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Sandy monroe is going to be here to tell us what really happened at tesla's battery day give us his impression and also some perspective of what to expect moving forward my interview with him is coming up next welcome to e4 electric your number one source of electric car scoop and i know a lot of you are still very excited some are a little disappointed and some are simply confused i think i'm a little bit of all three but what better person to have here to talk about the battery day what really happened

Than sandy monroe now cindy and i have covered quite a few topics as a matter of fact the second part of our conversation was mainly dedicated to the 25 000 tesla and how the model s plaid mode essentially is going to be a test vehicle for this new technology to implement it to the rest of the tesla fleet and we also talked about why can tesla have the 25 000 car now with the current technology so i've decided to take that part and spin it off into another video which

I will publish next week so only more reasons to subscribe to this channel if you haven't already so click on that subscribe button and the bell notification icon so you don't miss anything moving forward now speaking of an affordable electric car before we get to the interview i gotta mention that this video and this channel is sponsored by candy america have you met the most affordable electric car in america k27 for just under ten thousand dollars

Including the federal tax credit or their second model k23 for just under 20. the delivery start just in three months to hurry up and reserve yours using the link in the description of this video and by evanex the tesla community's accessory store use e4 electric the name of this channel as a discount code for all of your purchases over 100 alright sandy so we just had the battery day uh a lot of information but i think most of

Us uh and some people are disappointed some are excited but most of us most of us need some therapy so why don't you yeah that's why that's what that's where you come in and um tell us uh what are the things just in general from the sort of a bird's-eye view what are the things that you saw that excited you and were there any things that you were also disappointed in um actually i was not disappointed in anything i saw i'm a pretty happy guy

Um as uh you may or may not know during my videos the the ones i'm on real life i made a lot of predictions as to what would be coming out shortly and all those predictions came true and then some i've got to tell you flat out i was really happy really happy to watch what i was watching on on battery day yesterday it was phenomenal to me i was so high i couldn't believe it i was interviewed three times right after that show

Different magazines some you'd know like bloomberg others they wouldn't mean anything to you because their trade trade magazines but i will tell you that i i am a very excited guy after watching what was going on i predicted that there was going to be a battery a new battery and that was going to be it was going to be 50 by 70 and he surprised me and he changed the dimensions to um to uh um what 80 yeah 46 46 by

80. it's the same volume but it's a little different and he also surprised me with the tab construction we've heard about that before we've heard people try it before it didn't work he did it kudos to him and i was shocked at um i i predicted um a while ago that you know he should get rid of uh get rid of the uh uh what do you call it there the the uh the 107 or whatever parts there were in the wheel inner

And he came back and came back with a casting that was much bigger than uh much bigger than we were expecting uh and it's a single piece and now it's a single piece and now what he's talking about is doing the whole front end and he's going to shoot the uh he's going to have a battery case that's going to be structural and i said that it would be a good idea to start thinking about that in 2018 and here is he's got it and he's putting these batteries in so the 2170 like this one okay

That's a nice battery i like it it's the best there is but i did not like the way it wicked away heat it didn't do a good job at that i wasn't happy with the amount of work it took to glue this thing into position but this one this is the right way to go this is about the right dimensions and we're actually setting up uh a battery case with this to find out how many batteries is going to need our customers really would like to know what's going on but this

This is going to be a tremendous improvement with range power and especially weight this is going to take about 50 percent of the weight out of the battery pack that's big stuff and all the other yohos that i that i read about on i don't know where these clowns come from but i read about all of the stuff that they're these these characters are saying that you know well this isn't really what we were expecting well what were you expecting what were you expecting were you expecting that he was

Going to pull a rabbit right out of his butt and say here look at this no no he came up with something that everybody is interested in this battery is super duper i'm really happy and this right here says i don't even need uh i don't even need the uh um the uh uh what do you call it solid state no the solid state uh fuel uh sorry the solid state battery i don't need it if i've got this this will take its place this is good enough to get me going

And certainly now i made a prediction i think last time we talked and i said uh the ice age is going to end in 2030 two things have happened this and california saying today that uh that no more gas cars after 30 35 i bet you they change that and move it down shortly so tell me a little bit about what are you holding there is that a prototype is it something that actually you got from tesla uh oh this is a mock-up this is a mock-up this is just uh something for us to uh to just put into

Uh we're gonna we're gonna make what we think the battery case is gonna look like and from looking at this and what they told us on the uh on the show and what we're our own calculations on what the density is gonna be then we know that uh we know that um we will know how many how many of those batteries are going to be needed per car we're going to be able to know what the range is he said 500 that sounds good to me but i want to check i'm uh you know i

