Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 4, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the et toi bork with a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab s in two colors this is the 8.4 inch also be taking a look at the ten point five inch miles these are their flagship tablets here to take on things like the iPad Mini with Retina display and the iPad air I'll so price the same so the 8.4 inch retails for 399 at the top-end that gets you 16 gig Wi-Fi there's also 32 gig version and there's an LTE version of these tablets the LTE version actually has a different chipset those are using these Snapdragon processors these are using the X and those processors now the big story with a Tab

S is that it's smaller thinner more compact and sporting a Super AMOLED display which is the first Samsung tablet since the Tab 7.7 to feature an AMOLED display there's a lot of benefits to that technology I'm pretty excited to get my hands on because when I did review the Tab 7.7 many years ago now I was really impressed by that display is still pretty excited to get my hands on these now terms of specs we have Samsung's Exynos processor which is an octa-core processor which combines two quad cores once clocked at 1.9 the other is clocked at 1.3 the 1.9 is a cortex

A15 the 1.3 is a cortex a7 we have three gigs of ram we also have the option to expand storage up to 128 gigs thanks to a microSD card slot we have an IR LED blaster which works with a watch on remote control app we have an 8 megapixel autofocus and camera good for 1080p video and then we have a 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera we also have our fingerprint scanner which is lifted from the galaxy s5 series so this is Samsung's first tablet to future that technology we also have a 4900 milliamp hour battery that's slightly larger than the Tab pro which was 4800 so slightly

Larger battery despite having a thinner lighter body now in terms of our 8.4 inch display it's actually got the same specs of the tamper o 8.4 inch so that's a wqx VGA display 2560 by 1600 that's good for 359 pixels per inch that's better than the 326 PPI on the iPad Mini with Retina display now as I mentioned we have two colors to take a look at we have white and bronze bronze is kind of a brownish color you can see that both tablets actually have gold trim instead of silver trim that is the only trim option you with these tablets if you don't let go

Well I think you're out of luck here so let's go ahead and take a look to see what these colors look like first thing I want to do is slice open our packaging here so we're just going to do both at the same time so we're going to start with the white model here flip it over slide it out oh the packaging is a bit different this time you can see instead of the clear plastic we have this little piece of paper or styrofoam let's go ahead and lift it up here galaxy tab s this little envelope here so let's go ahead and pull this open slides right out very nice looking looks very much

Like a blown-up galaxy s5 complete with that stippled pattern on the back you can see that we have these little fasteners for a cover accessory which Samsung also sells all right so let's get to the black model so we can start comparing them here again flip it over slide it out so there we go again seems stipple pattern but this time it's got a bronzy color it's more of a metallic look than the black you would see on the galaxy s5 X you really like that look it's kind of neat now once again we also have all this plastic along the side effect you can see that actually started

Unraveling soon as I took it out here now I also have whole plastic covering our camera lens right here now the accessories are the same in both packages so we have a white micro USB 2.0 cable and a standard Samsung travel adapter we also have our paperwork which includes health safety and warranty guide we probably have a QuickStart guide in here somewhere this must be it there we go if we open this up we should see some instructions on how to boot it up the feature is that sort of thing and of course we're going to go through that in this video if I also have software

Upgrade instructions which are pretty basic so again just to show you both packages basically the same alright so there we have our bronze and titanium white model really sharp looking especially with these very small compact bezels if you compare this to the Tab pro again you can see that they have the same screen size but much smaller bezels all around it just it looks a lot slicker it's also quite a bit thinner than the Tab pro you can see that some things have changed in terms of the layout of the sensors and the camera as well but otherwise very similar so on

The back we have an 8 megapixel autofocus scene camera good for 1080p HD video we also have an LED flash just below that pretty much the same specs as the tan pro-line now on the left hand side we have our volume rocker and our sleep/wake power on and off button the same location you would typically see it on a Samsung tablet in fact it's in the same location on the Tab pro 8.4 you can see just how much thinner these tablets are compared to the Tab pro line fact if we scroll down here you can see that we have our IR blaster in landscape

