Samsung Gear 2 & Gear 2 Neo: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 14, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at two devices in one video so we're gonna take a look at the Samsung gear 2 and the gear 2 neo both of these are basically the same devices but the gear 2 neo is $100 cheaper at $1.99 this is $2.99 basically this is cheaper because it lacks the 2 megapixel camera and this may not have cheaper materials plastic instead it more metal on the gear 2 now these are no longer called galaxy gear and that's because they're powered by Tizen which is Samsung's alternative operating system to Android now this also joins the gear fit device which I've also reviewed and the gear

Fit is kind of a combination SmartWatch and fitness band which is kind of a different form factor but this is run by rtos or real time operating system as opposed to Tizen or Android now let's go and take a look at these specs and pretty much we have the same specs except for the fact that this one does not have the camera as you can see by that 20 space there so again 2 megapixel camera on the gear 2 a gyroscope accelerometer heart rate monitor as well as an IR blaster for controlling AV equipment which you're now finding on basically all Samsung devices we have

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy we have a 1.6 3 inch Super AMOLED display 320 by 320 resolution good for 227 pixels per inch this is also ip67 certified meaning that you can submerge this in water for up to 30 minutes under 3 meters of water up to 3 meters of water it's also dust resistant so it's just like the galaxy s5 now both of these devices have the same 300 million power battery which is good for about two to three days of normal use and unlike the gear fit this also includes a microphone and built-in speaker so you could answer your phone calls directly on your watch now the

Gear 2 and the gear 2 new are available in a wide variety of color so as you can see here I have the black gear 2 and the grey gear 2 neo and the gear 2 also has different metal colors so this one is the silver one you can also get kind of a coppery gold color alright so let's go ahead and unbox the gear 2 I'm just gonna slice the plastic tabs along the side here alright so I've cut the tap I'm just going to lift the lid here so there is our gear 2 so we have a little tab here to open up so we have our Samsung branded power adapter with this fixed

MicroUSB charging cable so you can't remove it and then we have our charging cradle because this does not have a micro USB charging port instead you have this little adapter here which keeps the device thinner and waterproof on the left side we have our paperwork so we have our health safety and warranty guide not a lot of interesting information there and then we should have our quick user guide quick reference manual which tells us how to use a device how to charge it etc so we're in explore that in this video all

Right so let's remove the gear – and as you can see it's wrapped in plenty of plastic it's got a nice hefty feel to it because it is made out of metal all right so I'm just going to remove the plastic here so you can see completely wraps the band also wrap behind it pull the tab back here and there we go now we have another piece of plastic covering the watch clasp which no longer integrates the speaker as it did with the Galaxy gear from last year now before we take a closer look at the design and features I just want to boot it up so I'm going to press and hold the

New power button which is now in a more traditional home button sort of orientation as opposed to the side button on the gear Galaxy gear from last year and as you can see the button was along the side because you get that boot animation which is very similar to the Galaxy s5 samsung gear 2 now to connect your gear first download the gear manager via the samsung app store on your mobile device now the gear 2 is compatible with about 20 Samsung Galaxy devices including the GS 5 which it launched with as soon as I wake up my GS 5 it automatically detects the presence

Of the gear to watch so I can go ahead and select ok to activate the pairing sequence so right now the first thing it needs to do is install the software I have already downloaded the gear manager which again you can do from the app store now I just need to pair my gear 2 to my phone so I'm going to click OK here click OK now the first order of business is to update the firmware on the gear 2 which you'll be prompted to do once you pair your device alright so there we go we have the gear 2 ready to be used and we have our gear 2 manager for adjusting the settings and features

Now next up is the gear to kneel shoes have to cut the plastic tabs here lift the lid and there we go the gear to kneel this is the kind of gray color it is mostly plastic we don't have the metal finish Geir – so there we go and set that aside for just a minute now as you can see we also have a white USB power adapter as opposed to the black one I'm not sure if that's indicative of the color or not but as you can see white with a charging cable and then we have our cradle which is color matched to the color it shows here so that that kind of mocha color

