lacking a number of

Common dolphin features like fins a tailand its creepiest absence eyes could itbe a rare deep sea dwelling dolphin thatscience has never seen before is it anenormous amalgamation of various eelspecies we still don't know and for now

We can only guess what do youlet us know in the comments while thatominous sea monster brings a number ofquestion marks with it there is nouncertainty about our next newlydiscovered creature very recently in

2019 an expedition led by naturalist ZhiShan Mirza set off to India'snortheastern most state ArunachalPradesh with the towering Himalayasacting as a giant Shade Sail andcreating its own unique ecosystem Arun a

Notch all pradesh has become known as ahotspot of biodiversity during thisexpedition mirza came across this brightbrand new species of snakeit's a subspecies of the green pit vipernamed after both its color obviously as

Well as the heat-sensing pits in itshead that it uses to navigate and huntwhile the new species was very similarto a couple of other green pit vipersMirza noticed two distinct differencesthe first it had more teeth and the

Second the male's displayed a vividorange stripe on their heads what wouldyou name this snake if you found it wellMirza is a massive potterhead so hethought it only fitting to name ittry Mara saris Salazar or Salazar's pit

Viper after Salazar Slytherin of courseif you're not a Harry Potter fan perhapsyou're more into Marvel movies if so letus introduce you to the recently foundsea creature named after the iconicBlack Panther nation this ladies and

Gentlemen is Wakanda the fish discoveredin 2019 thanks to a study conducted byYi Chi team anak theology PhD studentfrom the University of Sydney thesevibrant swimmers were found living inthe dark coral reefs also known as The

Twilight Zone reefs over in the IndianOcean just off the coast of Tanzaniathat's right about here what Conda is asubspecies of the larger family known asferry wrasses which are often consideredsome of the most beautiful marine fish

And we'd probably agree with that makandoes amazing coloring is so deep and sopronounced that the purple remains evenwhen the fish is taken out of water forresearch in most of these cases thatcolor will fade

20:19 proved to be a successful year forfish finding with researchers notchingup 16 other new species including thiscat eyed cardinal fish prepare yourselffor a hurricane of adorableness as weintroduce you to the latest addition to

The Lemur family aka chefs dwarf lemurthe little fuzzball was first identifiedin 2014 in northern Madagascarin the forestry of the ankarana specialreserve but researchers only confirmedit as a distinct species back in 2017 by

Analyzing its DNA its little gray bodyis about as small as it gets at just 125grams or 028 pounds with a body lengthof less than 7 inchesthe shets dwarf is one of the smallestlemurs known to man it's cousin the

Fat-tailed dwarf lemurwhich was not as recent a discovery hasa claim to fame of its own the fat taildwarf lemur is the only known primatethat hibernates for an extended periodof time during which their heart rate

Drops from about 180 beats per minute toas low as eight beats per minutethe Matamata turtle aka cellist finBrianna has been around for tens ofmillions of years only one species wasthought to exist until now thanks to a

University of second burg scientistnamed Eva Fritz a new off-brand Matamataturtle has just been discoveredpreviously Matamata turtles were knownto inhabit just too specific places nottoo far from one another the Amazon

Basin located here and the Orinoco Riverhere most people accepted this as facthowever Fritz noticed that the turtlesin the basin looked ever so slightlydifferent from the ones in the river sohe conducted a DNA test and voila he was

Right officially discovering the Chellisor in a census as it turns out these twospecies of turtle are now believed tohave split into two separate speciesaround 13 million years ago when theAmazon Orinoco River Basins had started

To separate from one another take a lookat them side-by-side can you tell thedifference between these two astroidlike turtles while they both look likerocks with rigid shells and faces tomatch the intricate shell patterns

Differ if you were to ever accidentallystep on one of those pointy shelledcreatures it'd be mighty painful and yetyou'd probably rather face that fatethen find yourself trotting on thisneedle mohawked lizard officially known

As the Phuket horned tree a Gaiman thisGodzilla lookin dragon was introduced tothe public back in 2016 after beingdiscovered by Belgian biologist OlivierPao wells it was just one of the manynew species found around the Greater

