Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G – Unboxing and First Impressions

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

Yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're going to do a quick unboxing of the samsung galaxy z4 2 5g now you can pick this one up from i'll throw the link up in the description the price on this one starts at two thousand bucks now i know what y'all getting ready to say two thousand bucks good lord that's a lot of money well guess what this is a lot of phone now check this out if you got the original galaxy fold and

You want to trade up and get the new one look at the savings all right samsung has the best trading program in the market i'm trading in my original galaxy fold they gave me 800 bucks plus a bundle discount 107 bucks plus a promo code 50 bucks so my total savings 957 bucks bringing my price tag down to 1 317 bucks now look that's still pretty steep but you got to pay to play so let's play all right so let's go through the specs

Now this phone comes in three different colors you got mystic bronze mystic black and the limited edition tom brown colorway now this phone is available for all carriers and it also comes unlocked and on the side note there's no eggs in those version so everybody's getting the snapdragon version for the display now on the outside you got a 6.2 inch super amoled panel with a resolution of 816 by 2260. now for your main display 7.6 inch dynamic amoled panel with a

Resolution of 1768 by 2208 that is 373 for the ppi patrol you got hdr 10 plus and a 120 hertz refresh rate for the processor got the qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus with the adreno 650 gpu what does that mean in english flagship specs bro flagship specs and again no exit notes version now you got 12 gigs of ram 128 up to 512 gigs of storage no micro sd card slot for expandable memory

Now it's running android 10 with samsung one ui 2.5 skin on top you got a 4 500 milliamp battery that features 25 watt fast charging 11 watt fast wireless charging and four and a half watt fast powersheet also known as reverse wireless charging now you got dual stereo speakers featuring dolby atmos for the cameras on the rear you got a triple set up so you got a 12 megapixel wide angle a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 12 megapixel ultra wide on the front you got a 12 megapixel wide angle

Lens now you got bluetooth 5.0 nfc always on display face unlock you got a side mounted fingerprint sensor and you got samsung dex alright so all that for two thousand bucks let's see what it is now the side note shout out to white shoes she got the day off here we go samsung galaxy z425g and the g stands for gangsta oh wait a minute ladies and gentlemen but still great white shoes is back in the

i love building white shoes white shoes calm down all right now i'm not going to dock you today because you came in right on cue but you got to get your game together all right you're a little bit late samsung galaxy z425 gangster here we go all right nice looking presentation now on the side note shout out to samsung for sending me this one to review i'm gonna save all of my gripes until i get my retail version on september 14th okay so here we go so far nice presentation i got the

Butterfly theme here we go now when you get your retail version as soon as you open this up you're gonna have another pamphlet with the samsung premier concierge service all right now i always struggle saying that word concierge y'all know what i'm talking about you know when you go to the hotel you got to deal with the white gloves that dude with the white gloves is going to be in this box in the version of a pamphlet all right so you get your pre-med service

We'll go over that when i do my full unboxing of the retail version all right introducing the galaxy z4 2 5 gangster reimagine the possibilities of the smartphone experience unlock endless versatility and enjoy unrivaled engineering and craftsmanship welcome to the new mobile era all right shoes expect that for quality okay so first up this is going to be your let's see okay sim ejection tool okay quick start guide usual books and plug them and follow them that's pretty much it on that

This is going to be your device now i'm doing this gently since this ain't actually my phone little stickers okay another little pamphlet 25 watt fast charging brick this is going to be your usb type-c charging cable i don't need to take that out and let's see okay that's it all right so no wireless headphones on this one that's pretty much it now like i said when i do my retail version we'll see if there's any difference in the

Presentation but that's it okay galaxy z4 2 5 gangster fresh out of the box i will say this the weight oh i love it let's get the first fold okay now just for size comparison here's my original galaxy fold and his uh z fold two i will say this the z fold two definitely looks better let's make this even let's get a little wipe down okay now i love this matte feel on the back for that same reason that you just seen no fingerprints the cameras look better

Now a lot of y'all don't like that camera hump but tell me it doesn't look better on this phone all right it definitely looks better the z-fold ii definitely has a little bit more weight to it now i'm curious to see matter of fact let's power it up why not i'm curious to see this outside display because that was one of my major gripes with the original was look how small that display was on the front let's power this up okay let's hit the home button look at

Look how much actual real estate went to waste on this one now i will say this i did get used to it you know i'm saying you got i got used to it after using it but it would have been so much better with full screen display so let's see how oh now check this out all right there it is already look at the difference already all right so now we got full screen display this is what i'm talking about all right let me try to retain my hype levels this is what i'm talking about