Believe everything but i want to validate it uh our customers want to see for real what what's going on independently so yeah i'm i'm i'm super duper geeked i really like uh i really like what's uh what's going on he did a great job so now those characters you were talking about earlier who expanded a lot um i i'm i'm i'm i'm one of them i'm one of them but mainly because um i i feel like elon hyped me up uh for for a miracle and i was expecting it

What i was expecting is a a thousand mile on one charge battery um and so explain to me why you know because you know we're talking about a 50 improvement of in range in about three years which you know an average joe like me cannot be excited about that much right i thought maybe we can come up with an electric car that goes further than any gas car so explain to me why even this 50 range over the three year period is a big deal

Ah it's a big deal because it is it basically eradicates the the the um the ice engine if people are grasping this i mean think about it what did i say about about the tesla model 3 only two years ago i said that it was one of the worst cars i'd ever seen as far as being put together i said i didn't like the a whole bunch of things i'm not going to get into it waste time but what did he do in two years he pushed out the model y i keep telling

Everybody elon musk lies and he always under under uh under under uh understates what he's going to do i'm telling you what take everything he says cut it in half he's going to be out with us in a year and a half he's only doing that so he so he can he can get the other other guys in the fight to think that maybe they have a chance i mean again where's that book oh tyler can you give me that thing give me that that book there the uh yeah

The art of work here's a ticket boys all those guys on wall street they got mbas i got this book right here this is how you win and that's what he's doing as well understate understate to your to your competitors or your enemy and that's what he does he interstates and then all of a sudden oh wha what happened oh you said oh i didn't know oh oh that's what you want you want him terrified and that's what he's doing i i'm telling you

Everything he said here's the other one he talked about not to get off the battery topic but this is the um this is the magic right here hopefully you can see that um that's the magic little chip that that's going to make um the ada system work now look at the back as far as connectors who's got that okay nvidia everybody used nvidia right he doesn't use him anymore right he's gonna he's going to make his he's going to change the world

And it's going to happen so fast that that that the dullards that are that are sitting behind thinking oh this will be we've got plenty of time to get now you're not no you don't have enough time at all you're i'm telling you what i'm geeked more than i've been and i don't know how long and and he doesn't even pay me i mean i'll tell you one thing we're not going to talk about nobi on this but i'm going to tell you right now i'm going to buy all my parts all the parts

I possibly can from tesla i'm going to i want i want stuff that i know is going to be able to be around and serviced i want i want tesla parts in in the cars that i design all right yeah well so let me ask you this then because you're talking about competitors i mean recently lucid air prototype was able to achieve independent with it you know confirmed independently an epa estimate of 517 miles and they're using the you know obviously

The regular lg qm batteries they claim that they you know peter rollerson the former you know chief engineer of the model s he essentially explained that they've achieved that with essentially making everything else around the batteries much more efficient the motors the cooling system the the drag efficient and stuff like that so you know do you do you think that you know first of all what do you think

About that then we're being able to achieve that uh without the breakthrough tech uh battery attack that uh tesla just unveiled but also does it also mean that tesla can can take a ph from lucid's uh sort of manual there and make some improvements in their efficiency in other parts uh maybe how many loose how many how many vehicles has lucid got on the road well just as many as tesla has the new batteries in the plaid mode right i mean this is another word zero

Okay so here's the thing i see i i put my money on those who've actually made something sold something and put it on put it into the marketplace right that's my big thing i like to see that and i don't see that with anybody else so when i look at this and i see what this potential is and i and like i said i predicted that we're going to have to go to something that's going to be about two inches in diameter and it could be it could be 80 millimeters long in this

Case it is um but i i'm telling you what this is what i want to see this is the battery i want to see okay lg chem lg chem is our buddies we've we've used their batteries on lots of different programs we've analyzed them we've costed them i've talked to their people i know their chemistry i know everything about them but to get 500 miles i need a bigger battery pace i need to put a bigger battery box in

That means more weight more weight the two biggest things against electric vehicles is weight and friction weight and friction are your two biggest enemies so i look at i don't know what their their motors look like but i do know what teslas look like and their motors are superior to everybody else's the weight is is less the cooling is better i'm pretty happy with what their motors are i haven't seen the lucid motor are they making it themselves

Yes they're making everything in-house and they're claiming that their motors are the best in the market because but they're not in the market right right in the once they're in the market i'll buy one of their cars i'll tear it all apart and i'll be able to tell you for real no no guessing no nothing i've got everybody's motor now and i'm waiting like uh i think we're going to be getting a um a porsche tycon uh powertrain system

