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by birtanpublished on February 4, 2021

well hello yes we are back here with more digital trends laughs thank you for everybody who's joining us on whatever platform we just went live and here's what's happening right now we're getting ready for the Samsung Galaxy unpacked event we're gonna see everything that Samsung has to unveil there's a lot we're gonna kind of walk through a little bit of what we expect to see at this but I want to emphasize that we're broadcasting live and we're on YouTube bran Facebook one Twitter we're on all these different platforms and that means

This is what we're gonna do we're gonna watch this with you this is a watch party so we're gonna tell you what we think but we want to see what you have to say – we want to share those comments we want to talk to you about this what do you expect what are you most excited about and as we go through the event will be simulcasting it so it'll be right here on this same channel you don't have to go anywhere else to watch the Samsung Galaxy unpacked event you'll be watching it with us as we see what they unveil but let's get it started right now I'm Greg nibbler here with mr.

Caleb Dennison hello Caleb good morning Greg thank you for joining us here for this yeah I love it yeah I believe we did this last year yeah and it's funny with these with these events you know every company kind of makes a big deal now it has er once but it has their big events but Samsung's is certainly one of the premier ones where you know you have them you have Apple you have Google some of these major companies with their big announcements and I always like to see just how they do the presentation yeah you know what are their bells and

Whistles gonna look like well it's definitely the I would say it's the foremost phone reveal of the year I mean usually with Apple reveals that's obviously a big deal but you may not you may get a a phone or two or it's mixed with iPads and and other devices Samsung will do something similar here but I think this is going to be one of the biggest phone reveals of the year and there's some specific stuff I'm hoping to see when you talk about like how they do their presentation though it could go any number of different ways the way that a lot of

Tech companies like to do this is talk about themselves yes in a very flattering light we are the best at this the leader at that the number one hoo-hah how many apps is this that and the other thing so we do expect a little bit of that you know we wade through that we'll try and make that a little bit more fun yeah then it would normally be if you were just watching it without us you know but that ultimately we will get to the devices and we're gonna get into some you know down and dirty analysis about those devices you know where they

Stand in the market what we can it hope for from them right be great I'm gonna love it and there's some things that we certainly expects you know to come out obviously with the Samsung yes twenty I want to showcase too since we are live we've got Corey Gaskin down there our mobile editor we've also got Jeremy Kaplan our editor-in-chief who are live at the event and so what's gonna be happening we're gonna watch this thing live gonna see what Samsung announced and then at the end of it will be going live to Corey on the show floor from this event ideally with some

Of the devices in the hand will be able to ask him questions live what he just saw you know and kind of walk through what that whole experience was like and that's part of the fun things of this we've also got Andy Boxall who's there reporting as well so follow along on Twitter but this is something you know as soon as this does go we'll be going there but I will say you know for this event obviously the Samsung S 20 the new line skipping from s 10 to s 20 that's going to be a big big thing that we're gonna expect they've got we're thinking three phones

With that the s20 the S 20 plus the s 20 ultra not expecting that mid level one that would kind of sell last year with the 10 e and then also you know you had Google with the pixel 3a right it sounds and again you never know until it actually happens but it sounds like Samson's going away from announcing any of those mid tier ones to start off with with this and just sticking with the premium high-end well yeah they did recently and quietly unveil the a 20 which is a mid tier phone that does support 5g they have that out already yeah so I think that they're really

Sticking to flagship products for this particular launch event so you think the 820 will kind of fill that I think H a twenty attempts to yeah exactly it tends to feel fill that gap and you know it was a nice phone I saw it when I was at Aoife in Berlin yeah I've got a chance to take a look it was really nice phone you know it was kind of a mid tier mid price kind of thing so I think that's that fills that gap is probably gonna be about the big stuff the big the big premium ones and obviously another big premium one which was a surprise unveiling we didn't know

If they were gonna actually have it at this event but clearly they after you now and that is the Z flip art it does look like it's getting underway so we're gonna go ahead and and take this now and again we're watching it live with you so we will to hear what they're saying and and watch it live so join in we'll just know your comments let's see how they start this thing off and all I do is lift an interview so mom and I don't touch base with myself Anna

Nothing alright so there we are just starting it right up with the Z flip really going right into it didn't think this would be what they would start with but there's also interesting though they already released the commercial for it at the Academy Awards the smartphone experience with the revolutionary galaxy fold the fold was more than a new device it was the first entry in an entirely new era of smartphone history today we're taking

Another giant step forward giant the galaxy Z flip was I'd call it the Zed flip and smartphones are a part of our everyday lives but this is no ordinary smartphone it changes everything our phones shape size and the very way we use it that's what innovation true innovation is all about the galaxy Z flip is a statement smartphone it's the trendsetters and trailblazers it's like nothing you've ever experienced before in a new perfectly compact form factor this device is an icon a standout smartphone for people who want to stand out and it all starts with a graceful

Premium design let me show you I got to say I do like the design yeah I dig it as well when it's closed it is a thing of beauty it's smooth and sleek and symmetrical and at half its full size it fits right in my palm and snugly in my pocket and the cover display shows me all the information I might need at a glance when I'm ready to use it all I have to do and I get a full-size 6.7 inch screen with hardly any bezel The Ultimates immersive experience for the ultimate ordinary you don't see a visible color is just right but although I keep the phone open or

Closed on the commercial that they actually art there was a disco galaxy flip country mirror purple mirror black and in select countries a mirror gold sassy little statement there and turning heads come on closed it lets you disconnect without missing out you can check the time get notifications of a text alarm or a call all the essentials are right there on the cover display you can even take a selfie without opening up the phone just hold out the rear camera and use the cover screen as a viewfinder with this

Phone we've done the impossible and created ultra-thin glass that folds now you might think that a foldable glass will be brittle but this glass is built to last and it protects your screen from scratches it's so durable you can fold and unfold your phone over 200,000 times every time you fold it you're not just spending glass you're been doing at the laws of physics you can see for yourselves this phone and its display alike nothing ever made before unfolded the galaxy Z flip puts entertainment in your hands with a cinematic screen and with the world's first hole-punch

Camera in a foldable display you get the same sprawling expansive screen you've come to expect from Galaxy smartphones before didn't happen sure we're giving galaxy users access to YouTube Premium Suite yeah give me some free stuff about everything in between this is what I would like your laptop okay we call it flex mode in Flex mode you get a new kind of smartphone experience your screen is split into two parts what I want to though right we optimized some of this or that automatically adjust for example right on the bottom you can even

Prop your phone up by itself and video chat or take a selfie hands-free let me show you that's a cool feature oh yeah my phone out of my pocket and prop it here on the podium we're going to take a selfie so open the camera app and ready open the gallery app and you'll see I can scroll across the bottom half of the screen where some of my other pictures are saved so here you'll see there's more of animals and there are of people but that's just my life imagine you'll be able to take a night hyperlapse video without a tripod like the one you see

Here we pushed mobile engineering to its limits to create this device and none of it would have been possible without our new one-of-a-kind hideaway hinge oh yes the hinge is the backbone of any folding phone it quite literally holds the whole thing together and it also prevents particles like dust and sand from getting into this into the phone and damaging their display that's one of the concerns folding phones have a tiny tiny gap between the hinge and the device we created a layer of fibers inside that tiny gap to keep the particles out this

Secure fiber shield protects your phone so you can make the most of this revolutionary technology we are so proud of the galaxy z flip it is a unique piece of technology one that changes the smartphone experience entirely take a look alright so you want it that's the question honestly this is the kind of foam the foam that I would want yeah yeah I mean I like it key to me is price and I want to know more about what those features are on the outside of the phone when it's folded right because she's like oh it's got everything you could possibly

Yeah I saw a clock but yeah that's that's all I saw on the commercial at showcase answering a call but you have to open it back up from what it would be great if it did you know caller ID text notification text yeah how big how big is that screen on the front you know is it really just that tiny little a little bit of that there that's very very small window of information and this seems to be basically the same commercial they showed during the Academy Awards right it's a little bit extended maybe not made this exact same thing I think it is well if you weren't watching the Oscars

Then you wouldn't have seen it I've looked it on YouTube some people were asking if they already should they asked 20 no they're starting with this yeah 1,400 bucks that's my guess close they're rating close no I mean I figured it would be 49 bucks Samsung Galaxy we're not just creating a new look we're showing how high-fashion and high-tech go hand-in-hand and only one person could lead this disruptive collaboration Tom Brown oh the disruption that's so disrupted right now so they really are focusing on the design side of this that seems to be

A real key thing that they're bringing up I would like to know more about functionality myself like I said I wonder what your friend of that does yeah let's get that get the deets on the battery let's get the deets on the camera what kind of processors in there yep if the front screen were a dead and it doesn't look like it's a full front screen that's where no it doesn't look like a small window of information up there's the galaxy buds oh yeah we're expecting some guy said it buds plus that'll ring in there too or a

Watch watch was in the way yeah so you get to watch and buds now we just know that's the Thom Browne addition of some of their devices for decades samsung has pioneered innovations in mobile technology creating a world of its own always moving forward you sense a really strong collaboration because you understand the experience of the two worlds in the attention to design the attention to technology I always find these awkward it's truly timeless dude is reading something that Samsung VR wrote and bringing together fashion and technology in a unique mobile experience

Right you're gonna make the phone looks like that's great you did something truly special and we look forward to sharing it with you and there's more to come during tomorrow's special event in New York yeah that was not that flashy ever nope not necessary they should have just run this vid right here so some questions coming in on YouTube is that the new watch is that the new galaxy buds we don't know we just know that there's a Tom Brown addition of a watch and galaxy buds but I do think we're gonna see galaxy buds plus

Unveiled a little bit later in this I mean if you're gonna put it with the Z flip right I expect a new watch and new buds yeah I mean at least with style he's made a career by pushing the boundaries which explains why I've never heard of the guy the perfect partnership we're excited about this limited-edition collaboration you'll hear more about this partnership tomorrow straight from New York Fashion Week but first we have so much more to tell you about the next decade of Samsung innovation and the incredible technologies that will shape our lives

In the years to come and that starts right now ok so it's going from one to the other yep the exception of Tom Brown reading a script this has been you know since he back yeah uh birthing again there's probably an amazing I'm gonna back us minion Tom Brown mm-hmm where we showcase