There we go and we also have our paperwork which is basically the same as the full gear – alright so let's go and peel the plastic off here we have another tab here inside there we go and we have another piece of plastic to peel off the metal clasp on the watch band alright so let's take a closer look at the design and the materials they're using on the Galaxy gear – as you can see has this nice metal faceplate which looks a little more premium than the plastic construction of the fit and the neo so it looks a little more professional this

Is very similar to the Galaxy gear from six months ago as you can see also have the metal faceplate and they've redesigned it you can see the screen is the same size but otherwise the watch band and the faceplate have been redesigned so as you can see now we have a home button as opposed to just a sleep/wake button along the side you can also see that the camera module has been moved so instead of being integrated into the watch band it's now integrated into the watch face which means that you can now replace the watch band in fact if you look along the

Side profile you'll see that the watch band is now modular on B gear – as opposed to integrated on the Galaxy gear now the Galaxy gear also integrated the speaker into the watch clasp that has been moved to the watch body on the gear – which allows them to slim down the clasp considerably now I'm taking a look at the watch body as you can see it's plastic but it does integrate our speaker and it has a little friction fitting here for the charging cradle that friction fitting is also on the other side right here just like we see with the fit we also have a single

Microphone down here which of course has to be waterproof for the ip67 certification that also goes for the speaker now on the back we'll find a heart rate monitor just like on the fit and the knee oh this will measure your heart rate during exercises and of course there is a dedicated app for measuring your heart rate now the watch band on the exterior has this nice textured finish it looks pretty high-end the inside you'll find this ribbed pattern which makes it a little more comfortable to wear on your wrist so it allows your wrist to breathe now the

Clasp itself has also been redesigned it's a little simpler so as you can see it snaps into place like so and then when you want to pop it off you can do that way now you can also resize it as you can see you have a pin right here if you want to resize it just pop the pin and slide it around so if you want to make it a little more spacious you can do still like that snap into place and you're good to go now getting back to the Neo this is very similar in design to the gear two but it's entirely made out of plastic so as you can see here the front plate is pretty much the same

Design it's just made out of plastic instead of metal as you can see it's also more monochromatic so the watchband matches the color of the face plate and the back panels now the home button is also different here so you can see the home button is metal in this case or at least it feels like metal has a nice texture too and it feels a little more raised and the what feels to me a smaller home button on the Neo so this feels a little less tactile a little harder to feel for now the displays and internal specs are identical on both devices but you can see up here the one

Major feature difference which is the lack of a camera module on the Neill it just has an IR blaster which the gear 2 also includes now both these devices have the same internal specs they both have a 1 gigahertz dual-core processor half a gig of ram and 4 gigs of storage if you look at the back we have the same heart rate sensor we have the same speaker grille along the side here which is waterproof ip67 waterproof and we also have a microphone now the clasp mechanisms are identical on both watches but the watch bands are a little different now to me the gear 2 feels a

Little higher quality you can see the patterns a little different but the material is softer and more pliable than the more rigid plastic on the gear 2 neo so as you can see with the charging dock on the inside we have those electrical connections which lines up with the pins on the back of the device you just snap this on there you go you have your USB port for charging and you also have a perforation that lines up with the speaker grille so the speaker can work through the charging dock now the gear 2 neo also has that same charging cradle design with the speaker outlet popping

Off like so now this is in stark contrast to the charging cradle of the Galaxy gear from last year which was a big clamshell actually snapped around the entire watch face all right so let's take a look at our user interface now if you tap and hold the home button it gives you several options here so you can power it off you can restart it you can select outdoor mode which will brighten the screen and increase contrast for better visibility outdoors but it's limited to five minutes I'm just going to uncheck that here we also

Have our sound option so we have vibration we have mute and then we have sound but you can't have both so you can't have both sound and vibration now we can go back to the home screen and as you can see we have several pages of apps kind of similar to a smartphone in fact if you look down here you have these little indicators at the bottom which indicates which page you're on and which one is the home screen now there are several multi-touch gestures to be aware of here so if you double tap the home screen with two fingers you get to your volume controls you can go all the