I believe it's coming to us and when i have that then i'll pretty much have a good handle on pretty much everything that's in the marketplace and then i'll be able to compare all those there's 12 engine we have a 12 engine study that we're selling to everybody in china and uh well not everybody in china but a lot of people in china most of the people in japan and most of the people in korea uh in europe europe is even buying them but but the u.s is not and

I know i have no idea why do they think that they've got something better if they do how do they compare it how do they compare you're going to buy a car and tear it apart yourself it's a million bucks why should you waste your time and money the chinese aren't doing it the japanese aren't doing it the koreans aren't doing it and even some of the european country companies aren't doing it but here we got this arrogant thing i want to see what it is i want to be able to put numbers against it how much did

It cost how much did it weigh what's this friction coefficient well all these different things that that happen when i want to see how good something was all right so let's go back to tesla and obviously you mentioned you know the weight reduction and you know one of the breakthrough technologies they've talked about is essentially making the getting rid of the battery pack per se right so they're going to build that into the

Structure of the car um can you talk a little bit about it because i have some questions obviously people right away brought up you know the safety whether or not you know the battery is um uh you know it's inflammable apparently uh and secondly um how would the cooling system work uh with um without a battery pack kind of going through and stuff like that okay so when we tore apart the model 3 if you remember i criticized the body because it was too

Structural the the the body was the same structural and had the same structural integrity as the battery pack and everybody has been using the battery pack for structural integrity so you become redundant and that doesn't do anything for you but add weight now the tesla fans all yelled and screamed at me and pointed at me and said you know we're gonna i don't know come on oh come on sand tesla fans never do that they never scream

Okay get out of here that's one thing i just don't accept the fbi guys down here anyways at the end of the day we um um we said what we said so the tesla fans were very unhappy with me saying that they said we need that for safety and i said no you don't it's redundancy if i drive a tank i'm am i am i safe or or did i just a little bit over design it now now tesla did what i said they were should do i said hey you know what why don't you

Build the battery pack so it's part of the structure and it is the only difference is their battery pack their battery pack is taking these and putting them right next to each other and then filling it up with uh with uh what do you call it uh epoxy you know what that becomes one great big gigantic brick and there is no way in hell somebody's going to tell me oh it's somehow going

To get punctured bull a lot of things might happen in a tremendous crash i think if you hit it with a train it would still survive maybe the wheels that fall off and the people inside would definitely have a bad afternoon but i think that the battery pack would just bounce off and go into the ditch and that's a fact that's why i'm really impressed i am so impressed with the way they're putting their battery pack together

How is it going to be cooled okay so if my hand is the lower plate and i can't bend my hand that way because i broke my wrist but anyway let's say that this is my uh my the lower plate and that's got the coolant going through it boom the one thing i criticized the main thing i criticized on this was why are you cooling the sides that's not where the heat is the heat runs axially it runs out of the these two surfaces it doesn't come out this way now he's got it he's going to go clunk

Like that he's going to fill the sides up with it with epoxy and you know what i believe that when he puts a top plate on he's going to try and suck heat out of that as well perfect and you're so brilliant and you see anyone with the tablets batteries the heat would still be at each end rather than also around it around the body absolutely and and actually it's even better it's even better with the way the the the tablets battery's been around for eons lots of

People have tried it nobody's been successful he's going to be successful he's already got him built he's already testing him so with the with the tablets what's going to happen is the the aluminum is going to be low and the copper is going to be high and he's going to fold over now he's going to have to do some some funny manufacturing so the uh the the tab is going to start out or sorry the the the filaments are going to start out wide and then they're going to have to

Get narrow because as i'm wrapping these things together the inside ones are going to be you know they're going to wind up being bigger than the outside ones so we have to make it so that at one end it's square because let's say it's the copper side the the one end has to be square and uh and that'll be so that it can interface with the uh like you know gap the copper side and then the other side

It'll it'll degrade slightly so that you can wrap them and then you still wind up at the top with a flush surface so he showed that i don't think i don't know how many engineers they got in in new york but i'm telling you that that is brilliant engineering and i'm telling you that that's going to be a great way to wick away the heat because it's got a bigger surface i i just absolutely love it everything everything i saw i'm excited about but that means that

I'll never get a job as an analyst it doesn't matter i don't care all right now uh let's now you mentioned that batteries will will will not be whatever we're not even calling it a battery pack but uh the battery module well it is a body it's it's a big giant battery pack but there are no batteries there's only cells these are not called batteries they're called cells so it's only cells and a battery pack that's it and you get rid of all the other crap

