Samsung Galaxy Watch ACTIVE (2019) Full Review & Tour

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Samsung's Galaxy watch active one is the cousin of Samsung's flagship galaxy watch now essentially what this watch did is it took the best most powerful features from the galaxy watch and crammed them into a smaller lighter and more affordable design so this watch

Still has plenty of very advanced features including advanced auto fitness tracking heart rate sleep tracking and a slim lightweight water-resistant design after wearing this device daily for several weeks now and testing the limits

Of this watch I decided it was time for a proper review with the release of the Galaxy watch act of 2 coming soon this watch is likely to see a drop in price but is it still worth it does this watch live up to its bold claims in this

Video I will show you everything you need to know about this watch before buying it including all the best and worst features about this watch hey guys welcome back to the channel I'm

Michael Bryan and like I said this video is all about the Galaxy watch active which I've been wearing every single day for about the past month to really test out and figure out what's good and what's not good about this watch so

We're starting off with a mechanical tour of this watch you'll see that on the front face right there the screen is a Super AMOLED screen 40 millimeters so a little bit smaller than some other watches out there but it looks really

Good it's a really sharp really crisp display very easy to see in daylight I have no problems looking at this watch ever in bright daylight or even in dim settings like this now on the right side you'll see that there are two buttons

One of them is a home button one of them is a back button and they both serve other functionalities if you double press and press and hold them and do stuff like that you can actually remap one of them and I'll talk about that

Later on but looking at the back then you have your heart rate sensor this is used obviously for heart rate as well as several other things such as stress tracking and things like that I'll talk about that later on on the top you have

Two sensors one of them is a microphone and the other one is an ambient light detection so essentially what that does is in a bright setting your watch screen will be very bright and then in a dim setting it'll automatically dim down you

Can change that in settings if you want that or not the straps on this or both 20 millimeters this just came with the watch and in the box you'll notice that you actually also have a second strap it comes with in case you have a different

Size wrist I believe this is the larger one so it comes with the short one on there if you have a large wrist you can use this one also in the box of course you have a charger so this uses wireless charging and this is actually really

Nice because you can charge it on the back of a galaxy phone for example so anything any phone that has a reverse wireless charging you can charge this watch on there so next I want to look at the side of the box right there so the

Three claims that Samsung puts on the box which clearly Samsung thinks are the three most important distinguishing features of this watch the first one is that is a lightweight SmartWatch and I think that's very true it's definitely

Very lightweight I think it's about 60% lighter than the Galaxy watch and about 20% smaller so it's clearly you know a much better watch if you're trying to you know travel light if you have a small wrist like I said before or if you

Just want something that's not heavy on your wrist this is a great watch for that and still the second word their SmartWatch it's still a very smart watch has a very capable process or I'll pop up some specs on the screen right there

If you're interested so the second claim on the box is that it has Advanced Auto fitness tracking now I tried this a lot and essentially what it does is if you just start walking or running it'll automatically start a

Workout for you and you can also do this with biking so it will use a bunch of different sensors on the watch so you have an accelerometer on there you have a GPS on there you have heart rate sensor and it kind of uses all this

Different data and figures out we know what exercise you're doing I found it to be really accurate it never you know misrepresents what I'm doing so now the third thing on the box is that this is swim ready so it is waterproof and the

Band's here of course are also very waterproof they're a soft rubber a quick little side I will be comparing this watch to the similarly priced Fitbit Versa to in the coming week so if you want to see that video make sure you go

Down and click the subscribe button and the Bell icon so you don't miss it now getting into the interface right now I think this is where it starts to really pick up and there's a lot that you can do with this so just a quick

Tour of what you can do on the interface looking right here you have your watch face the one I have on is a little bit noisy I have a lot going on if you don't like this watch face there's tons of other ones I'll show you those later on

But what you want to do then is if you swipe down from the top you can see this is your quick settings so this is your night mode is the first one then you have your always-on display I leave that off to save the battery

Make it last a little longer you can change your brightness you can connect to bluetooth and when I say Bluetooth I don't just mean your phone it should connect to your phone by bluetooth of course but you can connect to headphones

Or you know wireless earbuds I use my Galaxy buds with these which is really great if you want to go for a run and you don't want to bring your phone you can just bring the watch watches lightweight galaxy buds are lightweight

And you're just running listening to music tracking with GPS and just everything with almost no weight at all some other settings up on the top you have a you know a theater mode which is basically like Do Not Disturb

Essentially the same concept really then you have notifications do not disturb quick settings and then you'll also have some different battery optimization settings here so you can change that so you can have like power saving mode you

Can have time only mode if your battery is really low and then stuff like that you can also go to find my phone if you lost your phone you tap on that to do that right now so you see right there it found my phone even if your phones on