We don't know yet yeah that's they're keeping us in suspense so we're going straight into the s20 that seems like the logical move right now that your blended here's a product oh dear oh boy mm-hmm got some drama going I want the entrance for digital prints laughs you like this yeah I really wish we could dig set this up so get you a spotlight Greg right yeah the fog machine dr. heavy hammer Oh thank you and welcome to gallops unpacked 2020 it's amazing to be here

With you today to kick off a brand-new decade of growth and change we start 2020 with a renewed momentum great competence yes this is the kind of thing that I usually we here right at the top opportunities that begin right here right now that's secret we launch insert that phrase to any private meaningful that'll be afraid situation there is more private and secure innovation that will create more intelligent connections across devices people this is a big of connections I know I experienced incredible time to be at the start over this change to drive growth for our

Industry and to provide meaningful progress for consumers J for growth RG for Google Google is gonna be showcasing something doable communication business at some zone and I will not be where I am today without my mental CEO PJ whoa I was gonna say yeah where's to Sequoia Thank You DJ for your ongoing leadership see not at the event um he's gotta be development of many of the key breakthroughs in our most innovative me said he might actually have been sitting right in front of Isis oh here we go oh no we need to go through a timeline

Throughout our history we have been guided by our belief in innovation that improves our customers lives and driven by our profession to overcome technology most difficult challenges so yes a better world we have never been afraid to they actually be asking how can you turn on these two idiots devices that drive this industry for this is why in 2011 when we heard that consumers the point during all of these presentations we're just like slows down it's like flipping and go to hell looking back what we've done already know yeah I remember the galaxy line my pocket right

Now yeah we heard that consumers what for multitasking even bigger screens that would still fit in their pocket we imagine the future of mobile experiences by launching the galaxy for work really we're going all the way back to the galaxy for I mean that's the fold when we stole our future behind legend images high-definition video no no no the goal we pioneered the key or the best months then make five the possible today ok I bought is I hope do maybe I misunderstood that but with its high speed low latency and massive capacity to connect millions of

Devices 5g brings that transformative power to enhancing everything people can do Twitter their phones and now Samsung is making poverty available to more people more deeply than anyone thought possible so today we are excited to show our next big step or as we launch a new generation of intelligent connections it begins with our vision to be the innovator open you mobile sorry and continues wherever innovation driving market forward serving interests we are driving a combo and convergence yes important technology of our time 5g AI unique position to bring the benefits of

This convergence into consumers lives with a more than I'm sorry higher things you're putting many people this is the self aggrandizing that we referenced earlier in the broadcast when we first got started invariably you have to sit through this stuff yeah and because they're not going to waste this audience and Trust in the Samsung Knox their security platform multi-layer protection that starts with a security chip built directly into the device and with open collaboration we have partnered with industrial leaders to build an ecosystem that is unmatched in scale to provide

Game mobile experiences today we are so proud of intuitive as a buzzword we partner with Spotify by putting their app on our phone so you can that's not music last new decade of change upon they say goodbye to the camera you know today and hello to a new way to see and share the world in its best life with it with the intelligence that long as you like and optimize yeah Josh that we mentioned that before you know this is par for the course with pretty much any tech adventure just have to sit with the but I mean that's all admit we just

Want to see the next phone like you got get us to s 20 let's dig into it still waiting for some of the tech specs on the Z flip really straight past yeah never mind all this it's old PC it's just that the first step toward a new generational meaningful mobile experience I thought I thought we were actually getting somewhere now it's my great pleasure to introduce the brand new Galaxy S 20 yeah yeah okay this is exciting I do want to see what respects it tells me we're in for a whole bunch of camera goodness Thank You captain obvious

war Cameron's but I presume it before disease which we talk about the software what those cameras can do there we go that's what's so special try altra yeah it's a five the drone there I can't tell exactly but McCrory has Corey has gone on a hands-on with these by the way we got that up on the on the site and stream with amazing Galaxy S 20 and the paid applause is really loud

This year no it is that's paid applause and it's loud ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage head of us mobile product management true Blackard great to be here in San Francisco last month marked the start of a new decade and it's Samsung we are really looking forward to the next 10 years of Galaxy innovation with that in mind we've been working hard to create devices that are built for the way that we live our lives today our vision for the next decade of galaxy all starts with 5g just last year we unveiled five new 5g smartphones

Worldwide in Korea alone we helped bring a hundred thousand base stations online and we've engineered new 5g chipsets that are smaller cheaper and power efficient 5g will completely change how we communicate how he game and how we keep in touch with the world around us it'll work with AI to enhance every aspect of our smartphones and it'll connect thousands of devices through our smart things platform while protecting our privacy and last year we were just getting started simply put this is the year of galaxy 5g it begins right now in 2020 right here with a galaxy s 20 today

We're more social than ever and we communicate and express ourselves with images not just words that means our smartphones need one thing above all else a powerful camera we spent months asking thousands of smartphone users across the world when it came to camera what mattered most and no matter who we asked or where they lived we got the same answer quality quality quality now that is so fake great yeah under perfect Corson's right outdoor lighting no too close not too far not too much movement good zoom good wide-angle low-light shooting pictures it concerts kids

Soccer games and you know the way the way Google's doing it it's always post-processing perfectly too even if the conditions aren't perfect right I mean that's what that's what it really makes the document share our entire lives so we rebuilt the galaxy s 20 a retired camera system to change the way we capture the key to capturing a high-quality photo is a high-resolution camera because the higher the resolution the more detail you can capture and the more you can see maybe you're taking a picture you notice something interesting in the background so you pitch in to get

A better look but as you get closer the image gets pixelated at 64 megapixels s twenties revolutionary camera system takes smartphone photography to the next level so when you need a crop an image don't worry as 20s resolution is so sharp that even when you do crop your photo remains crisp and clear of course high resolution isn't just useful for viewing pictures it's also useful when you're taking them when you need to get closer or want the subject to be the only thing in the frame you need zoom and with galaxy s 20 space zoom you can get up to 30 times closer so so there's

Something that's cool from far away you can still zoom in you get a high quality shot samsung cameras are the best in the business not just because of the game-changing hardware but because of their intelligence with AI you can use this revolutionary camera to the fullest think about it there's those times when you want to capture the moment but by the time you decided on the right camera mode the moments gone with single take mode s 20 uses ai to capture different versions of that exact same moment using each of its different cameras just take a short clip up to 10 seconds and single

Take captures different versions of that game-winning goal live focus boomerang video ultra wide and a lot more then when you're done shooting gives you a handful of those best shots so you can pick your favorites yeah I was just gonna say not only present processing memory so now we'll never have to worry about missing the moment in your Galaxy S 20 uses AI to make it even easier to keep your photos organized groups your content making your gallery easier to navigate and also lets you create subgroups to organize your photos however you want

You should all have if you identify people to keep popping up s20 will be able to pick them out automatically with a galaxy s 20 we've created a phone that will change photography but we know that photos are only one part of the camera experience more and more we're using video to communicate whether it's sharing through our Instagram stories capturing special moments or creating content of our own for years Samsung has led the market in a KTV technology and today we're creating that expertise to mobile thanks to s 20 super-high resolution you

Can capture videos in stunning 8k memory and I mean they're gonna have compression a footage from the camera in your pocket aged to 65 but you know over 5g network this is gonna be great up to Casa to your 8kq LED TV that way you can enjoy your high quality video right on the big screen from capture more interested in being able to feel that stuff up on YouTube full 8k experience to truly understand how this 8k you co system comes together you've got to see it for yourself so with the help of filmmaker and adventurer Sam Evans let's take a look hey everyone I'm Sam

And I'm a content creator from Australia I'm here in the product demo zone to show you exactly how the s20 works so you've already heard a lot about it but you really have to see it in action actually you already have do you remember the video you saw earlier the one with the cable cars in the Golden Gate Bridge moving through San Francisco we shot that whole film on the s20 I'm so amazed by what this phone can do so I've traveled around San Francisco with the s20 and managed to get some pretty incredible footage for me aka footage is a game changer with the

Extra resolution it allows me to edit my footage exactly the way I want here's the make a footage I captured over San Francisco looks great right and I'm more interested in that's whether it's gonna support HDR like kima shoot can you shoot in HDR and upload that way he's just asking that right now footage to show you how it looks now we can watch this on the phone or using the YouTube app on an 8k cue LED TV we can watch it there let's check it out I mean that's really cool it's just not useful for most people yeah for most people are cool share it with your

Friends watch it together all through the s20 check it out for yourself after the show come on down to the product experience own and see it yourself thanks everyone back to you Jay I get cool feature that's fine it's fun I get one thing I could say good thing is if you're editing you could zoom in yes exactly that kind of runs the best quality for your best mass news it takes smartphone recording to a whole new level and it opens the door to some entirely new experiences that have never before been done really surprised not to hear them

Talk about HDR because that's such a big part you'll get a thirty three megapixel still photo with amazing resolution you can crop any frame and always get a high quality picture with 8k s20 revolutionizes your photo and video experience and it's designed for pro grade filmmaking the pro mode you can adjust aperture exposure and settings that you usually have control over with a DSLR we even enhanced super steady mode so you can take there's your stabilization right there thanks to a eye motion analysis and an anti rolling stabilizer this camera isn't just good

It's in a class of its own right down to its performance specs got a powerful processor an all-day battery and thanks to the galaxy s 20s incredible storage capacity up to a terabyte and a half using a micro SD card you'll have plenty of room for okay but what's on board that's what I want to hear we have that posted actually 20 you can share files with up to five friends at the same time without even having to pair your devices every incredible innovation you've heard about so far from 8k video to promo – sharing is available on all three models of the

Galaxy s 20 series because we don't believe in compromising when it comes to camera quality and for the people one even more the serious professional photographers who need the best birthday cakes we're proud to award the galaxy s 20 ultra which is the largest image sensor we've ever put on a smartphone here we go you want a high resolution it has an unbelievable 108 megapixel ai camera so you can capture scenes with a level of detail you've never experienced with a camera this high quality you don't just get one picture zoom in any one part and a new world comes to light

You practically get a photo albums worth of detail in a single shot we rebuilt the entire camera system with brand new sensors to help you focus quickly and accurately s20 Ultra takes multiple frames using software along with hardware to merge them all into one very really try to stick it to the iPhone in a tenth of a second much faster than any smart phone out there this technology combined with a bright night sensor means you'll get bright accurate pictures even in low light all three models the s20 take amazing low-light photos but the s20 ultra takes it even