Orientation even that is strung it down a bit then we have a micro SD card slot right here which is in a different location on the tab pro I think you can tell on the camera that the gold color on the white tablet is a little lighter than the gold color on the bronze tablet if you look at the top of the tablet in portrait orientation you can see that there has been a rearrangement here so you can see the Tab s now has the stereo speakers sort of in a landscape orientation configuration as opposed to the portrait orientation on the tab pro now on the left hand side you can see

That the tab pro put the SD card slot and you can see that nothing is going on with a tab S on the left-hand side now on the bottom you have the other stereo speaker the headphone jack and the micro USB port you can see here with the Tab pro s you had your stereo speakers which meant you really only had stereo in portrait orientation so that landscape orientation and of course you had your micro USB charging port now if you look at the Android keys you can see they're basically the same we have our recent amps back button and our home button but there's a big difference here

With that home button this has a fingerprint scanner so again that's new with Samsung's tablets you can also see that that gold trim is also around that home button as opposed to the silver on the tan Pro now toward the top you'll find a 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera along with an ambient light sensor now if you got a cellular version one with gsm voice you'd actually get an earpiece so in theory you could use this as a cell phone now again toward the back you have this bronze metallic color it's not a brown color kind of a grayish color it looks really sharp it looks more

Metallic than black or brown pretty nice color and you also have that white color which we're familiar with a galaxy s5 which kind of as a pearl lesson or opalescent effect if you look at the back of the probe versus the s you can see that we have our camera module which sticks out quite a bit more than it does on the Tab pro that's thanks to the thinness here you see that the materials used are also quite different this has that stitched pattern we're familiar with from the note series you can see the stitch and what that's kind of full leather

Grain on the back versus the stippled kind of modern glam look SM Sun calls it from the galaxy s5 now on the back again you have these physical fasteners for the cover accessory which Samsung sells separately of course they're always present personally I'd prefer if they did not include these now if you look toward the bottom you can see we have this bump out for all the ports on the bottom and if you look closely you'll see that we have our capacity listed right here 16 gig 16 gig alright I'm just going to boot these up for the first time just tap into holding the

Power button on the right hand side and it's actually pressing the button up here as well so as you can see down here we have our backlit Android controls which both the tab pro and the tab s have but the tab 4 does not alright so let's go and take a look at the user interface and we have a familiar wallpaper but we have a new unlock effect it's more of like a 3d wallpaper effect so we can swipe on the screen you can see kind of lights up the shards so let's go and take a look at the user and every starting with the drop down shade which is pretty familiar terra-tory here

So you have your brightness slider your volume slider can tap here to get to more volume controls you can tap here to launch into your apps you can swipe down here again to get to your quicksand these toggles which have a lot of familiar features here including adaptive display which is kind of a new feature not really a new feature but they're tiling it with this tablet so if you tap and hold on this will take you to that adaptive display mode which you can cycle through so we have adaptive display but you have other options such as AMOLED cinema AMOLED photo and basic

So you can select which one you want but you have to uncheck adaptive display and as you can see here as soon as you turn off adaptive display and the display gets a little less vibrant the active display will basically adapt the display to whatever context you're in so for example if you're looking at photos using the camera browsing the internet playing video or looking or reading a Google Play books all this will automatically adapt to the content as well as the ambient lighting conditions now if you swipe down here again you also have ultra power saving mode which

We're familiar with from the galaxy s5 so if you activate ultra power saving mode basically dials back the screen to a grayscale closes apps basically runs this into limp home mode so it dials back connectivity it Bank and performance that sort of thing to give you pretty impressive value life so as you can see here with 100% battery life we have about forty nine point six days of standby time with this tablet now access screen marryin of course you can wirelessly broadcast the display of your tablet to a compatible device such as a Samsung Smart TV now we also have a