And i'm like i said all those things looking at it you couldn't get it apart anyways it's all well to check this is absolutely brilliant i'm very and remember i said something on your show before i said you can have service ability or reliability but you can't have both and what he did was he picked reliability that battery will last a gazillion years it'll you'll your grandchildren can use it to run leds or you know maybe your starship who knows

All right well first of all i need to get children first before i get grandchildren i i've heard i've heard oh we have we have people that can help you with that all right okay we'll we'll we should talk about it yeah wow i didn't know i was gonna i thought we were talking about batteries not matchmaking but all right that's fine we're making chemistry either way i get it all right so now uh let's there's something that elon did not talk about yesterday so maybe you can kind of fill

In here because obviously the charge rate uh of the battery is important um because one of the biggest issues with electric cars right now you can't fill them up as quickly as you would a gas car not even close and the problem right now with tesla's not being able to let's say get to 300 350 kilowatt uh maximum charge rate is because they have a a 400 volt system in other cars like you know tycoon and going with the 800 lucy's going with

900 volt system they're doing that now obviously the problem is not in just a voltage it's also an amperage um will these batteries be able to keep the 400 volt system uh but be able to take higher amperage and therefore uh tesla will be able to achieve three four maybe 500 kilowatt charge rate okay so here's here's what everybody is kind of forgetting um when you plug in 80 of the battery gets charged up really quick

And you can take off and go wherever you want it you don't have to have a full battery in order to make yourself feel comfortable 80 is good enough so i am going to hearken back to the olden days okay when i was um younger than i am now for sure so i remember not my dad because we didn't have a car we were too poor but anyway and my dad only had one eye so i i can remember driving with the um mr beauchamp uh and he would uh he had us all in his

Truck and he would drive up to the pump and in the olden days people used to put gas in your car i mean what a concept anyway he'd drive up and he'd say eric give me two bucks that's all he needed that's all he needed for now in the olden days people used to think that hey while that gas is in a gas tank it might be evaporating i'm not going to put much in and that was the paradigm that they had what electric drivers want is i i need that

Topped up completely no you don't you if you are if you're in a hurry pull in spend five minutes whatever 10 minutes top it up and go i mean you don't have to wait a half an hour to fill the thing up entirely it'll tell you when you need to go and find another charging station and most people they don't they don't need to charge it up uh all the way it's just it isn't necessary don't bother so that's one thing the second thing is okay 400 volts that's a big deal

When you get to 800 volts now i've got a lightning i mean that's lightning in a bottle and i know that they're going to be able to solve that i mean there's going to be all kinds of clever things that they're going to have to do in order to take the charger and plug it in but 900 800 volts that's a lot of volts so now let's talk about the other aspect let's say we all go to 800 volts and we're all plugged in at the same time what happens when the windmills start

Going backwards i mean what happens the niagara falls starts going back we i don't know how much how much uh um uh i don't know how much capacity the united states is going to have when we start moving into 800 volts but i will tell you one thing that is definitely i mean we could wind up with a brownout in new york if if everybody was charging at 800 volts and that's one of the other things that the europeans are rubbing their chins on it's great if you can do it and

It'll be great for that guy but it might be a little bit of an issue for the grid and other things that are sitting out there i don't think we have to worry too much about that but do you think that these batteries will be able to achieve a higher charging rate without going to the higher voltage i'm i'm pretty certain that uh okay so um i i drive to work every day and i in a week in a week i might have i might i might i might drive 500 miles in a week i don't drive 100 miles a day

It's just not and most people don't so what do i need that for really i mean i thought 150 mile for a charge was good enough and a lot of smaller vehicles that's precisely what they're going to do they're going to stay at 150 miles and say good enough for me 500 miles um how many times do you travel across the united states how many times are you going to go and visit grandma 2 000 miles away i it doesn't happen very often and when you do

If you're driving 500 solid miles you're definitely going to need to use the restroom i guarantee it and the kids might need a snack and you're probably going to want to look at something else other than the road so i believe that there's a there's good potential that the 400 is is is fine now the guys that are looking at 48 volts and stuff like that uh i'm not a i'm not a big fan i think uh i think that uh 400 is a real good

Number and that's kind of like what what i think we should be uh should be focusing our attentions on all right for the second part of this conversation mainly dedicated to the 25 000 tesla don't forget to subscribe to this channel and i will publish that video next week before you go cindy is actually looking for some investors for one of his upcoming projects i can't tell you what it is so contact him at i put that link in the description of this video and if you want to know what's going on

Outside of the tesla's universe check out my video about the volkswagen id4 which was unveiled earlier this week which essentially will be a competitor to the tesla model why i actually got to check out that current person so the link should be up there but i also put it in the description of this video alright looking forward to all of your comments other than that see you guys next time and remember to stay charged

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