Further this phone takes some of the best brightest photos I've ever seen that's because Samsung's pioneering nona bidding technology combines nine pixels into one Hedges means that each pixel is larger than ever before and can capture three times more light in every year yeah it's gonna have that google night mode that's yep that's 20 Ultra comes with an advanced cutting-edge soom function c4 camera zoom you usually need more focal lengths which means a bulkier device but when it comes to smartphones that isn't a great option you want the device to stay as

Thin as possible so we built it with a folded lens when the light enters the teller lens it's refracted at an angle producing a powerful zoom effect the folded lens that's clever connects hybrid optic zoom now multiply that with a 10x digital zoom and you can magnify shot up to 100 times 10x optical is good yeah sure and then at that high resolution that's digital here to try it out for themselves yeah let's check it out I'm Colin and I'm Samir and we're coming to you here at Hawk Hill now we've been making YouTube videos and telling stories together for a long time

We shot our first video over eight years ago and as we've evolved as filmmakers and storytellers our gear has evolved to today we travel around with bags big cameras and bulky lenses but at the end of the day the story is what matters most and we need a versatile camera that can travel anywhere with us and capture it all that's why we're so excited about the galaxy s 20 ultra okay so check this out we're gonna shoot this scene right here on the ultra wide mode so right here is one of the best views of San Francisco you got the city in the background you

Can see the Golden Gate Bridge and over there that tiny dot on the left side of your screen that's Alcatraz okay you're telling me did that Don is Alcatraz that's exactly what I'm telling you going that is Alcatraz if you're so sure prove it okay well I'm gonna get you closer and I'm gonna prove that to you okay you ready I'm ready check this out wow that's incredible that's Alcatraz at 30 times zoom so that tiny dot in frame that I just showed you now fills the entire screen let me show you where we started from that's pretty

Cool I mean yeah that's what unbelievable now normally to get a shot like that we would have to swap lenses but now we can get this ultra wide you're looking at as well as that close-up all the single device Sameera I've got a question for you what's up going from where we are what's up come on the Palace of Fine Arts where the shows happening right now yes still looking yeah it's hard you're not gonna find it that's great let me show you okay all right here we go let's see it we hook up a routine like this oh absolutely

Whoa that's crazy that's the Palace of Fine Arts at 100 times zoom that's amazing I could barely see it over here and now I'm gonna bring it back out to the ultra wide yeah that's that's pretty nice crazy I mean the craziest part of all this to me is that you can go from ultra wide to a hundred times zoom and back all with a phone with the s20 ultra is 100 times zoom you now have the most will this be the most it's I honestly expect this to be any more expensive than the Z flip 15 or maybe even 16 I mean I expect some of you ridiculous sticker shock thanks guys

They're not gonna put a great system that advanced in the phone and not shoes we've changed the way you capture cameras are how we turn moments into memories and that goes for this show too as TM mentioned earlier we're streaming today's event with s20 devices give it up for the camera crew pretty incredible so you just saw what calling it Sameer could do with an s 20 and earlier you saw Sam's demo also film with one now let's see what happens when you put an s 20 in the hands of Academy award-winning director Jimmy chin how about you put in the

Hands of retreads live yeah let's let's start shooting Digital Trends live Jackson Hole Wyoming save some space see how good my makeup 8k I think yeah you'll be able to tell be in the mountains in my own my own time but the landscape is so inspiring I'm tired for me to stop shooting and creating content to be you gotta watch who 8k extraordinary starts in photographer start some work here start supporting the quality of the images or the footage is something I'm kind of obsessed with so it's nice just be able to shoot with my samsung galaxy that's 20 ultra you

Know just something I can put in my pocket for me to have creative freedom it's often about having the right tool something that allows me to be spontaneous and to be able to capture and experience in the moment and on the fly that's what the galaxy does for me incredible and it was all shot with the s20 series we're really excited to have Jimmy on board he's one of the most talented storytellers out there and behind every great story is a creator it's Samsung we empower those creators to break barriers defy odds and push the limits of creativity through technology

They inspire us and they inspire Netflix so together we're helping the group of Netflix creators tell companion and bonus stories based on their movies do you think the celebrity's gonna be all with the help of s 20s new state-of-the-art camera system dude I honestly have destroyed our new partnership please welcome flicks emo Jackie Lee Joe do you think what you think the rock is showing up I'm saying I think the rock is gonna show up this is just a completely random prediction they gotta have some

Celebrity thank you so much drew it's so great to be here today at this year's unpacked Netflix and Samsung have a long-standing decade-long relationship and every step of the way it's been all about working to create the best entertainment viewing experience for our members we've worked together on many initiatives over the years two recent examples include tracking down Breaking Bad's who Babineaux together as part of a joint marketing campaign he's finally at the safe house by the way and we even got Ryan Reynolds in on the action by making an ad for Q LED that was actually

An ad for six underground it was also an ad not so secretly an ad for aviation jr. so it's been a lot of fun and today we're here to announce the next stage in this partnership today Netflix is being announced as Samsung's mobile entertainment partner the mission of this partnership to make the Netflix viewing experience on samsung mobile the absolute best it can be well that means you're gonna have to add a whole bunch of functionality to our best-in-class stories across all genres through even better product integration with galaxy mobile devices and to make

It even more exciting in the coming months Samsung mobile users will have access to a whole host of new and exciting bonus content based on some of your favorite Netflix originals accessible through Samsung daily and Samsung channels the content will shine a light on our diverse mix of creators from all around the world a selection of whom will be handed a Galaxy S 20 to shoot this content for themselves offering them the freedom to continue inventing new ways to tell stories their way you can expect to hear from the minds

Behind great stories like narcos cinta Nia a little bunch of like insider info that I don't and so many more I'm not interested in this at all we believe the significant partnership will provide millions of Samsung mobile users across the globe the best mobile entertainment experience and make discovering new stories around the world easier than ever after all great stories come from anywhere and to be loved everywhere thank you back to you drew I mean next product please yeah that seems like a corporate crowing sort of thing we're partnered with Netflix well lots

Of people partner with their place every day we are thrilled to partner with Netflix to help lead doesn't it maybe this is their subtle dig about reimagine entertain we can't win that's a stretch yeah in the meantime though we're making it easier to find the content you want right now let's say you're looking for a new movie or show with s20 you'll be able to ask Bixby to play stranger things experience in seconds it'll come up on your Netflix app if you're looking for something new no problem we've integrated Netflix on your Samsung daily page offer recommendations based on what

You already watch and with 5g you'll be able to take your entertainment anywhere you go if you're boarding a plane but forgot to download a movie or show don't worry with 5g you can download them in a flash if you're lucky to be somewhere where there's 5g getting the content you want when you want it you've seen how s twenties camera helps you capture content of your own you've seen how it helps professionals bring new stories to life and next you'll see how it helps you communicate with the people in your life to tell you more please welcome my friend and colleague Dave

Park if we're in for some kind of like videoconferencing thank you how's everyone doing today well Google's got something I got right phones I've always been built to help us communicate first to recalls then through texting then through social media we share lives through Instagram stories and bond over viral videos but today communication isn't enough we want to forge connections and just as we're using our phone cameras to capture more and more videos we are using video calls

To connect with the people with robot the most it's easy to see the appeal voice go well let us hear yes but video calls let us see them that's why we had Samsung yeah are so excited for a partnership with Google together we are using 5g to change the way we communicate after all video cats should be simple seamless and stunning but the Galaxy S 20 Google duel will be natively integrated right into your contacts and funny message there you go Google thank you good call good call Greg and yes this is awesome because I started with an S 20 and again I don't like Google do

OB you know I come from iPhone iMessage you know FaceTime Full HD video chatting with gals yes 20 and that was one of the things that I hated about moving to Android version only was doing was trying to integrate duo so this looks great on my two boys no get in Nicholas I can pull up Google two and get them on the other end in seconds and there they are smiling and giggling thanks to the s 25 G capability well this integration I call no worries I can you get rolled back to older galaxy models your message just the integration part like not the 5g part right yeah

Stunning seamless and accessible galaxy s 20 will be one of the first Android devices to support live caption technology so people with hearing loss can appreciate great content in real time Samsung that'll be awesome if it works well Philippine tools that make digital media more accessible the Galaxy S 20 doesn't just let you communicate with the people who matter most it helps you form genuine connections with them no matter the distance and these days well the best ways to come by the idiot on the Left Gaming that NATO whether

You're fighting monsters together we're racing against time mobile gaming has become a truly social experience for smartphone users and yet too often our smartphones just don't let us play our favorite games that they where they're meant to be played however with 5g the s20 takes gaming to a whole new level again I love I love night plays I'm all great we just tried it out fight yeah but it's still not that for something it's gonna be here for everybody no it's not no when that's what when you have it it's amazing I was after all I was blown away about what

They were able to do down in Miami at Super Bowl and yeah the the mobile gaming experience being something much more like yes a console gaming system because it's all in the cloud right not using graphics processing on the phone it's using cloud-based computing to deliver the game yeah super fast be a 5g such a limited number of areas you can actually enjoy that data access piece and as much as 20% less power usage than before you'll be able to choose your favorite apps to quick launch and you can start right where you left off that's a game changer for gamers but at

Samsung we want to take mobile gaming even further last year Microsoft helped us change the way we use our phones by helping us make PC to smartphone experience more seamless than ever before this year we are extending that partnership to gaming with Xbox great gaming interesting yep great games right well we got you covered Xbox game studio is bringing forestry to smartphones for the very first time across Galaxy devices there's that answer this state yep the Galaxy S 20 is a perfect gaming

Device for 4th Street it's new dynamic AMOLED display is the mum a connected Xbox controller and then we're talking cape motion and clear game I hate screen based controller fast precise just hunch gives you the edge over your competition and fast paced 101 gracious I'm fine as long as it's offered deliver power game is built for it right so he can play anywhere anytime we're also pleased to announce that Forsyth Street is now available for pre-registration on the Galaxy store so go check it out the best part is thank you the best part is this is just the