Tool box utility which is this sort of little widget that pops up over the top of your screen so you can move it around it stays pretty minimized so it doesn't get in the way but when you need access to it you just tap on it allows you to access certain apps so for example if you want to launch your camera really quickly there you go now you can move this around or take it up to remove or you can go up here to edit and manage what apps appear here so for example personally I prefer Chrome but I can't add it until I remove one of the other apps so for example let's go

Ahead and remove the standard browser go with Chrome here click done now if I tap on it I can launch into Chrome now you have additional quick toggles by going up here so as you can see here we have smart state technology which will allow the camera to monitor for the presence of your eyes and prevent the display from going to sleep you also have smart pause which will pause video playback if you avert your eyes so this works with any video apps such as YouTube or the included video app I'll say blocking mode so if you want to change your blocking mode settings just go right

Here so allows you to for example set certain times of day turn off notifications or turn off alarms and I can also increase touch sensitivity so this will allow you to use this tablet with gloved hands this is familiar again to Samsung smartphones now the home screen layout is very similar to the Galaxy Tab pro but there are few changes here so for example you have your file manager right here so that's always there on the home screen allows you to access your files directly instead of going to apps and that sort of thing of course you also have your app drawer now

I can pinch in and out to see your available home screens here so you can select your wallpaper as you can select your widgets you can add new home screens or remove them if you want now like the Galaxy Tab pro 4 you swipe to the right we get to our magazine UX which consists of two pages here so the first page includes our calendar our office suite which is hand come office so this will allow us to see our office based documents like Excel Word or PowerPoint type documents here we also have our inbox which is all of our email now we have something called quick

Briefing here which allows us to customize this big tile for information so for example we can quickly add our bookmarks we can see our calendar events see our stock listings we can quickly access site sync for our mobile device such as my GS 5 prime this is a feature I'll demonstrate a bit later and then we can add alarms we also have paper garden for magazine subscriptions with here and now for app discovery based on location and then we have the Samsung watch on app so we can use that IR blaster on the side of the device to remotely control our AV

Equipment now as you can see here in landscape orientation the layout changes just a little bit here but this is highly customizable so I have to do is tap and hold on any one of these tiles and you can remove them like that if you prefer you can also change the layout which will basically cycle the arrangement of the tiles and you can add additional widgets so you can add additional categories which will feed different news items depending on the category or you can add one of these apps so for example if you want your YouTube feed to appear as a widget here

You can add that as well you can also add additional tiles here so you can add up to 5 tiles and if you want you can remove them just by tapping and holding on them taking them up to remove now let's go ahead and add YouTube here so that's added to this tile here all I have to do is log in but you can see I have other space to use up here so again tap and hold here and I can add additional widgets such as Twitter Google+ and that sort of thing and I can also add additional story items so for example if I want let's see Travel so that will add Travel widget here so if I

Tap on that I can also edit exactly what feeds into this widget so I can see the sources that are available to me such as the Millennial travel journal Overland Journal photo PDA magazine that sort of thing here now we also have multi window mode which you can swipe to the right to activate so let's get you to your multi window tray you can also tap and hold the back button to activate the feature but if you don't want it active basically you go to your quick settings angles up here and disable it so this will no longer accidentally appear when you tap and hold the back button or

Swipe in from the right so with multi window I can open up two windows at one time so for example I can bring up Chrome here so this will launch Chrome if I want to drag and drop something else like YouTube here there we go so now I have a side-by-side viewer so I can launch video in one side of the window and browse the web on the side so I get a little control a little keypad here a floating keypad so I can dial in the website here I can click play I can go to maximize I can resize the window here like so pause the video playback here and scroll