Silent it should work really well I use that all the time I lose my phone a lot and I find it with my watch then you have Wi-Fi of course on this watch and then the last thing I want to point out is the underwater mode you tap the water

Drops right there and you'll see that it kind of activates like these little water drops going around your screen and that just tells you that you can't use the touchscreen you depress and hold the bottom right button so

That's your home button you press and hold that and essentially that brings you back to normal so if you swipe from the left over this will bring you into your notifications and you can just keep swiping through all your notifications

And so you know I haven't weather and maybe text or any other notifications you get there you can reply to notifications so if you have a text you can just open up that text and easily reply then if you go over the other way

This is where you get into your widget so your widgets on here you know I have one that's like you know some quick information about my health for the day I have my most recent used apps I have some quick exercises if I want to start

One I have a heart rate I have you know how much I slept and if you you know you tap on any one of these so how much I slept for example you can then scroll down and it gives you a lot of information about how well you slept I

Don't know how accurate this is that you know the sleep tracking is really that great but it is good for a to be testing if you know one night you do something differently and you change your pillow the next night you can see you know does

It get better or worse so those are all the widgets I wanted to show you if you swipe up there's actually nothing there I don't know why Samsung didn't utilize the the fourth direction of swipe there I think they could have made something

There you just tapped a home button once from the home screen opens up your app drawer and this is the first time I really see a need for the rotating bezel so using tins in OS right here you'll notice that it really is meant for the

Galaxy watch where you can rotate around and you know select which app you want now on this I just have to tap it and then I tap it again to actually open it but you can get a lot of apps on here not as many as I would like maybe but

You know this is honestly guys this is a watch I don't need everything on here I'm not gonna be watching YouTube on here but you know maybe a couple other things would be nice some of the apps are paid apps which I guess because you

Can't really have ads on a watch it kind of makes sense some of the cool apps I really like so you can send messages on here you can't really make phone calls on here so as you notice before there is no speaker so anytime you talk to the

Watch the only response you're going to get the only feedback the watch has to you is either on the screen or vibration so notifications come from vibration and on the screen and then if you talk to Bixby on here it only shows up on the

Screen obviously it's not going to vibrate like Morse code or something so you can swipe through and so the app drawer is like whatever is on this article and you can have like multiple different circles so you know I

Have like a timer there I've got Samsung pay on here so if you tap and hold the back button so the top of the two buttons you tap and hold that it'll open up samsung pay you'll have a pin there and then you can just tap this on a

Vending machine or wherever you want to pay so really nice they have that now actually talking about the buttons a little bit more so president hold opens up samsung pay like I said if you double press the back button this is going to

Actually do nothing I really was hoping that this would have some kind of special command if you press it once it is just back so double pressing I guess kind of goes back twice but it doesn't have anything that you can remap now the

Home button if you press and hold it opens up your power menu so you can power it off that's how you do that if you press it once it brings you home and from home if you press it it opens up the app drawer now if you double press

It this is really cool this is what you can remap so I remapped this to open up the media player but you can also remap it but you know by default it opens up Bixby and you can do a lot of other stuff with this you can

Open up recent apps you can start a workout start a timer like there's a lot you can do with this hi Bixby start a run guineas makes me for a lot of basic functions you can tell it to start a run

You can tell it to set reminders and do a lot of basic functionality it is kind of slow as you see right there that is a drawback so guys getting into some of the pros and the cons some pros of this I really

Like that you know when you're charging in all four orientations work in the screen rotates to show you whatever you need to see next the ambient light sensor I think is a huge plus on this so that automatically adjusts to whatever

Brightness you're using or wherever you are I mean another plus is not having a center button right there on your wrist so you know sometimes was the fossil watch for example if I bent my wrist back I would accidentally hit the home

Button or press and hold that button and it activates istant sometimes I also like that there's a lot of watch faces on here so going into the app I'll show you that in a second we can changed you know dozens of different watch faces or

You can put your own picture on the background the sedentary reminders are really nice so if you're sitting around at work all day it'll remind you to walk around and when you're doing workouts there are hundreds of different or not

Hundreds but there's a lot of different workouts you can choose on this watch and all of them they show you initially so I'll show you right here they show you you know which sensors they use so you have an idea if they're using just

Heartrate or GPS or both and of course a lot of them will use like a pedometer as well so they use a lot of different sensors and there are a lot of different workouts so almost any type of workout you're trying to do this watch is gonna

Be really good for that so the quick settings I think that's really common on a lot of watches really useful on here though as well because you can activate you know underwater mode or night mode and stuff like that and just you know no

Matter where you are you can set the watch and it'll be you know optimized for that situation so the last probably really wanted to point out was the apps on the phone I think are smarter than a lot of the other ones out there so

Fitbit apps and stuff like that I think that you know there are two that's that's sort of a drawback I guess that there are two but if you has a Samsung phone you probably already have these apps anyway so one of them is Samsung