Full screen display and as far as opening and closing the hinge feels a lot better this one feels like you can put the hinge at any angle and it'll just stay like that as far as with the original you see if you put it like this it's closing down if you put it like this you could get it to stay like this when it was new but after a while it's not going to stay like that so this one the hinge feels a lot more sturdy

It's safe to say i'm already in love all right so let me pause the video i'll drop all my information in then we'll walk through the os talk amongst yourselves all right now while i'm in the process of transferring all my information let's read the before you get started guide don't press the screen or the front camera lens with the harder shop object such as a pen or a fingernail doing so can cause damage such as scratches or dents alright so you don't want to use an s pen you don't

Want to use your fingernail to prevent screen damage make sure there's nothing in the middle when you fold your phone such as cards coins or keys all right so when you're folding this up make sure there's no dirt in the middle no debris no coins no keys keep it clean all right this phone isn't dust or waterproof exposure to water other liquids or small particles such as sand may cause damage such as scratches or dents on the screen again make sure you wipe the screen

Before you close it up don't remove the screen protect the film don't apply films or stickers doing so may damage your phone alright so this is not a screen protector don't add an extra screen protector i keep your phone away from credit cards medical devices or other objects that can be affected by magnets pretty simple and straightforward now on a side note it said the same thing with my original galaxy fold and y'all remember i had that silly pouch on it i had the number one dad pouch

And i was really babysitting this phone after a couple of months i stopped using that pouch i started throwing into my pocket no case no nothing i stopped using the carbon fiber case that came with it and look how my phone still looks all right let's get a little wipe down after all this time no scratches no damage on the display so even though they tell you to be careful with the display you don't got to really babysit it it's more durable than it looks all right josh will be back in

First up let's do a little comparison with the fold and the z-fold 2. now right off the rip you can tell that the z-fold 2 is a little bit more heavier and it has more of a premium feel to it and that's due to the hinge now this hinge right here so sturdy doesn't make any noise and it stays at any angle as opposed to original fold listen to that sound hear a little sound it's a little bit more wobbly again i've been using this for over a

Year and it just feels a little bit more more flimsy so now you're getting a more premium feel here's another difference that i noticed with the original fold you had your power button you had a fingerprint sensor volume up and down with the z-fold two now the power button is built into the fingerprint sensor and you got your volume up and down now both of these have always on display so i got shoes on the front shoes on the front

But check this out now i'm gonna hit the power button both of these also have video lock screen look at the difference in the lock screens with the original fold you got a giant forehead and a giant chin with the z-fold two all display this already right here is a major upgrade just having this big display on the outside is going to make you not even want to flip it up flip it open as much as you would now i will say this

Even with the original fold i got used to using this little screen on the front i could actually go to instagram and chill on it without opening up the phone but it just takes a while to get used to using it this small and if you wanted to type all right let me get it like that if you want it to type all right you have to go like this let's uh let's try to type real quick look how look how small that keyboard is if you want to type now with the new fold let's open this up real quick

Let's take it over to instagram okay now look at the difference at instagram this almost looks like using the uh sony xperia if you like those narrow phones let's go to search real quick uh matter of fact let's uh let's go to search look at the difference in the keyboard i don't know if you can see that still small but definitely a lot bigger and a lot bigger with the keyboard i am feeling this one already now of course you got a couple of different

Ways you can open up the device you got your fingerprint sensor on the side you got face unlock you see how fast that face unlock is um and of course if you want to you can swipe up use your pad under your no problems with that now let's do a little size comparison here's your galaxy note 20 ultra 5g all right here's your z-fold 2 5g as far as height galaxy note 20 is a little bit taller definitely wider but look at the difference when you unfold it look at the difference in displays now

Let's open this one up look at the difference in displays so why are you paying 2 000 bucks this is why this is why and just for another size comparison is one of my favorite phones y'all know i got to do it i the flip same thing now on the side note for all y'all cheese dicks that was out there complaining about me flipping this too hard look man i said it before and i'm going to say it again

I'm a flippologist and i know what i'm doing these phones are meant to be flipped all right you don't got to babysit them i know i know y'all get triggered when i do that oh you got to go like this you got to go like that no you don't got to do that you buy this phone you flip it open enjoy that flip you hang up on your phone call bonding you out of there all right you see my phone still looks brand new still flips just like a boss i love this phone i

Love it anyway back to the default too big beautiful display let's take it back over to instagram let's uh let's exit out of all of this stuff let's open it up fresh now this is how your instagram experience is gonna look beautiful full screen display all right shout out to my man qbk77 hi tim tim doing it with the fold all right this kick ass right here shout out to my little sister basically you get the idea i beautiful viewing experience i love it