Through it you can see it's almost real-time but of course it does lag a bit as it resizes here as you can see here when I tap on each window it's outlined in blue when I tap that little icon in the center this gives me controls for that specific window so for example as you can see here I have a multi a multitask option here this allows me to open up more than one window within each window let me show you exactly what I mean here is if I swipe in from the right edge again I can drag and drop Gmail over that window and I can drag and drop my files so now I

Have three windows kind of suspended in the background on this side of the window so now if I go to recent apps you can see all three of them right here and I can jump to them or close them out as you can see here with that little X icon in the upper right now this also means when I have one of these windows highlighted if I click the back button Lex you go back for me same with YouTube over here you also get additional controls here so for example you can close this window you can maximize it you can copy one item from this window and apply it to the other window you can

Swap the windows and a sort of thing so let's go ahead and close it now if you ever navigate away from this page you can actually jump right back to it just by going to one of the apps that were in side by side viewer like so so YouTube also brings up Chrome or Gmail in this case now you can also customize this so you can add additional apps to this panel here so if you go to edit you can drag and drop for example play music actually go ahead and drag and drop it here and you can also remove them if you want if you don't want them to appear here now this also allows you to create

Custom recipes so for example if you like to have Gmail and YouTube open at the same time often you can go to that editor here go to create and it creates that custom recipe you can see it's been added to your tray here so now you can just simply tap that it will launch both windows side by side now like all Samsung devices these Android Keys have multi uses for example you can tap and hold the home button to get to Google now but if you want Samsung's voices system I have to do is double tap the home button takes you to s voice now you also have your recent apps tray here as

You can see here which is pretty sad tough you can close them all you can swipe them out of the way to close them or you can go to your task manager the close apps that sort of thing but if you tap and hold this this will actually get you to your options button so this is similar to the menu button in an app so for example if I go to Chrome here I can either go up here to access menu or I can tap and hold this button here to get to it now familiar to the galaxy s5 is s finder and Quick Connect now s Finder is just the device search engine so let's allows you to search

Everything by type of a content by date/time that sort of thing now the tab s introduces a new feature on the lock screen and that's these lock screen cards which display some information from apps in the tablet so for example you see email you see our weather widget that sort of thing so if you want to access any one of these I have to do is tap on it swipe to unlock takes you right to that app so you can see our weather conditions now you can turn this feature off or manage it under settings you have to go to settings we're going to look for device and lock

Screen under lock screen will find lockscreen cards if you tap on that you can see we have several cards we can toggle on and off so if you don't want any of them just toggle them all off so you can see things like whether today's scheduled today's birthdays which is using your contacts News social and email now within the after we'll find the standard array of Samsung Google and some third-party apps so for example you'll see to hand come office apps so you'll find the standard viewer which allows us to view Word Excel and PowerPoint documents you also find hand

Come office which allows us to download applications that allow us to create and edit documents such as Excel documents Word PowerPoint and that sort of thing now we'll find third-party apps like footboard and Evernote as well as business week in new york times which are subscription-based but you get a trial period if you want to view it Netflix comes pre-installed you also find paper garden which again is integrated with the my magazine viewer and then we have other standard Samsung Apps we have my files which again is integrated into the home screen now so

This is a really nice file browser that since my samsung is built out well save remote PC which allows us to remotely control the screen of a PC you just have to install some software we also have Cisco's WebEx for group meetings this is particularly popper in enterprise settings and we have things like watch on the remote control app we have Samsung's dedicated app store and s or thing now we also have milk which is Samsung's music streaming app this allows us to create our own stations and playback our own music it's kind of similar to other streaming services like

Spotify or Pandora now the tab S comes pre-installed with side sync 3.0 you can also install this on your Galaxy phone if it's not already installed so basically it's using Wi-Fi direct to communicate between both devices so you do have to launch the app on both devices in order for this to work and basically what will happen here is that you can connect to your phone and virtualize the display on your tablet so we just have to agree to it so there we go we actually had this little window here of the phone's display which you can't interact with just like you would

