Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing & Walkthrough! | The Tech Chap

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys Anton the tech Japan I've got
the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z flip here
although obviously being English and in
the UK I call it the Zed flip but we'll
stick with Z flip for now so I actually
bought this myself this is not a review
sample I actually went on Samsung's
website and paid 1,300 pounds for the
privilege of getting it today so I could
do a full unboxing for you guys and also
put it side-by-side with the Samsung
Galaxy fold this isn't a replacement I'm
still expecting we'll see a fall to
later in the year but if you do want to
buy a folding device right now you're
pretty much limited to the guy to fold
the guy to flip the pretty terrible
Motorola RAZR
and probably whatever Huawei is working
on in terms of their version 2 of the
mate X but we'll come back to that in
another video
it's a fairly unassuming box actually we
have the galaxy Z flip name on the side
and we have this little cutout this is
the cutout on the front which actually
matches the colour of the phone you've
bought so I've gone with a mirror purple
and then slide that out and we have a
nice big flip logo on the front and then
inside we have the phone itself you can
see this is a brand new model so I've
got the mirror purple one here but it
also comes in mirror black and mirror
gold but that's only in some markets I
think this is the best color though so
take a good look at that now because
it's never gonna be this clean again I
promise you it's gonna be a fingerprint
magnet in about 30 seconds so let's go
for the inaugural fold beautiful so as
you can see once it's folded it
basically fits in your palm and is
actually quite chunky if I do just bring
in my galaxy folds for a second you'll
see that it's a tiny bit thicker when
closed than the fold although it's not
that much different but you can see in
terms of sort of the height it's about
half the size I don't really know what
the benefit is of having a shorter phone
that's a little bit thicker
perhaps it would fit more easily in a
jacket pocket or in women's jeans which
tend to be a little bit shorter this may
work out quite well but it certainly is
one of the most compact phones you can
buy because obviously it well folds in
half but then once it's unfolded you get
a 21.9 so nearly 22 by 9
scream which is actually the tallest
phone screen on the market right now in
the box just like the Galaxy fold we get
this premier service leaflet so where
you actually have 24-hour customer
support and also most importantly a
one-year Samsung screen protection
guarantee it's not free will cost you
$2.99 pounds here in the UK but if you
do accidentally break the screen on the
flip which may happen we'll have to see
how durable it is in the long term then
it will only cost you in the UK at least
a hundred pounds to replace for the
first one after that you'll actually
have to replace the whole thing yourself
then we've got some fancy texts from
Samsung telling you how awesome it is
and making you feel better for paying
1300 pounds and then under that we have
the charger this is obviously the UK
adapter it is a fairly slow 15 watt
charger which is actually the same speed
as the Galaxy fold this is also 15 watt
charging which is fine and actually
because the flipz battery isn't that big
something we'll talk about in a second
it shouldn't take too long to charge we
also get a USB a 2 USBC adapter a pair
of AKG tuned earphones the USB C
charging cable we also get sim ejector
some paperwork and most importantly a
case which is actually split into one
for the top half and one for the bottom
it's just a simple clear plastic case
but given the price of this thing it's
better safe than sorry
just quickly guys a big THANK YOU to
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try so I've got all the boring setup
stuff out of the way the first thing
I'll show you is actually the folding
screen that uses an ultra-thin glass
screen compared to plastic which you
usually get like we have on the Galaxy
fold it's actually pretty incredible
just how subtle that is if you run your
finger down it you can feel it but then
compared to the Galaxy fold you can feel
it much more easily so we get a six
point seven inch 22 by nine screen which
makes it an incredibly tall screen and
while you can use it
handed because it's not particularly
wide you will need to do some finger
gymnastics if you want to reach to the
top of the firm now around the edge we
have a slightly raised plastic bezel
just like the Galaxy fold although
unlike the fold we don't have that huge
camera cut out in the corner instead we
just get small hole punch selfie camera
and we also get these new little screen
cap protectors something Samsung
introduced enough old when they revised
it after it initially broke and we get
that here on the flip but as well as
that we also get this new fiber shield
on the hinge which you can't actually
see I can't show you but it's supposed
to help improve durability and prevent
dirt getting in so I'm actually quite
confident this will be fairly durable
Samsung say they've tested the flipping
motion for two hundred thousand uses so
