Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing and First Impressions

by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

Hey it's Josh of agora what's going on everybody that's right this is the Samsung Galaxy Z flip I picked it up this morning at the Samsung experience store here in Southern California while we go ahead and just roll the clock back a little bit so I can give you a short

Vlog of my experience there with one special guest I am at the Americana in Glendale here in Southern California heading over to the Samsung experience store and you know why okay I will admit I thought the line would be longer but

I'm here early so secured my own unit of the galaxy Z flip which is obviously what this video is all about so once I get my unit I'll be heading back doing the unboxing so why don't we go ahead and just enjoy this little vlog for the

First couple of minutes I came here for purple I came here for purple there's two purple not a huge amount of fanfare but we got in here and we're ready to sit down grab our units and we're good to go

so tell them what happened to you what happened to me yeah came in at what night around 9:50 a.m. store open at 10:00 a.m. got in line this lovely gentleman Josh was here but what there

Were five four people in front of me they ended up with two unlocked Purple's yeah to unlock blocks one which you got yep and one black AT&T which is what I got completely sold out wow I really were not lying about limited quantities

Right that's crazy crazy and I was sad that I'd get purple I came in here knowing I was going black yeah this guy's got to get back to work it was awesome to see Bryant on there obviously and as you saw in that short clip near

The end he actually was able to get a unit but it was the AT&T unit and it was one of the last ones that they had stock was very limited but here it is this is the Black Edition if he can't tell it's because the Z here is black and on the

Purple version this would be a purple color no no all right get that Z out of there and this oh wow says flip right there on the top this is pretty cool it's a nice packaging already a little bit different obviously

This is a different line this is not gonna be the s20 this is the foldable from Samsung so let's go ahead and open this thing up the future changes shape meet your Galaxy Z flip galaxy Z flip is a device like no other

Fitting smoothly into your life and your pocket granted it's gonna be right next to my wallet which is hurting a little bit because of this phone okay so let's go ahead and lift that piece of plastic here now you'll notice well like I said

I got the Black Edition I'll explain why a little bit later but let's take a look at it nice okay here comes the oh there are two oh wow there are two pieces of plastic here that we're gonna have to

Peel off obviously because this might be basically like a considered a two piece phone oh and it connects on the front okay so why don't we go ahead and get this out of the way there we go oh that actually looks so nice I just

Love the look of the Black Edition already the purple is different I totally get that but the reason why I went for the Black Edition is so it's a little bit more unassuming and then the moment you fold it out or on top of

Itself that's when people are like wow take a look at that alright so there goes off the screen this is probably the cleanest that this phone will ever be because from my short time with it during the hands-on event at unpacked it

Did come off as a very big fingerprint magnet so we're gonna go ahead and just enjoy how clean this phone looks before I smudge it up with my fingers okay this part is interesting galaxy Z premiere service includes a screen replacement

Offer one time out of warranty screen replacement within one year of purchase for 119 dollars so for people out there who might be more accident prone when it comes to their phones you can replace the screen if something happens to this

Foldable piece of glass on the galaxy Z flip it will cost you 119 dollars though in any case we have the adaptive fast charger here so obviously it was fast charging with this device after that there's the USB adapter that can be used

For the Smart Switch if you're coming from other devices this helps you to move your data from the first device over to this new one and then finally what is always a nice addition when it comes to the unboxing experience of

Samsung devices is sound by AKG these are going to be pretty good headphones and if I'm not mistaken yep obviously there's not going to be any headphone jack on here much like many Samsung devices over the last year so it's nice

To have this and I actually enjoy having USBC headphones in the box of whatever phone I get because I use these in more than just the device that I got it with I actually use these with my laptop and whatnot so we're done with the box

Contents which means we can get to the phone itself this is super exciting the first fold the first of what samsung says might be two hundred thousand folds that this galaxy flip Z flip can handle boom there is that compact form factor