On the phone itself you can swipe down to get to your notification panel you can tap on one of the items to launch the app and again this is happening on the phone and just being broadcasted to your tab wirelessly now if you go to the phone you can see that it does shut down the virtualizer on the tablet but you can switch it back like so so you can't use both devices at the same time in this mode now you can move this window around or you can minimize it like so and this will basically give you this a little floating icon which stays out of the way and you can jump to it when you

Need it now you can go to full screen mode and as you can see up here you get your Android controls for home back and recent apps as well as menu you can jump to a web browser on your tablet if you tap this icon here and it will minimize the app for you like that so you can continue browsing on your tablet and jump back to your phone here let's go to maximize again you can change the orientation of the display and then you can do a screen grab of the phone's display and then you can go to full screen or minimize and as you can see

Here this window floats in the background so you can continue doing other things while this windows here you can also resize it if you prefer and you can see there is some latency and the display isn't as sharp on the tablet as it is on the phone itself so the resolution isn't exactly duplicated here but it is scaled properly for speed and performance now the side sync 3.0 you can answer phone calls using the tablet so when you're receiving a phone call you either have the option to enter it on the phone or the tablet if you answer on the tablet it uses the internal

Microphone and speakers but your phone is doing all the work so it's actually a bridge between the two of now within the after we can manage all of our apps here so for example if we tap and hold here we can drag and drop it to one of our home screens we can take it down here to one of these thumbnails to select the home screen we want or create a new home screen you can also swipe up here to create a folder go to app info disable the app or just cancel the entire process here but also in the app drawer you can go up here to edit to creat folders now it's a little

Different than it was with the Tab pro so for example if we want to create a folder here with Google Apps just going to drag and drop this up here to create a folder so now it's going to allow me to name this folder I'm just going to see Google and now I can add additional apps so I can and all the google apps so I'm just going to add a few of them right now click done here so now it's created a separate page just for folded items that's different with the Tab pro which would place the folder with the rest of the items so now I have a folder full of

Items in fact if I want to add this to the home screen I can do so like this now you can uninstall or disable some of these apps so for example if you go up here to menu you have on assault or disable apps when you click this you get several icons that appear next to the apps that are eligible for this action so for example you can disable the calculator you can't uninstall it same with paper garden now some apps you can uninstall such as the screensaver here so I can go up here and I can uninstall this if I prefer now with apps you can't uninstall or disable or whatever you can

Also just hide them so you can go ahead and hide paper garden click done the app disappears if you want to see it again you can go to show hidden applications now galaxy essentials is where you can download other samsung apps that did not come pre-installed with your device so instead of just loading it full of apps you have quick access to Samsung supported apps that work with your tablet next thing to take a look at is the fingerprint scanner so again this is a new feature for Samsung's tablets this is available under device under fingerprints under personalization and

Fingerprint scanner you can see up here we have fingerprint manager so I've already registered one finger here I just have to swipe to unlock it there we go so I can go up here to add additional fingers let's click OK and I'm going to go ahead and swipe my thumb here so I have to do is swipe across lengthwise on my thumb and continue doing this until it has successfully trained your thumb so let's go ahead and swipe a finger that's not trained as you can see here it's telling me to swipe over the Center let's try again so again it's not finding it so if I swipe my index finger

Which is trained it's recognized and it works pretty well now let's explore private mode so if you enable private mode this basically allows us to login using any feature we want in this case the fingerprint scanner so this will allow us to hide certain files such as photographs documents movies that sort of thing only certain apps support this such as the gallery up here so let's go to the gallery app and within the gallery app I have some photos that I took with this device so I can tap on it if I want to hide this photo from view from other users all I have to do is go

Up to the options up here scroll down here and move to private so now let's move to private this basically means that if I go back you can see that there's a little private icon in the upper left corner here you can see when I'm also looking at the photograph so this means that if I disable private mode now that photograph will be hidden let's click OK here now if I go to the gallery now you can see that I now have only three photos because the first one is hidden and if I want to access it again I have to enable private mode swipe and as you can see here it's