Way up to maximum or decrease it all the way to vibration this also allows you to see your battery status which is otherwise not visible again double tap here and you can also increase your brightness and again 6 is Alta remote which is limited to 5 minutes and also decrease it all the way down to barely visible we also have a dedicated app for these control so you can quickly access brightness and volume now if you long press with two fingers you'll get to your recent apps so as you can see here just like on a samsung touchwiz device you can tap on any one of these to bring

Them forward or again tap and hold again to bring up your multitasker no matter where you are and then you can also swipe them all the way to close them and you can also get to that close all feature at the bottom now we have another gesture here so for example if I go into the app by going to the pedometer if I drill down here go into our history now how do I go back well there is a gesture here to go back just like on the Galaxy gear you swipe down from the top now if you're in the gear fit you actually get a dedicated back button which actually find a little more

Intuitive now we have multiple pages of apps but not all apps are actually on the home screens in fact we have an app drawer here so if we go to the app drawer right here apps you'll see we have another section full of apps so if I drag and drop this take it up to home screen here it will drop it on to my home screen and create a new page I can also edit this and move it around on my home screen so I can create a new page I can delete it or I can drag it around to one of the other homes screens and as you can see I need to make space one of those home screens in

Order to drag-and-drop it it doesn't bump it out of the way from me you can also delete an app just by tapping and holding on it and take it up to remove it just removes the app it doesn't uninstall it now I cannot remove the home screen here so as you can see here the home screen is basically one big widget with shortcuts on it so I can take it up here it won't delete it so unable to remove it now if I go to my apps I can actually move them around within the app drawer here and as you can see they won't move out of the way from me which is not the case on the

Home screen which is kind of interesting alright so let's take a look at some of the fitness apps that you've included so we have a pedometer the exercise app sleep and heart rate so pedometer is pretty basic it keeps track of your steps so as you can see here I've walked 814 steps today I can pause that or I can resume it it also tells you how much distance you've traveled how many calories it estimates you've burned in that activity so you can resume it you can go up here to your history as well to see your previous days you can tap on that to see exact specs or exact stats

From that day so 0.75 miles traveled yesterday 79 calories burned and I walked for 1400 and a 6 steps which is well shy of my goal of 10,000 steps speaking of goal here is the goal but you can modify 10,000 steps he also can reset your steps for the day next up we're going to take a look at the exercise app which incorporates running walking cycling and hiking so if you want to go walking here you go to the walking app and you begin start so as you can see it's keeping track of time as well as your heart rate and the distance travel as well as calories

Burned now up here you have this little icon for getting to the music player on the device so he can begin playing music now if you go up here to your menu you have several options here so you can see your history so you can see I don't have much here to take a look at but you can tap on it see more information and then drill back here back to your root menu so you can go to your goal as well to set a variety of goals so you can set your distance time or calorie goal you also have your heart rate monitor so you can turn that off possibly to save battery life so if you don't need the

Heart rate monitor running you can disable it here and of course these apps are adjusted for the type of activity here so for example if you're cycling it will use your GPS location to estimate miles traveled now we also have a standalone heart rate monitor which keeps track of your heart rate and the time of day as well as data it was which will sync to the s health app and since you wear this on your wrist you don't have to be too picky in terms of movement so it will record your heart rate no matter what you're doing this long as it's snug to your wrist we also

Have this sleep which will actually keep track of your sleep activity so if you're wearing this watch at night and you activate this app before you go into bed it will actually keep track of motion during the night now you can see that last night I slept for 6 hours and 21 minutes and I was emotionless for 92% of that time which is pretty restful now I can also enable blocking mode because this does push notifications to your wrist you don't necessarily want this going off in the middle of the night now in the next page we have our phone dialer logs and contacts everything

Related to our phone so you have your dialer here so you can input your phone number it does include autocomplete you also have quick access to your contacts in the upper right corner you also have your logs right here which includes text messaging as well as phone calls missed phone calls that sort of thing all of that is included here and you can delete them as well you can also filter by all logs calls or missed calls sent calls received calls rejected calls messages sent messages receive messages etc you also have your contacts app right there which of course will reveal a bunch of

