Scariest Sea Monsters Alive Today

published on July 17, 2020

there is no place on earth more daunting and more dangerous than our oceans weather just below the surface ready to pounce on unaware swimmers or lurking in the darkest depths the number of water dwelling demons out there is

Nightmarishly astounding menacingly named goblin sharks lie in wait while enormous deep-sea spiders scurry along the seafloor make no mistake witness one of these underwater monsters and you'll never

Want to pull on a pair of swim trunks again not to mention the ever-present threat of violent great whites so who's ready for a quick dip if the tentacles weren't enough to make you squirm the sheer enormity of this

Creature is bound to do the trick the aptly named giant squid is a deep-sea behemoth with the largest ever specimen recorded by scientists stretching to a nightmarish length of almost 43 feet or 13 metres and weighing

Close to a ton you would assume that agile and elusive wouldn't be the fitting adjectives to describe a beast of this size but indeed they are making the giant squid all the more scary as one of the oceans most brilliant hunters

The giant squid has the unique ability to catch prey from a hole 33 feet or 10 meters away simply by shooting out their – feeding tentacles despite their colossal size the giant squid is highly mysterious and only

Rarely to humans catch a glimpse of one why because they live deep beneath the surface in the oceans so-called Twilight Zone at depths of between 1,000 and 2,000 feet the goblin shark earns its title as one of the most avoidable ocean

Creatures as one of the older species still swimming around and the only remaining representative of the Mitsu Corinna died family the 125 million year old oceanic Grim Reaper is essentially a living fossil

Having far outlasted more famous predators adding to the intimidation of the obvious sword-like blade sticking out of the front of the goblin shark's head these creatures have been spotted at up to enormous lengths of 20 feet

Although on average between 10 and 13 feet long is more common much like the giant squid the goblin shark birth to stay far away from human territory sticking to the lower and middle regions of the oceans where it stealthily hunts

Its meals using its layers of jagged teeth to its advantage while the goblin shark presents itself as one of the most demonic looking of sharks it's far from the most famous that title of course goes to the great white the species

Feared by the masses ever since Steven Spielberg gave us jaws back in 1975 with about 300 teeth arranged in a number of rows and an unwavering carnivorous mindset it's easy to see why these beasts can grow to immense sizes to take

Deep blue for example she's roughly 20 feet long and weighs an estimated 2 tons as one of the largest great whites alive she devours sperm whales for breakfast it's no secret that the great white is the oceans modern

Apex predator the site of a fin breaking the service is a universal warning for beachgoers to scramble out of the water and yes attacks do happen there were 64 unprovoked shark attacks reported around the world in 2019 the media tends to

Overhype the danger however so take the shark threats with a grain of salt in 1996 43,000 Americans were injured by toilets in that same year just thirteen people were injured by sharks looking like a terrifying mesh between a snake

And a leech this is the lamprey a creature with a first impression capable of making even the bravest of us take a backward leap as a real-life oceanic vampire lampreys sucked the life out of their prey by attaching their sucker and

Leaving round persistent wounds lampreys have been pissing off wildlife officials around the great lake area for years now officially classed as an invasive species saltwater or freshwater lakes or rivers the shallows or the depths it

Doesn't matter the parasitic lamprey thrives wherever it finds itself no joke the lamprey can even climb up waterfalls there are typically three types of lamprey the bloodsucker the flesh eater and the one that well doesn't really do

Much at all while these incredibly versatile parasites typically prey on fish human encounters aren't unheard of although we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy as an underwater devil spawn made famous thanks to Finding Nemo

Let us introduce you to the angler fish lurking throughout the murky depths of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans the angler fish has a resume as one of the most terrifying creatures below the surface using its bioluminescent lure

Aka the giant light bulb looking thing attached to its head the angler fish beckons its prey toward it then faster than a speeding bullet pounces with its large jaws and sharp crooked teeth perhaps the strangest most unsettling

Feature about this deep-sea demon of which there are over 200 different species by the way isn't its menacing stare or crooked smile but its reproductive habits when a boy angler fish meets a girl angler fish he latches