Reappeared now let me just quickly show you the Settings panel so again we have connections device general and applications and again you can also search to find whatever you want under the settings panel which is again very useful now under connections you have Wi-Fi Bluetooth airplane mode data usage location you can see what apps are using your location you can see more networks for setting up a VPN you can see nearby devices even enable this feature you'll see them here you also have printing options you can see the available printers you also have your screen

Mirroring options which you can also quickly access from the drop-down shade you have your device settings so you have sounds you have lots of sound options you can turn off a lot of the touch sounds that can be a little annoying with Samsung tablets you have your display settings for brightness smart state technology screen timeout settings your screen Mel if you go to screen mode this changes your adapt display or you can select one of these other display options you can also adjust your unlock sins from swipe pattern fingerprint pin password or none

If your multi window mode which you can toggle on and off you have your notification panel settings so you can modify what appears onto your notification panel so for example you can drag other icons up here you have your motion so we have mute pause so basically when you put place your hand over the display by playing video or audio it will pause playback or mute the audio you also have pawn swipe to capture a screen grab so again you just swipe on the screen to grab a screen grab and again you can see it's actually brought up the multi

Window mode so again that's why you may want to disable it under here quickly under this circumstance here so let's try this again there we go we also have accessibility options we have our blocking mode settings again user so we do have multi-user mode so you can add additional users here we also have private mode which is again familiar from the gs5 and then we have our fingerprint scanner under general we have our counts so we can add additional counts here such as email accounts Dropbox Evernote Google accounts Twitter and WebEx accounts

Cloud so you can add additional cloud storage options so for example you have Dropbox and Samsung's cloud storage we have backup and reset language and input date/time accessories battery so you can see all of our battery information here so if you select here you can see entire graph your screen on time power and saving modes now under power saving we have two options we have standard power saving mode so you have to enable this this gives us granular control over certain performance of restrictions so for example under restricted performance if we enable this we can dial back CPU

Performance screen output turn off the key lights or turn off GPS so you can manually adjust those if you prefer and you can also enable grayscale mode so if you enable grayscale mode let's go back here you can see it just dials back performance by going to grayscale again very similar to ultra power saving mode now under storage you can see that we only have about half of these 16 gigs that come included with the device available to the user so 16 gigs isn't liable of course you have the SD card slot we also have about device so we can see software update status legal

Information the device name that sort of thing now under applications we have our application manager so we can see what's on the SD card let's download what's running and that sort of thing you can also see our contacts application so we can manage that here we see our default applications our email applications so we can see our email settings we also have our gallery applications for our photos and so we can see what's syncing to our gallery so you can see Google syncing right now we have our internet settings this is the browser and then we have calendar settings as well so we can

See which accounts are plugging into our calendar and then we have voice settings now let's take a look at the camera app which is pretty familiar territory for any Samsung device this is again 8 megapixels 6 megapixels in 16 by 9 and 8 in 4 by 3 so you can snap a photograph you can tap anywhere on the scene to change exposure and focus you can pinch in and out to crop the scene you can record video as well so as you can see here I'm in stabilization mode which actually crops the image while recording video so this is just software stabilization so you can see there's a

Little lag there when it's doing that you can shoot photographs and you can pause it and you can stop it now unlike the 8.4 Tab pro the Tab s has the same keyboard from the larger tablets which is the sort of dimensional style of keyboard you can see kind of a 3d look to it it also sounds like your traditional clicky keyboard so for example if I start typing so anyway see you get the idea here you have your number roll up top you have your options down here if you tap and hold this you get two other options so we can select our different keyboard sizes we have our