Phone numbers I'm sure don't want to be shared on the internet now you can place and receive phone calls directly on the gear watch of course using the galaxy phone as the receiver just pipes it through the SmartWatch so as you can see I might call our ID information and I can go ahead and answer the phone call directly on my watch alright this is just a test of the audio the SmartWatch so you can see it's pretty loud it's really not gonna work terribly well in a noisy environment now alternatively you can reject the call with a text message again you have to

Select one of the pre cam messages now we also have a page full of utilities such as the music player watch on remote control voice memo and s voice now that choice is kind of handy on a SmartWatch but it's definitely a lot more limited than the version on the smart phone so let's go ahead and test it out what's the weather like tomorrow send alarm for tomorrow at 7 a.m. to wake me up all right let's go for that alone for seven we want to focus the line yes I'll fill alignment on send a text message to my Kaku Kalka mobile are you going to be in tomorrow question mark

Yes I Can Has things like how tall is the Empire State Building but you can't do things like show me photographs of a Ford Mustang now you can also open up apps so you can say open the pedometer now we also have an onboard music player so you can load songs on this device and play music directly from your watch using a set of bluetooth headphones or the internal speaker now we also have a voice memo app which syncs to your voice memo app on the phone now you're limited to five minutes sessions and also includes transcription so let's go ahead and try this out this is a test of the

Voice memo app which also includes transcription all right so if I go up here I can see my history so you can see that message I just recorded now let me go up here to enable transcription now if you go to the voice recorder app on the Galaxy phone you can see that one has been synced including the transcription now we also have the watch on remote control app which is pretty easy to set up now this allows us to control our TV or set-top box using an IR blaster now we're kind of limited in this app versus the full-featured app on the mobile phone so we can set up our TV

I can select my Samsung TV here select okay we're going to send the power code and if that worked to turn on the TV we're going to click yes and we're done so it's added the TV and given us this control panel now we can also add our set-top box by going to STB we're going to go to the USA I'm on calm Cass click okay select the power button if that worked click yes click done and then we have our set-top box and TV and as you can see when you swipe right you get your input for your channel selection now what I found to be a big problem here is there is no okay or

Enter button which my set-top box requires in order to input a channel selection so I find this to be a very limited app now the email app is pretty full featured and it includes all the accounts you've added to the email app on your Samsung device so I can see my combined view and my individual accounts it is you can see they're color coded now I can swipe to delete a message or I can cancel it I can open the message and see the entire text of the message I can also swipe left or right to navigate through my messages I can also reply now I am limited to can

Messages when replying to an email now you can set these up or customize them under the gear manager app which will show you a bit later now if you go up to settings here you have more reply options so you can select templates or you can select emoticons so if I select emoticons I can now reply to this message with something like that I can go ahead and send it off now I can also delete the message or I can tell it to show it on the device so if I select show on device it will automatically unlock my device and take me right to that message now we also have the

Messages app which works with the included messaging app on your Galaxy phone so for example you have all my previous messages including one I sent to myself now I can swipe to the left to message me or I can swipe to the right to call me this is very similar to the experience on a Galaxy phone now if I want to reply to a text message I can click reply and I can use any one of the canned messages but if I swipe down here and go to my settings I can change that to s voice or emoticon so you can see with messaging you have a little more options here in terms of input so if you

Select s voice you can actually dictate a reply using voice this is just a test of s voice on the gear 2 period cancel and incidentally when you press here you can see Google indicator for adjusting the volume so if you can't hear s voice or if you want to quiet it down you always have a quick access toggle to your volume control now I also have fine my device so if we enable this this will start ringing our phone or tablet to help us find it now this also works in Reverse if you want to find your gear directly from the gear manager you can do that as well now we also have the