Wear or galaxy wear and the other one is Samsung health so guys just showing you the Samsung health app right here it's really basic and they show you a lot of information you can tap on any of these little kind of modules right there and

They go into a lot more details so you know how many steps you took in a day well you know how much you slept how many you know you can track your calories if you actually go and track that manually unfortunately it's not

Gonna like count how much goes in your mouth obviously but then they active time how much you weigh you track your heart rate your stress you know how much elevation you change there's a lot you can control or monitor

From this app right here and if you open up sleep for example it really dives in and shows you a lot of analytics about that and likewise if you look at some of your exercises they'll show you different graphs of like your heart rate

Versus elevation just there's a lot you can look at here to really monitor your health closely and make sure you're pushing yourself when you need to then going over to the galaxy wearable app galaxy where this is where you can

Control a lot of your watch I think this is really nice that Samsung has this so first of all it says about the watch really nice that it shows you you know how much storage you have how much memory you have how much battery you

Have left and then you can you know Samsung pay you can configure that from here you can go down and choose apps from here so instead of going through the App Store on your watch you can look at them here on your phone that's really

Nice Samsung health like I said you you can obviously you know do a lot from there then you have Bixby you have smart things you have notifications and then you have apps you can go and look at the

Apps and like reorder them make them you know change the settings for them so whether you can change what city it's showing you so I don't even know why you have some of these settings so like you can touch the home button and swipe

Across and take a screenshot or you can use two fingers in like triple tap and it'll sort of invert the colors or do whatever you want go to grayscale just some real wacky stuff you can do with this watch also the SOS right here so if

You press the HOME key three times it'll send an SOS to somebody I deactivated that cuz I have an SOS on my phone I don't want to have that on there as well I feel call accidentally triple tap that sometimes then as we go over there's

Watch faces here no watch faces as I said there are a lot of different ones you can go and find more but these are just the ones that I have there's like a dozen or so that I downloaded and with each one you can actually customize them

And change the colors change what's showing right there right there there's the my photo one like I said and so if you go to my photo you can change whatever your background is at all and and you'll notice there that when you

Actually use that you do kind of see that there is like the bezel becomes more obvious that's the only drawback so some of the cons of this watch to be clear first of all this is an amazing watch and none of these are really deal

Breakers for me but they're just some limitations of this watch that obviously you're you're making this a lot cheaper so some of the things they cut out first of all their speaker not having a speaker on here I mean so you can't make

Phone calls from your watch I never really want to do that anyway but speaking of that this also doesn't have an LTE version available so if you want to go totally without your phone and have you know streaming music on

Here you know if you want to do whatever you can't actually do that unless you have Wi-Fi so the next con is the apps I think that this watch is very powerful and there are a lot of you know neat tools that could be made for this watch

Or you know differ watches in general that don't really exist yet so smart watches are still relatively new and I think people are still trying to figure out how to make apps and make money off of them because you can't really put ads

On them that well you know because it's such a tiny screen and so a lot of apps end up being paid apps anyway so another obvious drawback is the lack of the dial on here so you don't have you know a bezel you can turn obviously the active

Watch to coming out should be fixing that not a huge drawback but something that you should be aware of something else I think the keyboard is kind of a little bit poor so it comes up with like a like a flip bone keyboard so you have

To like press one number three times to get a letter C and stuff like that not the best way to type but then again you can just use a microphone and talk to it this also has limited storage so you can't really download that much music on

Here you kinda have to pick or you know a couple dozen songs if you're working out or running and just kind of keep listening to those songs easy to do that from the phone obviously you can just go and you know download all the songs all

The photos you want from your phone in the in the where app to your watch so it's really easy to do that's convenient but otherwise I would like to have a little bit more storage again because of the price it's it's a compromise that I

Think is worth making the last drawback to this watch is a slightly slower processor which holds you back a little bit from using big speed and may take a little bit longer to open apps but on a day to day use I don't really notice

This so guys overall I think this watch is really really really impressive and it's hard for me to picture a person that this watch is not good for so I think even the people that I mentioned before that might be doing extreme

Sports or people that want extreme style I think everyone could be wearing this watch and they could get most of what they want done now for the people that are not doing the extremes just your everyday person who you know maybe they

Work out maybe they don't work out but maybe they just want to start losing some weight this is a great watch to make sure that you're not set in Terry you know it's sending you those reminders keep track of your health and

Then also you can do a lot more with listening to music on here if you're running don't carry your phone there's just endless options with his watch guys and I think it's great how Samsung really trimmed down all of the

Fat and all of the stuff that's on you know some great features that maybe they got rid of yes so you know LTE would be nice but you know considering the price drop of this I think it's really worth it so guys that's why I have to say

About this watch I really like it comment down below what you think thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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