Floating keyboard we also have our split keyboard which is a little more useful on a larger tablet but now you have a thumb typable keyboard this works in either landscape or portrait orientation as you can see here you can also reposition it again you also have text inputs so you can use handwriting recognition in this case for text input in this case you can use your finger and of course we have voice input this is a test of the voice keyboard period now it's no denying the fact that the Super AMOLED display is a standout feature here and possibly the reason to buy it

You get really deep blacks very bright and vivid colors and in this case they're pretty accurate certainly much better than Super AMOLED displays in the past you also get really bright and clear whites that seem a little more accurate than those on the Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 now the Tab pro 8.4 has an LCD display and that's very evident especially when watching movies you can see there's a lot of off axis distortion and the blacks definitely aren't as clear as they are on the Super AMOLED display so movie watching on this tablet is superb

Now you combine that with the stereo speakers and you get really impressive performance in terms of media consumption now the thing to keep in mind with these stereo speakers is that if you're holding it in the landscape orientation and you're using the IR blaster direction to indicate which is the proper way of holding it you can see that these speakers are then in your palm as opposed to toward the top here so you can of course just rotate the tablet in this direction and the speaker's will not be blocked by your

Paws but I think a lot of people instinctively place it up here where the volume rockers are and that sort of thing so they are a little more easily muffled but not too bit now in terms of our Geekbench three scores you can see both tablets are fairly evenly matched with a tab s does beat it and that's helped by the fact that we have three gigs of ram versus just two gigs on the tab pro so again the better performer with the tab s now I think it's really great to have these ultra thin bezels with this really thin design but the only drawback I find here

Is that with such a small bezel it's pretty hard to find a grip without accidentally hitting the off-screen Android keys especially if you're watching the movie I mean if you go and grip your tablet or move it around it's pretty easy to accidentally just brush against these capacitive controls so it's pretty easy to activate the back button or the recent apps button so if you're watching the movie it's pretty easy to accidentally interrupt it so in conclusion there's a lot to like about the Tab s with that beautiful Super AMOLED display which is really high

Resolution deep blacks vivid colors that is very accurate we also have those stereo speakers so the combination of that beautiful deep rich display with stereo speakers makes us the best media consumption tablet you can buy right now easily we also have a really thin a lightweight form factor with a very compact bezel space so it's mostly all screen we also have expandable storage a fairly decent 8 megapixel camera on the back with software stabilization a lot of other features and then all the hardware specs you would expect with vibration motor for haptic feedback as

Well as notifications you also have GPS and s stuff all built in all at the same price of an iPad Mini with Retina display with a slightly higher resolution display and the superior Super AMOLED technology now the only drawback for me continues to be Samsung's TouchWiz UX which has a surprising amount of lag still in this tablet you're certainly going to see better performance than something like the iPad Mini with Retina display than you will with TouchWiz but TouchWiz of course does give you lots of features including this fairly useful my magazine

UX with those interactive live tiles which X you really like so in conclusion you have a beautiful display excellent stereo speakers thin a lightweight and price like the other high-end competition with features that stand out above all the rest so definitely big fan of the Tab s but the software is definitely a continued weak point for Samsung tablets so that's going to do for me in this video I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you again in the next one you

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Hey guys what's going on it's Karl here back with another episode this one just like most of them on the channel has been requested a lot of you are ask...
What's up everybody this is Danny and last week I was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway checking out NASCAR for the very first time and it was a pretty cool e...
What's up everybody this is Danny and if you're in the market for an Android phone right now this video is probably what you've been waiting for the...
What's up everybody this is Danny and iOS 9 beta is out so I'm gonna show you what the best new features are and let's just go ahead and get right i...
Hi guys is Marcus from Tokyo silence Tech and that finally I've got to experience triple screen gaming and I absolutely love it now if you know anything abo...
Already in 2019 I've been blown away a few times at the shear value for money on some of these phones we've had devices from oneplus on a Asus quite a f...
so this is the asus rog g85 o2d you that was a mouthful but I'm gonna refer to this as the favo 2d for the rest of the video now it's really interestin...
So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...