that should keep me going for a while
but it does feel really nice to use but
it does feel really nice to use and
actually unlike the fold which can only
be used fully open or closed the hinge
on the flip and she allows you to use it
at different angles well like a laptop
which means we can then use it in Flex
mode which is something I'll show you in
just a second so by now you're already
pretty familiar with the flip there's
loads of videos out there but just to
give you a quick rundown this is using a
snapdragon 855 plus processor which is
last year's chip rather than you 865
along with eight gigs of ram and 256
gigs of storage we also get Android 10
and Samsung's 1u white 2.1 compared to
the fold which is still on android 9
which is kind of irritating and powering
everything we have a 3300 mAh battery
which is pretty small actually I'm kind
of concerned about that but I'll let you
guys know how I get on with it in my
full review so while it is a small
battery cell partially because they've
actually had to split it between both
sides of the flip on the plus side when
it comes to battery life at least we
only get a full HD plus resolution
that's only a 60 Hertz from refresh rate
so it's not quad HD plus it's not 120
Hertz like we see on the new Galaxy S 20
phones so in many ways this is kind of
like a 2019 phone when it comes to specs
looking around the phone we get a USB C
port on the bottom along with a speaker
grille on the right side we had the
power button which doubles as a
fingerprint reader which is actually the
same reader as the Galaxy fold although
this is much easier to press because you
have sort of thumb just rests there
anyway we also have face and locking for
the selfie camera we do get stereo
speakers though we get the
but I'm famili speaker as well as the
earpiece speaker and it's AKG tuned so
it sounds pretty good and then on the
back we have this dual lens camera setup
with a main lens and an ultra-wide that
both 12 megapixels and use the same
sensor as the new galaxy s 20 phones but
unfortunately there is no telephoto lens
and then we have this little guy which
if I fold it closed you'll see pops up
with time the date battery percentage
and actually something that a lot of
people don't realize but it is a touch
screen so you can swipe between
different notifications and also if you
double tap the power button it pops up
as a viewfinder so you can actually take
sort of selfies of yourself using the
good rear cameras or indeed the person
you're taking app a trio of clothes to
see themselves if they squint very hard
because it is a tiny 1.1 inch AMOLED
screen I really wish it was bigger it's
such a cool idea but it's so small so
for anything other than checking the
time notification or maybe a close-up
selfie it's not that useful I'd love
something bigger here so that's the
cover screen and then of course we have
the main six point seven inch screen
inside now compared to the Galaxy fold
where we obviously have to much bigger
screens there's a 7.3 inch sort of
squarish 3×2 aspect ratio on the inside
which is much more of a tablet
experience but then we also have this
4.6 inch cover screen which is obviously
much bigger than the tiny local cover
screen we get on the flip so in that
regard you can use this both as a
regular phone or be a little bit small
and obviously when you need to you could
open up and use the full tablet
experience so I guess in terms of
flexibility and productivity due to the
sheer amount of screen space we get in
the fault I think it's much more of a
pro device whereas the flip seems more
like a stylish accessory what about you
though which one would you go for the
Galaxy flip or the Galaxy fold let me
know in the pulp at the top right and
also let me know why in the comments
below but it is actually worth
mentioning that the fold is
significantly more expensive it'll see
you back about 1900 pounds or $2,000 so
this is about 600 more but it is also a
slightly higher spec for example the
fold actually has 12 gigs of ram and 512
gigs of storage verses 8 and 256 on the
flip and also this does support 5g so
let me jump into a few apps to show you
what it's actually like to use this
day-to-day so obviously when you're
watching videos you're going to want to
use this landscape so I shoot my video
in the slowly wider aspect ratio of two
by one which is something a lot of
youtubers do these days but you still do
get a little bit of pillarboxing
either side of the screen although of
course you can always pinch in to fill
the screen but then that just crop a
little bit at the top and bottom but
when you are fullscreen like this it
really is a very cool and cinematic
experience however a traditional sixteen
by nine video does leave quite chunky
black bars either side but I guess that
benefit is nothing's been cut out by the
whole punch
unless you fully zoom in so if I put
them both side-by-side you can see the
fault does still give you a much better
YouTube experience there's a lot more
screen being taken up with the video
however if we then jump into Netflix
we've got a bit of narcos here the
aspect ratio of the show does take up
more screen space on the flip so between
the two given how much smaller and more
comfortable to hold the flip is I do
really like it