Gallery app which shows us all the photos and videos recorded directly on this device now we also have a media controller which is kind of like a remote control for the media apps on your mobile phone or tablet whatever is connected to it so I can click Play now it's controlling whatever media app I was last using in this case Google Play Music so I can pause it play it skip ahead and then I can also increase volume or I can mute it now we also have the weather app which uses your GPS location to identify the current conditions no matter where you are you

Click refresh to update it as well now if you tap on the app it takes you to your future forecast now we also have our calendar which syncs with the s planner app on your Galaxy phone as you can see you can swipe through the days and you can navigate through the entire day just by swiping up and down and if you want to see more information I have to do is tap on any one of them like so to get to more information you can see the time of day the event is as well as more detailed information in the title information now we also have a stopwatch and timer so if we go to the stopwatch

App we can click start it can also lap so where it can record our individual laps neck goes with the fitness theme of this watch click stop you can see all your lap times let's go back to the timer so with the timer we can set a specific time like so and then we can click start and as you can see below progress indicator now we can navigate away from this timer and it will automatically alert us when the time is up now let's take a look at notifications as you can see I have three pending notifications and these are all the apps I have authorized for

Pushing notifications on my gear too so as you can see I can delete them all I can also see that I have three on viewed messages and then I can see that I have these previous messages which have push notifications to my SmartWatch so for example I can go the Instagram I can see my Instagram event so it's basically a notification that's similar to what appears on your smartphone now not all notifications are the same so for example if I look at the jima out there I just got a notification here so I've received a new question on I can swipe it

All the way here and then we can go to email notification so as you can see here the email app basically comes up and I can see more detailed information than just the pop-up which is kind of nice now if I go to the Gmail app which doesn't isn't as full featured here if I go to Gmail just gives me a notification very similar to the notification I would get on the galaxy phone so I get a preview but I don't actually see the full text of the email now these notifications stay synced to your Galaxy phones if you look at them here they'll disappear from the pending notification

Panel in your drop down shade now there are two ways of receiving notifications on the gear 2 either as a full-screen pop-up or as a banner pop-up now most of the time you'll get the full screen pop-up but in certain apps you don't want that to happen such as the camera app so if you're looking at the camera and you receive a notification instead you'll get a banner pop up at the top of the screen without interrupting what you're doing now let's take a look at our settings the first thing we have here is the clock face which we can change so you can also select the clock

With whether you can select a different clock face and you'll also get more clock faces from the gear manager which I'll show you later we also have our wallpapers which you can customize here from the available gallery items I only have one image there but you can also go with the available options here so you can see patterns or you can select a solid color we also have our notification panel so that just allows us to turn it on or off and then we also have our sound settings and there's quite a few sound settings here so we have our volume control here we have

Multimedia ringtones notification and system so you can individually control the volume of these settings so you can see multimedia ringtones notifications as well as systems you can see all of those are controlled independently we also have touch sounds which you can disable if you prefer that those are off by default we have our ringtones so you can see there's not too much to pick from here you have modernist timeless and twinkle click OK there then we also have vibration so you can change the vibration from strong to weak we also have notification so we have driving

Signal flicker and tick tack now under display we have our brightness controller here we also have our screen timeout settings which are defaulted to 10 seconds I've extended it to 5 minutes for this demo we also have our fonts so we can change our font-style so you can see the available fonts none of them look terribly good we also have our font size so we can go from small medium to large and we also have the wakeup gesture so if you lift your wrist to look at the time it automatically detects that that's what you want to do and will wake up the

Display to show you at the time or the last few damp so you can select that under the settings here you also have the Home icon size so by default we have the small icons but if you select large icons let's go to the home screen now you can see that very similar to the iPod Nano you now have these larger icons as opposed to the smaller grid-view we also have our home screen editor which is a little different so as you can see here you can rearrange apps you can remove them or create new pages as you can see here when you move the apps

Around they'll rearrange for you we also have our Bluetooth settings which allows us to disconnect our Bluetooth connection to our phone or add a Bluetooth headset now I also have double press settings so that's referring to the home button so if you double press the home button in my case I've activated s voice but you have many other options here so you can do recent apps which is actually very useful then we have camera context controls dial or email exercise find my device gallery heart rate logs etc etc so basically every function of this device can be