Beginning of our gaming partnership with Xbox both Samsung and Xbox shared vision for bringing great gaming experiences to mobile players around the world with our 5g and they Bowl portfolios oh there you go and the Microsoft's rich there it is we are working closely together to create a premium cloud-based game streaming experience straight up later this year playing video games with our friends video chatting with our family watching movies with other partners Galaxy has 20 has countless ways to connect with the people we love but we can also connect through something

Universal and that's music that write song or the play perfect playlists can help us scale new heights and stay in tune with ourselves and today we are reimagining how you listen to your favorite music on the go introducing galaxy buds plus there they are there it is so the rumors here were slightly larger battery I think hearing on quality but I just have one speaker they have to optimize for a high note one for bass with speakers almost 40% larger than before they don't just give you more sound they give you better so

Let's look like Bellas a renowned sound signature also keeps your music crystal-clear and that's not all thanks to our partnership with Spotify with one simple long press on the side of your bus you get recommended songs based on your music history you can create that magical moment when you heard you band for the first time of course we use the air bus for more than music that's why we also optimize bus Plus for calls instead of the standard two mics tea spots have three so even if you're calling from a crowded street your buds plus will pick up your voice we've also

Enhanced ambient sound so that you can hear sounds more clearly and adjust the volume when you need to be aware of your surroundings and with advanced connectivity let's plus let you switch quickly between devices from smartphones to Smart Watch from tablet to TV that'll be key simple paddle on the media panel on your phone you can do it all without needing to unpair and repair your device smart smart smart smart that's nice so let's also work seamlessly with iOS just download the galaxy wearable app from the App Store

To customize your music experience yeah buds plus are powerful flexible and easy to charge with wireless charging and wireless power sharing you don't need any cords or connectors let's say you're on the subway in the three minutes it takes to get from one stop to the next you can get enough charge to the next you can get enough charge for about an hour of playtime once your buds plus are fully charged they'll last a whopping 11 hours in case Wow get another half an hour's for a total of wow what was Apple's weight that's enough to power oh yeah with it

The world's longer flight in a delay yeah that's huge right there you can get a pair of your own on February 14 for 150 oh my goodness okay so for those of you really interested in how they perform we are going to do galaxy buds plus versus ear pods Pro tomorrow nice yep when I get up in dance check it out he didn't say anything about active noise-cancelling he didn't know unless he's going to get into that hundred fifty bucks oh that's not a bad price for 11 hours of veteran yeah that's pretty good that would be a legit

Game-changer and that's I'm gonna guess in part because of the newer chips I mean honestly if Paul comes gonna come out black you can see that the shuttle on Qualcomm is there so I guess I'll talk about some of that as well because that's that's how you get that extra battery life yeah I mean the air pods to about five hours their pods close to about five hours hundred bucks less than their pods Pro yeah it'll change the way we capture the most important moments in our lives it'll change the way we connect with

Each other to entertainment gaming and music it's built for a new generation of users for a new decade from March 6 you can get a cow from March 6 you can get a gal cs20 of your own starting at $9.99 1,400 bucks start three models will be available in blazing fast five Jean we're also pleased to announce that effective today we are reducing prices on the Galaxy S 10 and soon some other great features through software updates Samsung is entering a new decade of mobile innovation one that'll be change and shaped by AI IOT and of course 5g

With 5g the s20 will power the new mobile experiences with near zero latency it'll leverage the ultra-fast beats of nationwide low frequency bands like sub six and more advanced millimeter wave high frequency bands this feels like a wrap up 5g is Jason Godsey home delivery game and the way released the main content I would think if they have it that could happen is a piece of vapor where that has existed for long longer than the actual Apple made television the games are all about bringing people together and inspiring them to perform at the best of the

Abilities so later this summer Samsung will be bringing the best of mobile technology to the Tokyo 2020 games with the limited edition Galaxy S 20 + 5 g designed exclusively for athletes of the Olympic Games so the athletes are getting exactly what stand up which is great marketing for them and it is Kaji performance and one-of-a-kind design topped with the premium matte gold finish because that Samsung does it's still ridiculous I push boundaries we solve problems you do what can't be done as we look ahead to this new decade we couldn't be more

Excited to continue working with our partners to deliver the kinds of mobile experiences that no one else can deliver to tell you even more please welcome back T Ambro you still need us but we still need something maybe on the galaxy only something on whatever that watch was going and I bet there's gonna be a celebrity yeah we're missing the watch for a great show for the past ten years the Samsung Google been the driving force our trip down we have so many of these industries most important innovation now as we

Start a new decade our partnership is more important than ever as we work together to fire near a new generation of breakthrough mobile experiences and to tell you more I'm happy to welcome my friend Yoshi from Google to the stage okay so we got the duo we had to do all they they say with maps I bet you it's not illegal maps 15 year anniversary so I'm gonna hop in the reality feature Android auto Android auto just got a big upgrade to it so great to be here today with the Samsung team thank you I knew I could get an applause from over here you guys

Are very excited thank you personal story about how I first met TM it was 2010 Samsung had just launched the original Galaxy S and we were already prepared for what's next I was visiting their headquarters and was introduced to TM as the person who can make anything happen I remember driving around the suburbs of Seoul in his brand-new car which he's very proud of by the way with a bunch of devices and we're testing GPS I think this whole testing GPS was just an excuse for him to drive his new car by the way a lot has happened those things

Maps yeah things a household name I think there's got to be some augmented reality because I mean 5g unlocks that in a way I've never seen before together oh we play an important role in people's lives around the world well just the brie-stuffed it's also been amazing to see Sampson continuously push the limits your Android ah of what's possible in Mobile on the Android platform for example phablets the s-pen many of the innovations around the display including the supercool foldable all the stuff you saw earlier today looking ahead we're excited to continue

To work together to build the next wave of helpful mobile innovation on a briefly give three examples 5g foldables and improved accessibility we think 5g can unlock a wealth of possibilities and new experiences and did I just say that unlocking only mobile operating system to support 5g today much like the transition from 3G to 4G we expect these new experiences to emerge over time but we wanted to get started right away and we decided video chat would be a great place to get started plus we wanted a cameo india and the ads you know in the oscar ads so we need to integrate a

Google duo into Samsung's flagship devices thanks to 5g the video calls are higher-quality and that makes you feel more connected also with dual built right into galaxy's native apps that's messages contacts and phone we can help people connect much more seamlessly without interruption I think many of you already know how excited we are about foldables on a personal note using the Galaxy fold I find myself using the device in so many different ways whether it's for entertainment on long flights or staying connected to

Work I'm super productive so we think foldables will fundamentally change how we think about and interact with smartphones and we're working closely with Samsung to bring these experiences to life across Hardware the OS and app developers for example you saw earlier today duo and YouTube with a new UI in the Flex mode on the tabletop we have built the tools and api's for any developer to do just that and we can't wait to see what they do with this capability finally we want Android to work for everyone no matter their abilities live caption automatically

Adds captions to content that even if the content didn't come with captions originally if you're one of the 450 million people worldwide who are deaf or hard-of-hearing we think this capability is a game-changer by the way live caption works entirely on device through a combination of three machine learning models we think it's a great application of machine learning techniques to create helpful experiences for everyone well thrilled that Galaxy S 20 is the first device in the Android app under partner ecosystem to offer a live caption out-of-the-box Thank You Samsung

And TM for the continued partnership to bring amazing mobile experiences on Android and to people around the world congratulations on the launch today we're proud of what we've created together and we can't wait for the next decade thank you very much interesting so nothing much on maps there nothing at all yeah I'm kind of saying I expected some augment reality features yeah to be here's one more important topic I'd like to talk about though this is the end as always our ambition is innovation not just for innovation

Innovation with purpose this is why sustainability is so important as Samsung and it's why we work with a UNDP to support the UN sustainable development course so we believe more than 15 millions members of the galaxy committee have the Samsung global force F on their devices with all proceeds being matched by Samsung this year we are also introducing a new eco-friendly global Wars cover and watch strength from the first gallop spoon to the first galaxy food from the impede to display two 5g and Beyond as I said we have discovered

New ways to use technology so advanced humanity vehicle of cs20 and deeply take we are now change the shape of the mobile category and in a decade ahead we will continue to read the growth of the industry and to change the way you experience the world thank you well they have it I am kind of surprised that's the end of it I expected I mean I mean I expected some more features to showcase super zoom super zoom yeah that'd be cool side of it anyway so sharing that content is neat if you're in that elite group and you know okay

Well it looks like that's wrapping up so here's what's going on right now again where we're having this watch party here for the Samsung Galaxy unpacked event that was it it concluded a little bit sooner than I think we thought but here's what's going on in just a few we've got Corey Gaskin or mobile editor who is live there at the event and we're gonna go to him live on this broadcast so stick here with us we're gonna recap kind of what we saw at this event get your thoughts and opinions we're broadcasting live this is part of the fun of it you know we need to have

Conversations about it and then we'll bring Corey up there from the event hopefully with some of the devices as well as soon as he can get free to join us so we'll just keep on going until then but going back through take a look at the show starting off with the Z flip going right to it at the beginning of the show that was a kind of an interesting move yeah I figured that'd be more of a highlight showcase later on but they just they went right into it and you know one of the things that obviously as they went through that they focused entirely on their on the design

Yeah they didn't get very much into a little bit on the functionality with you know being able to prop it up yeah and you know take selfies that way use Google duo that way kind of like a little mini laptop sitting on your desk right but they didn't get in too much in the way of specs I was just checking that and it looks like that little tiny display they cover display is a 1.1 inch Super AMOLED so one point one inch very small it's going to give you very basic you know tidbits of information so you don't have to open your phone you you know who's calling you get text

Notifications that way right the front-facing camera 10 megapixels the rear-facing camera it's a dual camera setup so it's got a 12 megapixel ultra wide and and a 12 megapixel camera so not anywhere close to the fancy features that you're seeing in the s20 yeah yeah and that's kind of surprising to me when you're gonna have a premium foldable phone you would think you know if you're gonna use that as as what you're trying to get people in the door with you would think you're adding some of those other features on there because it doesn't seem like there's any

Reason not to maybe there isn't I don't understand but I think it's a matter of room and then if there are in this price then maybe not they want to go higher and higher on it there well yeah I mean and that's what that's what it comes down to I think is that you've got a fourteen hundred dollar price point and they're basing it entirely on its design it's not really a matter of future so if you really want a next-gen performance phone you're definitely looking at that s20 as opposed to the Z flip yeah a couple other things to talking about the Z flip but again we're just kind of