Let's exit out of that now one of the best things about using the fold was this let me take it over to youtube now let me find a video real quick i want to show you how something all right so i pulled out one of my favorite test videos watching the display and listen to these speakers all right let's take it over the full screen now i'm going to show y'all a trick to get rid of the black bars when i do my full review

did y'all hear these speakers this is insane beautiful well one of the best parts is doing this now you can almost watch a full screen video all right this is the same full screen experience matter of fact let me pause that someone gotta yell this will be the same full screen experience that you had if you're using your galaxy note and you gotta flip sideways like this but now you can watch a video and troll

The comment section at the same time this is one of my favorite features of using the galaxy fold matter of fact let me show you what i'm talking about alright check this out now i'm watching a full screen video on youtube on my galaxy note but i can't see the comments here's the galaxy fold same video it almost looks the same basically the same width but now it can be in the comments section

this is amazing all right now say you like to leave your phone unfolded this is how it's going to look so you still got your always on display hit that power button you still got your video lock screen still got your face unlocked let's hit that face unlock bomb there it is this is almost like having a tablet you still got your edges let's see the different edges i got

I still got my app's edge people smart select different tasks got the weather after my reminders uh let me show you how that split screen multitasking looks real quick okay let's go home all right so i got youtube on one side watching the videos internet on the other side split screen multitasking if i want to swap them over i can actually add a third one pop-up view got my messages

You already know split screen multitasking you're going to be sick on this open that up swap back and forth say pause this is so dope all right y'all know how i feel about split three multitasking take it over to instagram let's go back to my double split all right so we got youtube up in the comments back on google when i do the full review i'll show you how all of this stuff works but it's basically like using your

Galaxy note real tough all right so now let's take a look at the camera of course you still got your worldstar hip-hop button press the power button twice that'll bring you to your camera got point and shoot just like that now watch this once you open up the phone now you got a full screen viewfinder and check this out if you put it in flex mode now you got your viewfinder got your recent photos and you got all your camera controls

So if you got your phone on the table how dope is this now when i do my full review i'll show you some more apps that use flex mode all right so now let's do the social media test now here's what it's going to look like when you've got your phone closed let's take it over to instagram okay here's how the gram is gonna look okay real nice exit out of that let's try facebook okay here's facebook all right i'll repeat my man chuck full screen i love how this looks exit

Out of that let's take it over to twitter all right got all your tweets on deck real nice and let's try youtube here's how youtube is gonna look let's uh let's watch a quick video why it's closed here's how it's gonna look this is hot all right so now let's try the same thing with the phone open all right now it's going to take you to your last app let's exit out of this close everything up let's try instagram now one thing i

Noticed instagram doesn't take the full screen like on the old instagram on the fold it was full screen y'all see the difference i know let's keep it moving all right shout out to my nephew let me go ahead and like that all right so here's instagram let's take it over to facebook i full screen facebook item feeling that take it over to twitter okay see if i got any mentions all right my tweet line is extra dry as usual keep it moving and of course let's take

It over to youtube here's how youtube is going to look again click on one of my videos like i said watch a full screen video control the comments at the same time this is hot all right so now let's try wireless charging okay no problems with that and let's try powershell all right so we're going to scroll down to powershed turn on wireless powershed let's try to

Charge your iphone no problems all right so overall fresh out of the box on the scale of to 110 i'm giving the samsung galaxy z4 25g a major major major major go and if you're new to my channel that's a quad major that's the highest ranking i love this phone now if you had the original fold and you like that you're going to love this one even more now just like i said about the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra i don't like spending 300 bucks for a phone but if you're going to spend 1 300

This is the phone you want same thing i don't like spending two thousand dollars for a phone but if you're gonna spend 2 000 this is the phone you want now when i get my retail version i'm gonna do a full review i'll tell you everything that i like everything that i don't like we'll rip it apart from top to bottom hit me up in the comments and let me know if there's anything specifically i want me to cover but y'all know how i get down it's going to be a movie shout out to everybody rocking with me

On facebook foursquare twitter google plus shout out to all the google gangsters i'll see y'all holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on foxer special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram y'all know that's where i'm at full time 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on sundays y'all already know stream gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meatballs

oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy underscore carter that's where i'm at and a special shout out to the notification squad i see all in the comments section early salute oh yeah one more thing i almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y'all haters all your trolls close your eyes the pitch and be rolled your boy floss i'm out

energize all right and just in case i want to see one more time there's that boss flippage get your flip on player

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