Activated by double pressing the home button now privacy lock is a feature that locks our Smart Watch if it disconnects from our smart phone that prevents assembly from finding this and having access to potentially sensitive information so we can go to privacy lock activate it by entering a pin in now as you can see right now I don't need my pin to access my smart watch but if I disable Bluetooth on my smart phone here it will pop up automatically now we also have our profile settings here this is necessary for the fitness app so you can see my gender date of birth height

Weight etc that's all settle here alright so let's take a look at the camera a began to megapixels with all the focusing you have a camera mode any video camera mode as you can see here you just tap the screen to take a photo and it focuses it for you it does both at the same time so you don't have a lot of flexibility in that regard now if you go to your settings up here you have focus mode so you can select auto or macro for closer photography you also have photo size so you can adjust it all the way up to 16 by 9 or less we also have sound in shot which is the feature

We're familiar with on the Galaxy devices so this will record a 9 second clip when you shoot a photograph so let's go ahead and demo right that this is just a test of the sound and shot feature and you can click stop if you don't want to record the entire nine seconds if you swipe to the right you get to your gallery and of course you can swipe through the other parts of your gallery as well now we also have something called signature and if we enable this and take a photograph basically all it does is imprint samsung gear on the photograph so now if we

Swipe to the right you'll see it right there we also have location tags which you can turn off or on it's off by default and when it's on you'll actually see an indicator in the upper corner here now we also have voice control which is off by default but I've enabled this so basically all I have to do is say shoot cheese and it takes the photo for you hands-free now when you're in video mode you basically tap the screen to start recording and as you can see you're limited to 15 seconds and you're limited to nine Clips so if you exceed that

You'll then be prompted to start deleting them but of course this will automatically transfer to your phone so you can keep your storage free on your device now you can also select your video size from the options menu so you have 720p or 640 by 640 alright so let's take a look at the gear manager so we can adjust our home screen so we can adjust our wallpaper as well as our clock faces as you can see it syncs to the device so it knows exactly what your device is on right now so if we go to our wallpapers we can select any one of the wallpapers they've given us now as

You can see it doesn't update it live like it does on the fit you actually have to click done so if you click done it then applies the wallpaper now you can add a custom image by going to more images it will take you directly to your photo gallery so we can add one of our images let's go to one of the images in my camera roll let's go to Zoe here picture of Zoe and then we just have to resize it to fit the gear to screen click done and click done to apply it so there we go we have our custom image for our wallpaper which works great with those transparent icons now we can also

Select different clock faces as you can see they update in real time for you now some of these clock faces have additional settings here so for example if we go to our shortcut clock which is the default clock you can actually select what shortcuts you want to appear here so if you go to settings here you'll see that we have shortcut application one two and three the what I want to change here is application to the pedometer which I would like to add a different application as you can see here I have lots and lots of applications to pick from so the one I

May want is let's say s voice let's click s voice so it changes it for us in real time now you can also change the clock font to light dynamic or default we also have our event clock which will add our calendar events now this allows you to cycle between all the events on your clock face and if you want to see the event just tap on it it takes you right to it now under SF we have our sync settings so we can change our pedometer transfer interval from 24 hours to 3 hours or you can transfer now now under notifications we have several options here including limiting

Notifications so if you don't want the notifications to appear both your smartphone and your SmartWatch while you're looking at your smartphone you can click that option we also have smart relay so if you're looking at a notification on your Galaxy gear and you pick up your phone it automatically launches the app from that notification I can also select specific apps to push notifications such as phone calls your alarm the calendar missed calls messages email and weather and then you have all your third-party apps here which you can check manually so you can see I've only

Selected a few of them but you have quite a few to pick from now if we go to my apps you'll find all the apps including their settings so for example if we go to the camera we can select auto transfer so you cannot make Lea transfer all your photos and videos directly to your device right and I have selected for always only when charging or manual are also options you'll save your contact so you can select exactly what context are displayed so you can do all contacts or only your favorites you also have your email settings so you can select specific accounts or add