Walking through everything and this is while we're waiting for for Corey to be available to come to us live from the event if you have questions comments whatever you want let us know because our editors did have hands-on reviews with all of this so we've got some of the details then we can walk through with you as we talk about it the couple more things with the Z flip for me I mean the functionality and this is what I'm always looking for in foldable devices is what is the actual functionality what is the software doing right you

Know what neat it folds but what does that mean right other than that's cool it can fold up smaller into your pocket and one of the things they showed were yeah the selfie camera where you can set it down they showcased it I was kind of like a laptop so it can go like this you know and and that's one of those things where you know you can kind of see that that is being an advantage if you're if you're taking pictures of yourself you're out there I want to get a selfie on your own yeah cool the other part was the video conference calling right not conference calling but video calling

That's cool you know adding another little functionality but keep in mind when folded out it's six point seven inches mm-hmm total so when you're falling at half that's not really that big of a screen it's really not and I mean when you were looking at the pictures swiping on one section of the screen as opposed to another that's not really a big deal you know and I I feel like as far as the selfie cam thing and and the Google duo integration on the Z flip I mean it's it's your one pop socket away from being able to do that with your standard phone yeah so I

Am less excited about the Z flip than I thought I'd be I think it looks really cool but as you pointed out after you get over the looks and like how it fits in your pocket and the novelty stuff it really needs to bring some features to the table yeah and that's where it starts falling a little bit flat for me I was much more intrigued by some of the camera stuff that they're doing with the s20 and especially with the s20 ultra that's pretty fantastic I don't think the 8k capture for video is exciting to most people as it might be to me because I'm

You know big into 8k TVs and everything right but from a resolution standpoint especially for photos being able to get zoomed in on something after the fact and still have a high quality image you know print these things out at a large scale if you want to that's that's pretty exciting to me yeah and that that is a really cool aspect of it and again you know walking through some of these different announcements that we got so the Z flip the s20 though those three different versions you know like we're sit like you're saying and and just kind of walking through what

Some of that it means we can go into that too and give you some more of the specs more the idea of that the 1.5 terabyte expandable memory yeah pretty huge yeah so gonna need it you need it yeah you need it when you're talking about 8k and we need it when you know anything even 4k you're shooting in a 4k video that's still gonna be very very very memory intensive so you'll need that and again as we take a look at what some of the other things announce so they really went into that day s20 was it was a big portion of this they talked about the galaxy buds plus yeah we'll go

Back through each one of these two and give you more of an idea as we're waiting for Corey and them to go to us live from that event I know it's a crowded event so this it could be a little while before we we get them up but you have the galaxy buds plus yeah that was actually a bigger announcement that I thought it was gonna be his you expected just a little bit of iterative you know improvement just maybe a little bit more noise cancelling or something like that but they announced something pretty big with that battery life yeah the battery life at 11 hours yeah

And that's that's without putting them back into the to charge which would give you a total of 22 hours right is absolutely fantastic you know I mean long flights if they do quick charge I think that you said you could get about an hour of performance with just three minutes of charging that's so practically speaking that right there even if you didn't charge up before you went on your flight you could get through a flight without missing much of the entertainment that you want and that's a big deal to me because they do a lot of flying

Also the price one hundred and fifty bucks is great now they do not have active noise-cancelling okay so the the noise reduction that you're gonna get is basically going to come down to that silicon ear tip in your ear it's gonna be passive noise isolation is what we call it and I've really wonder how good that's gonna be we'll be testing that out tomorrow but one of the things that I loved about the air pods Pro on this most recent trip that I took down to Miami aback was that the active noise-cancelling was extremely effective yeah in some ways believe it or not I

Actually preferred it to the Sony 1000m threes that I liked one of the top of the line there they're the best noise cancelling headphones you can buy in my opinion and the air pots I actually preferred them because you know what I could I could lean over and and go to sleep if I wanted to you know they're not they're not you know if you ever tried to put your head on the the fuselage of a plane to try and take a nap with your headphones on it's really it's kind of a non-starter these things were just extremely compact they worked extremely well they sounded very good –

It was easy to hear the entertainment that I was watching and super compact way less bulky galaxy budge could promise something similar I don't know however without active noise-cancelling just how well they're gonna work when you're on a flight so that's something that I'll be interested in checking out but I mean regardless 11 hours 150 bucks I bet they're gonna sound really really good they're 150 bucks I mean that's a pretty good price yeah we're if we're something that's going to have that many different features on it right I would I mean the echo buds are the only other

Wireless here but that I would look to to be competitive and with such a much battery better battery life which is something that you know people have been reviewer have been whining about the battery life situation for a while it's an issue if you take out of flight are you traveling or even just commuting regularly using them at work it's a pain if you have to keep on charging yeah exactly you want them to last a nice long time yeah get you through your day get you through your flight and that's that's just a big deal I mean that's a slam-dunk product I

Can see those absolutely flying off the shelves and again we're we're broadcasting live show if you have questions you know let us know what those are I'm seeing a comment on YouTube no mention of IP rating on the buds plus I'm not sure if we have we'll take a look and see if we have any info on that but yeah that's that's a good point what is the IP writing so we'll see we're going to get that information couple of things that we didn't see a lot of there was that really brief flash of the watch yeah that was it was gonna

Grated into the Tom Brown designer package yeah they didn't bring out a new watch that we know about so that's possible that it's just a design element for the whole package that you could get so okay here's what we're looking at for the IP rating IPX – so it's believed they elected to leave the water resistance on the Galaxy budget plus the same as the Galaxy buds so it's not that great to be honest so that's that's not what this standard is I mean I don't think you know how much of a difference do you think that makes I think that you know it's it's enough to handle any

Sweat that might occur you can walk in the rain and it's probably not going to cause any problems but you wouldn't want to accidentally drop them in the pool you know what I mean that would probably be bad news for those things yeah I think that it's interesting that they're not going for a bigger rating number when you got Jabra and their elite 65 T and and and similar but routing that that of that water resistance so going back to to what we're talking about and I'm seeing somebody else coming on this new augmented reality features there weren't really any there wasn't really

Anything compared to that note event last year where that was such a big highlight of what they were showing and I thought was actually some really cool use cases of these really nice cameras that we have on these phones now is seeing how augmented reality is going to change and that's what I kind of expected Google came out with Google announcing that something really cool out of this event that they wanted to showcase I was saying okay this is a perfect timing you got Google Maps with the 15 year anniversary you've got these brand new cameras and

He's amazing you know hundred eight megapixels and ultra wide and all 8k and all these different things you can do with the cameras it's like well that's a perfect time to talk about integrating software and then using augmented reality yeah if you could hold your phone up and instantly it could identify buildings for you and that's what I kind of expect yeah like that yeah that's not hard with 5g you could totally do that so maybe this is something that google announces down the road at their own event maybe they reveal it as part of a pixel reveal event and we just have to

Wait for that kind of thing I don't know it'd be could be I was a little bit I was hoping for something like that again take a look at some of the things we didn't see so not a lot of AR features I didn't see anything from the galaxy home Mini despite all the rumors and the leaks of that there was going to be a galaxy home in II I don't know what is going on with that line you know that galaxy home was mentioned what I get a year and a half yeah when they started talking about that like Oh more than that I saw the original Galaxy home prototype at least three years ago at a

Private TV reveal event where they were you know tossing some other products in the mix it's been over three years I'm sure of it and they they just haven't brought it to bear and that's because they really you know they struggle with bixby they're right attached to Bixby as their own built-in assistant and I don't see them I don't see them bowing to Amazon or Google which would make way more sense than Android supporter to integrate that personal digital assistant into something like theirs they can make the speaker that's not the problem the problem is the smart part

And I don't know what's going on but they just can't I think it's Bixby well unless I mentioned it there are unless I missed it excuse me I believe there was only one mention of Bixby that I caught during that entire performance maybe they slipped in a couple other places but it was just when they were talking about searching for things on their phone I could pull up Bixby and that was it that's all they talked about with it they didn't go into it anymore so I'll be that was part of the Netflix integration yeah and and it was really

Buried in there along with some other interesting Netflix integration so a couple other things to to tackle there too we're waiting for Cory Gaskin to come to us live from the event so he's actually there in San Francisco and he's gonna be joining us so we'll be talking to him here in a few looking at this so a couple questions no decks update there didn't see anything nope decks yeah there that wasn't brought up foldable tablet they didn't talk about anything like that they really stuck to the phone phone side of things for the most part I

Mean no galaxy watch and anything like that something else though with the phone so but they did talk about was that Xbox integration I think that's an interesting partnership when you get into that and again a lot of that has to do with 5g connections and using cloud computing but it's that battle in the the mobile gaming market where you're bringing PC gaming or well that's a whole other thing but PC gaming or Xbox gaming or Playstation gaming we didn't hear anything about PlayStation but going up against Google Stadium with this whole idea of cloud gaming and you

Have Nvidia that's launching something along those lines too and that's right ec side of things I think an Xbox partnership was was an interesting move you know we'll see if that's something that people want to do obviously that games big so that would be a big thing but I want to know what people think about that like it's that kind of partnership something that you're interested in let us know in the comments now I do know that we're gonna be going live here in just a few minutes once we get Cory up and we'll be able to get to him here so he's gonna be live at

The event and we'll let you know when that does happen and when we'll get to see him but he is setting up there now at this Google event so I won't let anybody know to you we're broadcasting live and he's gonna build a showcase some of these things and in some of these different products when we do get to go to him so continuing on though until we're ready to go yeah Forza Street was the game and that's just a start they said they would they would bring more yeah but I mean I've seen 5g gaming up close and personal finally and you know there's no tearing there's no

Blur it's I mean on their screens at high refresh rates it looks really really good and as we saw in the the presentation you know the the little mount on the Xbox controller with the with the s20 phone right there I can I can imagine that being really really really popular maybe something that could you know really put the hurt on the switch in terms of mobile Gaming yeah that'd be a there'll be a tough one to do completely different platform but we're talking about Nintendo for crying out loud so they've but in terms of sales I can definitely

See people getting getting into that they can take their favorite console games on the go and the experience is exactly the same on that smaller screen as it is at home that's awesome I mean honestly I'm a PlayStation player but if I could do that with my PlayStation games and it was really a simple I can't bring my controller from home and just a little bit of a connection device whatever it is they have to make that happen that would that would be really really cool and you know there's Xbox that we're talking about for that side of things but I think that's a that's a