On to her with his sharp teeth and before too long the two fish become one weird right known scientifically as melon or Sita's Johnson eye some angler fish can be quite large reaching 33 feet in length

Most however are significantly smaller often less than a foot thank goodness with a diameter of just under five inches the blue ringed octopus might not be as physically imposing as some of the other critters swimming around in our

Oceans it doesn't have needle-like teeth it doesn't have a thirst for blood but make no mistake the blue ringed octopus is not to be underestimated sure this tentacled sea creature may seem rather harmless on the outside showing off its

Glowing unique markings but their venom made up of a poison called tetrodotoxin is powerful potent and potentially fatal these animals carry enough venom to take down 26 humans within minutes at least we would know when one of them has

Bitten us right wrong their bites are tiny and often painless meaning that by the time we realize that the respiratory issues and paralysis have set in it's already too late the dangerous blue ring is typically found throughout the

Pacific and Indian Oceans in tide pools and coral reefs making even the largest of great white seem small the biggest shark ever to prowl the oceans is the infamous predatorial destructive Megalodon with a bite strength of over

40,000 pounds per square inch take a look at one of its teeth compared to that of a great white and you'll quickly understand why estimates suggest that the Megalodon grew between 50 and 60 feet or 15 to 18 meters in length and

Weighed around 48 tons of course according to most scientists this former apex predator went extinct millions of years ago however there are a few unique thinkers who maintain that the Meg still swims in

The dark depths of our oceans what do you think could the Meg somehow still be alive today we've actually got an entire video dedicated to the former oceanic behemoths check it out after this one

The link is in the description if we consider the blue ringed octopus eschewed on the outside killer on the inside then the Japanese spider crab is the yin to that yang it doesn't boast paralyzing poison and it won't be

Sending anybody to their premature grave but it's one of the most hair-raising nightmarish undersea creatures in terms of straight-up looks the fact that the spider crab can grow up to fifteen inches wide in the body with a 12-foot

Leg span and weigh up to 44 pounds it's no surprise that it's considered one of the world's most intimidating sea monsters not to mention that they can live up to a hundred years old expect to find these arthropods on sea

Beds between 500 and 1,000 feet in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan 1000 feet that's pretty deep so it sounds like we're in the clear then nope not quite this crab does like to venture into shallower waters when it gets the

Urge to mate so watch out as the cousin to the goblin shark and looking like a cross between a prehistoric lizard and an underwater basilisk the frilled shark is equally mysterious and menacing the frilled sharks mouth is just as

Terrifying as that of the great white it's lined with 25 rows of backward-facing Trident shaped teeth with close to 300 in total every single one of which is comparable in sharpness to a razor blade

This menacing swimmer has been spooking divers with its glare ever since it was discovered back in the 19th century since then measurements have noted that its long cylindrical body can reach lengths of nearly seven feet even though

No one has ever seen it hunting first hand scientists believe that very much like a snake pouncing it uses its posterior fins as propulsive surfaces to launch itself at its prey at

High speeds and then constricts its body around the victim it typically resides in depths of between 390 and 4200 feet let's head down to the ocean's far distant graveyard the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean more than 16,000 feet

Below the surface where there is no light and no plant life and where water is cold here another deep sea monster awaits unaffected by storms or ocean currents the waters are perfectly still except for the ferocious fangtooth

Deep-sea dragon fish scurrying around for its next meal feeding on small fish crustaceans and anything else that can find the deep-sea dragon fish like many deep water creatures relies heavily on its bioluminescent body parts to lure

Its prey within striking distance the six-inch long Twilight Zone assassin has oversized teeth a rather hideous face and slippery slimy skin that resembles that of an eel yet as if their esthetic wasn't spooky enough as if intertwined

With Hollywood special effects some dragon fish have also evolved the ability to produce a mysterious ominous red glow out of all the frightening sea monsters we've just seen today which one if any seriously gives you the

Heebie-jeebies what would you do if you came across one of these nasty guys while out for a quick swim let us know in the comments don't forget to like this video subscribe to the channel and as always thank you so much for checking

Out the richest see you next time and have a great day you

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