Additional accounts and edit a signature now we also have our S voice settings so we can enable voice prompts or disable it we have voice memo so we can do auto transfer which I have also set for always now if you want to transfer music to the gear 2 you can do so via the USB port and the USB adapter or you can do it from your phone so I have to do is go to the app settings for music so we go to the music player go to settings send tracks to the gear so as you can see here I've added some songs to my Galaxy s5 now I can send these songs over to the

Gear just by going up here to select and I can select certain tracks so let me go and select that one click send so now if I go to my music player I'll find an additional track to pick from now you can also download additional apps for your gear too so you can see they're categorized by entertainment finance health fitness lifestyle social networking and utilities so if I go ahead and select one of these categories I can see all the apps that are available in that category so you can see I can download free paid etc or

What's new let's go ahead and download this app now this is actually a companion app for the smartphone app now there are not many apps to pick from so for example if we go to social networking you can see it's basically one page and I will see Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ or anything like that in here now after installing that app if I go to my apps you'll see that it now appears at the bottom if I want to delete it I just go up to the trashcan up here and delete it so as you can see in this case it's installed an app on my phone as well as on my gear so if I go

To my apps now I'll see it right here now it's basically a camera app that combines with the app on the phone so you can use the camera here to snap photos of wine labels now under settings we have our options such as double pressing the HOME key so we can select that here as you can see even our third-party apps do appear here so you can select s voice notifications and that sort of thing so I'm going to select notifications now which I actually prefer you can also select auto lock now basically this turns your SmartWatch into a key for your unlocking

Ur device as long as it's connected you don't have to enter in a passcode or swipe your gesture and to unlock the device you just unlock it butthey disconnect the watch let's go ahead just disconnect Bluetooth and now try to unlock the phone you'll have to enter in your gesture you can also adjust the wake up gesture settings right here so you can select clock or last viewed screen like you can directly on the gear 2 itself you also have the default text input method so you can select s voice templates or emoticons and you can also edit the text templates

Right here so you can delete them or add additional ones to pick from now we can also enable voice command for in calls so for example when receiving a discovery call you can speak directly to the gear to by saying answer or reject now we also have safety assistance so what this will do is basically send an emergency message to designate the contacts to let you know your location and we'll also record video and an audio sample just to let you know that you're in the situation and you need help this is meant to be discreet so if you can't answer your phone you can't pick up your

Phone basically I have to do is triple tap the home button to activate that feature now let's talk about the pros and cons of these watches and I think the biggest Pro here is the display it's a nice large displays perfect for reading full text it's also a bright vivid colorful display that looks great off access it also looks pretty good outdoors although it tends to get washed out in bright sunlight now in terms of aesthetics there's a huge difference between the gear 2 and the gear 2 Neal the metal watch faces much more attractive at least to me then the

Plastic watch face it definitely looks a lot more sophisticated and would definitely be the version I would prefer to wear but of course it is $100 more it's also very light and comfortable to wear has pretty solid battery life two days I love heavy use in my case but of course you can't get up to three days they say under normal use and it's fantastic to have notifications on your wrist without having to take your phone out of your pocket and that has worked out pretty well now in terms of cons I think the biggest one for me is the user interface sometimes it's a little

Confusing I'm not sure if I'm on the whole screen or if I'm in the after and it's kind of difficult to get to notifications which i think is one of the most used features here so be nice if the notification panel was kind of built into the user interface instead of treated like an app and of course this watch is locked down to Samsung devices and works best only with Samsung Apps which may not work for a lot of people so in conclusion I think this is a huge leap over the Galaxy gear just six months old so you can see the progress has moved up

Quite a bit with the gear 2 so I can only imagine what the next step is and certainly there's a lot of interesting competition coming so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one alright so here I am in my foyer with Zoe and Chloe looks like they're sunbathing but I think they're ready to go outside so in fact that's what I'm about to do so let's go outside and take a look at performance of this camera outdoors hey girls come here hey Chloe Chloe hey what's up

Hey girls come on come on let's walk

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