Big move yeah you know you obviously it'll have to end up rolling out to other devices too but we'll let you know about that okay just a just a second to you for anybody watching live we're checking with our producer I'm not sure if Corey can hear us but we're gonna be going live to Cory Gaskin so let's go ahead and pull him up here right now he is live at the event Cory hello tell us about your thoughts your opinions about everything that just Sawyer my thoughts and opinions are it's crowded but I got a device we got the Z flip you can see it shining here the special Gold Edition

To which we're not sure exactly if that's gonna come to the US but listen this is what we're it's what it's all about this is what is what's what it's all for so I mean let's just get right to the flip right right that's it one that's just what they did with the actual presentation too they went straight to the flip and showcasing that so Cory is there in San Francisco it's one of the fun things of Digital Trends live so what are your first thoughts here as you're as you're sitting there opening it up how does it feel in your hand you know is it big is it small but

What do we what do we got here what are your what are your opinions on this yeah I mean it's definitely like a light easy compact device to hold it definitely reminds me of like I'm a compact but it doesn't it one of my criticisms of the Motorola RAZR was that it didn't have that snappy flip and the you can see it kind of struggles with that too so you know it's a lot packed in there it's a little heavy plastic metal so speaking of which actually the glass the display is actual glass it's a full glass display so they say that this glass display is still going to be as durable

With over 200,000 cycles of opening and closing so that's what they rated the galaxy fold for when they root well and when they released it and released it but this looks pretty solid so far it's a nice Hey just wearing money but you just clean it up so for everybody watching live we're just having just minor connection issue and that's because Koree is live at the event right now and as he said it's very packed there's a lot of people there and so not very many people are gonna get to broadcast live but everybody s course

Under bones advices two cups of bandwidth we've got Corey still here with us so yeah turn about how it's real glass on there that's interesting what about the front panel something they didn't go into too much was what some of those features were and they just kind of it seemed like they briefly went over it and what do we got on that what can you actually do with that yeah so can you hear me all right yep yep great so it's a it is a touchscreen it's a small little touchscreen and you can kind of flip through the different notifications or whatever it is that you got going on

There and get small bits of information you can like answer a call if it's coming in just swipe to answer swipe to ignore but you can also just double press this power button here and that will go directly into the camera which as you see this screen becomes a viewfinder for sorry if I'm in your way that but there's our cameraman right there and yeah then you can just snap a picture with the volume buttons open it up and be right into the camera UI tiny Riley they cost us on a little bit with with these kind of form factor in terms of

The UI here so if you're in the camera for instance you see how the screen actually separates between two different things here you have the viewfinder and then you have actual functions it does the same thing with the gallery not kind of instance when you change it just to be able to flip through your camp for your camera roll and then you have a sim how do you work with Google for it for YouTube where what and it the way it notices when it knows it's in this L shape and it'll change it'll allow you to scroll through comments and everything's or YouTube or

Anything else like that not a whole ton of other app compatible not is that going to be something okay to get broadcasting live here as well so we got most of that though what Courtney was just talking about cuz he's live with the Z flip there act this galaxy event and I think we'll get him back up here in just a minute but interesting you know taking a look at it actually in somebody's hands it's not as big as you would think no it really isn't it's got a much more compact form factor than I was going to expect from the phone like that I still think when it's folded out

All the way you have a decent screen size yeah there you can definitely enjoy some entertainment on that but but yeah getting to see Corey actually play around with that show some of the features I'm glad we got a better look Thank You Corey first given us a good look at that one point one inch super amoled front screen I had no idea you could actually use that as a viewfinder for the the front-facing cameras well that's yeah yeah I was definitely wondering about that as well and I don't sure if we have them back up but again you know broadcasting live here as we're

There and he is on the show for I'm not sure if he has access to the s 20s or or any of the other devices but certainly Z flip being the big highlight right out of the gate that they had there when they when they started this thing off and that was one that we didn't weren't even sure if we were gonna see it but there it is it is out and 1,400 bucks I believe is what it starts off with yep about 13 80 it's a very very specific price point in Corey we got him back there he is going through YouTube taking a look at some of the different videos that you could watch and you can

Actually watch on one part hey Corey I understand are you gonna get your hands on this for a hands-on pretty soon yeah that's exactly what we're gonna do as soon as we fight some more people or just hang on to this one alright would be amazed if they let him out with that that would be incredible yeah I could just tuck and run maybe but we do have our Galaxy S 20 ultra and galaxy s 20 and 20 plus hands on up definitely check that out if you stick with us we can go take a quick look at that as well okay yeah I would love that yeah if you're right by there let's go

Ahead and do it I mean this is part of the fun thing of doing this live I wouldn't say right bye but we're gonna get there Corey just shove them shove them off to the side you know do what you have to do so for anybody who has never been to an event like this it is a serious media scrum everybody is fighting to get into you know hands-on what the device is they don't care what you're doing they they're not getting out of your way yeah they'll stick their camera right in your shot and then nobody cares they're all very selfish so actually I'm impressed that Corey here

Is managing them make some moves and yeah you see obviously he has to push some people out of his way as you know that's just how it goes right and kudos to Riley who's also following me along there we got Riley Young down there and he's he's following Cory as he makes his way through the crowd but yeah these things are madness when you have an event like a Samsung event or you know even CES or anybody else who has a big big press conference like this everybody wants to get their hands on these devices and we just got our hands on the Z flip I didn't see if you set it back

Down or if we just walked away with it I'm not sure but now he's making his way over there to the s 20s themselves so we can see if see if we can get some hands-on with those and again if you have any questions you know about these devices let us know we are broadcasting live from there so let's see here Cory is that a gun evaluable yeah looks like he's back at the s20 hey Cory I'm not sure if you can hear us right now where are you at in in relation here at the event right now who knows so let's go down the line we have the galaxy s 20 ultra right here

Then the s 20 plus and at the galaxy s 20 the biggest difference is you're gonna see here are the cameras across them across the board you can see they kind of gradually get bigger as the phones get bigger there's three cameras here four cameras here and 5 here but actually upside still four but this one is actually a bigger telephoto lens is I 108 megapixel camera on here I can do up to 10 times optical zoom and up to a hundred times digital zoom so you're gonna get some insane shots with this that all is coupled with optical stabilization and AI stabilization and a

New anti roll so that when your phone is moving around it also stays very steady so that is going to get you some really clear shots and cut out a lot of work with the s20 ultra definitely my favorite so far I do love the galaxy Z flip for the form factor but it's more a beast of a phone the best of the best right now the galaxy has 20 is our best bet s 20 altra and that's when that's expendable like down just a little yep yeah one-and-a-half terabytes because this will start at 128 but you

Can up it somewhat 512 same thing with the s 20 plus the only one that doesn't get that expandability well it does expand but it starts at 120 it stays there is the s20 but yeah so they both they're all have 5g they're all pretty thin phones for bombs still regardless but the thing that you're going to step down with with the s20 is the smaller camera on the s20 plus smaller camera 48 mega 6 equal megapixels yeah and so that's gonna be a little bit different you're only gonna get 3 times optical zoom there and 30 times digital to still same stabilization technology and same

Thing goes look es 2003 regular-ass 20 except you do not have the depth sensing camera so not a huge difference in terms of the cameras between the s 20 and 20 ultra we're looking about like what I think was a $400 difference from the s20 up to the s20 ultra yeah with massive massive increase in image capture and 8k video up at that level as well which you can argue about wow practical that is for some people but I mean from a specs perspective that $1400 as 20 ultra is pretty stinkin impressive there we go we're taking a look right

Now on the screen just showcasing the price is also the price drop on the s tens also a little bit surprising I mean with the no mid-range option no s20 II which I thought was kind of interesting as well yeah they definitely prioritize larger phones this year the best one that they have is that the biggest one that they have and the s20 regular actually has a couple step downs that I'm not so sure about the biggest one I think is going to be the omission of millimeter wave 5g which is currently the fastest 5g signal that there is possible so if you if you're a whole

Point of putting 5g across the line is so that your phones are future proof then they really skipped out on the s20 whereas the SMU ultra and Estonian plus do have millimeter wave and are definitely going to afford you that future so Corey that being the case I know that Verizon's 5g technology is millimeter wave that's what they've hitched their wagon – so are we I mean I guess you could possibly get an S 20 with Verizon but you're not gonna get 5g is that right you will get 5g when they expand you just won't get a lot of it because they

Don't have a time of sub six out right now same thing with millimeter-wave but yeah you will be able to get 5g once they get those towers up ok good clarification on that but that does seem interesting that they would not support the millimeter wave on the s20 I mean it's right it's not the top of the line but it is still at that s 20 flagship category so that's that's interesting yeah and again we're taking a look at all three of them right there and I don't – go ahead go ahead Corey something else that's true yeah so it is a bummer I

Personally like smaller phones so it is kind of a bummer that you know you can't have to sacrifice eyes for a functionality and jump up to these two but yeah I talk about all on our hands on you'll see it there it's there's still three great phones though right now for sure I'm gonna ask a tough question put you on the spot a little bit Corey but I mean based on the the amount of time that you've had with the s20 ultra s20 ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro don't do that that until we get a little bit yeah really

No it's it's one thing that the AI phone can't compete with right now is that 108 megapixel camera that zooms into a hundred times up digital zoom so 10 times optical i phone doesn't have a hundred times digital iPhone doesn't have so you're going to definitely get some perks here with the elston that's funny ultra yeah that was a totally unfair question I admit it but I think a lot of people are gonna be kind of thinking about that in the next in the next few days definitely and I think I missed the availability date for the s20 lineup are they I know the 14th for the

Flip right yeah right that's correct February 21st for the s20 lineup and March 6th sorry February 21st pre-orders go up March 6 they'll be available and there's some tiered discounts that you can get Verizon has some deals going on as well so check that out too alright well Cory thank you for braving this to be down there to bring us all this info about everything that's going on with them I know that's a lot of people in there I can't even imagine how many people you've bumped into just on accident walking through that so I imagine getting to the outdoors is

Probably a priority at this point but still appreciate you doing this and getting us that info this hands-on reviews and just actually taking a look at this right after the event and I know we've got all the reviews that are up there that are gonna be up on the side if they're not already and comparisons as well so Cory thank you very much run away if you need to or enjoy the content whatever you got to do thank you for being there my pleasure guys all right so again that's according asking we also have Jeremy cap when he's there as well and