Mekong region at the time which isanother one of Earth's richestbiodiversity hotspots as a member of theacanthus Ora genus of lizards also knownas themountain horn dragons the intimidating

Phuket horn tria game it is native tothe few remaining forest patches inPhuket Thailand if you're thinking aboutgetting into the field of animalDiscovery yourself the highest paid 10%of workers make upwards of one hundred

And twenty thousand dollars a yearresearchers like Olivier Pao wells whohas Co described about 100 new specieswould likely earn much more and torecognize those top tier animalresearchers the American Society of

Animal science distributes awards everyyear for exemplary work in the fieldoffering monetary prizes to first secondand third place winners with many otherinternational based organizationsfollowing suit at a teeny-tiny average

Of 7 point 7 millimeters long that'sless than a third of an inch the Paranaamount cies takes the title of theworld's smallest frog the new specieswas found in august of 2009 near the ama village in the central province of

Papua New Guineathanks to the hard work of LouisianaState University herpetologistChristopher Austin and his PhD studentErik RIT Meyer it surpassed the previoussmallest vertebrate pada fry in Swift

Orion by almost a millimeter which isn'tas much to us but to these minisculeamphibians it's a mile as you'd expectfinding these guys was no walk in thepark after following their high-pitchedsounds RIT Meyer tried four times to

Find the frogs before grabbing a bighandful of leaf litter and wrapping itup in a plastic bag and it just sohappens that these tiny frogs seem tolive exclusively amid the leaves if youthought a microscopic frog was odd wait

Until you see what's in store next backin 2013 scientists came across aremarkable new species of cave-dwellingsnail in one of the 20 deepest cavesystems in the world right here inlukina JAMA Trojan in Croatia the

Deepest cave system in the country knownfor its wondrous vertical shape and itsunmatched depth the tiny fragile snailwith a beautifully shaped dome likeshell was found remarkably 980 meters orover 3,200 feet below the surface named

Zeus pium philosophy this translucentsnail is even smaller than our Papa NewGuinea frog measuring a shell height ofless than 2 millimeters or 008 inchesand with a shell width of justone millimeter or 004 inches even

Though they're completely blind in thedark depths of the lukina Chama traumacaves there's no light anyway so itdoesn't mattersupporting the classic snail clichethey're also extremely slow-moving and

Are considered to potentially rely onpassive means of transportation viarunning water or larger animals over inthe Falkland Islands in the SouthAtlantic Ocean this bizarre stingraylooking creature was found just last

Year in 2019 and is now known as dippedor aslam alive thought to be over ametre in length these swimmers foundbetween 162 and 515 metres or between531 and 1689feet below the surface we're first

Mistaken to be Chilean yellow nosedskatehowever genetic differences pointed outthat they were an entirely new type ofskate altogether the skate which isoften distinguished by its stiff snout

Is actually part of the Raja die familywhich consists in total of close to 150species and Counting as you can see eventhough each of these specimens looksdifferent they all fall under the diptour aslam li umbrella the top two

Images are male and the bottom two arefemale it was only a matter of timebefore a new type of spider wasdiscovered write to anybody who doesn'tlike our eight-legged friends you mightwant to close your eyes for this one

Also found in 2019 the mere mecha ColterChee Hwa winces which has since beennicknamed the ant worshiping spider isthe first and only arachnid noted tospend most of its time undergroundscampering through ant mounds although

Scientists are still scratching theirheads and ponder why if you're wonderingabout that ultra long name don't worrythere's an explanation and the chi-wahwinces well that's an homage to wherescientists were first able to witness

The species in the wild in Mexico'sChihuahuan Desert even though we've seena number of new animals today there arestill thousands out there waiting andhiding unbeknownst to the general publicwhy well because as humans we simply

Cannot access every place on earth whenit comes to exploring the deep sea thevast deserts and the never-ending Amazonwe've barely even scraped the surfacewhich of the animals from this video doyou think is the coolest would you keep

Any as a pet if you were allowed let usknow in the comments down below don'tforget to like this video subscribe tothe channel and as always thanks forchecking out the richest see you nexttime and

Great day

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