let's jump into a bit of Instagram which
is why I spend about half my life Oliver
when it seems well between this and
YouTube and you can see the real benefit
of this extra tall screen and unlike the
Galaxy fold which actually has issues
with Instagram stories because it cuts
off the top and bottom there's no
problem on here although this can
sometimes have the opposite problem
because if I was going to post this as a
story because it's so tall a whole bunch
of this will be cut off on most other
people's phones so make sure you do then
reduce your story size a little bit like
that but if you do want to see more
behind the scenes tech and more about my
life then make sure you do follow me on
Instagram at the tech chap all right so
we're ten minutes then let's change
things up a little bit and I find up a
Call of Duty mobile on the guide easy
flip and as you can see it's filled up
the entire screen there's no issues with
letterboxing pillarboxing it's not
stretched or anything even with this
slight peculiar aspect ratio folding it
doesn't really do anything except make
it incredibly difficult to play and
actually very strange to look at the
only thing that's really missing is
maybe a high refresh rate screen and of
course we don't have the latest
Snapdragon 86 5 processor but as you can
see even in this really graphically
intense game performance is top-notch
but then switching back to the Galaxy
fold and even though we have this little
bit cut out at the top left I think I
might actually prefer playing on this
just because of the bigger tablet screen
then we have what Samsung are calling
flex mode because of course you can use
the phone fully open like this and you
also have the time
or cover screen on the front which well
you can't lead ooh much with at all but
because of the hinge we can then
actually use it like this
flex mode it kind of acts as its own
little stand tripod thing so if I open
up say the camera app you can see that
actually fills the top half of the
screen with a viewfinder
and then you have the controls on the
bottom but if I pick it up and unfold it
then again we go back to full screen and
you can see just how seamless that
transition is why is that useful well
for one thing it means I could have a
video call with someone like this and
not actually have to hold the phone or
anything which is quite nice I could
also maybe do a video hyperlapse or
something the camera is probably the
best example of it right now although
some other apps like YouTube are
optimized for it but right now the vast
majority of apps don't really do
anything at all when you flip and go
into Flex mode let me show you a little
bit more about the camera and as I say
we have the 12 megapixel main lens and
the 12 megapixel ultra wide but no
telephoto we do have a couple of new
features including single take here's
one I made earlier and you can see it's
taken a video like a white shot
different sort of filters this one's got
a nice boquete background and
essentially it means you don't have to
take one of everything individually
yourself you just do one single take and
then you get everything you need
unlike the galaxy s 20 range though we
don't get any 8k video support on the Z
flip which isn't surprising really given
this is using last year's processor but
we do get some interesting options in
terms of aspect ratios including 9 by 16
which would be really useful for
Instagram stories or even the full 22 by
9 aspect ratio of the Z flip but like
previous Samsung phones we do also get
4k front-facing video from the selfie
camera also if you prefer you can
actually turn off this table table
layout so I can then go back to the
camera and then folding the screen
doesn't do anything that's turned off
that flex mode okay last but not least
if you have just bought yourself is the
flip let me give you a couple of my
favorite tips to sort of improve the
user experience so firstly jump into the
settings and then go to display and then
turn on dark mode this should help
improve battery life a little bit
because it's using an AMOLED screen and
it is now fully integrated into it
because of the latest software then
scroll down to advanced features and
turn on with juice animations this will
make things feel just a little bit
faster then I'd recommend heading to the
navigation bar and changing the navigate
buttons to full screen gestures but then
you can actually get that little bit of
screen real-estate back at the bottom
and because it's Android 10 we can
actually now swipe in from the edge to
go back which is so much easier than
having to swipe up from the bottom all
the time particularly on this taller
phone so that was a lot to take in but I
really hope you guys enjoy this unboxing
and bit of a walkthrough of the new
Samsung Galaxy Z flip make sure you do
hit that subscribe button though because
I'll have full reviews comparisons
battery tests loads of other great
content coming soon as well as videos on
the upcoming Galaxy S xx range but what
do you make other Z flip and do you
think it's worth 1,300 pounds let me
know the comments below thank you so
much for watching guys I'll catch you
next time right here on the tech jab
again a big thank you to audible for
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