And this is one of the reasons why the phone is going to be highly sought after by certain users and why limited quantities are currently what people are dealing with after all something like this appeals to many people

Who want more minimalist devices or want to be more minimalist with their general tech kits so something that folds down like this fits in the pocket more easily but then you open it up and you have the full power of a Samsung smartphone this

Is exciting okay so the reason why I went for the black edition is mainly because the Gold Edition wasn't available but even then if I were to put some skins or some cases on here Samsung's official cases are meant to

Come out next week it would just bother me just that tiny bit too much that little bits of the purple color are sticking out of what would probably be black or white cases or skins it's a lesson that I learned

The hard way with the old no.9 that came in purple at least if the phone is black it might blend in a little bit better with some of the more colorful customizations I will do to this device one thing to keep in mind is just how

Tall this display is but it does feel quite nice in one hands especially from the left-to-right distances it's not too bad I can reach everything on the other side so for example damn just like that and you know what as I'm going through

The setup right now even if I can see that little crease in the middle it's just about the only blemish that I can see so far the viewing experience is probably going to be very Samsung like and that's to say top notch now here's

The fun part obviously the fact that this is foldable and has a hinge that can stop in certain places means that I can do this for the facial-recognition portion it's going to ask for my face but instead of bringing the whole phone

Up I'm just gonna bend it oh then dip towards me now that is obviously going to be maybe not the most practical use case but it's nice that you can do that makes things a little bit more convenient in certain situations and you

Know what it's kind of fun to do that for the facial recognition portion of this and you know what nothing against in-display fingerprint readers but it's kind of refreshing to see it in the power button it might actually work a

Little bit more often than these sometimes hit or miss in display finger parameters we see across other devices before you get started avoid pressing hard on the screen or on the front camera lens tap the screen lightly to

Keep it safe this is a foldable glass display but perhaps it is still a little bit fragile when you hold the phone make sure that there's nothing inside that can damage the screen yet that makes sense you don't want to have anything

Here that you then fold the phone on to that will damage the screen your phone isn't water or dust resist okay don't allow any liquids or small particles to answer it don't attach adhesives such as films or stickers to

The main screen so that also includes screen protectors which is something that they still have to figure out in this foldable world and keep your phone away from credit cards medical devices and other objects that can be affected

By magnets oh okay so I guess there are some magnets inside of this phone that might affect the credit cards in your wallet ooh and there we are and I'm gonna go ahead and get all of my applications set up on here and I want

To invite all of you to get into the comments sections down below oh there you go already getting notifications let me know what you want to hear about the galaxy Z flip what kinds of use cases you want to see I might end up doing

Something like a who is this for because this form factor could actually open up some very interesting new use case scenarios and one of them obviously as I showed in my hands-on video is the ability to put the phone down let it

Stand up on its own fold the display about half way and you can actually use it without a tripod without a stand to record videos alright I'm gonna get my sim card in here download a bunch of my applications get

Started with my coverage of the galaxy Z flip so look forward to that here on my channel alright well now that I am ready to go with this I'm gonna go ahead and give it the first close after I've gotten it set up and look at that just

Packs down it might be a bit thicker obviously because it's two halves of the same smartphone but still a smaller form factor always nice to see something different from Samsung which is always appreciated across a smartphone realm

And yeah the galaxy Z flip is officially in my possession I will go ahead and start my content on here let me know what you want to hear about this phone in the comment sections down below subscribe to

My channel if you haven't already dropped some likes on this video and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody actually just as a little bit of a bonus one fun thing that happened at the Samsung

Experience store was that once you bought the device they actually gave you a little bag of goodies it's almost as if I went to a trade show and you got like that goodie bag for in exchange for your badge

But yeah what we have here is a an actual Samsung mug a little cozy for it so you can put like I don't know a beer in here or something like that and finally a fidget tool with Samsung branding on

It quite interesting but if you have a phone like this and you're just flipping it up and down maybe that's a fidget tool already

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