E-box all might be there as well I can't remember everybody who's down there right now and thank you to riley young as well he was out there filming this and walking around with the with a group so very cool getting to see that live from the event that kind of gives you a little bit of behind-the-scenes to you of what those things are like but that's that's our coverage here so we have followed along live with this watch party with this galaxy unpacked watch party and and really appreciate everybody who's joining us along with this and you know and maybe we'll kind

Of talk a little bit more about what it is that that we've seen we're taking a look again we're live so I'm kind of following along with what's happening right now as we're as we're watching this live getting notifications that are coming through but kind of repacking what it is we see it here at this galaxy event Caleb do you want to talk for a couple minutes more yeah sounds good let's do it like a couple minutes more um just kind of giving you an idea just to recap up just a little bit of what it was that we saw so for the galaxy event again we have the Z flip coming out

There out of the gate we have the s20 which which we got to see the esta and that's what Corey was just talking to them about we all saw the galaxy buds and the galaxy buds plus right being part of it not and then and no galaxy home or gassy oh yeah no no speaker no watch a little bit of Google duo integration to make video video calls a little bit easier which i think is a smart move not much in the way of an update to Apple Maps no AR stuff that I've kind of expected to see some weird stuff going on with Spotify integration that allows you to basically

Pull up you know new new music with the– with the press of a button and yeah i'm not gonna like water right now we've been broadcasting for a while I'm just gonna do that yeah get yourself hydrated my friend while I'm talking about tech and it's a lot of fun with this and so I appreciate everybody who's been joining us here for the show so again we kind of walked through the entire event the galaxy unpacked event we unpacked unpacked we unpacked unpacked and that's kind of what we're doing here casting live right now so I'm gonna kind

Of wait and see what we're doing here next but I do want to say thank you to everybody who's joining us I want to remind you too that we do have Digital Trends live here every weekday at 9:00 a.m. Pacific noon Eastern where we talk about all kinds of Technology and interviews and headlines and discussions and that's what we've been doing here all day long is is bringing you this kind of coverage and again you know talking about Samsung Galaxy impact this is the big one we also have the questions about MWC coming up what's what's gonna be happening here with MWC

We don't know mm-hmm you know there's there's a lot to kind of unravel with that or while we don't know if it's gonna unravel or not right it's kind of the next big event so here we are taking a look at God's impact we've got kind of some images to take a look at let's go and take a look at some of the things that we got to see here at the event Z flip 1380 very deliberate price point there it's not 1,400 bucks it's 1380 so you know got 20 bucks to spend on something else yeah and again take a look walking back through the event itself and and showcasing you know

Some of those some of the highlights of it there's the Z flip got 5 g 5g obviously a big theme at this event and and yeah so it's certainly something that's that's very important there as far as the future proofing of these phones all three all four of them being 5g yep they're really pushing that narrative of opening up the availab available 'ti of 5g if the networks can catch up I think this is gonna be really meaningful for folks they they do have to keep things future-proof may be the most exciting thing for me though I mean the phones are impressive but the galaxy

Bud's Plus game-changing true wireless earbuds 150 bucks 11 hour battery life with another 11 coming from the case for a total of 22 you get one hour quick charge off of three minutes or one hour off of a three minute quick charge in performance time all at 150 bucks that is a serious push back against the air pods Pro I'm really really impressed yeah and a push back against the air pods Pro so that's certainly a big a big thing right there and seeing the battle between those two and what that what that actually you know means going forward is is are we gonna

See some actual competition there and that 11 hours does make a big deal yeah I mean a big difference when it comes to this I am curious about what the difference is gonna be when it comes to it not having active noise-cancelling on board are they really going to be you know of frequent fliers new travel companion are they better than the air pods Pro in that regard yeah probably not going to be as effective as an air prod Pro that does have active noise-cancelling but but you know if they get a good seal with these things I bet they're gonna sound good and we're

Gonna know as of tomorrow I'm gonna do a direct comparison between the two we'll have some here tomorrow morning we'll get into a comparison you know see how how they how they compare in real life we'll hit the street we'll check the call quality because they did add that third microphone in order to improve the overall call quality and also this big sort of the transparency mode so that you can hear things around you if you need to walking on the street but I mean look regardless 150 bucks 11 hour battery life from a true Wireless earbud is a big deal no matter how you slice I

Mean I'm not gonna lie on a personal level like that's an enticing price level for oh sure 11 hours of battery life that's something that I would definitely be be interested in with that and again you know take a look at some of the other things they announced and we we gotta cover some things they didn't announce some surprises in there of non mentions but you know really focusing on these phones and that was really what this was all about and I think another thing another facet going back to the 5g aspect of things and what that what that means going forward and

How we're gonna see this integration of a 5g into all these different phones and what that means you know as far as broadcasting as far as talking about the Olympics and and we're you know they're going to be partnering with some of the athletes themselves and and showcasing some of the s20 integration with that where the athletes are gonna be getting these these phones and the 5g devices and I think that's one thing too is for on the broadcasting side you know we can you can actually start broadcasting with some of these phones I mean yeah that's not that that hasn't

Been done before but seeing it now that's a pretty big deal well you know Sony touted at CES that it used one of his its Xperia phones at at a NFL game in Houston where they captured the the phone itself wasn't used as it it didn't use its onboard camera but it was the transmission device like it memed it beamed an 8k video signal back to a broadcast truck via 5g and it worked really well apparently but with these phones I mean especially the s20 Ultra I can see it being a complete broadcast solution yeah where you could do live broadcasting with just the phone I would

Want to work out some sort of an audio solution with that but I mean whether your take a live streaming event like we just did with Corey there it's possible that we could have gotten some really really crisp imagery from him live broadcast using just the phone and 5g that's a potentially game-changing once the networks out there can support it that that that's a very very cool thing very cool thing and I know we're broadcasting live on a number of platforms right now I want to say hello to anybody who's on twitch and thanks various on Twitch we're on youtube or on

Facebook just like we are every day here with Digital Trends live and so if you're joining us you can always ask questions and let us know what you want to talk about if you've got some other some other things you want to know about what we've just seen and a couple other things that I wanted to kind of just focus on you know again didn't see a lot of the augmented reality content I expect maybe we'll get to see more of that soon when you have things like an 8k camera and 108 megapixels and all the power of that Qualcomm Snapdragon chip – another key thing that 865 chip which I

Was surprised we didn't see Qualcomm stand up there at some point just because I know that according to Jeremy captain Christiano I'm on the president of Qualcomm was there right I kind of expected a little bit of that they did they did also have the the touch on the Netflix partnership which I don't really feel like that's saying a lot I don't think it's super meaningful so I mean in terms of the Netflix integration it seemed like they were going to give Samsung Samsung Galaxy S 20 and up users yeah a new kind of experience where they get to

See I guess it's behind-the-scenes footage or bonus footage yeah favorite shows and also it put something about putting recommendations in Samsung what pages or news or something like that right those proprietary app integrations you know don't do a whole lot for me and as far as the bonus footage goes I mean I suppose that there's gonna be some people out there be a market for it if it's a big enough show or somebody's already big but to me mostly it seemed like an opportunity for Samsung to put its logo next to Netflix is logo and flex some muscle and get a little bit of

Marketing love out of this situation a percent you kind of see in this a similar situation with with Spotify as well another big name you know but they're talking about their experiences and connecting people and they had the one thing with the galaxy buzz what if you hold down the button long enough then Spotify will play that channel where it curates you know you discover weekly playlists or whatever yeah going to be enough for me to pick up the galaxy buds but it's good it's them throwing in another name there yeah exactly a little bit of a partnership

You know what after watching this whole thing I think the thing that would be difficult for me right now is deciding between the cool form factor of the Z flip and the absolutely outrageous performance capabilities of like the s20 ultra because I think they start right around the same price point and and honestly the Z flip in terms of its performance and features and specs is I mean it's not a shabby phone but it's nowhere close to being the futuristic monster that as twenty-plus is yeah and I decided I don't know well I'll tell you what we've got a little bit of a

Video here to just kind of showcasing Corey with the s20 so let's go ahead and roll this here he is you know with his hands on reveal and we'll come back and it's bringing us a pretty interesting device actually a few of them first we have the galaxy s 20 lineup which is the s 20 as 20 plus and now the s 20 ultra as you can see cameras were a big focus for Samsung this year so there's a little bit of incremental changes as well which we'll get into and then we'll dive right into these cameras let's check it out so looking at the design from the front you're not gonna

Be able to tell much of a difference it's gonna be a lot of the same edgeless bezel as designs that we've seen before with that infinity Oh whole bunch display we're looking at 6.2 inches six point seven inches and six point nine inches on the s20 as twenty-plus and galaxy s 20 ultra in hand they feel like pretty light devices which is typical with the Galaxy S lineup they do feel a little bit thicker in hand though and you can likely thank 5g for that but they're still pretty light devices all the way from the s20 up to the ultra the biggest and best part of the new design

Is going to definitely be that 120 Hertz refresh rate it's very smooth you can see the difference immediately and it also has a 240 Hertz refresh rate for touch so you're gonna have a really nice smooth experience on these beautiful Super AMOLED displays as Samsung has been able to produce Samsung's also introducing something called Bluetooth check which allows galaxy owners to share their Bluetooth connection through other speakers all through the same phone so Samsung knows just as well as most of

Us that one of the main reasons that anybody's getting a new phone is for a better camera so they tackle this in kind of an interesting way with this series lineup so starting with the S 20 and s 20 plus we have a massive upgrade to a 64 megapixel main sensor and that's paired with to 12 megapixels for an ultra wide-angle lens as well as the telephoto lens the s20 and s 20 plus can do three times optical zoom and up to 30 times digitally zoomed jumping up to the s 20 ultra we have a one hundred eight megapixel main sensor with a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a forty eight

Megapixel telephoto zoom with this you can do up to 10 times optical zoom or 100 times digital zoom this utilizes something called nona binning which is nine pixels into one something we're very familiar with on previous phones but is now getting stepped up into a much larger scale with the galaxy s 20 plus that's 20 ultras v camera is actually angled within the frame so as to pull in more light from reflection as opposed to having to make them bigger sensor in total the entire s 20 lineup will use something called space tomb which is essentially a I zoom mixed with

