Samsung Galaxy Z Flip First Impressions – Who Should Buy This? | The Tech Chap

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys Anton the tech chap and I want
to show you around the new Samsung
Galaxy Z flip or should I say Zed flip
here in the UK and here it is in all its
flipping glory but what do you think
what are your first thoughts for me
well actually ask my partner Sarah what
that little handheld think that women
keep their powder makeup in the thing
with a mirror
apparently it's a makeup compact and I
can't really unsee it now on a serious
note though I'm actually a lot more
impressed by the flip in person that I
thought I would be the six point seven
inch folding screen is actually made of
glass rather than plastic which we get
on pretty much every other folding
device out there and you can barely
barely see the crease it's much less
noticeable than the Galaxy fold we do
still get a slightly protruding plastic
bezel around the edge of the phone and
Samsung are now using a new fiber shield
to prevent dirt and debris getting in
around the hinge apparently leave tested
the hinge for 200,000 flips but we'll
have to wait and see about the long-term
durability I have to say though it does
feel well-made and not too fragile Plus
given what they've learned from the fold
I'm not too worried so the flip comes in
three colors mirror purple mirror black
and in some markets mirrored gold I
actually really like the purple one but
it's an absolute fingerprint magnet
I've never whipped out my cleaning cloth
this may times been filming a video just
quickly guys a big thank you to audible
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Gabe audible or try so when the flip is
closed it's actually surprisingly chunky
it's even thicker than the galaxy fold
but the advantage is it's much shorter
it'll easily fit in your palm to be
honest though I'm not entirely sure how
useful that is I mean don't read into
this next sentence too much but I'd
rather have something long and slim in
my pocket than short and fat that sticks
you know what I mean I suppose if it was
any more rectangular or taller been
folded it would create such a massively
tall screen when opened it would just be
too uncomfortable to use once unfolded
or flipped open we get a super tall 22
by 9 screen and you know what unlike the
Galaxy fold you actually forget all
about the fold and just use it like a
regular albeit quite tall phone you
really don't notice the crease it's
comfortable or hold and the tall screen
is great for browsing through socials
websites and of course having two apps
side by side in fact there's actually
three ways of using this open shirt and
in Flex mode when closed we get a tiny
one point one inch cover screen that
shows you the time messages some app
notifications they're really cool bit
though is you can actually use it as a
tiny viewfinder either for taking
selfies or for your friends to see how
they look when you take their picture I
think it's a great idea but I really
wish it was just a bit bigger you may
end up with a lot of squinting eyes and
your photos as people try to see
themselves in it then you can open it up
and use it in Flex mode so the hinge is
more like a laptop than say the galaxy
fold and that you can actually have it
open at different angles
so it becomes its own little pop socket
stand and comes in handy for everything
from hands-free photos and videos to
video calls and using apps in
split-screen for example in YouTube you
can see when I go from fully open to
Flex mode it puts the video on the top
screen and in the comments and other
recommended videos on the bottom I
really like that although apps will need
to be optimized for this so don't expect
everything to work this seamlessly out
of the box then you can use it like a
regular phone when it's fully unfledged
despite its height it's actually pretty
usable one-handed well with a bit of
finger gymnastics sometimes but thanks
to Android 10 and Samsung's 1 UI 2 it's
a lot easier to use for example we get
to swipe in from the edge to go bag
gestures so you don't always have to
keep your thumb at the bottom of the
phone there's also a dedicated
one-handed mode that shrinks the screen
and of course you can always use it in
landscape mode two-handed where it feels
more like a Nintendo switch so I really
do think the flip is the best example of
a folding phone we've seen so far and I
think that's mainly because of the glass
screen and the refined hinge but the
fact is you are making a lot of
compromises to get this the main one is
the price considering the specs you're
definitely paying a premium for this the
flip will set you back a cool 1,300
pounds or $1,400 which is the same price
than galaxy s 20 ultra but you're
getting a lot less for your money
for example the flip uses last year's
snapdragon 855 chip there's no 120 Hertz
screen it's full HD plus rather than
quad HD plus there's no 5g the 3300
million power battery is relatively tiny
and I'm a little bit worried about how
long it's gonna last
it only supports 15 watt charging and
we're gonna get two cameras on the back
a main and ultra wide lens which is fine
I mean I think they're the most
important lenses but again compared to
any of the s 20s especially these
similarly priced ultra the flip misses
out on a log there's also only one model
of the flip with eight gigs of ram and
256 gigs of storage which is financially
more than the base storage of the s20
ultra which is a bit strange but there's
no microSD or any bigger storage option
on the flip side sorry I had to do that
at least once we do get stereo AKG tuned
speakers wireless charging the latest
software and the fact that you know this
is a flippin phone it hasn't been this
satisfying to hang up a call in about 15
years back to the cameras for a second
and it's a similar setup to the base s
20 will be it without a telephoto lens
we get new 12 megapixel main and ultra
wide lenses with the improved sensors
that we get on the s20 along with new
features like single take and night
hyperlapse although since we're using
last year's processor there's no 8k
video and I'll have to test camera
quality in the real world to see if
there's any difference between the S 20
and the flip as for selfies again like
the s 20 there's a single 10 megapixel
hole-punch camera on the front
so then first impressions well it is
expensive and you are missing out on a
bunch of features compared to the s20
ultra for the same money and I am kind
of worried about battery life however
with all that said I still really like
this thing I love innovation it's just
something different I mean the galaxy
fold cost about two grand last year and
I'm sure we'll see a fold too later this
year as well this is a lot cheaper and a
much better implementation of a falling
screen it's also definitely targeted at
a younger more stylish audience you'll
definitely turn a few heads getting this
out on the tube or in a cafe and I think
for a lot of people that's kind of the
oh and compared to the Motorola RAZR I
think this is lightyears ahead in terms
of design specs and overall quality make
sure you are subscribed though for my
full review coming soon and let me know
what you think of the flip in the
comments below
would you buy one or is it just an
expensive gimmick
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next time right here on the tech chap

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