Their super steady optical stabilization which now can do rotational stabilization as opposed to just side to side and up and down one of my favorite new features something called single take which allows you to just put your camera in sort of an automatic mode where you can click the button and it will take about ten or eight seconds of content now what that means is it could be a wide-angle content it could be telephoto live focus it could even be a small video and it will produce about fourteen clips or pieces of content we're here to choose from based on what

It deems best for that shot so for instance if you're in a portrait shot you're gonna get a live focus photo with that blurred background or you may get a wide-angle shot if you're looking at a landscape for instance this will be available on the front facing camera as well across the entire lineup as well as the ability to shoot 8k video on the main sensors so pricing is pretty much what you'd expect here $1000 for the galaxy s 2011 99 for the S 20 plus and then $13.99 is what the S 20 ultra will start at all of these start with 128 gigs of storage and twelve gigs of ram

But the ultra and the plus give you the option to also get 512 gigs of storage but no bump and ram pre-orders will start on February 21st with devices being shipped on March 6th if you want to see more about the new Galaxy S 20 range as well as some comparisons between that and some of the best flagships out make sure you check out Digital Trends comm for more info there it was Corey there with the hands-on review of the Samsung S 20 and again kind of unpacking unpacked itself walking through what we just got to see there with the galaxy unpacked event

This is one of the most anticipated events that we have here at the beginning of the year it always is and I got to say you know it was a little bit surprising again with the Z flip right out of the gate you know we got to see that the foldable device we also get to see the s20 and the whole lineup they're three different phones coming up all 5g enabled that's gonna be I think looking forward here as we look at the trends for the year I think 5g enabled phones is going to be what we're gonna see a lot more of and Samsung is usually a leader in I mean they're they're one of

The top obviously phone manufacturers in the world so what they do a lot of other companies will follow suit with and I think that 5g aspect is gonna be big the question is do you think the iPhone is gonna go with a 5 G's later on this year I mean I feel like if they don't that could be problematic for them I mean with the new Snapdragon processor that's available it's going to be easier and easier to integrate 5g and across the entire range of several phones and I think one of the things that we will see or maybe from MWC Mobile World Congress it kind of depends on how things go

There I mean first of all let's back up good thing Samsung did unpacked you know ahead of MWC like they normally do right because if they were trying to launch at MWC that could have been a nightmare we're not sure when we're gonna hear about more 5g phones from LG from Huawei from TCL royal you know these are companies that are backing out of entirely or seriously ZTS out ericsson it's how so Mobile World Congress we're not sure what we're gonna actually see from that and I'm wondering about whether Samsung's competition is actually going to announce anything at

All around W MWC or if they'll wait for that whatever noise comes out show ya subside and then they'll start making announcements after that I don't know but it is gonna be a weird next you know this next month what happens and I will say this to you was announced today that GM Smar the acronym wrong but the people who put on MWC mm-hmm they announced that on Friday they're gonna have a vote yeah on whether or not MWC is actually even going to happen or not yes all of these companies keep backing out yet Amazon Intel today back to ya one of the big Japanese telecom

Companies backed out German telecom company backed out I mean that's a lot of people that aren't gonna be going to that that are that are big influencers when it comes to these new phones that are announced so this I mean it could be this is what we get for a little while ya know we named like you said we may not see what the competition's absolutely it'll be interesting or if they all just do their own thing yeah but I mean to kind of return to the question that you asked about the iPhone I figure if we see Samsung coming out so strong with 5g phone support we see that

From a bunch of come the other competitors LG for sure would be in there I think and then a lot of the Chinese telecom companies especially what Huawei I mean they're building the actual 5g infrastructure yeah for their country and for Europe as well one of the reasons we're behind is because we have a ban on Huawei you know so it's true you can bet that all the Chinese manufacturers would be turning out killer 5g devices I don't know that Apple can avoid putting out a 5g phone I think it absolutely has to do that you know there was we actually wrote a

Really interesting report it said Digital Trends calm about how you know the iPhone is not ready for 5g or is it that 5j it's not really ready for the iPhone kind of depends on how Apple is going to present that but for sure if Apple comes out with a new flagship phone a 12 for instance and it doesn't have 5g built in they're gonna look like they're really really behind again I mean that's kind of this narrative that's been going on for a long time androids been way out ahead I've you know that iPhone comes comes around definitely much later but supposedly

They do it better like they perfect it 5g is not really something that needs to be perfected it's yeah you know it's on it's on a chip they slap it in the phone it goes fast you know whether have it or you don't is what I'm saying and here's another thing with the 5g aspect we're only in February yeah like iPhone comes out in September imagine you know say some announcements are delayed from these other manufacturers but 5 G's not stopping it's gonna be more and more and more enabled you know

Around the country I think still think it's gonna be a while till we have it in every household what you're gonna see more things kind of like the stadiums like you got to see more public spaces are gonna have it so by the time September rolls around who knows what kind of announcements have been made when it comes to 5g accessibility and if iPhone doesn't have it then yeah then I think that just kind of doubles down on that it's like well you're you're putting out a very premium foam but it's not future proofed exactly because next year imagine where it's gonna be and if

Somebody holds on to their iPhone for couple you're spending that much money you're gonna hold on for a couple of years for sure not that future proofing well then it's like well why not wait until the next year when they may make the argument that by the time most of the US could actually have access to 5g on the regular yeah that by the time that happens iPhone will support 5g and you'll be able to have it but yeah to your point you hold onto a phone for a few years you would like to be able to you know access 5g when it comes to you so yeah I don't know where Apple's gonna

Go with it this year I do know that I'm you know if I'm in the market for a new phone right now I'm looking at the iPhone 11 Pro and thinking no 5g and way less capable camera specs yeah you know if you're gonna spend a big bucks on a phone the Samsung S 20 ultra I mean it's definitely there and then it is big-box – I mean that's the 1400 biggest big amount of money I know a cool it's really cool it makes me miss the days of telecoms you know wireless carriers subsidizing phones remember yeah when you when you just got the phone for free

With the two-year contract and it didn't add to your wireless bill at all man those were the days yeah yeah those days are now long gone but I think that's something else was that take away from today's phones are not getting cheaper you know the the lowest end of yes 20 was still at $999 yeah so that's that's something that is that standard continues I guess as we as we go through with some of these premium ones but that's again take a look back here at the Samsung unpacked event and just as we're starting to wrap up here today I just want to remind everybody to so

There's the Z flip and we had Corey there with the hands-on with the Z flip and we've got hands-on reviews of all of these different devices that Samsung announced on the website already so that's part of what happens with these is we actually our editors get to get a hold of them so we get post anything about it until the till Samsung you know announces it first but right now if you want to find out more digital tents comm is the place to go and you know so you've got all the phones right there we're gonna start doing the comparison videos – yep so doing this comparisons

Like we were just doing between Samsung and iPhone or the Galaxy buds and the air pods you know that's the difference between the two we'll have reviews of those that'll be going up there – yeah if I was gonna wrap up this event in a tiny little package I'd say Zee flip yeah very cool design really interesting looking phone probably quite a bit of fun not a specs monster you know it's 12 megapixel cameras on the on the back 10 megapixel on the front does some cool little tricks but it's definitely not a hot rod it's a showpiece right yeah then you've

Got the s20 line s20 doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me it doesn't support millimeter wave 5g and you know the camera is not as flashy probably want to go ahead and just pony up for the s20 plus or the s20 ultra which looks amazing you're getting 10 times optical and ten times digital zoom 8k video just just an amazing an amazing phone and then possibly like the thing that's going to be most accessible to most people right off the bat the new galaxy buds plus offering 11 hours of battery life 22 if you include the the charging case in that they can quick

Charge off of a s 10 or higher phone just plop them on the phone and they're charging you know wireless charging for those guys no noise cancelling but again massive battery life and really accessible price at 150 bucks that was one of the biggest pieces of news for me just because it's so accessible to everybody like everybody can benefit from that you don't have to be a moneybags or make a huge investment to get into some of this new tech had iOS integration as well yeah iOS yeah if you have the the Sam the correct Samsung app it works

Seamlessly with iOS they say we're gonna definitely be testing that out to tomorrow like I said we'll be doing a comparison maybe I'll come visit you on live and we can talk about that as well yeah but you'll find that video on our website and our YouTube channel very soon we're shooting that tomorrow but yeah I mean if it's a it's a big day for Samsung it is yeah big day and a lot of coverage right here I want to thank anybody who's been joining us too for this broadcast hit that subscribe button whatever platform you're watching on we go live every single weekday with tech

Discussions like this and interviews and really cool topics and headlines and news and we do this all live every weekday not a miss of a community Eastern so we're right here with you so this is the place to come for all of your technical ads and news and and we get to have these discussions cuz we do broadcast live so joining those conversations I'll get to happen I wanna thank everybody for joining us thank you to our production staff behind the scenes making sure all this runs right and thank you too Cory down there live at the event and this is just it's a lot

Of fun and we appreciate everybody who joins in in the fund with us you know Tech has fun to talk about let's let's enjoy it some more so join us here every single weekday and again digital Transcom we got all the news that you can handle with anything that's going on in the world of – thank you to everybody thank you – Caleb Denison right here you're welcome being with us here for this broadcast and thanks for watching and we'll be back tomorrow live 9 a.m. Pacific more

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Hey guys what is going on is Carl here back with another episode this one is very special we are here we've get out season three and before we kick things o...
Hey guys what's going on it's Karl here back with another episode this one just like most of them on the channel has been requested a lot of you are ask...
What's up everybody this is Danny and last week I was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway checking out NASCAR for the very first time and it was a pretty cool e...
What's up everybody this is Danny and if you're in the market for an Android phone right now this video is probably what you've been waiting for the...
What's up everybody this is Danny and iOS 9 beta is out so I'm gonna show you what the best new features are and let's just go ahead and get right i...
Hi guys is Marcus from Tokyo silence Tech and that finally I've got to experience triple screen gaming and I absolutely love it now if you know anything abo...
Already in 2019 I've been blown away a few times at the shear value for money on some of these phones we've had devices from oneplus on a Asus quite a f...
so this is the asus rog g85 o2d you that was a mouthful but I'm gonna refer to this as the favo 2d for the rest of the video now it's really interestin...
So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...